prepairing-to-deal-with-adversity-6Prepairing to deal with adversity #6

Prepairing to deal with advers...

you-are-not-aloneYou Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

four-faces-of-redemption-part-8Four Faces of Redemption - Part 8

Four Faces of Redemption - Par...

acceptable-worship-lips-livesAcceptable Worship: Lips & Lives

Acceptable Worship: Lips & Liv...

only-jesus-can-save-the-worldOnly Jesus Can Save the World

Only Jesus Can Save the World

the-turn-aroundThe Turn Around

The Turn Around

burning-bush-encounters-pt2Burning Bush Encounters Pt.2

Burning Bush Encounters Pt.2

prayer-5-19-19Prayer - 5-19-19

Prayer - 5-19-19

community-growing-better-together-part-1Community - Growing Better Together - Part 1

Community - Growing Better Tog...


"Everything In Common"

gray-areas-pastor-chad-braleyGray Areas - Pastor Chad Braley

Gray Areas - Pastor Chad Brale...

fruit-of-the-spirit-patienceFruit Of The Spirit: Patience

Fruit Of The Spirit: Patience

prayer-is-about-relyingPrayer is about Relying

Prayer is about Relying

if-god-is-god-forgiving-those-who-have-hurt-usIf God is God - Forgiving Those Who Have Hurt Us

If God is God - Forgiving Thos...

chicken-soup-for-the-soul-gods-only-ness-psalm-62Chicken Soup for the Soul - God's Only-Ness (Psalm 62)

Chicken Soup for the Soul - Go...

who-then-is-thisWho Then Is This?

Who Then Is This?

built-as-a-temple-7-21-19Built as a temple 7-21-19

Built as a temple 7-21-19

mindset-journeyMindset Journey

Mindset Journey

learning-christLearning Christ

Learning Christ

cr-sg-infusion-faithfulnessCR & SG  ​INFUSION

CR & SG ​INFUSION "Faithfulne...

the-good-portionThe Good Portion

The Good Portion



keys-to-a-lasting-marriageKeys to a lasting marriage

Keys to a lasting marriage

a-theology-of-treat-yo-selfA Theology of Treat Yo Self

A Theology of Treat Yo Self

first-things-firstFirst Things First

First Things First

what-do-you-want-to-be-when-you-grow-upwhat do you want to be when you grow up

what do you want to be when yo...

shawdowlands-stephen-batesSHAWDOWLANDS | Stephen Bates

SHAWDOWLANDS | Stephen Bates

dont-be-that-guy-4-rich-young-rulerDon't Be THAT Guy (4) Rich Young Ruler

Don't Be THAT Guy (4) Rich You...

the-great-8-blessed-are-those-who-are-persecuted-because-of-righteousness-for-theirs-is-the-kingdom-of-heavenThe Great 8: Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

The Great 8: Blessed are those...

sermon-7-14-19Sermon 7-14-19

Sermon 7-14-19

617-good-news-for-all-peoples-acts-834-36#617, Good news for all peoples, Acts 8.34-36

#617, Good news for all people...

fase-pertumbuhan-murid-kristus-pdt-yulius-ahiong-21-july-2019Fase Pertumbuhan Murid Kristus - Pdt. Yulius Ahiong - 21 July 2019

Fase Pertumbuhan Murid Kristus...

the-way-to-life-eternalThe Way to LIfe Eternal

The Way to LIfe Eternal

generational-cursesGenerational Curses

Generational Curses

familiar-spiritsFamiliar Spirits

Familiar Spirits



ministry-gifts-of-the-spiritMinistry Gifts of the Spirit

Ministry Gifts of the Spirit

deception-doubt-and-unbeliefDeception, Doubt and Unbelief

Deception, Doubt and Unbelief

habits-of-holinessHabits of Holiness

Habits of Holiness

7142019-a-thousand-blessings7.14.2019 A Thousand Blessings

7.14.2019 A Thousand Blessings

7102019-jonah7.10.2019 Jonah

7.10.2019 Jonah

the-powerful-influence-of-living-newThe Powerful Influence of Living New

The Powerful Influence of Livi...

dab-july-21-2019DAB July 21 - 2019

DAB July 21 - 2019

dab-july-21-2019-2DAB July 21 - 2019

DAB July 21 - 2019

making-mistakesMaking Mistakes

Making Mistakes

are-you-confusing-the-creator-with-the-creationAre you confusing the Creator with the Creation?

Are you confusing the Creator...

when-the-gavel-dropsWhen the Gavel Drops

When the Gavel Drops

033ps-071419-arnold-our-hope-is-built-on-nothing-less-than-1-of-1st-peter-series033PS-071419--Arnold--Our Hope-Is-Built-On-Nothing-Less-Than... (#1 of 1st Peter Series)

033PS-071419--Arnold--Our Hope...

033ss-071419-fry-decendants-of-the-flood-genesis-series033SS-071419--Fry--Decendants-of-the-Flood (Genesis Series)


i-dont-want-a-porch-experienceI Don't Want A Porch Experience

I Don't Want A Porch Experienc...

mothers-day-2019Mother's Day 2019

Mother's Day 2019

come-homeCome Home

Come Home

small-beginnings-zechariah-410Small Beginnings (Zechariah 4:10)

Small Beginnings (Zechariah 4:...

