The real puppet masters and their secret agents

May 15, 2023
Bob Biermann

We would like to believe that our leaders, our government agencies, and our institutions have our best interests at heart, but do they? Who do they really serve? The United States, as well as many other Western Nations, have very secret and incredibly powerful clandestine agencies. What do these agencies do? How much havoc have they reaped upon the world, and how much evil have they wrought? Today, Bob begins a two-part series on who our agencies, both public and secret, really serve. Now, do you believe in this ministry? If you do, you can keep us on the air and as a podcast by visiting our website, You can also mail a check payable to Ancient Word Radio, P.O. Box 510, Chilhowie, VA 24319. Thank you in advance for your faithfulness to this ministry.

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