healing-conference-bruce-van-natta-part-6Healing Conference Bruce Van Natta, part 6

Healing Conference Bruce Van N...

healing-conference-by-bruce-van-natta-part-5Healing Conference by Bruce Van Natta, part 5

Healing Conference by Bruce Va...

healing-conference-by-bruce-van-natta-part-4Healing Conference by Bruce Van Natta, part 4

Healing Conference by Bruce Va...

healing-conference-by-bruce-van-natta-part-3Healing conference  by Bruce Van Natta, part 3

Healing conference by Bruce V...

healing-conference-by-bruce-van-natta-part-2Healing Conference by  Bruce Van Natta, part 2

Healing Conference by Bruce V...

429-the-god-of-your-father-genesis-461-4-3#429 The God of your Father, Genesis 46.1-4

#429 The God of your Father, G...

fence-straddling-1-kings-1821Fence-Straddling! (1 Kings 18:21)

Fence-Straddling! (1 Kings 18:...

1-abrahan1 Abrahán

1 Abrahán

sowing-the-body-blood-of-jesusSowing the Body & Blood of Jesus

Sowing the Body & Blood of Jes...

trim-my-lamp-mp3-21619-221-amtrim my lamp mp3 - 2:16:19, 2.21 AM

trim my lamp mp3 - 2:16:19, 2....

the-confidence-of-prayThe Confidence of Pray

The Confidence of Pray

dab-february-16-2019DAB February 16 - 2019

DAB February 16 - 2019

dab-february-16-2019-2DAB February 16 - 2019

DAB February 16 - 2019

morning-worship-feb-10-2019Morning Worship Feb. 10, 2019

Morning Worship Feb. 10, 2019

05-friday-458-smart-mouth05 Friday 458 Smart Mouth

05 Friday 458 Smart Mouth

the-lords-supper-a-time-of-callingThe Lord's Supper, A Time of Calling

The Lord's Supper, A Time of C...

psalm-9012Psalm 90:12

Psalm 90:12

431-the-magnificat-luke-146-55#431 The Magnificat, Luke 1.46-55

#431 The Magnificat, Luke 1.46...

rules-for-lifeRules for Life

Rules for Life

understanding-breakthrough-pt3Understanding Breakthrough Pt3

Understanding Breakthrough Pt3

dab-february-15-2019DAB February 15 - 2019

DAB February 15 - 2019

dab-february-15-2019-2DAB February 15 - 2019

DAB February 15 - 2019

all-are-invited-to-be-children-of-godAll Are Invited to be Children of God

All Are Invited to be Children...

empresa-ofrece-instalar-microchips-a-los-empleados-al-rojo-vivo-telemundo1Empresa ofrece instalar microchips a los empleados   Al Rojo Vivo   Telemundo[1]

Empresa ofrece instalar microc...

04-thursday-458-smart-mouth04 Thursday 458 Smart Mouth

04 Thursday 458 Smart Mouth

worship-service-2102019Worship Service 2.10.2019

Worship Service 2.10.2019

heart-of-the-city-radio-feb-14-2019Heart of the City Radio – Feb 14, 2019

Heart of the City Radio – Feb...

430-to-compile-a-narrative-luke-11-4#430, To compile a narrative, Luke 1.1-4

#430, To compile a narrative,...

stand-in-faithStand in Faith

Stand in Faith

background-on-philippiansBackground On Philippians

Background On Philippians

20190213-wed-pm-david-zintgraff2019.02.13 WED PM - David Zintgraff

2019.02.13 WED PM - David Zint...

love-pt-3-pastor-david-brinsonLove Pt. 3 (Pastor David Brinson)

Love Pt. 3 (Pastor David Brins...

seguir-con-determinacionSeguir con determinación

Seguir con determinación

redefining-relationshipsjhigh-21319-832-pmredefining relationships(JHigh) - 2:13:19, 8.32 PM

redefining relationships(JHigh...

is-anything-to-hard-for-the-lord-pastor-chad-braleyIs Anything to Hard For the Lord? - Pastor Chad Braley

Is Anything to Hard For the Lo...

baptized-into-jesus-deathBaptized Into Jesus' Death

Baptized Into Jesus' Death

the-sermon-on-the-mount-chapter-1-part-3The Sermon On The Mount - Chapter 1 Part 3

The Sermon On The Mount - Chap...

gods-omnipresenceGod's Omnipresence

God's Omnipresence



how-to-make-this-the-best-year-ever-accountabilityHow to Make This the Best Year Ever - Accountability

How to Make This the Best Year...

dab-february-14-2019DAB February 14 - 2019

DAB February 14 - 2019

dab-february-14-2019-2DAB February 14 - 2019

DAB February 14 - 2019

happy-new-you-part-4-new-financesHappy New You Part 4-New Finances

Happy New You Part 4-New Finan...

dont-stop-believingDon't Stop Believing

Don't Stop Believing

galatians-211-21Galatians 2:11-21

Galatians 2:11-21

03-wednesday458-smart-mouth03 Wednesday`458 Smart Mouth

03 Wednesday`458 Smart Mouth

monster-in-me-angerMonster in Me - Anger

Monster in Me - Anger

if-i-only-had-a-brainIf I only had a brain

If I only had a brain

ep-1-noah-gundersen-cigarettesEp 1-Noah Gundersen: Cigarettes

Ep 1-Noah Gundersen: Cigarette...

429-the-god-of-your-father-genesis-461-4#429 The God of your Father, Genesis 46.1-4

#429 The God of your Father, G...