616-when-they-heard-these-things-acts-754-60#616, When they heard these things, Acts 7.54-60

#616, When they heard these th...

having-ears-to-hearHaving Ears To Hear

Having Ears To Hear

dab-july-20-2019DAB July 20 - 2019

DAB July 20 - 2019

dab-july-20-2019-2DAB July 20 - 2019

DAB July 20 - 2019

community-prayer-july20-2019Community Prayer July20-2019

Community Prayer July20-2019

community-prayer-july20-2019-2Community Prayer July20-2019

Community Prayer July20-2019

469-10-friday-week-2469 10 Friday Week 2

469 10 Friday Week 2

new-clothes-zechariah-31-5New Clothes! (Zechariah 3:1-5)

New Clothes! (Zechariah 3:1-5)

615-their-gods-shall-be-a-snare-judges-21-4#615, Their gods shall be a snare, Judges 2.1-4

#615, Their gods shall be a sn...

addictions-part-2Addictions part 2

Addictions part 2

dab-july-19-2019DAB July 19 - 2019

DAB July 19 - 2019

dab-july-19-2019-2DAB July 19 - 2019

DAB July 19 - 2019

bible-study-snapshots-of-mark-lesson-17BIBLE STUDY: Snapshots of Mark, Lesson 17

BIBLE STUDY: Snapshots of Mark...

469-09-thursday-week-2469 09 Thursday Week 2

469 09 Thursday Week 2

season-2-episode-6-honorSeason 2 Episode 6: HONOR

Season 2 Episode 6: HONOR

perpetual-dissatisfaction-haggai-16Perpetual Dissatisfaction! (Haggai 1:6)

Perpetual Dissatisfaction! (Ha...

the-will-of-god-mark-331-35The Will of God_Mark 3.31-35

The Will of God_Mark 3.31-35

reaping-the-harvestReaping the Harvest

Reaping the Harvest

living-holy-in-an-unholy-worldLiving Holy in an Unholy World

Living Holy in an Unholy World

the-battle-before-and-behindThe Battle Before and Behind

The Battle Before and Behind

going-out-into-the-deepGoing Out Into the Deep

Going Out Into the Deep

romans-828Romans 8.28

Romans 8.28

preparing-to-be-blessedPreparing to Be Blessed

Preparing to Be Blessed

the-battle-is-the-lordsThe Battle is the Lord's

The Battle is the Lord's

614-deadly-money-acts-55-6#614, Deadly Money, Acts 5.5-6

#614, Deadly Money, Acts 5.5-6

life-of-the-apostle-paul-lesson-2-the-call-his-doctrineLife of the Apostle Paul (Lesson 2) - The Call & His Doctrine

Life of the Apostle Paul (Less...

apostolic-grace-pt-5-digging-wellsApostolic Grace Pt. 5 - Digging Wells

Apostolic Grace Pt. 5 - Diggin...

when-overwhelmed-psalm-61-pastor-chad-braleyWhen Overwhelmed - Psalm 61 - Pastor Chad Braley

When Overwhelmed - Psalm 61 -...

dab-july-18-2019DAB July 18 - 2019

DAB July 18 - 2019

dab-july-18-2019-2DAB July 18 - 2019

DAB July 18 - 2019

its-time-to-get-upIt's Time to Get Up

It's Time to Get Up

the-god-of-wisdomThe God of ___ | Wisdom

The God of ___ | Wisdom

harvest-is-here-rev-josh-andrewsHarvest Is Here (Rev. Josh Andrews)

Harvest Is Here (Rev. Josh And...

how-to-get-through-a-terrible-day-part-3How To Get Through A Terrible Day Part 3

How To Get Through A Terrible...

blazing-fire-to-smoldering-fireBlazing Fire to Smoldering Fire

Blazing Fire to Smoldering Fir...

i-corinthians-110-216I Corinthians 1:10-2:16

I Corinthians 1:10-2:16

can-god Can God

Can God

put-feet-to-faithPut Feet to Faith

Put Feet to Faith

elijah-at-mt-carmelElijah at Mt. Carmel

Elijah at Mt. Carmel

stop-whining-and-start-shiningStop whining and start shining

Stop whining and start shining

how-do-i-please-godHow do I please God?

How do I please God?

pasti-ada-apa-apanya-ps-daniel-ong-14-july-2019Pasti Ada Apa-apanya - Ps. Daniel Ong - 14 July 2019

Pasti Ada Apa-apanya - Ps. Dan...

469-08-wednesday-week-2469 08 Wednesday week 2

469 08 Wednesday week 2

7-14-2019-2nd-service7-14-2019 2nd service

7-14-2019 2nd service

staying-aliveStaying Alive

Staying Alive

living-in-the-shadowland-zephaniah-23Living In The Shadowland (Zephaniah 2:3)

Living In The Shadowland (Zeph...

study-the-word-of-godStudy The Word Of GOD

Study The Word Of GOD

freedom-from-sinFreedom from Sin

Freedom from Sin

freedom-from-the-lawFreedom from the Law

Freedom from the Law