songs-of-ascent-remembering-hopeSongs of Ascent: Remembering Hope

Songs of Ascent: Remembering H...

be-genuine-james-21-13Be Genuine - James 2:1-13

Be Genuine - James 2:1-13

be-not-afraid-only-believeBe not Afraid, Only Believe

Be not Afraid, Only Believe

the-promise-of-potentialThe Promise of Potential

The Promise of Potential

ever-had-a-mephibosheth-momentEver had a Mephibosheth moment

Ever had a Mephibosheth moment

heartbroken-over-sinHeartbroken Over Sin

Heartbroken Over Sin

better-together-our-relationship-with-jesusBetter Together: Our Relationship with Jesus

Better Together: Our Relations...


"08-06-2017: Truth: Pathway to...


"Building Up Yourselves"

ill-pray-for-you-ephesians-115-23I'll Pray For You: Ephesians 1:15-23

I'll Pray For You: Ephesians 1...

what-the-world-needs-mostWhat the World Needs Most

What the World Needs Most

fruit-of-the-faithfulFruit of the Faithful

Fruit of the Faithful

01-intro-acts-1-1-08-06-1701-Intro - Acts 1_1 08-06-17

01-Intro - Acts 1_1 08-06-17

lost-and-unaware-bishop-ken-smithLost and Unaware (Bishop Ken Smith)

Lost and Unaware (Bishop Ken S...

8-6-2017-lord-i-need-your-anointing8-6-2017 Lord I Need Your Anointing

8-6-2017 Lord I Need Your Anoi...

sensitivity-to-the-holy-spiritSensitivity To The Holy Spirit

Sensitivity To The Holy Spirit

blessed-mourn-matthew-54#blessed #mourn (Matthew 5.4)

#blessed #mourn (Matthew 5.4)

the-holy-spiritThe Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

mountain-moving-prayerMountain Moving Prayer

Mountain Moving Prayer

straight-aheadStraight Ahead

Straight Ahead


"Satisfaction Guaranteed."

a-way-of-escapeA Way of Escape

A Way of Escape

authentic-relationshipsAuthentic Relationships

Authentic Relationships

4-things-i-want-for-you-pastor-brett4 Things I Want For You- Pastor Brett

4 Things I Want For You- Pasto...

the-battle-at-krugerThe Battle at Kruger

The Battle at Kruger

i-am-a-discipler-marcia-bethke-week-10I Am A Disciple(r) - Marcia Bethke (Week 10)

I Am A Disciple(r) - Marcia Be...

hills-we-die-on-love-for-othersHill's We Die On - Love For Others

Hill's We Die On - Love For Ot...

the-judgment-seat-of-christThe Judgment Seat of Christ

The Judgment Seat of Christ

not-i-but-christ-buildnot i but CHRIST - BUILD

not i but CHRIST - BUILD

the-ninth-sunday-after-pentecostThe Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

The Ninth Sunday after Penteco...

aim-at-heaven-matthew-619-23Aim at Heaven - Matthew 6.19-23

Aim at Heaven - Matthew 6.19-2...

the-paralysis-of-unbeliefThe Paralysis of Unbelief

The Paralysis of Unbelief


"Search Me - Know Me - Test Me...

welcome-to-abundant-lifeWelcome to Abundant Life

Welcome to Abundant Life

one-body-many-parts-part-2One Body, Many Parts - Part 2

One Body, Many Parts - Part 2


"Beginning the Journey into Jo...

are-you-ripe-yetAre You Ripe Yet?

Are You Ripe Yet?

fake-news-who-are-you-connected-toFake News - Who Are You Connected to?

Fake News - Who Are You Connec...



the-pardon-of-prayerThe Pardon of Prayer

The Pardon of Prayer

god-of-graceGod of Grace

God of Grace

word-of-wisdomWord of Wisdom

Word of Wisdom

whos-in-controlWho's In Control?

Who's In Control?

evidence-that-demands-a-decision-part-2Evidence That Demands A Decision- part 2

Evidence That Demands A Decisi...


"It's Examination Time"

divided-communityDivided Community

Divided Community

positioned-to-give-8617Positioned to Give 8.6.17

Positioned to Give 8.6.17

8-6-17-transformers8-6-17 - Transformers

8-6-17 - Transformers

creation-consciousness-part1Creation Consciousness part1

Creation Consciousness part1

gods-protectionGod's Protection

God's Protection

our-shelter-revival-meeting-aug-6-2017-cdi-revival-churchOur Shelter, Revival Meeting, Aug 6, 2017 CDI Revival Church

Our Shelter, Revival Meeting,...

set-free-to-live-free-week-8Set Free to Live Free | Week 8

Set Free to Live Free | Week 8

othniel-ehud-shamgar-judges-3Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar -  Judges 3

Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar - Judg...

when-giving-someone-the-cold-shoulder-is-the-right-thing-to-do-part-2When Giving Someone the Cold Shoulder is the Right Thing to Do! (Part 2)

When Giving Someone the Cold S...

