robbed-in-our-relationshipsRobbed In Our Relationships

Robbed In Our Relationships

sermon-19-may-2019sermon 19 may 2019

sermon 19 may 2019

battles-of-the-mindBattles of the Mind

Battles of the Mind



love-unity-and-change-may-192019Love, Unity, and Change May 19,2019

Love, Unity, and Change May 19...

the-law-that-gives-life-chad-smithThe Law that Gives Life | Chad Smith

The Law that Gives Life | Chad...

foundations-ii-sin-gospelFoundations II:  Sin - Gospel

Foundations II: Sin - Gospel

jesus-and-hopeJesus and Hope

Jesus and Hope

20190519am-as-you-commence20190519AM As You Commence

20190519AM As You Commence



resurrection-walk-encounters-with-the-risen-king-rising-above-our-discouragement-john-211-14Resurrection Walk Encounters with the risen King Rising Above Our Discouragement John 21:1-14

Resurrection Walk Encounters w...

the-power-of-your-testimony-pastor-chad-braleyThe Power of Your Testimony - Pastor Chad Braley

The Power of Your Testimony -...

connecting-fourConnecting Four

Connecting Four


"Moses- A Man of Influence"

the-waiting-gameThe Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

the-pattern-of-prayerThe Pattern of Prayer

The Pattern of Prayer

more-than-a-slice-of-heavenMore than a slice of Heaven

More than a slice of Heaven

for-the-applause-of-oneFor the applause of one

For the applause of one

2019-0519-its-your-time-make-the-most-of-it-10a2019 0519 It's your time, make the most of it 10a

2019 0519 It's your time, make...

covenant-loveCovenant Love

Covenant Love

cr-sg-greater-things-greater-imapctCR & SG  ​GREATER THINGS


what-is-my-responsibility-part-1What is my Responsibility? Part 1

What is my Responsibility? Par...

provoking-god-to-jealousyProvoking God To Jealousy

Provoking God To Jealousy

who-do-i-followWho Do I Follow

Who Do I Follow

the-language-of-favorThe language of favor

The language of favor

just-the-beginningJust The Beginning

Just The Beginning

blessed-are-the-poor-in-spirit-the-great-8-part-1Blessed are the poor in spirit (The Great 8 - Part 1)

Blessed are the poor in spirit...

who-do-we-fight-withWho do We Fight With

Who do We Fight With

send-me-rev-elim-hiuSend Me - Rev Elim Hiu

Send Me - Rev Elim Hiu

graduation-dayGraduation Day

Graduation Day

how-to-be-closer-to-god-videoHow to be Closer to God (Video)

How to be Closer to God (Video...

sermon-5-12-19Sermon 5-12-19

Sermon 5-12-19

the-end-of-me-5-ps-daniel-ong-19-may-2019The End of Me 5 - Ps. Daniel Ong - 19 May 2019

The End of Me 5 - Ps. Daniel O...



ep-35-mans-search-for-happinessEp. 35 | Man's Search for Happiness

Ep. 35 | Man's Search for Happ...

545-he-delivers-psalm-7212-14#545, He delivers, Psalm 72.12-14

#545, He delivers, Psalm 72.12...

dab-may-19-2019DAB May 19 - 2019

DAB May 19 - 2019

dab-may-19-2019-2DAB May 19 - 2019

DAB May 19 - 2019

receiving-ministering-healing-pt-8Receiving & Ministering Healing Pt 8

Receiving & Ministering Healin...

our-wisdom-comes-from-the-word-of-godOur wisdom comes from the Word of God

Our wisdom comes from the Word...

ancestryjesus-manassehAncestry.Jesus - Manasseh

Ancestry.Jesus - Manasseh

sharing-gods-graceSharing God's Grace

Sharing God's Grace

trust-in-the-lordTRUST in the Lord

TRUST in the Lord

worthless-worship-isaiah-110-20Worthless Worship! (Isaiah 1:10-20)

Worthless Worship! (Isaiah 1:1...

from-passivity-to-activity-in-the-presenceFrom Passivity to Activity in the Presence

From Passivity to Activity in...

labourers-in-the-vineyardLabourers in The Vineyard

Labourers in The Vineyard

544-my-hope-psalm-714-6#544, My hope, Psalm 71.4-6

#544, My hope, Psalm 71.4-6

the-fear-of-the-lordThe Fear of the Lord

The Fear of the Lord

el-fuego-de-diosEl fuego de Dios

El fuego de Dios

test-sermonTest Sermon

Test Sermon

how-to-get-through-a-terrible-day-part-1How To Get Through A Terrible Day Part 1

How To Get Through A Terrible...

