convergence-series-a-righteous-attempt-to-resist-revenge-matthew-538-42CONVERGENCE Series-

CONVERGENCE Series- "A Righteo...

the-way-of-suffering-isaiah-53The Way of Suffering (Isaiah 53)

The Way of Suffering (Isaiah 5...

coronavirus-a-biblical-and-spiritual-perspectiveCoronavirus - a Biblical and Spiritual perspective

Coronavirus - a Biblical and S...

hearing-to-be-healed-pt-3Hearing To Be Healed Pt 3

Hearing To Be Healed Pt 3

dab-march-22-2020DAB March 22 - 2020

DAB March 22 - 2020

dab-march-22-2020-2DAB March 22 - 2020

DAB March 22 - 2020

be-stillBe Still

Be Still

the-lord-has-spokenThe Lord Has Spoken

The Lord Has Spoken

the-woman-at-the-well-3-15-22The Woman at the Well (3-15-22)

The Woman at the Well (3-15-22...

trusting-god-in-the-stormTrusting God in the Storm

Trusting God in the Storm

sunday-worship-march-22-2020Sunday Worship, March 22, 2020

Sunday Worship, March 22, 2020

genesis-111-9-part-3Genesis 11:1-9 Part 3

Genesis 11:1-9 Part 3

joy-in-the-trialJoy in the Trial

Joy in the Trial

morning-prayer-the-fourth-sunday-in-lentMorning Prayer: The Fourth Sunday in Lent

Morning Prayer: The Fourth Sun...

luke-11-13Luke 11:-13

Luke 11:-13

matthew-517-20Matthew 5:17-20

Matthew 5:17-20

cross-work-praying-john-176-9Cross Work Praying  John 17:6-9

Cross Work Praying John 17:6-...

march-22-message-recorded-on-saturday-march-21-2020March 22 message recorded on Saturday, March 21, 2020

March 22 message recorded on S...

apply-the-bloodApply The Blood

Apply The Blood

angel-armies-2-kings-616-17Angel Armies! (2 Kings 6:16-17)

Angel Armies! (2 Kings 6:16-17...

sermon-22nd-march-2020Sermon 22nd March 2020

Sermon 22nd March 2020

904-the-deadly-pestilence-psalm-911-3#904, The Deadly Pestilence, Psalm 91.1-3

#904, The Deadly Pestilence, P...

john-ch-3-vs-22-36-its-all-about-jesusJohn Ch. 3 vs 22-36 (It's All About Jesus!)

John Ch. 3 vs 22-36 (It's All...

sondag-22-maartSondag 22 Maart

Sondag 22 Maart

coronavirus-gods-wake-up-callCoronavirus!!.. God's wake up call

Coronavirus!!.. God's wake up...

defeating-the-demonsDefeating the Demons

Defeating the Demons

dab-march-21-2020DAB March 21 - 2020

DAB March 21 - 2020

dab-march-21-2020-2DAB March 21 - 2020

DAB March 21 - 2020

community-prayer-march21-2020Community Prayer March21-2020

Community Prayer March21-2020

community-prayer-march21-2020-2Community Prayer March21-2020

Community Prayer March21-2020

healing-is-available-for-allHealing is Available for ALL

Healing is Available for ALL

crucial-choicesCRUCIAL CHOICES


march-15-2020March 15, 2020

March 15, 2020

mt-zion-staying-in-touchMt. Zion Staying in Touch

Mt. Zion Staying in Touch

hebrew-1019-25-confirmation-sundayHebrew 10:19-25| Confirmation Sunday

Hebrew 10:19-25| Confirmation...

freedom-through-forgivenessFREEDOM THROUGH FORGIVENESS


04-health-hazards-and-hand-washing04. Health, Hazards, and Hand Washing

04. Health, Hazards, and Hand...

487-05-friday487 05 Friday

487 05 Friday

in-the-beginning-godIn the Beginning God

In the Beginning God

simply-trustSimply Trust

Simply Trust

be-safeBe Safe

Be Safe

muestrate-como-ejemplo-devocionales-para-tu-vidaMuéstrate Como Ejemplo - Devocionales Para Tu Vida

Muéstrate Como Ejemplo - Devoc...

bless-gods-prophet-2-kings-49-10Bless God's Prophet! (2 Kings 4:9-10)

Bless God's Prophet! (2 Kings...

bca-chapel-51618BCA Chapel 5/16/18

BCA Chapel 5/16/18

politeness-it-isnt-about-being-weakPoliteness, It isn't about being weak

Politeness, It isn't about bei...

