renovate-bring-a-sacrificeRenovate: Bring a Sacrifice

Renovate: Bring a Sacrifice

march-maddnessMarch maddness????

March maddness????

matred-push-forward-2matred_push_forward (2)

matred_push_forward (2)

matred-push-forward-1matred_push_forward (1)

matred_push_forward (1)



judges-14-time-to-pick-a-fightJudges 14      Time to Pick a Fight

Judges 14 Time to Pick a...

faith-walks-a-journey-off-the-mapFaith Walks - A Journey Off the Map

Faith Walks - A Journey Off th...

march-24-pastor-ken-dutton-the-race-of-faithMarch 24, Pastor Ken Dutton - The Race Of Faith

March 24, Pastor Ken Dutton -...

our-god-still-reignsOur God Still Reigns

Our God Still Reigns

luke-11-32419-teach-us-how-to-prayLuke 11 3.24.19

Luke 11 3.24.19 "Teach Us How...

be-the-blessingBe the Blessing

Be the Blessing

the-sword-of-the-spiritThe Sword Of The Spirit

The Sword Of The Spirit

cbc-evening-service-3-24-19CBC evening service 3-24-19

CBC evening service 3-24-19

tengo-un-propositoTengo un Proposito

Tengo un Proposito

one-day-every-house-will-burnOne Day Every House Will Burn

One Day Every House Will Burn

sermon-hes-all-around-me-part-3-omnipotenceSERMON: He's All Around Me, Part 3 - Omnipotence

SERMON: He's All Around Me, Pa...

dab-march-25-2019-1DAB March 25 - 2019

DAB March 25 - 2019

20190324pm-when-life-is-a-wreck20190324PM When Life Is A Wreck

20190324PM When Life Is A Wrec...

connected-to-be-a-familyCONNECTED TO BE A FAMILY!


whats-that-in-your-handWhat's That in Your Hand?

What's That in Your Hand?

the-steward-pastor-chad-braleyThe Steward - Pastor Chad Braley

The Steward - Pastor Chad Bral...

true-worshipTrue Worship

True Worship

6-guys-preaching-on-psalms-236 Guys Preaching on Psalms 23

6 Guys Preaching on Psalms 23

gods-great-graceGod's Great Grace

God's Great Grace

we-need-to-hurryWe Need To Hurry

We Need To Hurry

hell-no-heaven-yesHell No, Heaven Yes!

Hell No, Heaven Yes!

the-story-chapter-four-the-law-numbers-pt-2| The Story | Chapter Four: The Law (Numbers Pt. 2)

| The Story | Chapter Four: Th...

gods-word-is-truthGods Word is Truth

Gods Word is Truth

pastor-talk-unplannedPastor Talk--Unplanned

Pastor Talk--Unplanned

philippians-chapter-3-part-2-josh-thomasPhilippians chapter 3 (Part 2) Josh Thomas

Philippians chapter 3 (Part 2)...

a-crushed-spirit-despair-depression-proverbs-1312A Crushed Spirit, Despair & Depression (Proverbs 13:12)

A Crushed Spirit, Despair & De...

no-shortcutsNo Shortcuts

No Shortcuts

a-mountaintop-experienceA Mountaintop Experience

A Mountaintop Experience





beware-of-the-leavenBeware Of The Leaven

Beware Of The Leaven

2020-vision-pt-6-jacqueline-mitchell20/20 Vision Pt. 6 (Jacqueline Mitchell)

20/20 Vision Pt. 6 (Jacqueline...

in-the-middle-of-itIn The Middle of It

In The Middle of It

luke-1720-37Luke 17:20-37

Luke 17:20-37

the-threefold-office-of-christ-prophet-priest-kingThe Threefold Office of Christ: Prophet, Priest, & King

The Threefold Office of Christ...

jesus-threatens-peoples-comfortJesus Threatens People's Comfort

Jesus Threatens People's Comfo...

the-power-of-commitmentThe Power of Commitment

The Power of Commitment

understanding-the-times-we-live-inUnderstanding The Times We Live In

Understanding The Times We Liv...

tale-of-two-lovesTale of Two Loves

Tale of Two Loves

yogo-in-the-churchyogo in the church

yogo in the church

morning-worship-sermon-march-24-2019Morning Worship Sermon March 24 2019

Morning Worship Sermon March 2...

beyond-the-bitter-to-the-betterBeyond The Bitter To The Better

Beyond The Bitter To The Bette...

exodus-19-1-9Exodus 19 1-9

Exodus 19 1-9

sovereignty-of-god-acts-2312-35Sovereignty of God. Acts 23:12-35

Sovereignty of God. Acts 23:12...

biblical-parenting-applying-his-word-to-our-homes-part-4Biblical Parenting - Applying His Word to Our Homes (Part 4)

Biblical Parenting - Applying...

psalm-63-a-heart-for-godPsalm 63 A Heart for God

Psalm 63 A Heart for God



the-deity-of-the-holy-spiritThe Deity of the Holy Spirit

The Deity of the Holy Spirit

ephesians-51-9Ephesians 5:1-9

Ephesians 5:1-9

the-one-jesus-loved-part-10-believing-and-seeingThe One Jesus Loved Part 10: Believing and Seeing

The One Jesus Loved Part 10: B...

