Gloom, Despair, and Agony on me!”

August 30, 2022
Bob Biermann

It seems that everyday the news is full of “gloom and doom.” For those old enough to remember, the American TV program “Hee Haw” featured a segment with some of the cast singing a song about gloom and doom, then some sad but humorous story. Sadly, bad news sells, but it is also true we live in some dangerous and gloomy times. If anything, Christians should be joyful, regardless of the circumstances, but far too often, many live a life of despair. Bob shares both the bad news, but the overriding good news on today’s episode. Please remember, we are only on the air because of your faithful support. You can keep us on the air and as a podcast by visiting our website, Thank you in advance for your faithfulness to this ministry.

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