some-catholics-still-seek-bedeSome Catholics Still Seek (Bede)

Some Catholics Still Seek (Bed...





one-more-night-with-the-frogsOne More Night With the Frogs

One More Night With the Frogs

the-struggle-is-real-week-3The Struggle is Real- Week 3

The Struggle is Real- Week 3

180603-learning-to-pray180603 Learning to Pray

180603 Learning to Pray

the-10-tenents-june-3-2018The 10 Tenents- June 3, 2018

The 10 Tenents- June 3, 2018

glorying-in-jesusGlorying In  Jesus

Glorying In Jesus

things-jesus-said-pt-iiThings Jesus Said Pt II

Things Jesus Said Pt II

weary-in-well-doingWeary in Well Doing

Weary in Well Doing

i-am-jonah-part-1I am Jonah: Part 1

I am Jonah: Part 1

01-monday-finances01 Monday Finances

01 Monday Finances

what-is-your-blessing-worth-to-youWhat Is Your Blessing Worth To You?

What Is Your Blessing Worth To...

hope-of-a-nation-ep-12Hope of a Nation? (Ep. 12)

Hope of a Nation? (Ep. 12)

you-cant-go-under-when-god-says-go-overYou Can't Go Under When God Says Go Over

You Can't Go Under When God Sa...

the-price-of-compromiseThe Price of Compromise

The Price of Compromise

twisted-sister-6-3-18Twisted Sister (6-3-18)

Twisted Sister (6-3-18)

fixer-upper-1-zacchaeusFixer Upper #1 Zacchaeus

Fixer Upper #1 Zacchaeus

sabbath-restSabbath Rest

Sabbath Rest

the-difference-between-standing-and-fallingThe Difference Between Standing and Falling

The Difference Between Standin...



the-easiest-place-to-get-lostThe Easiest Place to Get Lost

The Easiest Place to Get Lost

the-way-in-pt1The Way In Pt.1

The Way In Pt.1

ephesians-communion-serviceEphesians Communion Service

Ephesians Communion Service

hes-ableHe's Able

He's Able



stepping-into-graceStepping into Grace

Stepping into Grace

june-3-2018June 3, 2018

June 3, 2018

the-wrong-road-luke-1025-37The Wrong Road, Luke 10:25-37

The Wrong Road, Luke 10:25-37

128-that-i-will-speak-i-kings-2214#128 That I will speak, I Kings 22.14

#128 That I will speak, I King...

in-the-braidIn The Braid

In The Braid

dig-a-ditchDig A Ditch

Dig A Ditch



identity-crisisIdentity Crisis

Identity Crisis

praise-god-anyhowPraise God Anyhow

Praise God Anyhow

pastor-ken-duttonjune-3-2018Pastor Ken DuttonJune 3, 2018

Pastor Ken DuttonJune 3, 2018

jesus-of-nazarethJesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth

genesis-13-turf-warGenesis 13 (Turf War)

Genesis 13 (Turf War)

dab-june-4-2018-1DAB June 4 - 2018

DAB June 4 - 2018



luke-161-13-pentecost-2Luke 16:1-13 | Pentecost 2

Luke 16:1-13 | Pentecost 2

john-3-v-16John 3 v 16

John 3 v 16

canada-israel-with-guest-dr-james-lunneyCanada & Israel with Guest Dr. James Lunney

Canada & Israel with Guest Dr....

victory-in-7Victory in 7

Victory in 7

serving-himServing Him

Serving Him

god-given-instinctGod Given Instinct

God Given Instinct

commitment-pastor-chad-braleyCommitment - Pastor Chad Braley

Commitment - Pastor Chad Brale...

forgotten-god-what-are-you-afraid-ofForgotten God: What Are you Afraid Of?

Forgotten God: What Are you Af...

1-corinthians-71-91 Corinthians 7:1-9

1 Corinthians 7:1-9

walls-whales-callingsWalls Whales Callings

Walls Whales Callings

prayer-for-electionPrayer for Election

Prayer for Election

you-reap-what-you-sowYou Reap What You Sow

You Reap What You Sow

the-king-must-die-so-the-lord-may-be-seen-pastor-kenny-smithThe king must die so the Lord may be seen (Pastor Kenny Smith)

The king must die so the Lord...

genesis-42Genesis 42

Genesis 42

1-thessalonians-41-51 Thessalonians 4:1-5

1 Thessalonians 4:1-5

are-you-under-gods-protectionAre You Under God's Protection!

