outdo-one-another-in-showing-honorOutdo One Another in Showing Honor

Outdo One Another in Showing H...

10-matthew-521-48-pop-goes-perfection10 Matthew 5:21-48 - Pop Goes Perfection

10 Matthew 5:21-48 - Pop Goes...

which-wayWhich Way?

Which Way?

when-god-seems-inattentiveWhen God Seems Inattentive

When God Seems Inattentive

the-way-into-the-kingdom-part-6The Way Into The Kingdom :: Part 6

The Way Into The Kingdom :: Pa...

the-tools-needed-when-trials-come-james-series-jas-11-8The Tools Needed When Trials Come - James Series - Jas 1:1-8

The Tools Needed When Trials C...

awakening-to-longingAwakening To Longing

Awakening To Longing

this-is-what-we-doThis Is What We Do

This Is What We Do

part-6-from-death-to-lifePart 6 - From Death to Life

Part 6 - From Death to Life

to-the-kingdom-in-exileTo the Kingdom in Exile

To the Kingdom in Exile

the-hidden-you-part-1The Hidden You Part 1

The Hidden You Part 1

care-notCare Not

Care Not

god-loves-youGod Loves You

God Loves You

believers-power-pastor-david-brinsonBeliever's Power - Pastor David Brinson

Believer's Power - Pastor Davi...

how-to-ask-for-and-offer-forgivenessHow to Ask For and Offer Forgiveness

How to Ask For and Offer Forgi...

starting-over-part-1Starting Over - Part 1

Starting Over - Part 1

embracing-the-truthEmbracing the Truth

Embracing the Truth

marching-orders-for-a-moving-churchMarching Orders For A Moving Church

Marching Orders For A Moving C...

stay-wokeStay Woke

Stay Woke

dont-worry-be-patientDon't Worry; Be Patient

Don't Worry; Be Patient

lesson-from-a-beggarLesson From A Beggar

Lesson From A Beggar

cr-this-just-got-real-real-focusCR  This Just Got Real   Real Focus

CR This Just Got Real Real...

42317-faith-empowerment-disciple4.23.17 Faith + Empowerment = Disciple

4.23.17 Faith + Empowerment =...

things-to-come-week-3Things to Come week 3

Things to Come week 3

broken-and-restoredBroken and Restored

Broken and Restored

ingredients-for-effective-prayer-worship-serviceIngredients for Effective Prayer (Worship Service)

Ingredients for Effective Pray...


Sermon "Ingredients for Effect...

the-resurrected-life-is-better-in-every-wayThe Resurrected Life is Better in Every Way

The Resurrected Life is Better...

easter-sundayEaster Sunday

Easter Sunday

sunday-april-23rd-2017-9am-serviceSunday April 23rd 2017 9am Service

Sunday April 23rd 2017 9am Ser...

home-part-2HOME Part 2

HOME Part 2

back-to-the-basicsBack To The Basics

Back To The Basics

cross-cultural-ministryCross Cultural Ministry

Cross Cultural Ministry

1-peter-13-9-you-are-born-again-through-the-resurection-of-jesus-christ-what-does-this-mean1 Peter 1:3-9 - You are Born Again Through the Resurection of Jesus Christ. What Does This Mean?

1 Peter 1:3-9 - You are Born A...

the-punishment-of-pride-obadiah-10-21-april-23-2017The Punishment of Pride, Obadiah 10-21, April 23 2017

The Punishment of Pride, Obadi...

resurrect-successResurrect Success

Resurrect Success

sermon-4-16-17Sermon 4-16-17

Sermon 4-16-17

the-weekend-is-over-its-time-to-get-to-workThe Weekend Is Over, Its Time to Get To Work

The Weekend Is Over, Its Time...

walking-with-the-risen-savior-chad-smithWalking with the Risen Savior | Chad Smith

Walking with the Risen Savior...

