dosomethingnow-addendum-part-2#DOSOMETHINGNOW Addendum Part 2

#DOSOMETHINGNOW Addendum Part...

bad-dads-and-flawed-fathers-of-the-bible-god-and-jesusBad Dads and Flawed Fathers of the Bible: God and Jesus

Bad Dads and Flawed Fathers of...

take-a-bowTake a Bow

Take a Bow

cr-remind-me-gods-warningsCR Remind Me .....God's Warnings

CR Remind Me .....God's Warnin...

sunday-worship-june-18-2017Sunday Worship, June 18, 2017

Sunday Worship, June 18, 2017

orang-yang-berimanOrang yang Beriman

Orang yang Beriman

judges-6-8Judges 6-8

Judges 6-8

fathersday-2017-with-pastors-mark-and-nathan-evansFathersday 2017 with Pastors Mark and Nathan Evans

Fathersday 2017 with Pastors M...

spring-2017-discovering-membership-week-11Spring 2017 Discovering Membership week 11

Spring 2017 Discovering Member...

things-to-come-week-11Things to Come week 11

Things to Come week 11

getting-a-firm-grip-on-the-bible-worship-serviceGetting a Firm Grip on the Bible (Worship Service)

Getting a Firm Grip on the Bib...

getting-a-firm-grip-on-the-bible-sermon-onlyGetting a Firm Grip on the Bible (Sermon Only)

Getting a Firm Grip on the Bib...

not-so-simpleNot So Simple

Not So Simple

monkey-wrench-in-marriage-part-6Monkey Wrench In Marriage Part 6

Monkey Wrench In Marriage Part...

exodus-192-8-holy-holy-holyExodus 19:2-8 - Holy Holy Holy

Exodus 19:2-8 - Holy Holy Holy

socialized-christianitySocialized Christianity

Socialized Christianity

being-a-better-fatherBeing A Better Father

Being A Better Father

warning-for-the-church-joel-21-11-61817Warning for the Church, Joel 2:1-11, 6/18/17

Warning for the Church, Joel 2...

words-that-lastWords That Last

Words That Last



joy-from-the-spirit-chris-horneJoy from the Spirit | Chris Horne

Joy from the Spirit | Chris Ho...

process-toward-fruitfulness-61817-744-amProcess Toward Fruitfulness - 6:18:17, 7.44 AM

Process Toward Fruitfulness -...

sermon-18th-june-2017Sermon 18th June 2017

Sermon 18th June 2017

acts-3-sermonActs 3 Sermon

Acts 3 Sermon

misa-dominical-06182017Misa Dominical 06.18.2017

Misa Dominical 06.18.2017

what-is-your-foundation-built-onWhat is your foundation built on?

What is your foundation built...

dab-june-18-2017-1DAB June 18 - 2017

DAB June 18 - 2017

community-prayer-june17-2017-1Community Prayer June17-2017

Community Prayer June17-2017

2-corinthians-612 Corinthians 6:1

2 Corinthians 6:1

phil-mcclain-6-17-17Phil McClain 6-17-17

Phil McClain 6-17-17

realities-of-serving-some-tips-tooRealities of Serving (Some Tips Too!)

Realities of Serving (Some Tip...

lies-of-the-devilLies of the Devil

Lies of the Devil

god-as-our-fatherGod as Our Father

God as Our Father

sermon-6-11-17Sermon 6-11-17

Sermon 6-11-17

swearing-to-our-hurt-st-marksSwearing to Our Hurt (St Mark's)

Swearing to Our Hurt (St Mark'...

episode-3-past-present-future-pt1Episode 3: Past, Present, Future (pt.1)

Episode 3: Past, Present, Futu...

the-hand-of-god-is-upon-our-lives-msg-9-part-2The Hand of God is Upon our Lives Msg 9 Part 2

The Hand of God is Upon our Li...

the-hand-of-god-is-upon-our-lives-msg-9-part-1The Hand of God is Upon our Lives Msg 9 Part 1

The Hand of God is Upon our Li...

devotional-a-quick-reminderDEVOTIONAL: A Quick Reminder

DEVOTIONAL: A Quick Reminder

dab-june-17-2017-1DAB June 17 - 2017

DAB June 17 - 2017

when-life-deals-with-me-harshly-the-lord-lifts-me-up-msg-8-part-2When Life Deals with Me Harshly the Lord Lifts Me Up Msg 8 Part 2

When Life Deals with Me Harshl...

when-life-deals-with-me-harshly-the-lord-lifts-me-up-msg-8-part-1When Life Deals with Me Harshly the Lord Lifts Me Up Msg 8 Part 1

When Life Deals with Me Harshl...

my-relationship-with-the-lord-sustains-me-msg-7-part-2My Relationship with the Lord Sustains Me Msg 7 part 2

My Relationship with the Lord...

my-relationship-with-the-lord-sustains-me-msg-7-part-1My Relationship with the Lord Sustains Me Msg 7 part 1

My Relationship with the Lord...

where-is-the-lord-when-my-world-is-falling-apart-msg-6-part-2Where is the Lord When My World is Falling Apart Msg 6 Part 2

Where is the Lord When My Worl...

where-is-the-lord-when-my-world-is-falling-apart-msg-6-part-1Where is the Lord When My World is Falling Apart Msg 6 Part 1

Where is the Lord When My Worl...

synoptic-gospels-part-2Synoptic Gospels Part 2

Synoptic Gospels Part 2


Enoch"s Walk

the-year-of-the-bible-week-24-ecclesiastes-song-of-songsThe Year of the Bible- Week 24 (Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs)

The Year of the Bible- Week 24...

