jesus-is-allJesus is All

Jesus is All

sermon-26th-november-2017Sermon 26th November 2017

Sermon 26th November 2017

loc-radio-the-lord-is-calling-his-church-to-repentLOC Radio The Lord is calling His Church to Repent

LOC Radio The Lord is calling...

sermon-11-19-17Sermon 11-19-17

Sermon 11-19-17

storsamling-2017-11-26Storsamling 2017-11-26

Storsamling 2017-11-26

how-to-face-doubt-with-faith-p2How to Face Doubt with Faith P2

How to Face Doubt with Faith P...

community-prayer-november25-2017-1Community Prayer November25-2017

Community Prayer November25-20...

dab-november-26-2017-1DAB November 26- 2017

DAB November 26- 2017

light-of-the-worldLight of the World

Light of the World

gods-government-pt-3-4God's Government pt 3-4

God's Government pt 3-4

edificando-casa-para-diosEdificando casa para Dios

Edificando casa para Dios



the-law-is-not-of-faith-vs-grace-which-is-of-faithThe Law is not of faith ( Vs ) Grace which is  of Faith

The Law is not of faith ( Vs )...


"Anchor" Words!

dab-november-25-2017-1DAB November 25- 2017

DAB November 25- 2017

people-are-meanPeople Are Mean

People Are Mean

healing-in-the-crowdHealing in the Crowd

Healing in the Crowd

the-year-of-the-bible-part-47-phillipians-thessaloniansThe Year of the Bible part 47 (Phillipians-Thessalonians)

The Year of the Bible part 47...

phil-mcclain-11-24-17Phil McClain 11-24-17

Phil McClain 11-24-17

lord-send-an-angelLord, Send An Angel!

Lord, Send An Angel!

our-good-sense-stmaxOur Good Sense (StMax)

Our Good Sense (StMax)

are-you-a-seeker-nov-24-743amAre You a Seeker?  Nov 24 7:43am

Are You a Seeker? Nov 24 7:43...

transformed-for-a-life-of-thanksgivingTransformed for a Life of Thanksgiving

Transformed for a Life of Than...

dab-november-24-2017-1DAB November 24- 2017

DAB November 24- 2017

spiritual-authority-pt-9Spiritual Authority Pt 9

Spiritual Authority Pt 9

pastor-craig-buroker-sunday-morning-november-19th-2017Pastor Craig Buroker / Sunday Morning -November 19th, 2017

Pastor Craig Buroker / Sunday...

spotlight-instrumental-praise-112317-a-great-throw-back-episode-from-120816Spotlight: INSTRUMENTAL Praise!! (11/23/17) A great throw-back episode from 12/08/16!

Spotlight: INSTRUMENTAL Praise...

entrevista-con-pastor-jerry-burgosentrevista con pastor Jerry Burgos

entrevista con pastor Jerry Bu...

i-thank-my-god-always-tgh2I Thank My God Always (TGH2)

I Thank My God Always (TGH2)

those-who-see-give-thanks-ollThose Who See Give Thanks (OLL)

Those Who See Give Thanks (OLL...

no-stoppingNo Stopping!

No Stopping!

parabola-del-siervo-inutilParabola del siervo inútil

Parabola del siervo inútil

dont-forget-to-say-thank-you-1Don't Forget to Say Thank You

Don't Forget to Say Thank You

the-fruit-of-the-spirit-galatians-5The Fruit of the Spirit Galatians 5

The Fruit of the Spirit Galati...

dab-november-23-2017-1DAB November 23- 2017

DAB November 23- 2017

whose-son-are-youWhose Son Are YOU?

Whose Son Are YOU?

with-verse-and-voice-and-blood-bedeWith Verse, and Voice, and Blood (Bede)

With Verse, and Voice, and Blo...

bible-study-david-lesson-6-every-crutch-removedBIBLE STUDY: David, Lesson 6 - Every Crutch Removed

BIBLE STUDY: David, Lesson 6 -...

sermon-the-power-of-praiseSERMON: The Power Of Praise

SERMON: The Power Of Praise

learn-to-live-thankfulLearn to Live thankful

Learn to Live thankful

saludos-apostolicosSaludos apostólicos

Saludos apostólicos

by-grace-aloneBy Grace Alone

By Grace Alone

be-right-live-rightBe Right, Live Right!

Be Right, Live Right!

john-lint-11-22-17John Lint 11-22-17

John Lint 11-22-17

untitled-recording-nov-22-305amPsalm 80 (21.11.17 SFB)

Psalm 80 (21.11.17 SFB)

how-do-you-see-jesusHow do you see Jesus

How do you see Jesus

untitled-recording-nov-21-952pm11-19 Music

11-19 Music

an-old-testament-thanksgivingAn Old Testament Thanksgiving

An Old Testament Thanksgiving

the-rapture-questionThe Rapture Question

The Rapture Question

dab-november-22-2017-1DAB November 22- 2017

DAB November 22- 2017

our-lady-the-shape-of-our-life-in-christ-bedeOur Lady, the Shape of our Life in Christ (Bede)

Our Lady, the Shape of our Lif...

