340-the-adamic-covenant-genesis-127-28#340 The Adamic Covenant, Genesis 1.27-28

#340 The Adamic Covenant, Gene...

theres-plenty-to-go-aroundThere's Plenty To Go Around

There's Plenty To Go Around

defeating-discouragementDefeating Discouragement

Defeating Discouragement

dab-november-28-2018-1DAB November 28 - 2018

DAB November 28 - 2018

sermon-how-to-be-anxiety-free-in-an-anxiety-filled-world-part-3SERMON: How to Be Anxiety Free in an Anxiety-Filled World, Part 3

SERMON: How to Be Anxiety Free...

who-is-the-holy-spirit-part-3Who Is the Holy Spirit Part 3

Who Is the Holy Spirit Part 3

sermon-how-to-be-anxiety-free-in-an-anxiety-filled-world-part-2SERMON: How to Be Anxiety Free in an Anxiety-Filled World, Part 2

SERMON: How to Be Anxiety Free...

fr-joseph-tue-34th-otFr. Joseph - Tue - 34th OT

Fr. Joseph - Tue - 34th OT

11-25-2018-peace-pastor-ron11-25-2018  Peace  Pastor Ron

11-25-2018 Peace Pastor Ron

10-23-2018-pray-without-ceasing-pastor-annette10-23-2018  Pray Without Ceasing  Pastor Annette

10-23-2018 Pray Without Ceasi...

11-13-18-what-will-you-say-when-you-stand-before-god-bob-batzler11-13-18  What Will You Say When You Stand Before God  Bob Batzler

11-13-18 What Will You Say Wh...

10-21-2018-a-commission-to-fulfill-pastor-annette10-21-2018  A Commission to Fulfill  Pastor Annette

10-21-2018 A Commission to Fu...

10-30-2018-praise-will-silent-the-enemy-pastor-annette10-30-2018  Praise will Silent the Enemy  Pastor Annette

10-30-2018 Praise will Silent...

two-certainties-bedeTwo Certainties (Bede)

Two Certainties (Bede)

sunday-worship-november-25-2018Sunday Worship, November 25, 2018

Sunday Worship, November 25, 2...

why-is-repentance-so-importantWhy is Repentance so Important

Why is Repentance so Important

have-faith-in-godHave Faith in God

Have Faith in God

the-purpose-of-holinessThe Purpose of Holiness

The Purpose of Holiness

naaman-and-the-miraculousNaaman And The Miraculous

Naaman And The Miraculous

make-room-part-4Make Room Part 4

Make Room Part 4

181125-isiah-556-9181125 Isiah 55:6-9

181125 Isiah 55:6-9

07-tuesday-week-2-45207 Tuesday Week 2 452

07 Tuesday Week 2 452

where-is-your-faithWhere is Your Faith?

Where is Your Faith?

release-the-plank-11-25-18Release The Plank (11-25-18)

Release The Plank (11-25-18)

november-25-2018-worship-king-of-peaceNovember 25 2018 Worship: King of Peace

November 25 2018 Worship: King...

the-greatest-question-luke-1025-28The Greatest Question (Luke 10:25-28)

The Greatest Question (Luke 10...

length-or-love-genesis-523Length or Love? (Genesis 5:23)

Length or Love? (Genesis 5:23)

november-27-2018-transformed-hopeNovember 27, 2018 Transformed Hope

November 27, 2018 Transformed...

339-keep-watch-galatians-61-2#339 Keep watch, Galatians 6.1-2

#339 Keep watch, Galatians 6.1...

in-we-trust-week-4In _____ We Trust | Week 4

In _____ We Trust | Week 4

dab-november-27-2018-1DAB November 27 - 2018

DAB November 27 - 2018

x-factor-pt2X Factor Pt.2

X Factor Pt.2

long-live-christ-the-king-bedeLong Live Christ the King (Bede)

Long Live Christ the King (Bed...

christ-the-kingChrist The King

Christ The King

november-25-2018November 25, 2018

November 25, 2018

prayer-and-the-power-of-it-acts-12Prayer and the power of it (Acts 12)

Prayer and the power of it (Ac...

a-living-faithA Living Faith

A Living Faith

06-monday-week-2-45206 Monday Week 2 452

06 Monday Week 2 452

the-fathers-planThe Father's Plan

The Father's Plan

the-sneezeThe Sneeze

The Sneeze

romans-81-17Romans 8.1-17

Romans 8.1-17

a-life-set-apartA Life Set Apart

A Life Set Apart

the-great-wonderThe Great Wonder

The Great Wonder

the-bronze-serpentThe Bronze serpent

The Bronze serpent


Let "US" Build

i-willI will

I will

raising-lazarusRaising Lazarus

Raising Lazarus

church-control-the-atmosphere-november-25th-2018Church: Control the Atmosphere -November 25th, 2018

Church: Control the Atmosphere...

scratching-the-surfaceScratching The Surface

Scratching The Surface

come-seeCome & See

Come & See

who-is-our-kingWho is our King?

