acts-session-4-part-1Acts Session 4 Part 1

Acts Session 4 Part 1

city-chicks-nightCity Chicks Night

City Chicks Night

revelation-bible-study-chapter-13-part-3Revelation Bible Study Chapter 13 Part 3

Revelation Bible Study Chapter...

the-kings-compassion-mark-140-45The King's Compassion (Mark 1:40-45)

The King's Compassion (Mark 1:...

whats-at-stake-bedeWhat'€™s At Stake (Bede)

What'€™s At Stake (Bede)

bible-doctrine-2-session-5Bible Doctrine 2 Session 5

Bible Doctrine 2 Session 5

brian-trent-faith-without-sightBrian Trent - Faith Without Sight

Brian Trent - Faith Without Si...

squad-smashSquad Smash

Squad Smash

squad-spiritSquad Spirit

Squad Spirit

squad-upsquad up

squad up

the-lord-who-rescued-me-will-rescue-meThe Lord Who Rescued Me Will Rescue Me

The Lord Who Rescued Me Will R...

untitled-recording-oct-18-118pmRecovering from Defeat

Recovering from Defeat

radio-program-for-thursday-october-19-2017Radio program for Thursday October 19, 2017

Radio program for Thursday Oct...

laity-sundayLaity Sunday

Laity Sunday

childrens-sabbathChildren's Sabbath

Children's Sabbath

training-part-7Training Part 7

Training Part 7

begin-with-the-end-in-mindBegin with the end in mind.

Begin with the end in mind.

luke-alone-is-with-me-stagnesLuke Alone Is With Me (StAgnes)

Luke Alone Is With Me (StAgnes...

david-russell-101817David Russell 10/18/17

David Russell 10/18/17

do-you-worship-results-or-godDo you worship results or God?

Do you worship results or God?

building-an-arkagainBuilding an Ark....Again

Building an Ark....Again

10-15-music10-15 Music

10-15 Music

episode-6-samaritan-and-gentile-christian-relations-pt-1Episode 6: Samaritan and Gentile Christian Relations (pt. 1)

Episode 6: Samaritan and Genti...

dab-october-18-2017-1DAB October 18- 2017

DAB October 18- 2017

the-church-pray-for-one-anotherThe CHURCH: Pray for One Another

The CHURCH: Pray for One Anoth...

radio-program-for-wednesday-october-18-2017Radio program for Wednesday October 18, 2017

Radio program for Wednesday Oc...

the-logic-of-martyrdom-bedeThe Logic of Martyrdom (Bede)

The Logic of Martyrdom (Bede)

radio-program-for-tuesday-october-17-2017Radio program for Tuesday October 17, 2017

Radio program for Tuesday Octo...

el-cristo-resucitadoEl Cristo Resucitado

El Cristo Resucitado

i-am-a-christian-this-is-my-bible-october-15th-2017I am a Christian this is my bible. - October 15th-2017

I am a Christian this is my bi...

who-is-church-forWho is Church For?

Who is Church For?

encounter-worship-audioEncounter Worship Audio

Encounter Worship Audio

the-seared-conscienceThe Seared Conscience

The Seared Conscience

dont-judge-the-wrong-way-james-411-12Don't Judge (the wrong way)-James 4:11-12

Don't Judge (the wrong way)-Ja...

october-15-2017-worship-deep-and-wideOctober 15 2017 Worship: Deep and Wide

October 15 2017 Worship: Deep...

mind-your-mindMind Your Mind

Mind Your Mind

emotional-messiahEmotional Messiah

Emotional Messiah

linda-cochrane-celebration-of-life-2017Linda Cochrane - Celebration of Life 2017

Linda Cochrane - Celebration o...

not-ashamed-of-the-gospel-tgh2Not Ashamed of the Gospel (TGH2)

Not Ashamed of the Gospel (TGH...

qa-celebration-of-life-2017Q&A Celebration of Life 2017

Q&A Celebration of Life 2017

glad-obedienceGlad Obedience!

