his-compassions-they-fail-notHis Compassions, They Fail Not!

His Compassions, They Fail Not...

radio-program-for-thursday-october-5-2017Radio program for Thursday October 5, 2017

Radio program for Thursday Oct...

radio-program-for-wednesday-october-4-2017Radio program for Wednesday October 4, 2017

Radio program for Wednesday Oc...

jonah-series2Jonah Series2

Jonah Series2

if-you-dont-like-to-be-a-witness-of-gospel-you-will-turn-into-victimIf you don't like to be a witness of Gospel, you will turn into victim .

If you don't like to be a witn...

sexual-revolution-part-2-john-8-1-12Sexual revolution Part 2 John 8: 1 - 12

Sexual revolution Part 2 John...

about-my-fathers-businessAbout My Father's Business

About My Father's Business

looking-to-god-oct-8Looking to God Oct 8

Looking to God Oct 8

oct-8-2017Oct 8 2017

Oct 8 2017

how-to-cooperate-with-godHow to Cooperate with God

How to Cooperate with God

taking-the-kingdom-by-forceTaking the Kingdom by Force

Taking the Kingdom by Force

spiritual-maturity-revival-meeting-oct-8-2017Spiritual Maturity, Revival Meeting, Oct 8, 2017

Spiritual Maturity, Revival Me...

dab-october-9-2017-1DAB October 9- 2017

DAB October 9- 2017

dealing-with-dogsDealing with Dogs

Dealing with Dogs

you-are-a-championYou Are A Champion

You Are A Champion

its-all-about-peopleIts all about people

Its all about people

08-10-2017-culto-dominical-pr-roger-johansen-hebreus-13-1-608-10-2017 - Culto Dominical - Pr. Roger Johansen - Hebreus 13 1-6

08-10-2017 - Culto Dominical -...

20171008pm-make-sure20171008PM Make Sure

20171008PM Make Sure


"Are You Ready To Be Agitated?...

get-palace-readyGet Palace Ready!

Get Palace Ready!

a-covenant-to-keep-the-covenant-part-2A Covenant to Keep the Covenant part 2

A Covenant to Keep the Covenan...

prayer-and-the-word-pastor-chad-braleyPrayer and The Word - Pastor Chad Braley

Prayer and The Word - Pastor C...

seeing-favourSeeing Favour

Seeing Favour

genesis-321-21Genesis 32:1-21

Genesis 32:1-21

pray-againPray Again!

Pray Again!

there-is-a-remedy-part-1-for-the-sin-sick-soulThere Is A Remedy Part 1: For The Sin Sick Soul

There Is A Remedy Part 1: For...

jp-dorsey-100817JP Dorsey 10/08/17

JP Dorsey 10/08/17

honoring-marriageHonoring Marriage

Honoring Marriage

the-three-essential-elements-of-a-pastorThe Three Essential Elements of A Pastor

The Three Essential Elements o...

acts-conclusion-10817Acts: Conclusion (10/8/17)

Acts: Conclusion (10/8/17)

a-pass-so-that-we-might-pray-bedeA Pass So That We Might Pray (Bede)

A Pass So That We Might Pray (...

untitled-recording-oct-8-505pmGod's Dream For You

God's Dream For You

facing-oppositionFacing Opposition

Facing Opposition

a-stolen-identity-recoveredA Stolen Identity Recovered

A Stolen Identity Recovered

compassion-axton-10817Compassion Axton 10:8:17

Compassion Axton 10:8:17

jesus-is-worth-itJesus Is Worth It

Jesus Is Worth It

willing-to-be-willingWilling to Be Willing

Willing to Be Willing

running-the-race-wellRunning The Race Well

Running The Race Well

30-jesus-music-flashback-radio-show#30 Jesus Music Flashback Radio Show

#30 Jesus Music Flashback Radi...

are-you-to-wash-my-feet-john-13-luke-22Are You to Wash My Feet? (John 13; Luke 22)

Are You to Wash My Feet? (John...

own-the-vision-surprise-the-world-the-unexpected-cross-sermon-onlyOwn the Vision - Surprise the World, The Unexpected Cross - (Sermon Only)

Own the Vision - Surprise the...

own-the-vision-surprise-the-world-the-unexpected-cross-entire-serviceOwn the Vision - Surprise the World, The Unexpected Cross - (Entire Service)

Own the Vision - Surprise the...

luke-167-80Luke 1:67-80

Luke 1:67-80



in-jesus-nameIn Jesus' Name

In Jesus' Name

a-mission-that-mattersA Mission That Matters

A Mission That Matters

jesus-conversation-with-the-rich-young-ruler-matthew-1916Jesus' Conversation With The Rich Young Ruler, Matthew 19:16

Jesus' Conversation With The R...