dr-willie-kotze-genesis-2aDr Willie Kotze - Genesis 2a

Dr Willie Kotze - Genesis 2a

dr-willie-kotze-genesis-1-vers-19Dr Willie Kotze - Genesis 1 vers 19

Dr Willie Kotze - Genesis 1 ve...

dr-willie-kotze-genesis-2bDr Willie Kotze - Genesis 2b

Dr Willie Kotze - Genesis 2b

dr-willie-kotze-genesis-1-vers-1-en-2Dr Willie  Kotze - Genesis 1 vers 1 en 2

Dr Willie Kotze - Genesis 1 v...

sermon-23rd-april-2017Sermon 23rd April 2017

Sermon 23rd April 2017

ds-johan-botha-waarom-verstaan-jy-nieDs Johan Botha - Waarom verstaan jy nie?

Ds Johan Botha - Waarom versta...

francois-viljoen-buitekant-die-laer-met-jesusFrancois Viljoen - Buitekant die laer met Jesus

Francois Viljoen - Buitekant d...

quinten-labuschagne-wees-n-effektiewe-siele-wenner-vir-jesusQuinten Labuschagne - Wees n effektiewe siele wenner vir Jesus

Quinten Labuschagne - Wees n e...

quinten-labuschagne-liefde-dra-n-gemeenteQuinten Labuschagne - Liefde dra n gemeente

Quinten Labuschagne - Liefde d...

francois-viljoen-buitekant-die-laer-met-jesus-2Francois Viljoen - Buitekant die laer met Jesus (2)

Francois Viljoen - Buitekant d...

francois-viljoen-buitekant-die-laer-met-jesus-3Francois Viljoen - Buitekant die laer met Jesus (3)

Francois Viljoen - Buitekant d...

ds-johan-botha-wie-weet-god-werk-in-n-tyd-soos-hierdieDs Johan Botha - Wie weet God werk in 'n tyd soos hierdie

Ds Johan Botha - Wie weet God...

ds-johan-botha-wanneer-mense-vasDs Johan Botha - Wanneer mense vas

Ds Johan Botha - Wanneer mense...

ds-johan-botha-kyk-terug-hoe-werk-god-in-sy-kerkDs Johan Botha - Kyk terug hoe werk God in sy kerk

Ds Johan Botha - Kyk terug hoe...

ds-johan-botha-god-werk-wanneer-mense-bymekaar-komDs Johan Botha - God werk wanneer mense bymekaar kom

Ds Johan Botha - God werk wann...

ds-johan-botha-god-werk-in-sy-kerk-persoonlikDs Johan Botha - God werk in Sy kerk, persoonlik

Ds Johan Botha - God werk in S...

ds-johan-botha-die-woning-van-die-god-van-israelDs Johan Botha - Die woning van die God van Israel

Ds Johan Botha - Die woning va...

ds-johan-botha-die-nuwe-seisoen-breek-aanDs Johan Botha - Die nuwe seisoen breek aan

Ds Johan Botha - Die nuwe seis...

ds-johan-botha-die-grootste-skat-is-in-die-tempel-gevindDs Johan Botha - Die grootste skat is in die tempel gevind

Ds Johan Botha - Die grootste...

ds-johan-botha-beskikbaar-vir-n-besondere-taakDs Johan Botha - Beskikbaar vir 'n besondere taak

Ds Johan Botha - Beskikbaar vi...

ds-johan-botha-die-ark-moet-terug-op-sy-plekDs Johan Botha - Die ark moet terug op sy plek

Ds Johan Botha - Die ark moet...

ds-johan-botha-as-die-heerlikheid-van-die-here-komDs Johan Botha - As die Heerlikheid van die Here kom

Ds Johan Botha - As die Heerli...

ds-johan-botha-n-blymoedige-gewerDs Johan Botha - 'n Blymoedige gewer

Ds Johan Botha - 'n Blymoedige...

ds-daniel-brink-israel-se-wilde-loteDs Daniel Brink - Israel se wilde lote

Ds Daniel Brink - Israel se wi...

misa-dominical-04232017Misa Dominical 04.23.2017

Misa Dominical 04.23.2017

do-you-love-meDo You Love Me?

