the-power-of-thankfulnessThe power of thankfulness

The power of thankfulness

poor-rich-manPoor Rich Man!

Poor Rich Man!

fr-john-wed-27th-otFr. John - Wed - 27th OT

Fr. John - Wed - 27th OT

when-god-answers-noWhen God Answers No

When God Answers No

ep65-joy-in-conflict-with-joe-battagliaEp65. Joy in Conflict with Joe Battaglia

Ep65. Joy in Conflict with Joe...

279-hope-in-heaven-colossians-13-8#279 Hope in Heaven, Colossians 1.3-8

#279 Hope in Heaven, Colossian...

defectos-que-estorban-nuestro-servicio-a-dios-parte-1Defectos que estorban nuestro servicio a Dios (parte 1)

Defectos que estorban nuestro...


"The Doing of Righteousness" -...

the-results-of-faithThe Results Of Faith

The Results Of Faith

dab-october-10-2018-1DAB October 10- 2018

DAB October 10- 2018

oct-9-2018-tm-podcastOct 9, 2018 TM Podcast

Oct 9, 2018 TM Podcast

fr-john-tue-mass-of-reparationFr. John - Tue - Mass of Reparation

Fr. John - Tue - Mass of Repar...

tithing-and-the-melchizedekTithing and the Melchizedek

Tithing and the Melchizedek

love-in-deedLove in Deed

Love in Deed

10-7-2018-2nd-service10-7-2018 2nd service

10-7-2018 2nd service

the-pioneer-pt7The Pioneer Pt.7

The Pioneer Pt.7

the-lord-will-test-usThe Lord Will Test Us

The Lord Will Test Us

how-great-is-your-godHow Great is Your God

How Great is Your God

killing-your-fleshKilling Your Flesh

Killing Your Flesh

hebrews-v-ch-71-28-better-than-aaronHebrews V: ch 7.1-28. Better than Aaron

Hebrews V: ch 7.1-28. Better t...

sermon-josephs-journey-part-5-the-dangers-of-discouragementSERMON: Joseph's Journey, Part 5: The Dangers of Discouragement

SERMON: Joseph's Journey, Part...

07-tuesday-week-2-449-marriage-works07 Tuesday Week 2 449 Marriage Works

07 Tuesday Week 2 449 Marriage...

be-still-seeBe Still & See

Be Still & See

god-didnt-change-worship-exhortationGod Didnt Change (Worship Exhortation)

God Didnt Change (Worship Exho...

sunday-worship-october-7-2018Sunday Worship, October 7, 2018

Sunday Worship, October 7, 201...

growing-for-the-lordGrowing For The Lord

Growing For The Lord

maximiser-son-potentiel-3Maximiser son potentiel 3

Maximiser son potentiel 3

woe-to-rejecters-luke-1013-16Woe to Rejecters (Luke 10:13-16)

Woe to Rejecters (Luke 10:13-1...

the-root-of-giving-thanks-october-7th2018The root of giving thanks -October 7th,2018

The root of giving thanks -Oct...

are-you-ready-for-the-next-levelAre You Ready For the Next Level?

Are You Ready For the Next Lev...

love-or-lust-galatians-516Love or Lust (Galatians 5:16)

Love or Lust (Galatians 5:16)

maximiser-son-potentiel2Maximiser son potentiel2

Maximiser son potentiel2

maximiser-son-potentiel-bsm-s1Maximiser son potentiel_BsM S1

Maximiser son potentiel_BsM S1

simple-prayerSimple. // Prayer

Simple. // Prayer

278-uncompromising-acts-2828-31#278 Uncompromising, Acts 28.28-31

#278 Uncompromising, Acts 28.2...

encounter-jesus-is-with-youEncounter - Jesus is with you!

Encounter - Jesus is with you!

dab-october-9-2018-1DAB October 9- 2018

DAB October 9- 2018

its-an-inside-jobIt's An Inside Job

It's An Inside Job

10072018-pm10072018 PM

10072018 PM



sustaining-graceSustaining Grace

Sustaining Grace

philippians-2-the-mind-of-christPhilippians 2 (The Mind Of Christ)

Philippians 2 (The Mind Of Chr...

sermon-josephs-journey-part-4-waiting-on-godSERMON: Joseph's Journey, Part 4: Waiting on God

SERMON: Joseph's Journey, Part...

06-monday-week-2-449-marriage-works06 Monday Week 2 449 Marriage Works

06 Monday Week 2 449 Marriage...

oct-7-2018-sermon-one-body-of-christOct. 7, 2018 Sermon:

Oct. 7, 2018 Sermon: "One Body...

kinetic-energy-accelerate-10-7-18Kinetic Energy- Accelerate (10-7-18)

Kinetic Energy- Accelerate (10...

systematic-theology-the-trinitySystematic Theology: The Trinity

Systematic Theology: The Trini...

romans-41-16Romans 4.1-16

Romans 4.1-16

10072018-am10072018 AM

10072018 AM

1-samuel-week-91 Samuel Week 9

1 Samuel Week 9

the-accountability-of-our-faithThe Accountability of Our Faith

The Accountability of Our Fait...