dab-may-18-2019DAB May 18 - 2019

DAB May 18 - 2019

dab-may-18-2019-2DAB May 18 - 2019

DAB May 18 - 2019

community-prayer-may18-2019Community Prayer May18-2019

Community Prayer May18-2019

community-prayer-may18-2019-2Community Prayer May18-2019

Community Prayer May18-2019

mothers-day-2019Mother's Day 2019

Mother's Day 2019

2019-05-12-jochebeds-nature2019_05_12_Jochebeds Nature

2019_05_12_Jochebeds Nature

05-friday05 Friday

05 Friday

not-outNot Out

Not Out

it-is-god-who-actsIt is God Who Acts

It is God Who Acts

543-hated-without-cause-psalm-694-5#543, Hated without cause, Psalm 69.4-5

#543, Hated without cause, Psa...

commands-of-the-kingdom-part-1Commands of the Kingdom - Part 1

Commands of the Kingdom - Part...

una-iglesia-que-tenga-el-corazon-de-diosUna iglesia que tenga el corazón de Dios

Una iglesia que tenga el coraz...

iii-el-dios-que-perdonaiii EL DIOS QUE PERDONA !!!


dab-may-17-2019DAB May 17 - 2019

DAB May 17 - 2019

abounding-ability-pt-10Abounding Ability Pt 10

Abounding Ability Pt 10

dab-may-17-2019-2DAB May 17 - 2019

DAB May 17 - 2019

3-senales-del-reino-de-dios3 Senales del Reino de Dios

3 Senales del Reino de Dios

que-es-el-reino-de-diosQue es el Reino de Dios?

Que es el Reino de Dios?

when-mother-prayed-maize-jacksonWhen Mother Prayed (Maize Jackson)

When Mother Prayed (Maize Jack...

5122019-work-of-the-cross-part-25.12.2019 Work of the Cross Part 2

5.12.2019 Work of the Cross Pa...

ancestryjesus-uzziahAncestry.Jesus - Uzziah

Ancestry.Jesus - Uzziah

episode-204-preachers-sneakersEpisode 204: Preachers & Sneakers.

Episode 204: Preachers & Sneak...

04-thursday04 Thursday

04 Thursday

meaning-matters-ecclesiastes-117-10Meaning Matters! (Ecclesiastes 11:7-10)

Meaning Matters! (Ecclesiastes...

heart-of-the-city-radio-may-16-2019Heart of the City Radio – May 16, 2019

Heart of the City Radio – May...

union-with-christUnion with Christ

Union with Christ

542-yoked-number-251-3#542, Yoked, Number 25.1-3

#542, Yoked, Number 25.1-3

the-burden-of-the-unequal-yokeThe Burden of the Unequal Yoke

The Burden of the Unequal Yoke

the-hindrance-of-petty-peopleThe Hindrance Of Petty People

The Hindrance Of Petty People

20190515-wed-pm-david-zintgraff2019.05.15 WED PM - David Zintgraff

2019.05.15 WED PM - David Zint...

relationship-series-part-22-whos-pushing-your-buttonsRelationship Series (Part 2/2) - Who's Pushing Your Buttons?

Relationship Series (Part 2/2)...

10-friday-week-2-2010 Friday Week 2

10 Friday Week 2

08-wednesday-week-2-1808 Wednesday Week 2

08 Wednesday Week 2

09-thursday-week-2-1809 Thursday Week 2

09 Thursday Week 2

06-monday-week-2-1806 Monday Week 2

06 Monday Week 2

07-tuesday-week-2-1807 Tuesday Week 2

07 Tuesday Week 2

why-do-bad-things-happen-to-good-people-middleschool-51519-815-pmWhy do bad things happen to good people (middleschool) - 5:15:19, 8.15 PM

Why do bad things happen to go...

philippians-317-423Philippians 3:17-4:23

Philippians 3:17-4:23

bangkit-dari-kegagalan-ibu-agnes-mariaBangkit Dari Kegagalan - Ibu Agnes Maria

Bangkit Dari Kegagalan - Ibu A...

character-over-abilityCharacter over Ability

Character over Ability

when-you-win-the-war-but-lose-the-victory-pastor-chad-braleyWhen You Win The War But Lose The Victory - Pastor Chad Braley

When You Win The War But Lose...

dab-may-16-2019-1DAB May 16 - 2019

DAB May 16 - 2019

dab-may-16-2019-2DAB May 16 - 2019

DAB May 16 - 2019

i-johnI,  John

I, John



step-by-step-were-going-to-make-itStep By Step We're going to make It

Step By Step We're going to ma...

breathing-room-part-3-moneyBreathing Room | Part 3 | Money

Breathing Room | Part 3 | Mone...

dont-settleDon't Settle

Don't Settle

5122019-just-ok-is-not-ok-kyle-bethke5.12.2019 | Just OK Is Not OK | Kyle Bethke

5.12.2019 | Just OK Is Not OK...

03-wednesday03 Wednesday

03 Wednesday

5-12-19-2nd-service5-12-19 2nd service

5-12-19 2nd service