Leaving the past behind

December 30, 2022
Rev. Bob Biermann

On this edition of Truth to Ponder, Bob says goodbye to 2022 and shares his thoughts about the opportunities we have in 2023. It is obvious that our world will never be repaired politically. It is increasingly obvious that we need to realize we are in this world, and not of this world as the bible teaches. As such, we need to be less dependent on the things of this world and more dependent on our faith and fellow believers. Now, do you believe in this ministry? If you do, you can keep us on the air and as a podcast by visiting our website, https://truth2ponder.com/support. You can also mail a check payable to Ancient Word Radio, P.O. Box 510, Chilhowie, VA 24319. Thank you in advance for your faithfulness to this ministry.

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