safe-isaiah-431-2-5-13Safe! (Isaiah 43:1, 2, 5, 13)

Safe! (Isaiah 43:1, 2, 5, 13)

being-called-to-something-greaterBeing Called to Something Greater

Being Called to Something Grea...

560-that-it-may-go-well-deuteronomy-437-40#560, That it may go well, Deuteronomy 4.37-40

#560, That it may go well, Deu...

two-different-comingsTwo Different Comings

Two Different Comings

bible-study-snapshots-of-mark-lesson-12BIBLE STUDY: Snapshots of Mark, Lesson 12

BIBLE STUDY: Snapshots of Mark...

blessed-are-the-meekBlessed are the Meek

Blessed are the Meek

abounding-ability-pt-12Abounding Ability Pt 12

Abounding Ability Pt 12

dab-may-31-2019DAB May 31 - 2019

DAB May 31 - 2019

dab-may-31-2019-2DAB May 31 - 2019

DAB May 31 - 2019

acts-11-11-this-same-jesusActs 1:1-11 - This Same Jesus

Acts 1:1-11 - This Same Jesus

assencian-day-service Assencian day service

Assencian day service

04-thursday-46604 Thursday 466

04 Thursday 466

5262019-principles-of-walking-in-faith5.26.2019 Principles of Walking in Faith

5.26.2019 Principles of Walkin...

josephs-dreamsJoseph's Dreams

Joseph's Dreams

5232019-proverbs-4-our-feet5.23.2019 Proverbs 4 Our Feet

5.23.2019 Proverbs 4 Our Feet

heart-of-the-city-radio-may-30-2019Heart of the City Radio – May 30, 2019

Heart of the City Radio – May...

listen-isaiah-402-8-31-4110Listen! (Isaiah 40:2, 8, 31; 41:10)

Listen! (Isaiah 40:2, 8, 31; 4...

559-love-and-faithfulness-righteousness-and-peace-psalm-8510#559, Love and Faithfulness, Righteousness and Peace, Psalm 85.10

#559, Love and Faithfulness, R...

the-power-of-personal-purpose-part-2The Power Of Personal Purpose Part 2

The Power Of Personal Purpose...

20190529-wed-pm-david-zintgraff2019.05.29 WED PM David Zintgraff

2019.05.29 WED PM David Zintgr...

the-holy-spirit-pt-7-unity-pastor-david-brinsonThe Holy Spirit Pt. 7: Unity (Pastor David Brinson)

The Holy Spirit Pt. 7: Unity (...

stress-highschoolStress (highschool)

Stress (highschool)


"All It Took Was A Look" - Dav...

relationship-series-part-3b-resolving-conflictRelationship Series (Part 3B) - Resolving Conflict

Relationship Series (Part 3B)...

the-importance-of-putting-christ-first-bro-rodney-taylorThe Importance of Putting Christ First - Bro Rodney Taylor

The Importance of Putting Chri...

four-truths-of-how-to-treat-people-who-have-wronged-youFour Truths of How to Treat People Who Have Wronged You

Four Truths of How to Treat Pe...

purchased-for-a-purpose-missionary-dan-barkleyPurchased for a Purpose (Missionary Dan Barkley)

Purchased for a Purpose (Missi...

dab-may-30-2019DAB May 30 - 2019

DAB May 30 - 2019

dab-may-30-2019-2DAB May 30 - 2019

DAB May 30 - 2019

you-too-can-be-led-by-the-spiritYou Too Can Be Led By the Spirit

You Too Can Be Led By the Spir...

the-sermon-on-the-mount-chapter-5-part-3The Sermon On The Mount - Chapter 5 Part 3

The Sermon On The Mount - Chap...

intro-to-thyatiraIntro to Thyatira

Intro to Thyatira

el-proposito-de-la-iglesiaEl Proposito de la iglesia

El Proposito de la iglesia

its-in-the-bagITS IN THE BAG


the-gospel-of-sufficiency-may-26-2019-rev-darrell-goodwin-1159-sermonThe Gospel of Sufficiency - May 26, 2019 - Rev. Darrell Goodwin - 11:59 Sermon

The Gospel of Sufficiency - Ma...

two-things-you-should-knowTwo Things You Should KNow

Two Things You Should KNow

eph-1-freedforgivenEph 1- Freed/Forgiven

Eph 1- Freed/Forgiven

let-god-mold-youLet God mold you

Let God mold you

belt-of-truthBelt of Truth

Belt of Truth



christian-stablilityChristian Stablility

Christian Stablility

gods-fight-2God's Fight 2

God's Fight 2

03-wednesday-46603 Wednesday 466

03 Wednesday 466

gods-fight-1God's Fight 1

God's Fight 1

prayer-moves-the-heart-of-god-part-1Prayer Moves the Heart of God, part 1

Prayer Moves the Heart of God,...

live-long-and-prosperLive Long and Prosper

Live Long and Prosper

our-responsive-god-isaiah-385-6Our Responsive God (Isaiah 38:5-6)

Our Responsive God (Isaiah 38:...

cruz-sepultura-y-resurrecionCruz, Sepultura y Resurreción

Cruz, Sepultura y Resurreción

558-no-good-thing-does-he-withhold-psalm-8411-12#558, No good thing does He withhold, Psalm 84.11-12

#558, No good thing does He wi...