Are You Under God's Protection...

june-3-2018-garments-to-hear-garments-to-speak-garments-to-influenceJune 3, 2018 Garments to hear, Garments to speak, Garments to influence

June 3, 2018 Garments to hear,...

anything-short-of-sinningAnything Short of Sinning

Anything Short of Sinning

pleading-the-blood-1Pleading the Blood (1)

Pleading the Blood (1)

i-am-the-bread-of-lifeI am the bread of life

I am the bread of life

responding-to-gods-kindnessResponding to God's Kindness

Responding to God's Kindness

in-anticipation-of-corpus-christi-bedeIn Anticipation of Corpus Christi (Bede)

In Anticipation of Corpus Chri...

who-is-the-holy-spiritWho Is The Holy Spirit?

Who Is The Holy Spirit?

romans-suffering-6318Romans: Suffering (6/3/18)

Romans: Suffering (6/3/18)

on-mission-on-purposeOn Mission On Purpose

On Mission On Purpose

putting-this-generation-in-our-hearts-1Putting this Generation in our Hearts 1

Putting this Generation in our...

power-to-live-part-3-the-gifts-of-the-spiritPower to Live - Part 3 (The Gifts of the Spirit)

Power to Live - Part 3 (The Gi...

putting-this-generation-in-our-hearts-2Putting This Generation in Our Hearts 2

Putting This Generation in Our...



edifica-altares-para-diosEdifica altares para Dios

Edifica altares para Dios

jonah-gods-purposeful-pursuit-of-his-prophetJonah: God's Purposeful Pursuit of His Prophet

Jonah: God's Purposeful Pursui...

sermon-prayer-the-key-to-the-living-churchSERMON: Prayer - The Key to the Living Church

SERMON: Prayer - The Key to th...

bethel-sermon-june-3rd-mixdownBethel Sermon June 3rd _mixdown

Bethel Sermon June 3rd _mixdow...

here-i-amHere I Am

Here I Am

a-unique-burglaryA Unique Burglary

A Unique Burglary

god-provides-we-decideGod Provides, We Decide

God Provides, We Decide

a-man-named-james-what-kind-of-rich-are-you-sermon-onlyA Man Named James - What Kind of Rich Are You? - (Sermon Only)

A Man Named James - What Kind...

how-should-we-relate-to-professing-christiansHow Should We Relate to Professing Christians?

How Should We Relate to Profes...

a-man-named-james-what-kind-of-rich-are-you-entire-serviceA Man Named James - What Kind of Rich Are You? - (Entire Service)

A Man Named James - What Kind...

jun-3-2018-you-are-completeJun 3, 2018 - You Are Complete

Jun 3, 2018 - You Are Complete

grace-to-the-humbleGrace To The Humble

Grace To The Humble

be-accurateБудь Точным/Be Accurate

Будь Точным/Be Accurate

there-is-more-actionThere Is More Action

There Is More Action

we-need-help-acts-61-7We Need Help! Acts 6:1-7

We Need Help! Acts 6:1-7

psalm-130Psalm 130

Psalm 130

luke-910-17Luke 9:10-17

Luke 9:10-17

salmo-8-la-grandeza-de-diosSalmo 8- La grandeza de Dios

Salmo 8- La grandeza de Dios

pentecost-2Pentecost 2

Pentecost 2

isnt-the-love-of-god-something-wonderful-psalm-7218Isn’t The Love Of God Something Wonderful, Psalm 72:18

Isn’t The Love Of God Somethin...

morning-worship-sermon-june-3-2018Morning Worship Sermon June 3 2018

Morning Worship Sermon June 3...

james-15-12-wisdom-to-persevereJames 1:5-12 Wisdom to persevere

James 1:5-12 Wisdom to perseve...

the-most-expensive-mealThe Most Expensive Meal

The Most Expensive Meal

acts-214-41-repent-and-be-baptized Acts 2:14-41 - Repent and Be Baptized

Acts 2:14-41 - Repent and Be...

loc-radio-whose-kingdom-are-you-building-part-2LOC Radio WHOSE KINGDOM ARE YOU BUILDING PART 2


faith-trapsFaith Traps

Faith Traps

i-refuse-to-go-back-to-moabI Refuse To Go Back To Moab

I Refuse To Go Back To Moab







who-is-jesusWho is Jesus?

Who is Jesus?

cara-o-sello-junio-3-2018-renewed-glory-churchCara o Sello, Junio 3, 2018, Renewed Glory Church

Cara o Sello, Junio 3, 2018, R...

i-kin-sentI Kin-sent

I Kin-sent