Title Speaker Date
Is the Western World Circling the Drain? Bob Biermann & Jim Calhoun January 19, 2022
A Trip to “A land down under.” Bob Biermann & George Christensen January 18, 2022
Politics, professors, and pathological liars Bob Biermann January 17, 2022
Will truth prevail? Rev. Bob Biermann January 14, 2022
Is the light of truth exposing the lies of darkness? Bob Biermann January 13, 2022
Who can you trust to get accurate information anymore? Bob Biermann January 12, 2022
Stories to make you angry, make you wonder, and some to even give hope Bob Biermann January 11, 2022
Empty Shelves, empty promises, and empty heads Bob Biermann January 10, 2022
Your rapidly eroding “Free Speech.” Rev. Bob Biermann January 07, 2022
The Cults of Covid, Race, and Woke. Bob Biermann January 06, 2022
Taking back your life Bob Biermann & Jim Calhoun January 05, 2022
The Higher Education Rip-Off and other deceptions Bob Biermann January 04, 2022
Maybe a better year? Bob Biermann January 03, 2022
Farewell, 2021, what a year you were!. Rev. Bob Biermann December 31, 2021
The little variant that could… Bob Biermann December 30, 2021
When is enough enough? Bob Biermann & Jim Calhoun December 29, 2021
Well, how did 2021 work out for you? Bob Biermann December 28, 2021
Frauds, Fakes, and Phonies. From Faith to science, the deception runs deep. Bob Biermann December 27, 2021
Truth to Ponder Christmas Day Special Bob Biermann December 25, 2021
A Truth to Ponder Christmas Eve Special Rev. Bob Biermann December 24, 2021
Finding the Christmas Spirit Bob Biermann December 23, 2021
Don't let the Grinches steal your Christmas Bob Biermann & Jim Calhoun December 22, 2021
Why we are so easily deceived and afraid. Where’s our hope? Bob Biermann December 21, 2021
Drag Queens in church, the Cult of Covid, and other horrific stories of child abuse Bob Biermann December 20, 2021
Light at the end of the tunnel Rev. Bob Biermann December 17, 2021
What a busy week Bob Biermann & Jim Calhoun December 16, 2021
Fear is a liar. Bob Biermann December 15, 2021
The only thing we have to fear is nothing... Bob Biermann & Jim Calhoun December 14, 2021
Some stories so bizarre they are absurd. Bob Biermann December 13, 2021
Halfway to Christmas Rev. Bob Biermann December 10, 2021
News you may have missed Bob Biermann December 09, 2021
Don’t fall victim to the world, the lies, and what’s truly important Bob Biermann & Jim Calhoun December 07, 2021
“A Day that will live in infamy…” Bob Biermann December 07, 2021
What’s your choice? Searching for bad news or living the good news? Bob Biermann December 06, 2021
Why does bad news “sell?” Rev. Bob Biermann December 03, 2021
Divide, Conquer, and surrendering the culture r Bob Biermann December 02, 2021
What would happen if common sense, real science, and logic were held in higher esteem then fear, junk science, and Political agendas? Bob Biermann & Jim Calhoun December 01, 2021
The day the information plug is pulled Bob Biermann November 30, 2021
Math is Racist, or so they say in California and other crazy stories. Bob Biermann November 29, 2021
It’s beginning to look like “You know what…”. Rev. Bob Biermann November 26, 2021
Thanksgiving Day Special 2021 Bob Biermann (www.truth2ponder.com) November 25, 2021
A little bit of this and a little bit of that Bob Biermann November 24, 2021
Truth to PondWhen yesterday’s conspiracy theories become today’s headlineser Bob Biermann & Jim Calhoun November 23, 2021
The stories the mainstream media and “big tech” try to hide. Bob Biermann November 22, 2021
Behind the lesser read headlines and finding hope. Rev. Bob Biermann November 19, 2021
Seeing the troubles is easy, finding the solutions is the hard part. Bob Biermann & Jim Calhoun November 18, 2021
