510-you-heard-psalm-3121-22#510, You heard, Psalm 31.21-22

#510, You heard, Psalm 31.21-2...

gods-peaceGod's Peace

God's Peace



good-friday-luke-2326-49Good Friday (Luke 23:26-49)

Good Friday (Luke 23:26-49)

living-in-the-shadow-of-his-crossLiving in the Shadow of His Cross

Living in the Shadow of His Cr...

04-18-19-sermon04-18-19 Sermon

04-18-19 Sermon

good-friday-2019Good Friday 2019

Good Friday 2019

gethsemane-ps-dexter-nguyen-19-apr-2019Gethsemane - Ps. Dexter Nguyen - 19 Apr 2019

Gethsemane - Ps. Dexter Nguyen...

dab-april-20-2019DAB April 20 - 2019

DAB April 20 - 2019

dab-april-20-2019-2DAB April 20 - 2019

DAB April 20 - 2019

april-19-2019-the-wonderous-crossApril 19 2019 the wonderous cross

April 19 2019 the wonderous cr...

exciting-news-about-winExciting News About WIN

Exciting News About WIN

outrageous-loveOutrageous Love

Outrageous Love

god-movesto-the-crossGod Moves...to the Cross

God Moves...to the Cross

the-very-full-tombThe Very Full Tomb

The Very Full Tomb

april-14-2019-worship-were-you-thereApril 14 2019 Worship: Were You There

April 14 2019 Worship: Were Yo...

april-5-2019-worship-a-house-of-prayer-for-all-peopleApril 5 2019 Worship: A House of Prayer for All People

April 5 2019 Worship: A House...

05-friday-46305 Friday 463

05 Friday 463

good-friday-a-crown-fit-for-a-kingGood Friday, A Crown Fit For a King

Good Friday, A Crown Fit For a...

it-is-timeIt is Time

It is Time

maundy-thursday-god-a-servantMaundy Thursday - God a servant?

Maundy Thursday - God a servan...

good-friday-the-factsGood Friday - The Facts

Good Friday - The Facts

mission-bright-psalm-7118Mission Bright! (Psalm 71:18)

Mission Bright! (Psalm 71:18)

cup-of-judgment-cup-of-mercyCup of Judgment, Cup of Mercy

Cup of Judgment, Cup of Mercy

the-lord-jesus-christThe Lord Jesus Christ

The Lord Jesus Christ

509-appointed-feasts-leviticus-23#509, Appointed Feasts, Leviticus 23

#509, Appointed Feasts, Leviti...

maundy-thursday-matthew-2617-29Maundy Thursday (Matthew 26:17-29)

Maundy Thursday (Matthew 26:17...

the-crucifixion-of-jesus-part-2The Crucifixion of Jesus, part 2

The Crucifixion of Jesus, part...


"Kyrie, Eleison"

seeking-greatnessSeeking Greatness

Seeking Greatness

divine-graceDivine Grace

Divine Grace

dab-april-19-2019DAB April 19 - 2019

DAB April 19 - 2019

abounding-ability-pt-7Abounding Ability Pt 7

Abounding Ability Pt 7

dab-april-19-2019-2DAB April 19 - 2019

DAB April 19 - 2019

tripping-over-shortendTRIPPING OVER (SHORTEND)


heart-of-the-city-radio-apr-18-2019-spotlight-rez-powerHeart of the City Radio – Apr 18, 2019 Spotlight: REZ Power!!

Heart of the City Radio – Apr...

kingdom-behaviorKingdom Behavior

Kingdom Behavior

identity-crisisIDENTITY CRISIS


value-driven-vs-vision-drivenValue Driven VS Vision Driven

Value Driven VS Vision Driven

04-thursday-46304 Thursday 463

04 Thursday 463

episode-203-shermans-shoneys-bonanza-practical-evangelismEpisode 203: Sherman's Shoney's Bonanza & Practical Evangelism

Episode 203: Sherman's Shoney'...

vantage-point-pt-3Vantage Point pt 3

Vantage Point pt 3

fire-and-flood-psalm-6612Fire and Flood (Psalm 66:12)

Fire and Flood (Psalm 66:12)

the-covenant-of-grace-in-the-old-testamentThe Covenant of Grace in the Old Testament

The Covenant of Grace in the O...

508-ascribe-291-2#508, Ascribe, 29.1-2

#508, Ascribe, 29.1-2

i-have-you-in-my-heartI Have You In My Heart

I Have You In My Heart

cbc-evening-service-wednesday-4-17-19CBC EVENING SERVICE WEDNESDAY 4-17-19


order-and-management-stewardship-pt-5-pastor-david-brinsonOrder and Management - Stewardship Pt. 5 (Pastor David Brinson)

Order and Management - Steward...

20190417-wed-pm-samuel-zintgraff2019.04.17 WED PM - Samuel Zintgraff

2019.04.17 WED PM - Samuel Zin...

belief-intro-to-apologetics-jhighBelief: Intro to Apologetics (JHIGH)

Belief: Intro to Apologetics (...