Do You Love Me?

dab-april-23-2017-1DAB April 23 - 2017

DAB April 23 - 2017

community-prayer-april22-2017-1Community Prayer April22-2017

Community Prayer April22-2017

eastertide-42217Eastertide 4.22.17

Eastertide 4.22.17

history-or-destiny-jon-jenkinsHistory or Destiny - Jon Jenkins

History or Destiny - Jon Jenki...

drowning-in-shallow-water-jon-jenkinsDrowning in shallow water - Jon Jenkins

Drowning in shallow water - Jo...

dab-april-22-2017-1DAB April 22 - 2017

DAB April 22 - 2017

the-year-of-the-bible-week-16-2-kings-b-isaiah-aThe Year of the Bible week 16 (2 Kings b- Isaiah a)

The Year of the Bible week 16...

the-church-in-actionTHE CHURCH IN ACTION


easter-2017Easter 2017

Easter 2017

radio-program-for-friday-april-21-2017Radio program for Friday April 21, 2017

Radio program for Friday April...

dab-april-21-2017-1DAB April 21 - 2017

DAB April 21 - 2017

untitled-recording-apr-20-758pmHearing the Voice of God - Part 2

Hearing the Voice of God - Par...

life-in-the-spirit-pt-8Life in the Spirit Pt 8

Life in the Spirit Pt 8

aint-gonna-need-this-house-no-longerAin't Gonna Need This House No Longer

Ain't Gonna Need This House No...

untitled-recording-apr-20-648pmHearing the Voice of God - Part 1

Hearing the Voice of God - Par...

advanced-prayer-pt2Advanced prayer pt.2

Advanced prayer pt.2

radio-program-for-thursday-april-20-2017Radio program for Thursday April 20, 2017

Radio program for Thursday Apr...

bible-studyBible Study

Bible Study

the-things-god-hatesThe Things God Hates

The Things God Hates

dab-april-20-2017-1DAB April 20 - 2017

DAB April 20 - 2017


"The Path To Moriah"

making-change-part-1-less-is-moreMaking Change - (Part 1: - Less is More)

Making Change - (Part 1: - Les...

colossians-3-verse-by-verse-bro-will-duttryColossians 3 Verse by Verse - Bro Will Duttry

Colossians 3 Verse by Verse -...

john-10-jesus-the-good-shepherdJOHN 10 JESUS THE GOOD SHEPHERD


revelation-bible-study-chapter-6-part-2Revelation Bible Study Chapter 6 Part 2

Revelation Bible Study Chapter...

holy-spirit-and-his-gifts-week-04-elder-sharon-kornegayHoly Spirit and His Gifts (Week 04) - Elder Sharon Kornegay

Holy Spirit and His Gifts (Wee...

bible-school-students-part-1Bible School Students. Part 1

Bible School Students. Part 1

when-trials-comeWhen Trials Come

When Trials Come

stepping-on-toesStepping On Toes

Stepping On Toes

matthew-1238-50Matthew 12:38-50

Matthew 12:38-50

untitled-recording-apr-19-620pmGround Zero - Wrong Address - (Sermon Only)

Ground Zero - Wrong Address -...

untitled-recording-apr-19-558pmGround Zero - Wrong Address - (Entire Service)

Ground Zero - Wrong Address -...

at-calvaryAt Calvary

At Calvary

word-for-wednesday-april-19-2017Word for Wednesday April 19 2017

Word for Wednesday April 19 20...

easter-sunday-year-a-surpriseEaster Sunday, Year A -

Easter Sunday, Year A - "Surpr...

dan-prus-4-19-17Dan Prus 4-19-17

Dan Prus 4-19-17

worship-41917Worship 4/19/17

Worship 4/19/17