Glad Obedience!

sam-bombara-101717Sam Bombara 10/17/17

Sam Bombara 10/17/17

the-7-growth-pointsThe 7 Growth Points

The 7 Growth Points

prevailing-churchPrevailing Church

Prevailing Church

creer-sesion-26-pacienciaCREER - Sesión 26 - Paciencia

CREER - Sesión 26 - Paciencia

dab-october-17-2017-1DAB October 17- 2017

DAB October 17- 2017

joy-in-unityJoy in Unity

Joy in Unity

rev-20Rev. 20

Rev. 20

praying-according-to-his-willPraying According to His Will

Praying According to His Will

thousand-year-reign-of-christThousand Year Reign of Christ

Thousand Year Reign of Christ

an-acceptable-sacrificeAn Acceptable Sacrifice

An Acceptable Sacrifice

habit-of-prayerHabit of Prayer

Habit of Prayer

to-whom-much-is-given-bedeTo Whom Much Is Given (Bede)

To Whom Much Is Given (Bede)

how-to-face-death-with-faithHow to Face Death with Faith

How to Face Death with Faith

our-new-homeOur New Home

Our New Home

the-faith-of-one-can-be-a-catalyst-for-conquestThe Faith of One can be a Catalyst for Conquest

The Faith of One can be a Cata...

heaven-now-heaven-newHeaven Now Heaven New

Heaven Now Heaven New

31-jesus-music-flashback-radio-show#31 Jesus Music Flashback Radio Show

#31 Jesus Music Flashback Radi...

spiritual-lessons-from-the-feeksSpiritual Lessons From the Feeks

Spiritual Lessons From the Fee...

under-the-lordship-101517Under The LORDship (10/15/17)

Under The LORDship (10/15/17)



daring-faith-part-3Daring Faith Part 3

Daring Faith Part 3

dealing-with-bags-of-addicitionDealing with Bags of Addicition

Dealing with Bags of Addicitio...

standing-in-the-hope-of-the-gospelStanding in the Hope of the Gospel

Standing in the Hope of the Go...

october-15-2017October 15, 2017

October 15, 2017

john-831-38sola-scripturaJohn 8:31-38(Sola Scriptura)

John 8:31-38(Sola Scriptura)

a-guarantee-to-happiness-john-1312-17A Guarantee to Happiness (John 13:12-17)

A Guarantee to Happiness (John...

kingdom-living-nowKingdom-Living Now!

Kingdom-Living Now!

on-the-spot-w-steve-harneyOn The Spot w/ Steve Harney

On The Spot w/ Steve Harney

drinking-wine-eating-cheese-and-catching-a-few-raysDrinking Wine, Eating Cheese and Catching a Few Rays

Drinking Wine, Eating Cheese a...

standing-with-the-ninevites-mcmStanding With The Ninevites (MCM)

Standing With The Ninevites (M...

mark-81-21Mark 8:1-21

Mark 8:1-21

saved-from-hellSaved From Hell

Saved From Hell

christmas-advent-first-cutChristmas Advent First Cut

Christmas Advent First Cut



do-not-lose-heart-part-1Do Not Lose Heart (Part 1)

Do Not Lose Heart (Part 1)

pastor-appreciationPastor Appreciation

Pastor Appreciation

dab-october-16-2017-1DAB October 16- 2017

DAB October 16- 2017

a-trip-to-the-potters-houseA Trip To The Potter's House

A Trip To The Potter's House

stand-firm-by-godStand Firm, By God

Stand Firm, By God

appreciatimg-the-valleyAppreciatimg The Valley

Appreciatimg The Valley

20171015pm-ripe20171015PM Ripe

20171015PM Ripe

untitled-recording-oct-15-648pmMy Jesus  Pt 2

My Jesus Pt 2





unexpected-intervensionUnexpected Intervension

Unexpected Intervension

be-strong-part-1Be Strong - Part 1

Be Strong - Part 1

christy-russell-101517Christy Russell 10/15/17

Christy Russell 10/15/17

gods-favour-and-his-dreamsGod's Favour and His Dreams

God's Favour and His Dreams

jeremiah-14-10Jeremiah 1:4-10

Jeremiah 1:4-10

prophecy-believe-receive-say-oct-15-533pmProphecy - Believe Receive & Say Oct 15 5:33pm

Prophecy - Believe Receive & S...

romans-introduction-101517Romans: Introduction (10/15/17)

Romans: Introduction (10/15/17...

everyone-is-invited-not-everyone-will-joinEveryone Is Invited, Not Everyone Will Join

Everyone Is Invited, Not Every...


"Trusting God's Promise" - Psa...

put-on-your-garment-bedePut On Your Garment (Bede)

Put On Your Garment (Bede)

money-eternity-and-me-part-1Money, Eternity, and Me - Part 1

Money, Eternity, and Me - Part...

matthew-221-14-pentecost-19Matthew 22:1-14 | Pentecost 19

Matthew 22:1-14 | Pentecost 19

angels-ghosts-spirits-demons-and-aliensAngels: Ghosts, Spirits, Demons and Aliens

Angels: Ghosts, Spirits, Demon...

luke-21-20Luke 2:1-20

Luke 2:1-20

psalm-22-23Psalm 22 & 23

Psalm 22 & 23

matthew-241-14Matthew 24:1-14

Matthew 24:1-14