cristo-sabiduria-de-diosCristo sabiduria de Dios

Cristo sabiduria de Dios

the-little-fox-of-slothThe Little Fox Of Sloth

The Little Fox Of Sloth

dab-may-29-2019-1DAB May 29 - 2019

DAB May 29 - 2019

dab-may-29-2019-2DAB May 29 - 2019

DAB May 29 - 2019

2-timothy-week-52 Timothy Week 5

2 Timothy Week 5

unified-flirting-with-god-5-26-19Unified- Flirting With God (5-26-19)

Unified- Flirting With God (5-...

moses-father-woundsMoses | Father Wounds

Moses | Father Wounds

my-precious-exodus-191-8My Precious (Exodus 19:1-8)

My Precious (Exodus 19:1-8)

spring-2019-discovering-membership-2019-week-8Spring 2019 Discovering Membership 2019 week 8

Spring 2019 Discovering Member...

remember-to-always-rememberRemember To Always Remember

Remember To Always Remember

image-or-illusionImage or Illusion

Image or Illusion

what-is-your-hearts-desire-barry-phillipsWhat Is Your Heart's Desire? (Barry Phillips)

What Is Your Heart's Desire? (...

who-to-stand-withWho To Stand With

Who To Stand With

knowing-who-you-are-and-living-it-outKnowing Who You Are and Living it Out

Knowing Who You Are and Living...

02-tuesday-46602 Tuesday 466

02 Tuesday 466

faith-works-throughFaith Works Through...

Faith Works Through...

cr-sg-encounter-with-godCR & SG  ​Encounter With God

CR & SG ​Encounter With God

only-one-worthyONLY ONE Worthy...

ONLY ONE Worthy...

remember-sermon-onlyRemember (Sermon Only)

Remember (Sermon Only)

god-is-still-thereGod Is Still There

God Is Still There

acts-1119-21-significant-insignificanceActs 11.19-21 . . . Significant Insignificance

Acts 11.19-21 . . . Significan...

perfect-timingPerfect Timing

Perfect Timing

2019-05-26-no-great-love2019_05_26 No Great Love

2019_05_26 No Great Love

26-the-woman-and-the-dragon#26 The Woman and the Dragon

#26 The Woman and the Dragon

may-26-2019May 26, 2019

May 26, 2019

in-times-of-trouble-isaiah-332In Times Of Trouble (Isaiah 33:2)

In Times Of Trouble (Isaiah 33...

times-of-refreshingTIMES OF REFRESHING


the-problem-of-money-paralysisThe Problem of Money Paralysis

The Problem of Money Paralysis

psalm-69Psalm 69

Psalm 69

557-fed-psalm-8110-16#557, Fed, Psalm 81.10-16

#557, Fed, Psalm 81.10-16

bad-shepherds-good-shepherdBad Shepherd(s) . . .Good Shepherd

Bad Shepherd(s) . . .Good Shep...

embracing-rejection-properlyEmbracing Rejection Properly

Embracing Rejection Properly

wait-upon-and-abide-in-the-lordWait Upon and Abide in the Lord

Wait Upon and Abide in the Lor...

seals-trumpets-bowls-and-the-lambSeals, Trumpets, Bowls and The Lamb

Seals, Trumpets, Bowls and The...

eternity-in-a-secondEternity In a Second

Eternity In a Second

dab-may-28-2019-1DAB May 28 - 2019

DAB May 28 - 2019

may-26-2019-if-god-is-loving-is-the-doctrine-of-hell-reasonable-pastor-jim-reimerMay 26 2019 - If God is loving, is the doctrine of Hell reasonable  Pastor Jim Reimer

May 26 2019 - If God is loving...



sunday-worship-may-26-2019Sunday Worship, May 26, 2019

Sunday Worship, May 26, 2019

trucker-sunday-sermon-by-roger-zehrTrucker Sunday Sermon by Roger Zehr

Trucker Sunday Sermon by Roger...

galatians-31-5Galatians 3.1-5

Galatians 3.1-5

memories-of-heroesMemories of Heroes

Memories of Heroes

spirit-directed-workSpirit-Directed Work

Spirit-Directed Work

466-monday-01466 Monday 01

466 Monday 01

the-authority-test-the-warfare-test-may-26th-2019The Authority Test & The Warfare Test - May 26th, 2019

The Authority Test & The Warfa...

remember-reality-restraint-and-respectRemember, Reality, Restraint, and Respect

Remember, Reality, Restraint,...

investment-that-pays-dividendsInvestment that Pays Dividends

Investment that Pays Dividends

a-place-of-rest-isaiah-2812-3015A Place of Rest (Isaiah 28:12; 30:15)

A Place of Rest (Isaiah 28:12;...

predica-todo-lo-tomaron-en-guerra-josue-111623Predica: Todo Lo Tomaron En Guerra Josue 11:16~23

Predica: Todo Lo Tomaron En Gu...

556-within-the-tribe-numbers-365-9#556, Within the tribe, Numbers 36.5-9

#556, Within the tribe, Number...

stand-in-suffering-colossians-1-24-29Stand in Suffering: Colossians 1: 24 - 29

Stand in Suffering: Colossians...

jesus-likes-meJesus Likes Me

Jesus Likes Me

he-made-intercession-for-sinnersHe Made Intercession for Sinners

He Made Intercession for Sinne...