galatians-516-26Galatians 5:16-26

Galatians 5:16-26

mark-1427-52-epic-failsMark 14:27-52 (Epic Fails)

Mark 14:27-52 (Epic Fails)

oct-8-2017 Oct 8, 2017

Oct 8, 2017

vision-is-needed-matthew-936-38Vision Is Needed, Matthew 9:36-38

Vision Is Needed, Matthew 9:36...



from-burdento-blessingFrom Burden...To Blessing

From Burden...To Blessing


"How Does God See Me?" - Psalm...

zechariah-118-21-unlikely-heroesZechariah 1:18-21 - Unlikely Heroes

Zechariah 1:18-21 - Unlikely H...

psalm-15Psalm 15

Psalm 15

rooted-growing-in-christRooted: Growing in Christ

Rooted: Growing in Christ

from-bad-to-worseFrom Bad to Worse

From Bad to Worse

philippians-34b-14Philippians 3:4b-14

Philippians 3:4b-14

what-time-is-it-the-great-tribulationWhat Time Is It - The Great Tribulation

What Time Is It - The Great Tr...

the-blessing-and-give-you-peaceThe Blessing: And Give You Peace

The Blessing: And Give You Pea...



untitled-recording-oct-8-1206pmMy Jesus

My Jesus

is-your-vessel-fullIs Your Vessel Full

Is Your Vessel Full

how-to-be-a-successful-leader-1How to Be a Successful Leader

How to Be a Successful Leader

la-casa-del-alfarero-reunion-de-avivamiento-oct-8-2017La Casa del Alfarero, Reunion de Avivamiento, Oct 8, 2017

La Casa del Alfarero, Reunion...



back-in-his-loving-armsBack In His Loving Arms

Back In His Loving Arms

stop-worrying-and-trust-godStop Worrying and Trust God

Stop Worrying and Trust God

live-long-and-prosper-oct-8-1137amLive Long And Prosper Oct 8 11:37am

Live Long And Prosper Oct 8 11...

10-commandments10 Commandments

10 Commandments

set-apart-to-serveSet Apart to Serve

Set Apart to Serve

the-kingdom-systemThe Kingdom System

The Kingdom System

reignite-keep-christ-centralReIgnite, Keep Christ Central

ReIgnite, Keep Christ Central

you-got-to-moveYou Got to Move

You Got to Move

he-is-the-vine-we-are-the-branchesHe is the Vine - We are the Branches

He is the Vine - We are the Br...

i-cant-stop-now-iiI Can't Stop Now II

I Can't Stop Now II

what-it-takes-to-live-for-jesus-true-worshipWhat it takes to Live for Jesus! True Worship

What it takes to Live for Jesu...

poison-control-part-3Poison Control Part 3

Poison Control Part 3

untitled-recording-oct-8-1124amEncourage Yourself In The Lord

Encourage Yourself In The Lord

holy-spirit-series-corporate-function-the-prophetic-officeHoly Spirit Series - Corporate Function: The Prophetic Office

Holy Spirit Series - Corporate...

the-blessing-of-being-last-pastor-chad-braleyThe Blessing of Being Last - Pastor Chad Braley

The Blessing of Being Last - P...

how-to-have-peace-with-godHow To Have Peace With God

How To Have Peace With God

20171008am-the-spirit-of-truth20171008AM The Spirit of Truth

20171008AM The Spirit of Truth



gospel-driven-communicationGospel Driven Communication

Gospel Driven Communication


"May I Give Myself Again?"


"Why Does God Allow Bad Things...

matthew-77-12-living-by-the-golden-ruleMatthew 7.7-12 | Living by the Golden Rule

Matthew 7.7-12 | Living by the...

because-god-is-holyBecause God is Holy

Because God is Holy

james-1-1-19-the-fellowship-of-the-kingJames 1 1-19  The Fellowship of the King

James 1 1-19 The Fellowship o...


"Working Together...Celebratin...

enquiring-minds-want-to-knowEnquiring Minds want to know

Enquiring Minds want to know

4-things-to-rid-ourselves-of4 Things to Rid ourselves of

4 Things to Rid ourselves of

acts-214-41Acts 2:14-41

Acts 2:14-41

encouragement-in-suffering-revelation-28-11Encouragement in Suffering: Revelation 2:8-11

Encouragement in Suffering: Re...

nicodemus-3-steps-to-faith-in-christNicodemus - 3 Steps to Faith in Christ

Nicodemus - 3 Steps to Faith i...

how-to-respond-to-fearHow To Respond To Fear

How To Respond To Fear

family-evangelismFamily Evangelism

Family Evangelism

sermon-100817Sermon 10.08.17

Sermon 10.08.17



sola-fiedi-romans-41-8Sola Fiedi- Romans 4:1-8

Sola Fiedi- Romans 4:1-8