Who is our King?

fr-joseph-mon-34th-otFr. Joseph - Mon - 34th OT

Fr. Joseph - Mon - 34th OT

the-god-who-is-justThe God Who is Just

The God Who is Just


"Buying God"

11-18-18-mumc-11am11-18-18 MUMC 11am

11-18-18 MUMC 11am

11-25-18-mumc-11am11-25-18 MUMC 11am

11-25-18 MUMC 11am

christ-the-kingChrist the King

Christ the King

ep-10-dont-be-a-liberal-2-peter-120Ep. 10 - Don't Be a Liberal (2 Peter 1.20)

Ep. 10 - Don't Be a Liberal (2...

338-the-fruit-of-the-spirit-galatians-522-23#338 The fruit of the Spirit, Galatians 5.22-23

#338 The fruit of the Spirit,...

thinking-self-righteousness-is-better-than-self-indulgenceThinking Self-Righteousness Is Better Than Self-Indulgence

Thinking Self-Righteousness Is...

luke-1324-30-pentecost-27Luke 13:24-30 | Pentecost 27

Luke 13:24-30 | Pentecost 27

does-jesus-believe-in-youDoes Jesus Believe in You?

Does Jesus Believe in You?

glorifying-god-in-your-singlenessGlorifying God in Your Singleness

Glorifying God in Your Singlen...

a-kingdom-not-from-this-worldA Kingdom Not From This World

A Kingdom Not From This World

strive-for-the-truthStrive For The Truth

Strive For The Truth

heart-of-worship-romans-12-1-2Heart of Worship. Romans 12: 1-2

Heart of Worship. Romans 12: 1...

breaking-the-cycle-of-depressionBreaking the Cycle of Depression

Breaking the Cycle of Depressi...

dab-november-26-2018-1DAB November 26 - 2018

DAB November 26 - 2018

there-is-only-one-good-newsThere is only one Good News

There is only one Good News

the-four-temptations-of-the-devilThe Four Temptations of the Devil

The Four Temptations of the De...

10-philadelphia#10 Philadelphia

#10 Philadelphia

malachi-3Malachi 3

Malachi 3

11-25-2018-am11-25-2018 am

11-25-2018 am

liberty-or-equalityLiberty Or Equality

Liberty Or Equality

remembering-to-praise-god-pastor-chad-braleyRemembering to Praise God - Pastor Chad Braley

Remembering to Praise God - Pa...

the-mercy-of-godThe Mercy of God

The Mercy of God

the-choices-of-lotThe Choices of Lot

The Choices of Lot

the-god-of-more-city-pm-clark-alcockThe God of MORE // City PM // Clark Alcock

The God of MORE // City PM //...

three-types-of-menThree Types of Men

Three Types of Men

what-happens-in-gods-presenceWhat Happens in God's Presence

What Happens in God's Presence

that-annoying-personThat Annoying Person

That Annoying Person

20181125am-dont-miss-this20181125AM Don't Miss This

20181125AM Don't Miss This

the-body-of-believers-2-112518The Body of Believers 2 (11/25/18)

The Body of Believers 2 (11/25...

empowered-peopleEmpowered People

Empowered People

you-gpsYou Gps

You Gps

glory-and-endurance-and-the-gospelGlory (and Endurance and The Gospel)

Glory (and Endurance and The G...

fr-joseph-sun-5pm-christ-the-kingFr. Joseph - Sun - 5pm - Christ the King

Fr. Joseph - Sun - 5pm - Chris...

the-one-that-is-lostThe One That Is Lost

The One That Is Lost

an-update-on-the-chapelAn Update on the Chapel

An Update on the Chapel

lead-us-not-into-tempation-and-teach-us-to-forgiveLead us not into tempation and teach us to forgive.

Lead us not into tempation and...

11252018-abide-in-me-jamil-stell11.25.2018 | Abide In Me | Jamil Stell

11.25.2018 | Abide In Me | Jam...

spiritual-warfare-part-6-helmet-of-salvation-ephesians-617Spiritual Warfare Part 6- Helmet of Salvation  (Ephesians 6:17)

Spiritual Warfare Part 6- Helm...



romans-14Romans 14

Romans 14



movie-directorСам Себе Режиссер/Movie Director

Сам Себе Режиссер/Movie Direct...

reviving-humble-heartsReviving Humble Hearts

Reviving Humble Hearts

cr-sg-vision-sundayCR & SG  Vision Sunday

CR & SG Vision Sunday

christ-the-kingChrist The King

Christ The King

psalm-51-a-plea-for-forgivnessPsalm 51 A Plea for Forgivness

Psalm 51 A Plea for Forgivness

soul-winning-inside-of-the-church-pastor-montel-powersSoul Winning Inside of the Church- Pastor Montel Powers

Soul Winning Inside of the Chu...

hold-whatcha-gotHold Whatcha Got

Hold Whatcha Got