the-purpose-practice-and-power-of-prayingThe Purpose, Practice and Power of Praying

The Purpose, Practice and Powe...

welcome-homeWelcome Home

Welcome Home

sunday-worship-november-12-2017Sunday Worship, November 12, 2017

Sunday Worship, November 12, 2...

the-right-responseThe Right Response

The Right Response

something-greater-is-hereSomething greater is here

Something greater is here

the-book-of-ruth-part-3The Book of Ruth Part 3

The Book of Ruth Part 3

colossians-week-4Colossians week 4

Colossians week 4

111217-place-of-safety11.12.17 Place of Safety

11.12.17 Place of Safety

service-before-selfService Before Self

Service Before Self

a-praying-communityA Praying Community

A Praying Community

judges-19Judges 19

Judges 19

resting-in-a-world-thats-strivingResting In A World That’s Striving

Resting In A World That’s Stri...

storm-keep-comingStorm Keep Coming

Storm Keep Coming


"I'm Not Okay, You're Not Okay...

matthew-251-13-it-aint-over-till-the-bridegroom-comesMatthew 25:1-13 - It Ain't Over Till the Bridegroom Comes

Matthew 25:1-13 - It Ain't Ove...

mighty-men-of-valor-worship-serviceMighty Men of Valor (Worship Service)

Mighty Men of Valor (Worship S...

mighty-men-of-valor-sermon-onlyMighty Men of Valor (Sermon Only)

Mighty Men of Valor (Sermon On...



jesus-god-victorJesus God Victor

Jesus God Victor

cleansed-and-clothed-zechariah-31-10-111217Cleansed and Clothed, Zechariah 3:1-10, 11/12/17

Cleansed and Clothed, Zecharia...

hearing-gods-voiceHearing God's Voice

Hearing God's Voice

sermon-12th-november-2017Sermon 12th November 2017

Sermon 12th November 2017

not-my-fault-faithNot My Fault Faith

Not My Fault Faith

thanks-givingThanks & Giving

Thanks & Giving

its-time-to-come-backIt's Time To Come Back

It's Time To Come Back

loc-radio-god-of-intervention-compassion-and-forgiveness-part-2LOC Radio God Of Intervention, Compassion And Forgiveness Part 2

LOC Radio God Of Intervention,...

misa-dominical-11112017Misa Dominical 11.11.2017

Misa Dominical 11.11.2017

community-prayer-november11-2017-1Community Prayer November11-2017

Community Prayer November11-20...

dab-november-12-2017-1DAB November 12- 2017

DAB November 12- 2017

changing-lives-around-a-tableChanging Lives Around a Table

Changing Lives Around a Table

35-jesus-music-flashback-radio-show#35 Jesus Music Flashback Radio Show

#35 Jesus Music Flashback Radi...



religion-politics-and-government-part-4Religion, Politics, And Government Part 4

Religion, Politics, And Govern...

peace-be-stillPeace, Be Still

Peace, Be Still

victory-is-mine-2Victory is Mine! (2)

Victory is Mine! (2)

using-the-time-bound-to-gain-the-timeless-oldp-carmUsing the Time-Bound to Gain the Timeless (OLDP-Carm)

Using the Time-Bound to Gain t...

your-body-belongs-to-godYour Body Belongs to God

Your Body Belongs to God

revelations-21-continuedRevelations 21 Continued

Revelations 21 Continued

psalm-30Psalm 30

Psalm 30

the-privilege-of-being-a-workerThe Privilege of Being a Worker

The Privilege of Being a Worke...

dab-november-11-2017-1DAB November 11- 2017

DAB November 11- 2017

bible-study-david-lesson-4-david-and-the-dwarfBIBLE STUDY: David, Lesson 4 - David and the Dwarf

BIBLE STUDY: David, Lesson 4 -...

king-saul-moving-toward-divinationKing Saul moving toward divination

King Saul moving toward divina...

ep-42-nehemiah-part-1Ep. 42: Nehemiah (Part 1)

Ep. 42: Nehemiah (Part 1)

environmental-protection-agencyEnvironmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection Agenc...

what-your-definition-of-full-surrenderWhat your definition of Full Surrender

What your definition of Full S...

ep-41-a-whisper-from-godEp. 41: A Whisper from God

Ep. 41: A Whisper from God

ep-40-milk-vs-meatEp. 40: Milk vs. Meat

Ep. 40: Milk vs. Meat

ep-39-homecoming-2017Ep. 39: Homecoming 2017

Ep. 39: Homecoming 2017

ep-38-who-has-the-wheel-of-your-lifeEp. 38: Who Has the Wheel of Your Life?

Ep. 38: Who Has the Wheel of Y...

the-year-of-the-bible-part-45-2-corinthiansThe Year of the Bible part 45 (2 Corinthians)

The Year of the Bible part 45...

ep-37-why-complainEp. 37: Why Complain?

