How much is your integrity worth?

August 03, 2022
Bob Biermann & Jim Calhoun

This week the process of politics revealed its ugly self and what the price of a person’s integrity actually is. In the case of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, it appears to be 6 billion dollars for a pipeline for his vote on the phony 700 billion dollars “inflation Reduction Act of 2022.” Manchin, who describes himself as a centrist democrat and is “for the little people,” lives on a $700,000 yacht on the Potomac in Washington, DC. Manchin is the poster child for the rot and corruption in the congress and senate in Washington DC. Also on the program, Guest host, Jim Calhoun, celebrates a big milestone. Lastly, there is a new way to support our effort. You can now support us via GiveSendGo™. Visit

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