john-831-38sola-scripturaJohn 8:31-38(Sola Scriptura)

John 8:31-38(Sola Scriptura)

a-guarantee-to-happiness-john-1312-17A Guarantee to Happiness (John 13:12-17)

A Guarantee to Happiness (John...

kingdom-living-nowKingdom-Living Now!

Kingdom-Living Now!

on-the-spot-w-steve-harneyOn The Spot w/ Steve Harney

On The Spot w/ Steve Harney

drinking-wine-eating-cheese-and-catching-a-few-raysDrinking Wine, Eating Cheese and Catching a Few Rays

Drinking Wine, Eating Cheese a...

standing-with-the-ninevites-mcmStanding With The Ninevites (MCM)

Standing With The Ninevites (M...

mark-81-21Mark 8:1-21

Mark 8:1-21

saved-from-hellSaved From Hell

Saved From Hell

christmas-advent-first-cutChristmas Advent First Cut

Christmas Advent First Cut



do-not-lose-heart-part-1Do Not Lose Heart (Part 1)

Do Not Lose Heart (Part 1)

pastor-appreciationPastor Appreciation

Pastor Appreciation

dab-october-16-2017-1DAB October 16- 2017

DAB October 16- 2017

a-trip-to-the-potters-houseA Trip To The Potter's House

A Trip To The Potter's House

stand-firm-by-godStand Firm, By God

Stand Firm, By God

untitled-recording-oct-15-717pmAppreciatimg The Valley

Appreciatimg The Valley

20171015pm-ripe20171015PM Ripe

20171015PM Ripe

untitled-recording-oct-15-648pmMy Jesus  Pt 2

My Jesus Pt 2



encourage-one-anotherEncourage One Another

Encourage One Another



unexpected-intervensionUnexpected Intervension

Unexpected Intervension

be-strong-part-1Be Strong - Part 1

Be Strong - Part 1

christy-russell-101517Christy Russell 10/15/17

Christy Russell 10/15/17

gods-favour-and-his-dreamsGod's Favour and His Dreams

God's Favour and His Dreams

prophecy-believe-receive-say-oct-15-533pmProphecy - Believe Receive & Say Oct 15 5:33pm

Prophecy - Believe Receive & S...

romans-introduction-101517Romans: Introduction (10/15/17)

Romans: Introduction (10/15/17...

everyone-is-invited-not-everyone-will-joinEveryone Is Invited, Not Everyone Will Join

Everyone Is Invited, Not Every...


"Trusting God's Promise" - Psa...

put-on-your-garment-bedePut On Your Garment (Bede)

Put On Your Garment (Bede)

money-eternity-and-me-part-1Money, Eternity, and Me - Part 1

Money, Eternity, and Me - Part...

matthew-221-14-pentecost-19Matthew 22:1-14 | Pentecost 19

Matthew 22:1-14 | Pentecost 19

angels-ghosts-spirits-demons-and-aliensAngels: Ghosts, Spirits, Demons and Aliens

Angels: Ghosts, Spirits, Demon...

luke-21-20Luke 2:1-20

Luke 2:1-20

psalm-22-23Psalm 22 & 23

Psalm 22 & 23

matthew-241-14Matthew 24:1-14

Matthew 24:1-14



because-of-the-grace-of-god-i-amBecause Of The Grace Of God, I Am

Because Of The Grace Of God, I...

through-the-fireThrough the Fire

Through the Fire

what-the-world-needs-nowWhat The World Needs Now

What The World Needs Now

compassion-axton-101517Compassion Axton 10:15:17

Compassion Axton 10:15:17

we-are-hereWe Are HERE


loc-radio-elisha-traps-blinded-arameansLOC Radio Elisha Traps Blinded Arameans

LOC Radio Elisha Traps Blinded...

oct-15-2017 Oct 15 , 2017

Oct 15 , 2017

oct-15-2017-sermon-everyone-you-findOct 15, 2017 Sermon:

Oct 15, 2017 Sermon: "Everyone...

mark-1453-65-the-truth-about-deathMark 14:53-65 (The Truth About Death)

Mark 14:53-65 (The Truth About...

take-up-your-shield-of-faithTake Up Your Shield of Faith

Take Up Your Shield of Faith

the-waiting-gameThe Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

morning-worship-sermon-october-15-2017Morning Worship Sermon October 15 2017

Morning Worship Sermon October...

untitled-recording-oct-15-113pmOwn The Vision - Draw The Circle, One Pure and Holy Passion - (Sermon Only)

Own The Vision - Draw The Circ...

what-time-is-it-part-5What Time Is It - Part 5

What Time Is It - Part 5

untitled-recording-oct-15-105pmOwn The Vision - Draw The Circle, One Pure and Holy Passion - (Entire Service)

Own The Vision - Draw The Circ...

can-you-burnCan you burn?