phil-mcclain-6-16-17Phil McClain 6-16-17

Phil McClain 6-16-17

radio-program-for-friday-june-16-2017Radio program for Friday June 16, 2017

Radio program for Friday June...

lesson-52-revelation-16-the-bowl-judgments-part-1-pastor-greg-kittredgeLesson 52: Revelation 16, The Bowl Judgments, Part 1, Pastor Greg Kittredge

Lesson 52: Revelation 16, The...

eye-of-the-stormEye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

joy-anniversary-servicesJoy - Anniversary Services

Joy - Anniversary Services

revival-anniversary-servicesRevival - Anniversary Services

Revival - Anniversary Services

the-order-the-unnecessary-catastrophe-of-uzzaThe Order (The Unnecessary Catastrophe of Uzza)

The Order (The Unnecessary Cat...

hook-your-wagon-to-a-starHook Your Wagon to a Star

Hook Your Wagon to a Star

dress-to-impressDress to Impress

Dress to Impress

dab-june-16-2017-1DAB June 16 - 2017

DAB June 16 - 2017

the-blessing-pt-3The Blessing Pt 3

The Blessing Pt 3

03-parenting-on-purpose-prov-1-1-1503 - Parenting on Purpose - Prov 1_1-15

03 - Parenting on Purpose - Pr...

released-from-stronghold-and-enemy-controlReleased from Stronghold and Enemy Control

Released from Stronghold and E...

surpassing-the-pharisees-maxSurpassing The Pharisees (Max)

Surpassing The Pharisees (Max)

david-russell-6-15-17David Russell 6-15-17

David Russell 6-15-17

radio-program-for-thursday-june-15-2017Radio program for Thursday June 15, 2017

Radio program for Thursday Jun...

leadership-series-part-2Leadership Series Part 2

Leadership Series Part 2

dab-june-15-2017-1DAB June 15 - 2017

DAB June 15 - 2017

o-ye-of-little-faith-episode-2O Ye of Little Faith-Episode 2

O Ye of Little Faith-Episode 2

acts-1623-31-61417Acts 16:23-31, 6/14/17

Acts 16:23-31, 6/14/17

psalm-111-praise-ye-the-lordPsalm 111 Praise Ye the Lord

Psalm 111 Praise Ye the Lord

life-management-1-part-6Life Management 1 Part 6

Life Management 1 Part 6

holy-spirit-and-his-gifts-week-09-elder-sharon-kornegayHoly Spirit and His Gifts (Week 09) - Elder Sharon Kornegay

Holy Spirit and His Gifts (Wee...


"Our Powerful Position in Pray...

revelation-bible-study-chapter-9-part-1Revelation Bible Study Chapter 9 Part 1

Revelation Bible Study Chapter...

opportunity-knocks-61417Opportunity Knocks 6.14.17

Opportunity Knocks 6.14.17

how-saved-is-savedHow Saved Is Saved?

How Saved Is Saved?

basic-doctrine-1-part-6Basic Doctrine 1 Part 6

Basic Doctrine 1 Part 6

church-podcast-2Church Podcast #2

Church Podcast #2

radio-program-for-wednesday-june-14-2017Radio program for Wednesday June 14, 2017

Radio program for Wednesday Ju...

sundaya-day-for-healingSunday...A Day For Healing

Sunday...A Day For Healing

dan-prus-6-14-17Dan Prus 6-14-17

Dan Prus 6-14-17

tina-talks-truth-radio-show-with-derek-clark-rapping-dad-foster-care-alumni-motivational-speaker-author-and-rapperTina Talks Truth Radio Show with Derek Clark 'Rapping Dad'-Foster Care Alumni, Motivational Speaker, Author and Rapper

Tina Talks Truth Radio Show wi...

relationships-2-its-complicatedRelationships: 2 - It's Complicated

Relationships: 2 - It's Compli...

cctfw-with-guest-cpl-alan-wilkettCCTFW with guest Cpl. Alan Wilkett

CCTFW with guest Cpl. Alan Wil...

the-starting-point-for-a-move-of-godThe Starting Point For A Move Of God

The Starting Point For A Move...

dab-june-14-2017-1DAB June 14 - 2017

DAB June 14 - 2017

building-on-the-rockBuilding on the Rock

Building on the Rock

devotional-cut-the-rutDEVOTIONAL: Cut The Rut


efficiency-part-2Efficiency - part 2

Efficiency - part 2

beautiful-thingsBeautiful Things

Beautiful Things


"The Year of the Lord's Favor"...

is-it-worth-itIs It Worth It?

Is It Worth It?

a-la-imagen-y-semejanza-de-diosA la imagen y semejanza de Dios

A la imagen y semejanza de Dio...

you-are-there-every-step-of-the-wayYou are there every step of the way

You are there every step of th...

june-11-2017-worship-and-the-crowd-goes-wildJune 11 2017 Worship: And The Crowd Goes Wild

June 11 2017 Worship: And The...

blessed-are-the-peacemakersBlessed are the Peacemakers

Blessed are the Peacemakers

foolish-to-be-wise-steve-parsonsFoolish to be Wise (Steve Parsons)

Foolish to be Wise (Steve Pars...

radio-program-for-tuesday-june-13-2017Radio program for Tuesday June 13, 2017

Radio program for Tuesday June...

sam-bombara-6-13-17Sam Bombara 6-13-17

Sam Bombara 6-13-17

untitled-recording-jun-13-759am160611 A Faithful Layman

160611 A Faithful Layman

ephesians-31 Ephesians 3:1

Ephesians 3:1

dab-june-13-2017-1DAB June 13 - 2017

DAB June 13 - 2017