Ep. 37: Why Complain?

ep-36-wordsEp. 36: Words

Ep. 36: Words

phil-mcclain-111017Phil McClain 11/10/17

Phil McClain 11/10/17

lies-we-tell-ourselvesLies We Tell Ourselves

Lies We Tell Ourselves

ep-35-everyones-been-shotEp. 35: Everyone's Been Shot

Ep. 35: Everyone's Been Shot

how-to-know-you-are-christianHow to Know you are Christian

How to Know you are Christian

weapons-of-our-warfareWeapons Of Our Warfare

Weapons Of Our Warfare



untitled-recording-nov-9-809pmAll About Jesus

All About Jesus

dab-november-10-2017-1DAB November 10- 2017

DAB November 10- 2017

spiritual-authority-pt-7Spiritual Authority Pt 7

Spiritual Authority Pt 7

sealed-by-his-resurrection-bedeSealed By His Resurrection (Bede)

Sealed By His Resurrection (Be...

ep-34-surrenderEp. 34: Surrender

Ep. 34: Surrender

ep-33-brhc-songs-you-got-to-keep-singing-part-5Ep. 33: BRHC-Songs You Got To Keep Singing (Part 5)

Ep. 33: BRHC-Songs You Got To...

misa-dominical-10282017Misa Dominical 10.28.2017

Misa Dominical 10.28.2017

spotlight-dst-praise-all-new-songs-110917Spotlight: D.S.T Praise!! ALL NEW SONGS!! (11/09/17)

Spotlight: D.S.T Praise!! ALL...

radio-program-for-thursday-november-9-2017Radio program for Thursday November 9, 2017

Radio program for Thursday Nov...

radio-program-for-wednesday-november-8-2017Radio program for Wednesday November 8, 2017

Radio program for Wednesday No...

radio-program-for-tuesday-november-7-2017Radio program for Tuesday November 7, 2017

Radio program for Tuesday Nove...

radio-program-for-monday-november-6-2017Radio program for Monday November 6, 2017

Radio program for Monday Novem...

the-church-how-jesus-responds-when-we-hurtThe Church: How Jesus Responds When We Hurt

The Church: How Jesus Responds...

ep-32-brhc-greg-mcdonald-evening-service-1Ep. 32: BRHC- Greg McDonald- Evening Service 1

Ep. 32: BRHC- Greg McDonald- E...

ep-31-brhc-songs-you-got-to-keep-singing-part-4Ep. 31: BRHC-Songs You Got To Keep Singing (Part 4)

Ep. 31: BRHC-Songs You Got To...

how-to-read-the-bible-for-all-its-worth-part-oneHow to Read the Bible for All Its Worth (Part One)

How to Read the Bible for All...

ep-30-brhc-songs-you-got-to-keep-singing-part-3Ep. 30: BRHC-Songs You Got To Keep Singing (Part 3)

Ep. 30: BRHC-Songs You Got To...

ep-29-brhc-songs-you-got-to-keep-singing-part-2Ep. 29: BRHC-Songs You Got To Keep Singing- Part 2

Ep. 29: BRHC-Songs You Got To...

faith-alone-remembering-the-reformationFaith Alone - Remembering the Reformation

Faith Alone - Remembering the...

a-man-of-humilityA Man of Humility

A Man of Humility

class-test-11-8-17class test 11-8-17

class test 11-8-17

2017-revival-wednesday-night2017 Revival Wednesday Night

2017 Revival Wednesday Night

tuesday-nightTuesday Night

Tuesday Night

dab-november-9-2017-1DAB November 9- 2017

DAB November 9- 2017

the-gift-of-prophecy-pt2The Gift Of Prophecy Pt.2

The Gift Of Prophecy Pt.2

acts-session-6Acts Session 6

Acts Session 6

revelation-bible-study-chapter-14-part-3Revelation Bible Study Chapter 14 Part 3

Revelation Bible Study Chapter...

genesis-first-faith-genesis-212-3Genesis First Faith Genesis 21:2-3

Genesis First Faith Genesis 21...

the-life-giving-words-of-jesus-john-660-71-11817The Life Giving Words of Jesus, John 6:60-71, 11/8/17

The Life Giving Words of Jesus...

wednesday-night-bible-study-118Wednesday Night Bible Study - 11/8

Wednesday Night Bible Study -...

grace-and-forgiveness-bro-nick-brunoniGrace and Forgiveness - Bro Nick Brunoni

Grace and Forgiveness - Bro Ni...

getting-in-the-battle-11817Getting in the Battle 11.8.17

Getting in the Battle 11.8.17

the-way-is-hardThe Way is Hard

The Way is Hard

the-poison-of-judgment-mark-213-17The Poison of Judgment (Mark 2:13-17)

The Poison of Judgment (Mark 2...

wnl-worship-november-8-2017WNL Worship - November 8, 2017

WNL Worship - November 8, 2017

justice-and-the-kingdom-bridget-underhillJustice and the Kingdom - Bridget Underhill

Justice and the Kingdom - Brid...

from-whom-do-we-learn-bedeFrom Whom Do We Learn? (Bede)

From Whom Do We Learn? (Bede)

basic-doctrine-2-session-6-part-2Basic Doctrine 2 Session 6 Part 2

Basic Doctrine 2 Session 6 Par...

ep-28-brhc-songs-you-got-to-keep-singing-part-1Ep. 28: BRHC-Songs You Got To Keep Singing (Part 1)

Ep. 28: BRHC-Songs You Got To...


"I Need To Know Him More"

prayer-mattersPrayer Matters

Prayer Matters

david-russell-11817David Russell 11/8/17

David Russell 11/8/17

dab-november-8-2017-1DAB November 8- 2017

DAB November 8- 2017