an-uncertain-soundAn Uncertain Sound

An Uncertain Sound

a-praying-saviorA Praying Savior

A Praying Savior

taking-up-your-mantleTaking Up Your Mantle

Taking Up Your Mantle

overcoming-discouragementOvercoming Discouragement

Overcoming Discouragement

the-gates-of-hell-will-not-prevailThe Gates Of Hell Will Not Prevail

The Gates Of Hell Will Not Pre...

unforgiving-servantUnforgiving Servant

Unforgiving Servant

the-power-of-pray-in-gods-planThe Power of Pray in Gods Plan

The Power of Pray in Gods Plan

assurance-of-salvation-with-pat-jonesAssurance of Salvation

Assurance of Salvation

dab-february-19-2018-1DAB February 19 - 2018

DAB February 19 - 2018

the-lord-god-is-not-molechThe Lord God is not Molech

The Lord God is not Molech

grounded-faithGrounded Faith

Grounded Faith

18-02-2018-culto-dominical-pr-joao-de-deus-isaias-6-v-1-a-818-02-2018 - Culto Dominical - Pr. João de Deus - Isaías 6, v 1 a 8

18-02-2018 - Culto Dominical -...

from-sinner-to-saintFrom Sinner to Saint

From Sinner to Saint

purity-in-worshipPurity in Worship

Purity in Worship

1-corinthians-61-121 Corinthians 6:1-12

1 Corinthians 6:1-12

take-heed-and-beware-of-covetousnessTake Heed and Beware of Covetousness

Take Heed and Beware of Coveto...

am-2-18-18Why Pray?

Why Pray?

how-do-you-know-god-is-at-work-in-the-churchHow do you know God is at work in the Church.

How do you know God is at work...

darrin-longmire-2182018Darrin Longmire 2/18/2018

Darrin Longmire 2/18/2018

gate-keepers-part-iiGate Keepers Part II

Gate Keepers Part II

mandate-for-manifestationMandate for Manifestation

Mandate for Manifestation

judged-under-the-law-of-libertyJudged Under the Law of Liberty

Judged Under the Law of Libert...

a-word-to-explain-the-painA Word To Explain The Pain

A Word To Explain The Pain

romans-7-part-2-trying-but-failingRomans 7 Part 2: Trying But Failing

Romans 7 Part 2: Trying But Fa...

feb-182018-its-time-for-revelotionary-impactFeb 18/2018 It's Time For Revelotionary Impact

Feb 18/2018 It's Time For Reve...

developing-courageDeveloping Courage

Developing Courage

right-on-timeRight on Time

Right on Time

the-fragrance-of-christ-bedeThe Fragrance of Christ (Bede)

The Fragrance of Christ (Bede)

believing-in-gods-loveBelieving in God's Love

Believing in God's Love

im-about-my-fathers-businessI'm About My Father's Business

I'm About My Father's Business

sermon-what-to-remember-when-things-go-wrongSERMON: What To Remember When Things Go Wrong

SERMON: What To Remember When...

genesis-221-18-lent-1Genesis 22:1-18 | Lent 1

Genesis 22:1-18 | Lent 1

asleep-in-the-boatAsleep in the Boat

Asleep in the Boat

mark-19-15-1st-sunday-in-lentMark 1:9-15 (1st Sunday in Lent)

Mark 1:9-15 (1st Sunday in Len...

rejoice-in-tribulationRejoice in tribulation

Rejoice in tribulation

s2-in-the-beginningS2 In the beginning

S2 In the beginning

the-key-to-revelation The Key To Revelation

The Key To Revelation

genesis-41-15-brothers-keeperGenesis 4:1-15 (Brother's Keeper)

Genesis 4:1-15 (Brother's Keep...

justified-by-faithJustified By Faith

Justified By Faith

jacob-to-jesus-the-moses-yearsJacob to Jesus - The Moses Years

Jacob to Jesus - The Moses Yea...

01-knowing-him-metamorphosisKnowing Him  Metamorphosis

Knowing Him Metamorphosis

our-vision-is-to-grow-in-our-faithOur vision is to GROW in our faith

Our vision is to GROW in our f...

180218-vital-signs-surrender-assessment-part-2-2nd-service-sermon-podcastVital Signs - Surrender Assessment Part 2 - 2nd Service - (Sermon Only)

Vital Signs - Surrender Assess...