keep-me-from-evilKeep Me From Evil

Keep Me From Evil

power-of-prayerPower Of Prayer

Power Of Prayer

acts-part-4Acts - Part 4

Acts - Part 4

the-grace-of-god-pt-1-living-with-more-graceThe Grace of God Pt 1-Living With More Grace

The Grace of God Pt 1-Living W...

sunday-service-august-6-2017Sunday Service August 6, 2017

Sunday Service August 6, 2017

the-suddenlies-of-godThe Suddenlies of God

The Suddenlies of God

8617-give-the-world-the-best-youve-got8.6.17 Give the World the Best You've Got

8.6.17 Give the World the Best...

evangelism-through-the-agesEvangelism Through The Ages

Evangelism Through The Ages



pastor-paul-anderson-august-6-2017Pastor Paul Anderson, August 6, 2017

Pastor Paul Anderson, August 6...

pastor-paul-anderson-august-6-2017Pastor Paul Anderson, August 6, 2017

Pastor Paul Anderson, August 6...

breaking-free-from-the-pastBreaking Free from the Past

Breaking Free from the Past

proverbs-stuck-series-10-080617Proverbs Stuck Series 10 08.06.17

Proverbs Stuck Series 10 08.06...

check-it-outCheck It Out

Check It Out

wish-you-were-here-the-sea-of-galileeWish You Were Here: The Sea of Galilee

Wish You Were Here: The Sea of...

how-much-is-enoughHow Much Is Enough

How Much Is Enough

how-to-make-a-comebackHow to Make a Comeback

How to Make a Comeback

leadership-lessons-from-three-kingsLeadership Lessons from Three Kings

Leadership Lessons from Three...

john-635-66-free-will-vs-gods-sovereignty-can-these-truly-co-existJohn 6:35-66 Free Will vs. God's Sovereignty - Can these truly Co-Exist?

John 6:35-66 Free Will vs. God...

your-personal-invitation-what-are-you-waiting-forYour Personal Invitation (What Are You Waiting For?)

Your Personal Invitation (What...

spiritual-gifts-love-like-jesus-live-like-jesus-fight-like-jesusSpiritual Gifts: Love Like Jesus, Live Like Jesus, Fight Like Jesus

Spiritual Gifts: Love Like Jes...

the-masquerade-of-sin-1-the-definition-and-disguise-of-sin-pastor-kenny-smithThe Masquerade of Sin 1 - The Definition and Disguise of Sin (Pastor Kenny Smith)

The Masquerade of Sin 1 - The...

not-meant-for-egyptNot Meant for Egypt

Not Meant for Egypt

the-master-builderThe Master Builder

The Master Builder

treasures-part-iTreasures - part I

Treasures - part I

is-god-really-good-all-the-time-part-8Is God Really Good ALL The Time? Part 8

Is God Really Good ALL The Tim...

bahaya-kemunafikan-berjubah-agamaBahaya Kemunafikan berjubah Agama

Bahaya Kemunafikan berjubah Ag...

luke-161-13-john-tracyLuke 16:1-13 - John Tracy

Luke 16:1-13 - John Tracy

god-uses-underdogs-8-6-17God Uses Underdogs_8_6_17

God Uses Underdogs_8_6_17

sunday-worshiip-august-6-2017Sunday Worshiip, August 6, 2017

Sunday Worshiip, August 6, 201...

we-cant-fix-our-problemsWe Can't Fix Our Problems

We Can't Fix Our Problems

guest-speaker-hutch-williamsGuest Speaker Hutch Williams

Guest Speaker Hutch Williams

against-all-oddsAgainst All Odds

Against All Odds

christ-in-his-compassion-desires-to-commune-with-you-matthew-1413-21Christ in His Compassion Desires to Commune With You - Matthew 14:13-21

Christ in His Compassion Desir...

sins-complication-completed-by-connection-pastor-marioSin's Complication - Completed by Connection - Pastor Mario

Sin's Complication - Completed...

boldly-proclaim-and-be-braveBoldly Proclaim and Be Brave

Boldly Proclaim and Be Brave


"Ponder The Path of Your Feet"...

first-plymouth-august-6-2017First-Plymouth - August 6, 2017

First-Plymouth - August 6, 201...

he-touched-me-worship-serviceHe Touched Me (Worship Service)

He Touched Me (Worship Service...

he-touched-me-sermon-onlyHe Touched Me (Sermon Only)

He Touched Me (Sermon Only)

overcoming-the-lust-of-the-eyesOvercoming the Lust of the Eyes

Overcoming the Lust of the Eye...

restore-my-house-haggai-11-11-8617Restore My House, Haggai 1:1-11, 8/6/17

Restore My House, Haggai 1:1-1...

the-hardest-easiest-greatest-workThe Hardest, Easiest, Greatest Work

The Hardest, Easiest, Greatest...

samsons-finest-moment-chad-smithSamson's Finest Moment | Chad Smith

Samson's Finest Moment | Chad...



did-moses-write-the-first-five-books-of-the-otDid Moses write the first five books of the OT

Did Moses write the first five...

sermon-8th-august-2017Sermon 8th August 2017

Sermon 8th August 2017

misa-dominical-08062017Misa Dominical 08.06.2017

Misa Dominical 08.06.2017