whats-your-story-the-man-born-blindWhat's Your Story - The Man Born Blind

What's Your Story - The Man Bo...

ot-missiologyOT Missiology

OT Missiology

where-do-you-abideWhere do you abide?

Where do you abide?

modern-day-shemaModern Day Shema

Modern Day Shema

eucharistos-oct-8th-2017Eucharistos- Oct 8th, 2017

Eucharistos- Oct 8th, 2017

october-8-2017October 8, 2017

October 8, 2017

galatians-323-27-pentecost-18Galatians 3:23-27 | Pentecost 18

Galatians 3:23-27 | Pentecost...

god-supplies-the-generous-soulGod Supplies the Generous Soul!

God Supplies the Generous Soul...

end-of-year-tax-strategiesEnd of Year Tax Strategies

End of Year Tax Strategies

david-russell-101117David Russell 10/11/17

David Russell 10/11/17

prevailing-lifePrevailing Life

Prevailing Life

untitled-recording-oct-11-446am-2Untitled Recording Oct 11 4:46am

Untitled Recording Oct 11 4:46...

untitled-recording-oct-11-446amUntitled Recording Oct 11 4:46am

Untitled Recording Oct 11 4:46...

seeing-children-like-god-doesSeeing Children Like God Does

Seeing Children Like God Does

dab-october-11-2017-1DAB October 11- 2017

DAB October 11- 2017

what-the-bible-says-about-the-holy-spiritWhat The Bible Says About The Holy Spirit

What The Bible Says About The...

october-8-2017-worship-walking-humblyOctober 8 2017 Worship: Walking Humbly

October 8 2017 Worship: Walkin...

vida-del-espirituVida del Espíritu

Vida del Espíritu

the-4-enemies-of-progressionThe 4 Enemies of Progression

The 4 Enemies of Progression

radio-program-for-wednesday-october-11-2017Radio program for Wednesday October 11, 2017

Radio program for Wednesday Oc...

getting-to-the-important-thing-tghGetting To The Important Thing (TGH)

Getting To The Important Thing...

the-power-of-revelationThe Power of Revelation

The Power of Revelation

radio-program-for-tuesday-october-10-2017Radio program for Tuesday October 10, 2017

Radio program for Tuesday Octo...

are-you-ready-with-answers-oct-1st2017Are you ready with answers? Oct 1st,2017

Are you ready with answers? Oc...

the-formula-for-breakthroughThe Formula for Breakthrough!

The Formula for Breakthrough!

galatians-part-3Galatians - Part 3

Galatians - Part 3

victory-marchVictory March

Victory March

untitled-recording-oct-10-1120amSecret Sins Don't Exist

Secret Sins Don't Exist

a-lesson-on-faith-luke-71-10A Lesson on Faith (Luke 7:1-10)

A Lesson on Faith (Luke 7:1-10...

jonah-series1Jonah Series1

Jonah Series1

10-a-missions-moment-contemplating-the-what-ifs#10 A Missions Moment - Contemplating the What If's

#10 A Missions Moment - Contem...

standing-behind-the-shield-of-faithStanding Behind the Shield of Faith

Standing Behind the Shield of...

the-way-of-freedom-is-the-way-of-faithThe way of freedom is the way of faith

The way of freedom is the way...

check-your-attitudeCheck Your Attitude!

Check Your Attitude!

worse-things-than-fish-vomit-holyfamilyWorse Things Than Fish Vomit (HolyFamily)

Worse Things Than Fish Vomit (...

sam-bombara-101017Sam Bombara 10/10/17

Sam Bombara 10/10/17

suffering-for-god-it-is-not-what-you-will-expectSuffering for God, it is not what you will expect

Suffering for God, it is not w...

set-the-record-straightSET THE RECORD STRAIGHT


pastor-renne-chavezPastor Renne Chavez

Pastor Renne Chavez



dab-october-10-2017-1DAB October 10- 2017

DAB October 10- 2017

the-land-where-nothing-changesThe Land Where Nothing Changes

The Land Where Nothing Changes

the-only-thing-worth-living-forThe Only Thing Worth Living For

The Only Thing Worth Living Fo...

creer-sesion-25-esperanzaCREER - Sesión 25 - Esperanza

CREER - Sesión 25 - Esperanza

church-traditionsChurch Traditions

Church Traditions



romans-321-31-sola-gratiaRomans 3:21-31 (Sola Gratia)

Romans 3:21-31 (Sola Gratia)

joy-for-peopleJoy For People

Joy For People



your-deepest-need-metYour Deepest Need Met

Your Deepest Need Met

the-church-in-the-casket-10817The Church In The Casket (10/8/17)

The Church In The Casket (10/8...

