Prophecy is being fulfilled in real-time.

August 18, 2023
Rev. Bob Biermann

In spite of all the bad news headlines, government corruption, and a lack of honesty and integrity in much of our media, there is hope. As Christians, we should see the fulfillment of prophecy found in scripture as good news, but many don’t, and live in fear. It is time to “fear not,” and learn to trust more. Also on the program, Bob shares an encouraging message for those that have experienced difficult times, sorrow, loss, loneliness, and grief. This is a recent message that Bob preached at Trinity Chapel in Seven Mile Ford (Marion) Virginia. Lastly, Bob also shares his reasons why “Truth to Ponder” will never be behind a paywall, as many programs that claim to be Christian are attempting to do. We believe this message is vital to a lost and dying world. Now, do you believe in this ministry? If you do, you can keep us on the air and as a podcast by visiting our website, You can also mail a check payable to Ancient Word Radio, P.O. Box 510, Chilhowie, VA 24319. Thank you in advance for your faithfulness to this ministry.

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