180218-vital-signs-surrender-assessment-part-2-2nd-service-podcastVital Signs - Surrender Assessment Part 2 - 2nd Service - (Entire Service)

Vital Signs - Surrender Assess...

the-resurrection-and-lifeThe Resurrection and Life

The Resurrection and Life

walking-like-your-seated-ephesians-210Walking Like Your Seated (Ephesians 2:10)

Walking Like Your Seated (Ephe...

cr-sg-greater-things-the-greater-faithCR & SG  GREATER THINGS>>> ...


fake-phoney-fraudFake,  Phoney,  Fraud

Fake, Phoney, Fraud

experience-the-impossibleExperience the Impossible

Experience the Impossible

a-distinct-contrastA Distinct Contrast

A Distinct Contrast

prophetic-impactProphetic Impact

Prophetic Impact

morning-worship-sermon-february-18-2018Morning Worship Sermon February 18 2018

Morning Worship Sermon Februar...

psalm-101Psalm 101

Psalm 101

luke-627-36Luke 6:27-36

Luke 6:27-36

01-psalm-119-49-56Psalm 119:49-56

Psalm 119:49-56

we-are-not-aloneWe Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone

affair-of-the-heartAffair of the Heart

Affair of the Heart

what-slows-me-downWhat Slows Me Down

What Slows Me Down

who-is-the-imposterWho is the Imposter?

Who is the Imposter?

making-god-1stMaking God 1st

Making God 1st

god-is-with-me-part-2God is with me - part 2

God is with me - part 2

psalm-33-reasons-to-worshipPsalm 33, Reasons to Worship

Psalm 33, Reasons to Worship





love-deliversLove Delivers

Love Delivers

making-much-of-jesus-in-our-homesMaking much of Jesus in our homes

Making much of Jesus in our ho...

eat-this-book-lesson-4Eat This Book (Lesson #4)

Eat This Book (Lesson #4)

victory-at-the-cross-part-1Victory At The Cross, Part 1

Victory At The Cross, Part 1

a-global-guaranteeA Global Guarantee

A Global Guarantee

reach-wk-4Reach Wk 4

Reach Wk 4

reach-wk-3Reach Wk 3

Reach Wk 3

how-sweet-it-isHow Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is

faith-in-crisis-pt2-god-deliversFaith In Crisis PT2

Faith In Crisis PT2 "God Deliv...

take-off-the-fig-leavesTake off the Fig Leaves

Take off the Fig Leaves

reach-wk-2Reach Wk 2

Reach Wk 2

gods-great-faithfulnessGod's Great Faithfulness

God's Great Faithfulness



the-kingdom-of-godThe Kingdom Of God

The Kingdom Of God

hide-seek-the-obscurity-origin-destination-of-jesusHide & Seek: The Obscurity, Origin, & Destination Of Jesus

Hide & Seek: The Obscurity, Or...

love-that-binds-our-unityLOVE – THAT BINDS OUR UNITY


isaiah-611-3-feb-18-1146amIsaiah 61:1-3 Feb 18 11:46am

Isaiah 61:1-3 Feb 18 11:46am

reach-wk-1Reach Wk 1

Reach Wk 1

making-a-biblical-marriageMaking A Biblical Marriage

Making A Biblical Marriage

impurity-in-the-church-houseImpurity in the Church House

Impurity in the Church House

agradando-a-diosAGRADANDO A DIOS


my-defining-momentMy Defining Moment

My Defining Moment

soul-favor-part-3-with-ps-ashley-evansSoul Favor Part 3 with Ps Ashley Evans

Soul Favor Part 3 with Ps Ashl...

james-112-18James 1:12-18

James 1:12-18

paying-it-forward-togetherPaying It Forward Together

Paying It Forward Together

the-doom-of-false-teachersThe Doom Of False Teachers

The Doom Of False Teachers

learn-of-me-bro-will-duttryLearn of Me - Bro Will Duttry

Learn of Me - Bro Will Duttry



dare-to-plant-in-faithDARE to Plant in Faith

DARE to Plant in Faith

temptation-according-to-markTemptation According to Mark

Temptation According to Mark

compassion-axton-21818Compassion Axton 2:18:18

Compassion Axton 2:18:18

sunday-sermon-21818Sunday Sermon 2.18.18

Sunday Sermon 2.18.18


"Finances and Stuff"

dont-take-the-baitDon't Take The Bait

Don't Take The Bait

be-the-movementBe the Movement

Be the Movement

faith-to-conquerFaith To Conquer

Faith To Conquer

what-you-have-to-offer-the-lordWhat You Have to Offer the Lord

What You Have to Offer the Lor...

20180218-the-presence-of-god20180218 - The Presence of God

20180218 - The Presence of God