903-life-and-good-death-and-evil-deuteronomy-3015-16#903, Life and Good, Death and Evil, Deuteronomy 30.15-16

#903, Life and Good, Death and...

nicodemus-316Nicodemus 3:16

Nicodemus 3:16

dwelling-with-godDwelling with God

Dwelling with God

seeing-jesus-pt-7Seeing JESUS Pt 7

Seeing JESUS Pt 7

dab-march-20-2020DAB March 20 - 2020

DAB March 20 - 2020

dab-march-20-2020-2DAB March 20 - 2020

DAB March 20 - 2020

rev-2220-a-final-wordRev 22:20 A Final Word

Rev 22:20 A Final Word

ps-902-god-is-in-chargePS 90:2 God is in Charge

PS 90:2 God is in Charge

mat-2750-52Mat 27:50-52

Mat 27:50-52

dont-forget-pt-4Don't Forget (Pt 4)

Don't Forget (Pt 4)

amazing-grace-2Amazing Grace (2)

Amazing Grace (2)

podcast-sunday-march-15th-dont-give-in-to-fearpodcast sunday march 15th don't give in to fear

podcast sunday march 15th don'...

video-matthew-619-24-wednesday-bible-study(Video) Matthew 6:19-24--Wednesday Bible Study

(Video) Matthew 6:19-24--Wedne...

prayer-for-all-of-usPrayer for All of us

Prayer for All of us

prayer-is-a-powerful-privilegePrayer Is a Powerful Privilege

Prayer Is a Powerful Privilege

live-and-learnLive and Learn

Live and Learn

john-ch-3-vs-01-21-you-must-be-born-againJohn Ch. 3 vs 01-21 (You Must Be Born Again!)

John Ch. 3 vs 01-21 (You Must...

be-gratefulBe Grateful

Be Grateful

the-coming-of-the-lordThe coming of the Lord

The coming of the Lord

produce-good-fruitProduce good fruit

Produce good fruit

03-paiges-practically-perfect-pointers03. Paige’s Practically Perfect Pointers

03. Paige’s Practically Perfec...

price-of-discipleshipPrice of Discipleship

Price of Discipleship

487-04-thursday487 04 thursday

487 04 thursday

bought-with-a-priceBought with a price

Bought with a price

confidence-in-christ-amidst-covid-19Confidence in Christ Amidst CoVid 19

Confidence in Christ Amidst Co...

episode-02-nathan-blakeEpisode 02 Nathan Blake

Episode 02 Nathan Blake

a-brand-new-life-podcast-fact-vs-fiction-luke-13A Brand New Life Podcast : Fact vs Fiction Luke 13

A Brand New Life Podcast : Fac...

the-infirmitiesThe infirmities

The infirmities

be-couragesBe Courages

Be Courages

rest-in-the-lordRest IN the Lord

Rest IN the Lord



refuge-in-a-time-of-uncertainty-psalm-16Refuge in a Time of Uncertainty, Psalm 16

Refuge in a Time of Uncertaint...

suffering-unjustly-gen-419-16-luke-2252-71Suffering Unjustly (Gen. 41:9-16, Luke 22:52-71)

Suffering Unjustly (Gen. 41:9-...

the-low-whisper-1-kings-1911-12The Low Whisper (1 Kings 19:11-12)

The Low Whisper (1 Kings 19:11...

mirror-imageMirror Image

Mirror Image

sacrifice-the-demonstration-of-loveSacrifice , The Demonstration of Love

Sacrifice , The Demonstration...

your-enemies-shall-be-destroyedYour Enemies Shall Be Destroyed

Your Enemies Shall Be Destroye...

902-set-above-the-nations-deuteronomy-281-6#902, Set above the Nations, Deuteronomy 28.1-6

#902, Set above the Nations, D...

john-ch-2-vs-01-25-a-miracle-and-a-cleansingJohn Ch. 2 vs 01-25 (A Miracle And A Cleansing)

John Ch. 2 vs 01-25 (A Miracle...




"It Is I; Be Not Afraid"

god-rescues-a-rebelGod Rescues a Rebel

God Rescues a Rebel

national-day-of-prayerNational Day of Prayer

National Day of Prayer

beside-still-watersBeside Still Waters

Beside Still Waters

remember-jesusRemember Jesus

Remember Jesus

stay-positive-god-is-with-youStay Positive God is with You

Stay Positive God is with You

creating-faith-picturesCreating Faith Pictures

Creating Faith Pictures

lifting-the-veils-in-our-heartLifting the Veils in our Heart

Lifting the Veils in our Heart

never-aloneNever Alone

Never Alone

building-rightly-for-eternityBuilding Rightly for Eternity

Building Rightly for Eternity

rise-above-sufferingRise Above Suffering

Rise Above Suffering

open-up-to-growthOpen up to Growth

Open up to Growth

remember-jesus-carries-our-burdensRemember Jesus Carries Our Burdens

Remember Jesus Carries Our Bur...

psalm-91-part-1Psalm 91 Part 1

Psalm 91 Part 1

the-cross-aloneThe Cross Alone

The Cross Alone

2020-03-18-test-recording-22020-03-18 Test Recording #2

2020-03-18 Test Recording #2

go-deeper-i-ii-iii-john-bible-study-chapter-2-part-3Go Deeper I, II, III John Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 3

Go Deeper I, II, III John Bibl...