4-fear-and-comfort#4  Fear and Comfort

#4 Fear and Comfort

no-longer-a-slave-galatians-47No Longer a Slave! (Galatians 4:7

No Longer a Slave! (Galatians...

reconciliation-with-god-is-at-the-heart-of-covenant-part-2-the-heart-of-the-epicReconciliation with God is at the Heart of Covenant, Part 2, The Heart of the Epic

Reconciliation with God is at...

october-1-2018October 1, 2018

October 1, 2018

fr-joseph-mon-27th-otFr. Joseph - Mon - 27th OT

Fr. Joseph - Mon - 27th OT

181007-a-new-passover-lamb181007 A New Passover Lamb

181007 A New Passover Lamb

hebrews-lv-ch-414-620Hebrews lV; ch 4.14 - 6.20

Hebrews lV; ch 4.14 - 6.20

enthusiasm-for-the-bibleEnthusiasm for the Bible

Enthusiasm for the Bible

energized-by-gods-presenceEnergized By God’s Presence

Energized By God’s Presence

present-prayer-part-1Present Prayer (Part 1)

Present Prayer (Part 1)


"A Promise Fulfilled"

bethel-church-2Bethel Church 2

Bethel Church 2

277-dangerous-calling-acts-2739-42#277 Dangerous Calling, Acts 27.39-42

#277 Dangerous Calling, Acts 2...

un-lugar-secreto-dentro-de-tiUn lugar secreto dentro de ti

Un lugar secreto dentro de ti

genesis-29-bait-and-switchGenesis 29 (Bait and Switch)

Genesis 29 (Bait and Switch)

candace-queen-of-ethiopia-2candace_queen_of_ethiopia (2)

candace_queen_of_ethiopia (2)

candace-queen-of-ethiopia-1candace_queen_of_ethiopia (1)

candace_queen_of_ethiopia (1)



what-should-i-do-with-my-job-ephesians-65-9What Should I Do With my Job? (Ephesians 6:5-9)

What Should I Do With my Job?...

10-72018-am10-72018 am

10-72018 am

with-god-nothing-is-impossibleWith God Nothing is Impossible

With God Nothing is Impossible

mind-monsters-ptivMind Monsters PtIV

Mind Monsters PtIV

dab-october-8-2018-1DAB October 8- 2018

DAB October 8- 2018

think-about-these-things-philippians-48-9Think About These Things- Philippians 4:8-9

Think About These Things- Phil...

in-fellowship-with-his-sufferingsIn Fellowship with His Sufferings

In Fellowship with His Sufferi...

07-10-2018-culto-dominical-pr-joao-de-deus-1-joao-5-vs-6-a-2107-10-2018 - Culto Dominical - Pr. João de Deus - 1 João 5, vs 6 a 21

07-10-2018 - Culto Dominical -...

20181007pm-god-is-worthy20181007PM God is Worthy

20181007PM God is Worthy

the-god-who-hearsThe God Who Hears

The God Who Hears

effective-ministry-deligationEffective Ministry Deligation

Effective Ministry Deligation

reacting-to-gods-actions-genesis-2Reacting to God's Actions  -Genesis 2

Reacting to God's Actions -Ge...

2-peter-24-10-history-repeats-itself2 Peter 2:4-10. History Repeats Itself

2 Peter 2:4-10. History Repeat...

a-sad-conclusion-pastor-chad-braleyA Sad Conclusion? - Pastor Chad Braley

A Sad Conclusion? - Pastor Cha...

is-america-following-israels-exampleIs America Following Israel's Example

Is America Following Israel's...

the-prison-revivalThe Prison Revival

The Prison Revival

scuttle-the-boats-burn-the-plows-no-turning-back-pastor-kenny-smithScuttle The Boats & Burn The Plows! No Turning Back! (Pastor Kenny Smith)

Scuttle The Boats & Burn The P...

james-faith-in-action-4James Faith in Action #4

James Faith in Action #4

2-thessalonians-1-10-132 Thessalonians 1 10-13

2 Thessalonians 1 10-13

vexing-the-holy-spiritVexing The Holy Spirit

Vexing The Holy Spirit

ephesians-unity-and-love-10718Ephesians: Unity and Love (10/7/18)

Ephesians: Unity and Love (10/...

a-good-question-6A Good Question - 6

A Good Question - 6

fr-joseph-5pm-sun-27th-otFr. Joseph - 5pm - Sun - 27th OT

Fr. Joseph - 5pm - Sun - 27th...

dont-stopDon't Stop

Don't Stop



one-with-godOne with God

One with God

la-parabola-del-sembradorLa parábola del Sembrador

La parábola del Sembrador

wisdom-of-the-ages-city-am-clark-alcockWisdom of the Ages // City AM // Clark Alcock

Wisdom of the Ages // City AM...

being-filled-with-the-holy-spirit-city-pm-glenn-franceBeing Filled with the Holy Spirit // City PM // Glenn France

Being Filled with the Holy Spi...

complete-we-are-complete-in-godComplete: We Are Complete In God

Complete: We Are Complete In G...

spiritual-adulterycondemnationSpiritual Adultery=Condemnation

Spiritual Adultery=Condemnatio...

glory-in-the-lordGlory In The Lord

Glory In The Lord

i-am-the-gateI AM the Gate

I AM the Gate