The Pandemic is like a timeshare; will it ever end? Bob Biermann November 17, 2021
Where have all the skills gone? Bob Biermann November 16, 2021
Buy the Lie, or else Bob Biermann (www.truth2ponder.com) November 15, 2021
Accepting the unacceptable lies Rev. Bob Biermann November 12, 2021
How can a small minority control the majority? Bob Biermann November 11, 2021
Finding joy, love, and encouragement in an upside-down world. Bob Biermann & Jim Calhoun November 10, 2021
O Canada! Bob Biermann & Robert Metz November 09, 2021
Pfinky Pfizer and their Pfhony Propaganda, plus a Pfizer Whistleblower and more. Bob Biermann November 08, 2021
Are you one of God’s Army, or just a “Cultural Christian? Rev. Bob Biermann November 05, 2021
A perspective from a friend. Bob Biermann November 04, 2021
Our unsafe world. Bob Biermann and Jim Calhoun November 03, 2021
Why fear the children? Bob Biermann November 02, 2021
A story from the recent past that foretells the future. Bob Biermann November 01, 2021
There's an Army Rising Up Rev. Bob Biermann October 29, 2021
Putting the news, our lives, and our faith in balance Bob Biermann October 28, 2021
Sometimes the news seems depressing, but we should rejoice, regardless! Bob Biermann and Jim Calhoun October 27, 2021
Fallen Times Bob Biermann October 26, 2021
So, why do we do this program every day? Bob Biermann October 25, 2021
Being the Salt & Light in difficult times. Rev. Bob Biermann October 22, 2021
The greatest event that never happened. Bob Biermann October 21, 2021
“Understanding the complicated puzzle” Bob Biermann October 20, 2021
If it works so well for you, then why do I need it? Bob Biermann (www.truth2ponder.com) October 19, 2021
Sometimes the obvious is the real answer Bob Biermann October 18, 2021
Who's afraid of the big bad beast? Rev. Bob Biermann October 15, 2021
Is you is or is you ain't the mark of the beast? Bob Biermann October 14, 2021
“The Spirit of Antichrist is already here” Bob Biermann October 13, 2021
A Deadly Game of “Bait & Switch” Bob Biermann October 12, 2021
Welcome to the free state of Florida Bob Biermann October 11, 2021
Sometimes being right is painful. Rev. Bob Biermann October 08, 2021
Finding God’s plan and new beginnings. Bob Biermann with Edward Szall October 07, 2021
What will you do when the lights go out? Bob Biermann with Jim Calhoun October 06, 2021
Looking down the road. What’s next? Bob Biermann October 05, 2021
Telling a lie by telling the truth Bob Biermann October 04, 2021
It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World! Rev. Bob Biermann October 01, 2021
Is “Freedom” just another word for nothing else to lose? Bob Biermann September 30, 2021
The war on our nation Bob Biermann and Jim Calhoun September 29, 2021
Remembering when the news was really news, and politicians were (somewhat) honest Bob Biermann September 28, 2021
Being careful in what you find and share Bob Biermann September 27, 2021
Finding Hope in a troubled time! Rev. bob Biermann September 24, 2021
“Is that all there is?” Rev. Bob Biermann September 23, 2021
Blinded by the truth Bob Biermann September 22, 2021
Climate, Covid, and Control. A Biden speech to the world. Bob Biermann September 21, 2021
Hold To God's Unchanging Hand Bob Biermann September 20, 2021
Where do you put your faith? Rev. Bob Biermann September 17, 2021
A Thoroughly Modern (General) Milley and other news headlines Bob Biermann September 16, 2021
Some news you may have missed Bob Biermann September 15, 2021
Is honest journalism dead? Bob Biermann with Edward Szall September 14, 2021
Some good news for a change Bob Biermann September 13, 2021
It was just another Tuesday morning Rev. Bob Biermann September 10, 2021
