An act of evil desperation…

August 09, 2022
Bob Biermann

The regime must know that the next Congress is going to rip the face off the deep state and likely impeach “Joe Biden” for accepting bribes from countries hostile to the USA. They also know that if their successful theft of the 2020 election is exposed and the FBI’s deep involvement in fomenting January 6th sees the light of day, many may spend the rest of their life in a Federal Prison or worse. To protect themselves they are now in desperation mode. The phony raid on the Trump home on Monday is proof of the madness that is Washington, DC, and the evidence of deep-state corruption that threatens the very future of the United States and the entire western world. Today, Bob gives his take on this act of desperation and what is coming next. Lastly, there is a new way to support our effort. You can now support us via GiveSendGo™. Visit

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