Can you burn?

missions-update-nigerMissions Update: Niger

Missions Update: Niger

sunday-morning-service-oct-15Sunday Morning Service Oct 15

Sunday Morning Service Oct 15

i-shall-not-be-movedI Shall Not Be Moved

I Shall Not Be Moved

10-15-2017-harvest-reflections10-15-2017; Harvest: Reflections

10-15-2017; Harvest: Reflectio...



whos-in-your-basketWHo's in Your Basket?

WHo's in Your Basket?

the-expectation-of-a-holy-godThe Expectation of a Holy God

The Expectation of a Holy God

the-right-choiceThe Right Choice

The Right Choice



the-kingdomThe Kingdom

The Kingdom

matthew-221-14Matthew 22:1-14

Matthew 22:1-14

what-it-takes-to-live-for-jesus-invitationWhat it Takes to Live for Jesus. Invitation

What it Takes to Live for Jesu...

20171015am-the-key-to-joy20171015AM The Key to Joy

20171015AM The Key to Joy

where-are-the-contending-christians-todayWhere are the Contending Christians Today?

Where are the Contending Chris...

sola-fideSola Fide

Sola Fide

church-will-save-your-soulChurch Will Save Your Soul

Church Will Save Your Soul

the-cure-part-2-with-ps-ashley-evansThe Cure Part 2 with Ps Ashley Evans

The Cure Part 2 with Ps Ashley...

someones-callingSomeone's Calling

Someone's Calling

full-of-faithFull of Faith

Full of Faith

dont-be-deceivedDon't Be Deceived

Don't Be Deceived

friendly-fireFriendly Fire

Friendly Fire

god-will-defeat-his-enemiesGod Will Defeat His Enemies

God Will Defeat His Enemies

the-gift-of-teacherThe Gift of Teacher

The Gift of Teacher

dare-to-be-different-dare-to-make-a-changeDare to be Different - Dare to make a Change!

Dare to be Different - Dare to...



living-in-unbelief-bro-will-duttryLiving in Unbelief - Bro Will Duttry

Living in Unbelief - Bro Will...




"Jesus Loves You" ... but mayb...

ohw-obadiahOHW Obadiah

OHW Obadiah

anointed-by-maryAnointed by Mary

Anointed by Mary

protected-from-devastation-zechariah-118-21-101517Protected from Devastation, Zechariah 1:18-21, 10/15/17

Protected from Devastation, Ze...

solus-christus-hebrews-96-14Solus Christus- Hebrews 9:6-14

Solus Christus- Hebrews 9:6-14

strength-for-discouraging-timesStrength For Discouraging Times

Strength For Discouraging Time...

a-humble-walk-3A Humble Walk - 3

A Humble Walk - 3

a-joyful-lifeA Joyful Life

A Joyful Life

discerning-of-spiritsDiscerning of Spirits

Discerning of Spirits

08-you-needy-people-3-1-1108-You Needy People - 3_1-11

08-You Needy People - 3_1-11

sermon-101517Sermon 10.15.17

Sermon 10.15.17

seeking-the-presence-of-god-8Seeking the PRESENCE of God (8)

Seeking the PRESENCE of God (8...

when-life-gets-overwhelmingWhen Life Gets Overwhelming

When Life Gets Overwhelming


"Working Together...Celebratin...

james-1-18-27-the-mirror-of-the-word-of-godJames 1 18-27  The Mirror of the Word of God

James 1 18-27 The Mirror of t...

acts-242-47-2Acts 2:42-47 (2)

Acts 2:42-47 (2)

the-compromising-church-revelation-212-17The Compromising Church: Revelation 2:12-17

The Compromising Church: Revel...

a-radical-freedom-contd-chad-smithA Radical Freedom Cont'd | Chad Smith

A Radical Freedom Cont'd | Cha...

inside-outInside Out

Inside Out

honoring-the-miraclesHonoring the Miracles

Honoring the Miracles

is-the-golden-calf-really-about-idolatryIs the Golden Calf Really About Idolatry?

Is the Golden Calf Really Abou...


"Don't Look Back- Look Ahead"