silence-of-saturdaySilence of Saturday

Silence of Saturday



walking-in-newness-of-life-romans-61-4Walking in newness of life Romans 6:1-4

Walking in newness of life Rom...

misa-dominical-04162017Misa Dominical 04.16.2017

Misa Dominical 04.16.2017

dab-april-16-2017-1DAB April 16 - 2017

DAB April 16 - 2017

community-prayer-april15-2017-1Community Prayer April15-2017

Community Prayer April15-2017

15-04-2017-vi-conferencia-missionaria-pr-roger-johansen-isai-as-615-04-2017 - VI Conferência Missionária - Pr. Roger Johansen - Isaí­as 6

15-04-2017 - VI Conferência Mi...

cr-this-just-got-real-easter-real-lifeCR  This Just Got Real  EASTER Real Life

CR This Just Got Real EASTER...

sg-this-just-got-real-easter-real-lifeSG  This Just Got Real  EASTER Real Life

SG This Just Got Real EASTER...

good-friday-7pm-serviceGood Friday 7pm Service

Good Friday 7pm Service

bible-study-seven-last-words-from-the-cross-7-committalBIBLE STUDY - Seven Last Words From The Cross 7 - Committal

BIBLE STUDY - Seven Last Words...

good-friday-2017-sermon-audioGood Friday, 2017 (Sermon Audio)

Good Friday, 2017 (Sermon Audi...

isaiah-531-12Isaiah 53:1-12

Isaiah 53:1-12

good-fridayGood Friday

Good Friday

the-cross-no-one-wants-to-seeThe Cross No One Wants to See

The Cross No One Wants to See

the-easter-story-part-one-the-crucifixion-of-jesusThe Easter Story Part One: The Crucifixion of Jesus

The Easter Story Part One: The...

dab-april-15-2017-1DAB April 15 - 2017

DAB April 15 - 2017

the-blood-of-the-lambThe Blood of the Lamb

The Blood of the Lamb

god-has-a-plan-for-your-lifeGod Has a Plan for Your Life

God Has a Plan for Your Life

claudia-who-do-you-say-i-amClaudia - Who Do You Say I AM

Claudia - Who Do You Say I AM

good-friday-2017Good Friday 2017

Good Friday 2017

good-friday-who-gains-from-the-cross-the-devil-and-the-fatherGood Friday - Who Gains From the Cross? The Devil and the Father

Good Friday - Who Gains From t...

clue-golgothaClue: Golgotha

Clue: Golgotha

matthew-2617-30-maundy-thursdayMatthew 26:17-30 (Maundy Thursday)

Matthew 26:17-30 (Maundy Thurs...

journey-to-the-cross-good-fridayJourney to the Cross (Good Friday)

Journey to the Cross (Good Fri...

easter-messageEaster Message

Easter Message

iron-sharpens-ironIron Sharpens Iron

Iron Sharpens Iron

the-year-of-the-bible-week-15-2-kingsThe Year of the Bible week 15 (2 Kings)

The Year of the Bible week 15...

church-being-churchCHURCH BEING CHURCH


uwielbienie-nr-3Uwielbienie nr. 3

Uwielbienie nr. 3

uwielbienie-nr-1Uwielbienie nr. 1

Uwielbienie nr. 1

1-cross-3-nails-4given1 Cross + 3 Nails = 4Given

1 Cross + 3 Nails = 4Given

good-friday-serviceGood Friday Service

Good Friday Service

good-friday-1-peter-318Good Friday 1 Peter 3:18

Good Friday 1 Peter 3:18

phil-mcclain-4-14-17Phil McClain 4-14-17

Phil McClain 4-14-17

maundy-thursday-2017Maundy Thursday, 2017

Maundy Thursday, 2017

he-is-aliveHe Is Alive

He Is Alive

radio-program-for-friday-april-14-2017Radio program for Friday April 14, 2017

Radio program for Friday April...

bible-study-seven-last-words-from-the-cross-6-triumphBIBLE STUDY - Seven Last Words From The Cross 6 - Triumph

BIBLE STUDY - Seven Last Words...

dab-april-14-2017-1DAB April 14 - 2017

DAB April 14 - 2017


"Stay Close" - Maundy Thursday...

whats-love-got-to-do-with-it-john-131-2031-35What's Love Got To Do With It? (John 13:1-20,31-35)

What's Love Got To Do With It?...

clue-the-upper-room-maundy-thursdayClue: The Upper Room (Maundy Thursday)

Clue: The Upper Room (Maundy T...

focused-faithfulFocused - Faithful

Focused - Faithful

famous-last-words-6Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words

one-will-betray-me-maundy-thursdayOne Will Betray Me (Maundy Thursday)

One Will Betray Me (Maundy Thu...

dan-prus-4-13-17Dan Prus 4-13-17

Dan Prus 4-13-17

radio-program-for-thursday-april-13-2017Radio program for Thursday April 13, 2017

Radio program for Thursday Apr...

bible-study-seven-last-words-from-the-cross-5-sufferingBIBLE STUDY - Seven Last Words From The Cross 5 - Suffering

BIBLE STUDY - Seven Last Words...

colossians-11-8Colossians 1:1-8

Colossians 1:1-8

april-12-2017April 12 2017

April 12 2017

foolish-part-3-the-holy-spiritFoolish - (Part 3: The Holy Spirit)

Foolish - (Part 3: The Holy Sp...