The cult of COVID, and the spiritual price of living in fear Bob Biermann September 09, 2021
Who’s lying now? Bob Biermann September 08, 2021
The false religion of Statism Bob Biermann September 07, 2021
The inconvenient truths about COVID, what the politicians don’t want you to know. Bob Biermann September 06, 2021
A ball of confusion, or willful delusion? Rev. Bob Biermann September 03, 2021
Industrial Strength Gaslighting? Bob Biermann September 02, 2021
When the lights go out... Bob Biermann September 01, 2021
We made it a year Bob Biermann August 31, 2021
Is truth a thing of the past? Bob Biermann August 30, 2021
“Eternal Father, Strong to Save” Plus memories of a gentler time… Rev. Bob Biermann August 27, 2021
Professional Gaslighting or something worse? Bob Biermann August 26, 2021
Prepared, Proactive, and Proven Bob Biermann August 25, 2021
When the Grid Fails, would you be ready? Bob Biermann August 24, 2021
FDA Approved, or Politically mandated? Bob Biermann August 23, 2021
“Flirtin’ With Disaster!” Rev. Bob Biermann August 20, 2021
How prepared are you for the times to come? Bob Biermann August 19, 2021
The ever-moving goalposts Bob Biermann August 18, 2021
The Big Lockdown Down Under…and why it matters to you. Bob Biermann August 17, 2021
What are the greatest threats facing our nation, according to our government? Bob Biermann August 16, 2021
Feeling hopeless in a changing and challenging time Rev. Bob Biermann August 13, 2021
Yes, it’s over, and nobody wins. Bob Biermann August 12, 2021
How Low Can We Go? Bob Biermann August 11, 2021
Do you ever question what you know to be true? Bob Biermann August 10, 2021
Segregation is coming. Are you in, or out? Bob Biermann August 09, 2021
It’s almost midnight! Rev. Bob Biermann August 06, 2021
Delta Variant, Lambda Variant, and the next variant; which should we fear most? Bob Biermann August 05, 2021
The news stories you are never supposed to see Bob Biermann August 04, 2021
Covid Arrives at Midnight Bob Biermann (www.truth2ponder.com) August 03, 2021
Why is the truth so hard to tell? Bob Biermann August 02, 2021
The narrative changes…again! Rev. Bob Biermann July 30, 2021
From 15 days to flatten the curve to digital vaccine passports. How did this happen? Bob Biermann July 29, 2021
Surrounded on all sides Bob Biermann July 28, 2021
Our downward descent is obvious Bob Biermann July 27, 2021
Who owns the virus? Bob Biermann July 26, 2021
A World in Delusion Rev. Bob Biermann July 23, 2021
“The World is a Fragile Place” (Jeff Bezos after rocket trip) Bob Biermann July 22, 2021
Does the truth even matter anymore? Rev. Bob Biermann July 21, 2021
More News you can use, the back story Bob Biermann (truth2ponder.com) July 20, 2021
Behind the Headlines, the truth you need to know. Bob Biermann July 18, 2021
A World in Turmoil Rev. Bob Biermann (truth2ponder.com) July 16, 2021
Follow the Science! Bob Biermann (truth2ponder.com) July 15, 2021
Who’s Spying on You? Bob Biermann (truth2ponder.com) July 14, 2021
How Far Can They Push Before People Push Back? Bob Biermann July 13, 2021
Who’s Really in Charge? Bob Biermann July 12, 2021
How do you respond to a government that uses their powers against people of faith? Rev. Bob Biermann July 08, 2021
“The Theft of our Children’s Minds.” Bob Biermann July 08, 2021
The Post Pandemic Church; Alive or Dead? Bob Biermann (www.truth2ponder.com) July 05, 2021
An International Web of Deception & Death Bob Biermann (www.truth2ponder.com) July 03, 2021
Corona Crazies, Corrupt Leaders, and a Clueless Church Bob Biermann July 02, 2021
The Storms of Life Rev. Bob Biermann July 02, 2021
The Evil Right Before Our Very Eyes Bob Biermann July 01, 2021

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