03-24-19-mumc-11am03-24-19 MUMC 11am

03-24-19 MUMC 11am



the-helmet-of-salvationThe Helmet Of Salvation

The Helmet Of Salvation

preparing-to-be-used-by-god-2Preparing to be used by God #2

Preparing to be used by God #2

real-lifeReal Life

Real Life

relationships-of-the-sermonRelationships of the Sermon

Relationships of the Sermon

20190324-sun-am-joe-grimes2019.03.24 SUN AM-Joe Grimes

2019.03.24 SUN AM-Joe Grimes

the-crossing-how-i-met-your-jesus-light-of-the-worldThe Crossing  ​How I met your Jesus

The Crossing ​How I met your...

repent-who-me-luke-91-5Repent? Who, me? Luke 9:1-5

Repent? Who, me? Luke 9:1-5

prostitutes-prodigalsProstitutes & Prodigals

Prostitutes & Prodigals

20190320-wed-pm-phil-bob2019.03.20 WED PM - Phil Bob

2019.03.20 WED PM - Phil Bob



the-law-was-our-tutor-to-bring-us-to-christ-and-heres-what-that-meansThe Law was our tutor to bring us to Christ - and here's what that means .

The Law was our tutor to bring...

a-change-for-the-betterA Change for the Better

A Change for the Better



salt-and-light-04Salt and Light - 04

Salt and Light - 04

growing-disciplesGrowing Disciples

Growing Disciples

jumping-the-sharkJumping the Shark

Jumping the Shark

20190324am-it-matters20190324AM It Matters

20190324AM It Matters

gods-true-representativeGod's True Representative

God's True Representative

lord-test-me-so-you-can-bless-me-pastor-jeff-haygoodLord Test Me So You Can Bless Me Pastor Jeff Haygood

Lord Test Me So You Can Bless...

wilderness-attitude-adjustment-part-vWilderness attitude adjustment; part V

Wilderness attitude adjustment...

forgiveness-mar-24-1119amForgiveness Mar 24 11:19am

Forgiveness Mar 24 11:19am

prayer-fastingPrayer & Fasting

Prayer & Fasting

the-struggleThe Struggle

The Struggle

the-finished-work-of-christ-pastor-chad-braleyThe Finished Work of Christ - Pastor Chad Braley

The Finished Work of Christ -...

3-24-19-daryl-a-z3-24-19 Daryl A-Z

3-24-19 Daryl A-Z

the-one-less-traveled-by-courageous-leaders-john-213-22The One Less Traveled By

The One Less Traveled By "Cour...

amor-of-god-part-2Amor Of God (part 2)

Amor Of God (part 2)

that-our-faith-may-increaseThat Our Faith may Increase

That Our Faith may Increase

killing-prideKilling Pride

Killing Pride

danger-awaits-but-paul-doesnt-waverDanger awaits but Paul doesn't waver

Danger awaits but Paul doesn't...

last-words-of-christ-behold-your-son-and-behold-your-motherLast Words of Christ - Behold your son and behold your mother

Last Words of Christ - Behold...

god-work-4God @ Work - 4

God @ Work - 4

behold-your-king-part-4-the-kings-clothing-compassion-criesBehold Your King Part 4: The King's Clothing, Compassion & Cries

Behold Your King Part 4: The K...

what-do-others-got-to-do-with-itWhat Do Others Got To Do With It

What Do Others Got To Do With...

acknowledging-our-faith-beyond-boundariesAcknowledging our faith beyond boundaries

Acknowledging our faith beyond...

fasting-the-lost-disciplineFasting: The Lost Discipline

Fasting: The Lost Discipline

glory-in-weaknessGlory in Weakness

Glory in Weakness

la-beaute-de-loeuvre-de-jesus-christLa beauté de l'oeuvre de Jésus-Christ

La beauté de l'oeuvre de Jésus...

joy-of-the-lordJoy of the Lord

Joy of the Lord

the-lords-supper-participation-in-his-bodyThe Lord's Supper: Participation in His Body

The Lord's Supper: Participati...

back-to-the-basics-pt-3Back to the Basics Pt. 3

Back to the Basics Pt. 3

in-gods-imageIn God's Image

In God's Image

called-to-the-nationsCalled to the Nations

Called to the Nations



gaining-a-new-perspectiveGaining a New Perspective

Gaining a New Perspective