dab-april-13-2017-1DAB April 13 - 2017

DAB April 13 - 2017

devotion-on-jobDevotion on Job

Devotion on Job

the-passion-of-christThe Passion of Christ

The Passion of Christ

the-parable-of-peeling-your-onionThe Parable of Peeling Your Onion

The Parable of Peeling Your On...



colossians-2-verse-by-verse-bro-will-duttryColossians 2 Verse by Verse - Bro Will Duttry

Colossians 2 Verse by Verse -...

john-8-9-jesus-the-light-of-the-worldJohn 8-9 Jesus the Light of the World

John 8-9 Jesus the Light of th...

holy-spirit-and-his-gifts-week-03-elder-sharon-kornegayHoly Spirit and His Gifts (Week 03) - Elder Sharon Kornegay

Holy Spirit and His Gifts (Wee...

experiencing-full-assurance-1-john-41-3-7-16-511-13-spring-revival-2017-april-12-2017Experiencing Full Assurance, 1 John 4:1-3, 7-16, 5:11-13, Spring Revival 2017, April 12 2017

Experiencing Full Assurance, 1...

revelation-bible-study-chapter-6-part-1Revelation Bible Study Chapter 6 Part 1

Revelation Bible Study Chapter...

the-final-week-of-christ-episode-4The Final Week of Christ-Episode 4

The Final Week of Christ-Episo...

transitions-4122017Transitions 4.12.2017

Transitions 4.12.2017

shaping-spaceShaping Space

Shaping Space

the-way-into-the-kingdom-part-5The Way Into The Kingdom :: Part 5

The Way Into The Kingdom :: Pa...

radio-program-for-wednesday-april-12-2017Radio program for Wednesday April 12, 2017

Radio program for Wednesday Ap...

authority-to-operate-made-strong-in-his-powerAuthority to Operate: Made Strong in His Power

Authority to Operate: Made Str...

a-divine-collision-by-dave-layneA Divine Collision by Dave Layne

A Divine Collision by Dave Lay...

a-divine-collision-by-dave-layneA Divine Collision by Dave Layne

A Divine Collision by Dave Lay...

untitled-recording-apr-12-1225pmLeadership in the Face of Opposition part 2

Leadership in the Face of Oppo...

real-worship-41217Real Worship 4/12/17

Real Worship 4/12/17

storms-41217Storms 4/12/17

Storms 4/12/17

david-russell-4-12-17David Russell 4-12-17

David Russell 4-12-17

and-they-crucified-himAnd They Crucified Him

And They Crucified Him

emotional-healingEmotional Healing

Emotional Healing

dab-april-12-2017-1DAB April 12 - 2017

DAB April 12 - 2017

if-im-so-blessed-why-am-i-so-brokeIf I'm So Blessed Why Am I So Broke

If I'm So Blessed Why Am I So...

bible-study-seven-last-words-from-the-cross-4-desolationBIBLE STUDY - Seven Last Words From The Cross 4 - Desolation

BIBLE STUDY - Seven Last Words...

freedom-from-sin-1-john-15-22-spring-revival-april-11-2017Freedom from Sin, 1 John 1:5-2:2, Spring Revival, April 11 2017

Freedom from Sin, 1 John 1:5-2...



john-1212-19-palm-sundayJohn 12:12-19 (Palm Sunday)

John 12:12-19 (Palm Sunday)

its-your-choiceIt's Your Choice

It's Your Choice

radio-program-for-tuesday-april11-2017Radio program for Tuesday April11, 2017

Radio program for Tuesday Apri...

april-9-2017-worship-beyond-expectationsApril 9 2017 Worship: Beyond Expectations

April 9 2017 Worship: Beyond E...

elegir-creer-el-evangelioElegir creer el evangelio

Elegir creer el evangelio

vision-of-the-church-2VISION OF THE CHURCH 2


april-9-2017-amApril 9, 2017 AM

April 9, 2017 AM

hypocrisya-poor-way-to-make-friends-and-influence-peopleHypocrisy...A Poor Way To Make Friends and Influence People

Hypocrisy...A Poor Way To Make...

cctfw-with-guest-yvonne-williamsCCTFW with guest Yvonne Williams

CCTFW with guest Yvonne Willia...

evangelist-randy-taylor-srEvangelist Randy Taylor, Sr.

Evangelist Randy Taylor, Sr.

sam-bombara-4-11-17Sam Bombara 4-11-17

Sam Bombara 4-11-17

bible-study-seven-last-words-from-the-cross-3-comfortBIBLE STUDY - Seven Last Words From The Cross 3 - Comfort

BIBLE STUDY - Seven Last Words...

take-up-your-cross-april-9-2017Take Up Your Cross - April 9, 2017

Take Up Your Cross - April 9,...

paid-in-fullPaid in Full

Paid in Full

untitled-recording-apr-10-849pm4-9 Music

4-9 Music

dab-april-11-2017-1DAB April 11 - 2017

DAB April 11 - 2017

may-your-joy-be-full-1-john-11-4-april-10-2017-spring-revival-2017May Your Joy be Full, 1 John 1:1-4, April 10 2017, Spring Revival 2017

May Your Joy be Full, 1 John 1...

grace-winsGrace WINS!

Grace WINS!

the-manifestation-of-the-sons-of-godThe Manifestation of the Sons of God

The Manifestation of the Sons...



tell-all-the-storyTell All the Story

Tell All the Story