20190209-when-not-if20190209 When not If

20190209 When not If

inner-man-part-07Inner Man - Part 07

Inner Man - Part 07

laboring-in-prayerLaboring In Prayer

Laboring In Prayer

gods-order-for-restorationGod's order for restoration

God's order for restoration

doubting-thomasDoubting Thomas

Doubting Thomas

healing-conference-by-bruce-van-natta-2019-part-1Healing Conference by Bruce Van Natta 2019, part 1

Healing Conference by Bruce Va...

dab-february-13-2019DAB February 13 - 2019

DAB February 13 - 2019

dab-february-13-2019-2DAB February 13 - 2019

DAB February 13 - 2019

revival-habakuk-3-2Revival - Habakuk 3: 2

Revival - Habakuk 3: 2

an-invitation-to-the-throne-of-godAn Invitation to the Throne of God

An Invitation to the Throne of...

a-coveringA Covering

A Covering

death-in-the-church-six-steps-of-griefDeath in the Church - Six Steps of Grief

Death in the Church - Six Step...

tithes-and-offerings-mal-3Tithes and Offerings Mal 3

Tithes and Offerings Mal 3

zechariah-v-ch-7textZechariah V. Ch 7.Text

Zechariah V. Ch 7.Text

february-10-2019-worship-trying-to-love-tom-bradyFebruary 10 2019 Worship: Trying to Love Tom Brady

February 10 2019 Worship: Tryi...

02-tuesday-458-smart-mouth02 Tuesday 458 Smart Mouth

02 Tuesday 458 Smart Mouth

six-ways-to-jumpstart-our-spiritual-lifeSix Ways to Jumpstart Our Spiritual Life

Six Ways to Jumpstart Our Spir...

144000-servents-sealed-for-a-purpos-rev-7144,000 Servents Sealed for a Purpos Rev 7

144,000 Servents Sealed for a...

the-armor-of-god-ephesians-6The Armor of God Ephesians 6

The Armor of God Ephesians 6

the-great-tribulation-revelations-8 The Great Tribulation Revelations 8

The Great Tribulation Revelat...

when-a-church-prays-acts-4-23-31When A Church Prays Acts 4 : 23-31

When A Church Prays Acts 4 : 2...

what-can-we-learn-about-witnessing-luke-24What Can We Learn About Witnessing Luke 24

What Can We Learn About Witnes...

challenges-in-relationships-romans-12Challenges in Relationships Romans 12

Challenges in Relationships Ro...

the-churchs-why-within-the-communityThe Church’s “Why” Within the Community

The Church’s “Why” Within the...

dont-be-weary-how-to-jumpstart-your-spiritual-lifeDon't Be Weary - How to Jumpstart Your Spiritual Life

Don't Be Weary - How to Jumpst...

transforming-mistakesTransforming Mistakes

Transforming Mistakes

lets-hear-itLet's Hear It

Let's Hear It

the-way-of-the-ungodly-psalm-14-6The Way of the Ungodly (Psalm 1:4-6)

The Way of the Ungodly (Psalm...

completely-faithful-1-kings-858-61Completely Faithful! (1 Kings 8:58-61)

Completely Faithful! (1 Kings...

evangelism-in-the-churchEvangelism In the Church

Evangelism In the Church

fourth-sunday-after-the-epiphany-2019Fourth Sunday After The Epiphany 2019

Fourth Sunday After The Epipha...

third-sunday-after-epiphanyThird Sunday After Epiphany

Third Sunday After Epiphany

behold-see-by-sidney-rallBEHOLD + SEE by Sidney Rall

BEHOLD + SEE by Sidney Rall


"Comfort Zones"

428-truly-mark-15-39#428, Truly, Mark 15-39

#428, Truly, Mark 15-39

gods-annointingGod's Annointing

God's Annointing



romans-129-16Romans 12.9-16

Romans 12.9-16

growing-upGrowing Up

Growing Up

sunday-worship-february-10-2019Sunday Worship, February 10, 2019

Sunday Worship, February 10, 2...

dab-february-12-2019-1DAB February 12 - 2019

DAB February 12 - 2019

mindcraft-pt6Mindcraft Pt.6

Mindcraft Pt.6

feburary-10-2019-song-of-songs-advice-on-love-from-solomon-part-2Feburary 10, 2019 - SONG OF SONGS: ADVICE ON LOVE FROM SOLOMON, Part 2

Feburary 10, 2019 - SONG OF SO...

learn-the-language-speak-the-language-feb-10th-2019Learn the Language - Speak the Language (Feb 10th, 2019)

Learn the Language - Speak the...

walking-the-balance-beam-same-date-different-story-2-10-19Walking The Balance Beam- Same Date, Different Story (2-10-19)

Walking The Balance Beam- Same...

philosophies-of-our-day-deeper-2019-session-2Philosophies of our Day (Deeper 2019 session 2)

Philosophies of our Day (Deepe...

what-if-it-gets-worseWhat If It Gets Worse

What If It Gets Worse

colossians-week-6Colossians Week 6

Colossians Week 6

press-start-pt-4Press Start Pt 4

Press Start Pt 4

world-religions-deeper-2019-session-1World Religions (Deeper 2019 session 1)

World Religions (Deeper 2019 s...

if-your-not-being-fedIf Your Not Being Fed

If Your Not Being Fed

we-are-here-to-stayWe Are Here To Stay

We Are Here To Stay