living-a-victorious-lifeLiving A Victorious Life

Living A Victorious Life

radio-program-for-monday-october-9-2017Radio program for Monday October 9, 2017

Radio program for Monday Octob...

we-have-the-mind-of-godWe Have the Mind of God

We Have the Mind of God

sermon-the-life-of-david-part-3SERMON: The Life of David, Part 3

SERMON: The Life of David, Par...

sermon-the-life-of-david-part-2SERMON: The Life of David, Part 2

SERMON: The Life of David, Par...

the-faith-of-one-can-impact-othersThe Faith of One can Impact Others

The Faith of One can Impact Ot...

the-church-love-one-anotherThe Church: Love One Another

The Church: Love One Another

turn-your-eyes-upon-jesusTurn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

rejoicing-and-weepingRejoicing and Weeping

Rejoicing and Weeping

thank-you-lord'Thank You Lord'

'Thank You Lord'

restoring-broken-brethrenRestoring Broken Brethren

Restoring Broken Brethren

wow-that-was-a-miracleWow! That Was a Miracle

Wow! That Was a Miracle



behold-momentsBehold Moments

Behold Moments

not-doing-jonah-holyfamilyNot Doing Jonah (HolyFamily)

Not Doing Jonah (HolyFamily)

radio-program-for-friday-october-6-2017Radio program for Friday October 6, 2017

Radio program for Friday Octob...

his-compassions-they-fail-notHis Compassions, They Fail Not!

His Compassions, They Fail Not...

radio-program-for-thursday-october-5-2017Radio program for Thursday October 5, 2017

Radio program for Thursday Oct...

radio-program-for-wednesday-october-4-2017Radio program for Wednesday October 4, 2017

Radio program for Wednesday Oc...

jonah-series2Jonah Series2

Jonah Series2

if-you-dont-like-to-be-a-witness-of-gospel-you-will-turn-into-victimIf you don't like to be a witness of Gospel, you will turn into victim .

If you don't like to be a witn...

sexual-revolution-part-2-john-8-1-12Sexual revolution Part 2 John 8: 1 - 12

Sexual revolution Part 2 John...

about-my-fathers-businessAbout My Father's Business

About My Father's Business

looking-to-god-oct-8Looking to God Oct 8

Looking to God Oct 8

oct-8-2017Oct 8 2017

Oct 8 2017

how-to-cooperate-with-godHow to Cooperate with God

How to Cooperate with God

taking-the-kingdom-by-forceTaking the Kingdom by Force

Taking the Kingdom by Force

spiritual-maturity-revival-meeting-oct-8-2017Spiritual Maturity, Revival Meeting, Oct 8, 2017

Spiritual Maturity, Revival Me...

dab-october-9-2017-1DAB October 9- 2017

DAB October 9- 2017

dealing-with-dogsDealing with Dogs

Dealing with Dogs

you-are-a-championYou Are A Champion

You Are A Champion

its-all-about-peopleIts all about people

Its all about people

08-10-2017-culto-dominical-pr-roger-johansen-hebreus-13-1-608-10-2017 - Culto Dominical - Pr. Roger Johansen - Hebreus 13 1-6

08-10-2017 - Culto Dominical -...

20171008pm-make-sure20171008PM Make Sure

20171008PM Make Sure


"Are You Ready To Be Agitated?...

get-palace-readyGet Palace Ready!

Get Palace Ready!

a-covenant-to-keep-the-covenant-part-2A Covenant to Keep the Covenant part 2

A Covenant to Keep the Covenan...

prayer-and-the-word-pastor-chad-braleyPrayer and The Word - Pastor Chad Braley

Prayer and The Word - Pastor C...

seeing-favourSeeing Favour

Seeing Favour

genesis-321-21Genesis 32:1-21

Genesis 32:1-21

pray-againPray Again!

Pray Again!

there-is-a-remedy-part-1-for-the-sin-sick-soulThere Is A Remedy Part 1: For The Sin Sick Soul

There Is A Remedy Part 1: For...

jp-dorsey-100817JP Dorsey 10/08/17

JP Dorsey 10/08/17

honoring-marriageHonoring Marriage

Honoring Marriage

acts-conclusion-10817Acts: Conclusion (10/8/17)

Acts: Conclusion (10/8/17)

a-pass-so-that-we-might-pray-bedeA Pass So That We Might Pray (Bede)

A Pass So That We Might Pray (...

untitled-recording-oct-8-505pmGod's Dream For You

God's Dream For You

facing-oppositionFacing Opposition

Facing Opposition

a-stolen-identity-recoveredA Stolen Identity Recovered

A Stolen Identity Recovered

compassion-axton-10817Compassion Axton 10:8:17

Compassion Axton 10:8:17

jesus-is-worth-itJesus Is Worth It

Jesus Is Worth It