20190414-sun-am-david-zintgraff2019.04.14 SUN AM - David Zintgraff

2019.04.14 SUN AM - David Zint...

pastor-mark-crabtree-passover-and-palm-sunday-3Pastor Mark Crabtree Passover and Palm Sunday_3

Pastor Mark Crabtree Passover...

2019-01-06-pastor-mark-crabtree-12019_01_06_Pastor_Mark_Crabtree (1)


sneak-preview-of-coming-attractionsSneak Preview of Coming Attractions

Sneak Preview of Coming Attrac...

dab-april-18-2019-1DAB April 18 - 2019

DAB April 18 - 2019

dab-april-18-2019-2DAB April 18 - 2019

DAB April 18 - 2019

poetry-in-motionPoetry In Motion

Poetry In Motion



03-wednesday-46303 Wednesday 463

03 Wednesday 463

no-desviarseNo desviarse

No desviarse

4142019-i-quit-being-selfish-marcia-bethke4.14.2019 | I Quit Being Selfish | Marcia Bethke

4.14.2019 | I Quit Being Selfi...

land-ownerLand Owner

Land Owner

proposito-divino-abril-14-2019-renewed-glory-churchProposito Divino, Abril 14, 2019, Renewed Glory Church

Proposito Divino, Abril 14, 20...

472019-i-quit-fear-marcia-bethke4.7.2019 | I Quit Fear | Marcia Bethke

4.7.2019 | I Quit Fear | Marci...

philippians-112-30Philippians 1:12-30

Philippians 1:12-30

3312019-i-quit-comparing-kyle-bethke3.31.2019 | I Quit Comparing | Kyle Bethke

3.31.2019 | I Quit Comparing |...

the-activist-godthe Activist God

the Activist God



god-is-unfairGod is UNFAIR


redemption-the-eternal-plan-of-godRedemption: The Eternal Plan of God

Redemption: The Eternal Plan o...

ep81-easter-on-the-mind-with-christie-purifoyEp81. Easter On The Mind with Christie Purifoy

Ep81. Easter On The Mind with...

507-seek-psalm-274#507, Seek, Psalm 27.4

#507, Seek, Psalm 27.4

zechariah-xi-ch-13-the-fountain-or-the-fireZechariah XI. Ch. 13. The Fountain or the Fire

Zechariah XI. Ch. 13. The Foun...

what-is-love-part-1what is love part 1

what is love part 1

ron-teal-continually-filledRon Teal - Continually Filled

Ron Teal - Continually Filled

being-a-person-the-devil-knowsBeing A Person The Devil Knows

Being A Person The Devil Knows

encountering-heaven-conference-bobby-connerEncountering Heaven Conference - Bobby Conner

Encountering Heaven Conference...

corey-russell-baptism-of-fireCorey Russell - Baptism of Fire

Corey Russell - Baptism of Fir...

corey-russellCorey Russell

Corey Russell

a-spirit-of-forgivness-pastor-chris-teisA Spirit of Forgivness - Pastor Chris Teis

A Spirit of Forgivness - Pasto...

dab-april-17-2019DAB April 17 - 2019

DAB April 17 - 2019

dab-april-17-2019-2DAB April 17 - 2019

DAB April 17 - 2019

apostolic-strategy-part-2Apostolic Strategy Part 2

Apostolic Strategy Part 2

do-you-get-bitter-or-better-with-timeDo You Get Bitter or Better with Time?

Do You Get Bitter or Better wi...

02-tuesday-46302 Tuesday 463

02 Tuesday 463

who-is-thisWho is This?

Who is This?

the-cue-to-whoThe Cue to Who

The Cue to Who



he-called-me-outHe Called Me Out

He Called Me Out

episode-22-the-amazing-history-of-amazing-graceEpisode 22

Episode 22 "The Amazing Histor...

five-activities-of-a-strong-jesus-follower-3Five Activities of a Strong Jesus-Follower

Five Activities of a Strong Je...

4142019-sowing-in-tears4.14.2019 Sowing In Tears

4.14.2019 Sowing In Tears

20190413-jesus-marches-on-the-temple20190413 Jesus Marches on the Temple

20190413 Jesus Marches on the...

4112019-ram-in-the-thicket4.11.2019 Ram In The Thicket

4.11.2019 Ram In The Thicket

jesuss-passionJesus's Passion

Jesus's Passion

one-petition-psalm-575One Petition (Psalm 57:5)

One Petition (Psalm 57:5)

predica-el-preservativo-del-cristianoPredica: El Preservativo Del Cristiano

Predica: El Preservativo Del C...



506-who-fears-the-lord-psalm-2512-14#506, Who fears the LORD?, Psalm 25.12-14

#506, Who fears the LORD?, Psa...

sermon-learning-from-the-triumphal-entrySERMON: Learning from the Triumphal Entry

SERMON: Learning from the Triu...

you-cant-afford-it-psalm-51You Can't Afford It (Psalm 51)

You Can't Afford It (Psalm 51)

04-14-19-the-mathew-18-principal-week-204-14-19 - The Mathew 18 Principal Week 2

04-14-19 - The Mathew 18 Princ...