ትውልድ እንዲለወጥ እንዴት እንጹም እንዴት እንጸልይ

ትውልድ እንዲለወጥ እንዴት እንጹም እንዴት እንጸ...

sunday-nov-19Sunday Nov 19

Sunday Nov 19

christs-prayers-of-thanksgivingChrist's Prayers of Thanksgiving

Christ's Prayers of Thanksgivi...

our-securityOur Security

Our Security

her-presentation-and-ours-tgh2Her Presentation and Ours (TGH2)

Her Presentation and Ours (TGH...

the-outside-focused-church-pt-4The Outside Focused Church Pt. 4

The Outside Focused Church Pt....

compassion-axton-111917Compassion Axton 11:19:17

Compassion Axton 11:19:17

dab-november-21-2017-1DAB November 21- 2017

DAB November 21- 2017

november-19-2017-worship-w-a-i-tNovember 19 2017 Worship: W_A_I_T

November 19 2017 Worship: W_A_...

on-the-spot-with-steve-harney-ots6On The Spot with Steve Harney OTS6

On The Spot with Steve Harney...

a-misplaced-confidence-bedeA Misplaced Confidence (Bede)

A Misplaced Confidence (Bede)

why-jesusWhy Jesus?

Why Jesus?



son-go-workSon, Go Work

Son, Go Work

pastor-craig-buroker-saturday-night-nov-18th-2017Pastor Craig Buroker / Saturday Night - Nov 18th, 2017

Pastor Craig Buroker / Saturda...


"A Harvest of Righteousness, S...

carry-each-others-burdensCarry Each Other's Burdens

Carry Each Other's Burdens

walk-with-godWalk With God

Walk With God

acts-21Acts 21

Acts 21

the-end-of-the-storm-the-talentsThe End of the Storm: The Talents

The End of the Storm: The Tale...

a-message-of-thanksgivingA Message of Thanksgiving

A Message of Thanksgiving

purpose-for-every-seasonPurpose for every Season

Purpose for every Season

luke-51Luke 5:1

Luke 5:1

daring-faith-part-8Daring Faith Part 8

Daring Faith Part 8

a-different-harvest-part-2-what-are-you-eatingA Different Harvest Part 2 - What are you eating?

A Different Harvest Part 2 - W...

exceeding-the-expiration-date-expired-purity-111917Exceeding The Expiration Date-

Exceeding The Expiration Date-...

november-19-2017November 19, 2017

November 19, 2017

balanced-part-3Balanced - Part 3

Balanced - Part 3

untitled-recording-nov-20-942am171119 Thanksgiving Commands

171119 Thanksgiving Commands

untitled-recording-nov-20-923am171112 Full and Overflowing

171112 Full and Overflowing

known-by-contrasts-holyfamilyKnown By Contrasts (HolyFamily)

Known By Contrasts (HolyFamily...

encountering-god-in-brokenessEncountering God in brokeness

Encountering God in brokeness

why-we-worshipWhy We Worship

Why We Worship



this-dayThis Day

This Day

bless-the-lord-o-my-soul-part-iiBless The Lord O My Soul, Part II

Bless The Lord O My Soul, Part...

relationships-loving-life-and-seeing-good-daysRelationships: Loving Life and Seeing Good Days

Relationships: Loving Life and...

the-wage-he-paid-and-the-gift-he-gaveThe Wage He Paid And The Gift He Gave

The Wage He Paid And The Gift...

dab-november-20-2017-1DAB November 20- 2017

DAB November 20- 2017

20171119pm-chosen-acts-920-3120171119PM Chosen Acts 9:20-31

20171119PM Chosen Acts 9:20-31

the-spirit-of-freedom-3The Spirit of Freedom 3

The Spirit of Freedom 3

20-11-2017-culto-dominical-pr-joao-de-deus-lucas-5-v16-a-2620-11-2017 - Culto Dominical - Pr. João de Deus - Lucas 5 v16 a 26

20-11-2017 - Culto Dominical -...

untitled-recording-nov-19-638pm#7 God's Glory  2:24-30

#7 God's Glory 2:24-30

your-thoughts-your-courseYour Thoughts, Your Course

Your Thoughts, Your Course

psalm-61-62Psalm 61 & 62

Psalm 61 & 62

leviticus-24Leviticus 24

Leviticus 24

luke-414-30Luke 4:14-30

Luke 4:14-30

gentleness-pastor-chad-braleyGentleness - Pastor Chad Braley

Gentleness - Pastor Chad Brale...

don-giovanni-11-19-17Don Giovanni 11-19-17

Don Giovanni 11-19-17

ta-7-the-sword-of-the-spirit-pastor-kenny-smithTA 7: The Sword of The Spirit (Pastor Kenny Smith)

TA 7: The Sword of The Spirit...

gods-commitment-through-the-highs-and-lows-of-lifeGod's Commitment Through the High's and Low's of Life

God's Commitment Through the H...