untitled-recording-jan-17-1041pmIglesia de Pergamo

Iglesia de Pergamo

essentials-to-prayerEssentials to Prayer

Essentials to Prayer

zedarius-studentZedarius (student)

Zedarius (student)

the-god-who-sees-meThe God Who Sees Me

The God Who Sees Me

god-is-goodGod is Good

God is Good

the-growth-of-the-thessalonians-pastor-chad-braleyThe Growth of the Thessalonians - Pastor Chad Braley

The Growth of the Thessalonian...

dab-january-18-2018-1DAB January 18 - 2018

DAB January 18 - 2018

final-preparationsFinal Preparations

Final Preparations

in-the-time-of-madness-bedeIn the Time of Madness (Bede)

In the Time of Madness (Bede)

spotlight-praisin-w-pandora-part-1-11718Spotlight: Praisin' w/ PANDORA - Part 1!! (1/17/18)

Spotlight: Praisin' w/ PANDORA...

the-idea-of-progressThe Idea of Progress

The Idea of Progress

listen-look-doListen, Look, Do

Listen, Look, Do

untitled-recording-jan-17-1258pmTo Be Announced

To Be Announced

who-you-are-in-christWho You Are In Christ

Who You Are In Christ

bible-study-david-lesson-11-two-deaths-analysis-and-analogiesBIBLE STUDY: David, Lesson 11 - Two Deaths: Analysis and Analogies

BIBLE STUDY: David, Lesson 11...

shari-rigbyShari Rigby

Shari Rigby

the-word-on-the-streetThe Word On The Street

The Word On The Street

the-concept-of-dominionThe concept of dominion

The concept of dominion

jesus-forgives-sinnersJesus forgives Sinners

Jesus forgives Sinners

right-answer-wrong-questionRight Answer, Wrong Question

Right Answer, Wrong Question

dab-january-17-2018-1DAB January 17 - 2018

DAB January 17 - 2018

what-do-you-believeWhat do You Believe

What do You Believe

where-the-lord-looks-bedeWhere the Lord Looks (Bede)

Where the Lord Looks (Bede)

a-prophetic-look-at-2018-vol-1A Prophetic Look At 2018 Vol 1

A Prophetic Look At 2018 Vol 1

prophesy-the-words-in-our-mouthProphesy- the word's in our mouth

Prophesy- the word's in our mo...

the-king-is-being-playedThe King is Being Played

The King is Being Played

living-the-uncommon-lifeLiving The Uncommon Life

Living The Uncommon Life

1-14-music1-14 Music

1-14 Music

january-14-2018-worship-vision-vs-status-quoJanuary 14 2018 Worship: Vision vs Status Quo

January 14 2018 Worship: Visio...

the-spirit-in-missionsThe Spirit in Missions

The Spirit in Missions

they-cant-ignore-youThey Can't Ignore You

They Can't Ignore You

wrongful-assumptionsWrongful Assumptions

Wrongful Assumptions

the-witch-at-endor-part-2The Witch at Endor Part 2

The Witch at Endor Part 2

the-witch-at-endor-part-1The Witch At Endor Part 1

The Witch At Endor Part 1

sunday-jan-14Sunday Jan 14

Sunday Jan 14

someday-soonpart-2Someday Soon...Part 2

Someday Soon...Part 2

living-a-life-that-mattersLiving a Life that Matters

Living a Life that Matters

let-us-learnLet us Learn

Let us Learn

la-iglesia-de-efesoLa iglesia de Efeso

La iglesia de Efeso

how-to-read-the-bible-for-all-its-worth-part-5How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth (Part 5)

How to Read the Bible for All...

anuncio-pastoralAnuncio Pastoral

Anuncio Pastoral

preparation-for-victoryPreparation for Victory!

Preparation for Victory!

january-14-2018January 14, 2018

January 14, 2018

our-top-reads-of-2017Our Top Reads of 2017

Our Top Reads of 2017

holy-spirit-illuminates-the-wordHoly Spirit Illuminates the Word

Holy Spirit Illuminates the Wo...

are-you-in-a-committed-relationship-with-god-or-is-he-your-sidepieceAre You In A Committed Relationship with God or Is He Your Sidepiece?

Are You In A Committed Relatio...

stop-living-deadstart-living-aliveStop Living Dead...Start Living Alive

Stop Living Dead...Start Livin...

a-small-region-of-lifeA Small Region of Life

A Small Region of Life

dab-january-16-2018-1DAB January 16 - 2018

DAB January 16 - 2018

not-just-another-day-pastor-kenny-smithNot Just Another Day (Pastor Kenny Smith)

Not Just Another Day (Pastor K...

untitled-recording-jan-15-559pmHearing Gods Voice

Hearing Gods Voice

it-is-only-ourselves-bedeIt Is Only Ourselves (Bede)

It Is Only Ourselves (Bede)

on-the-spot-with-steve-harney-ots14On The Spot with Steve Harney OTS14

On The Spot with Steve Harney...

let-them-be-one-john-1720-23Let Them Be One- John 17:20-23

Let Them Be One- John 17:20-23

why-we-gather-spiritual-encouragementWhy We Gather: Spiritual Encouragement

Why We Gather: Spiritual Encou...

why-we-gather-spiritual-educationWhy We Gather: Spiritual Education

Why We Gather: Spiritual Educa...

daniel-2130Daniel 2:1.30

Daniel 2:1.30

renewed-pt-1RENEWED Pt 1


untitled-recording-jan-15-1150amPart 2- Committed

Part 2- Committed

the-perfect-blood-of-jesus-jan-14th-2018The perfect blood of Jesus-Jan 14th, 2018

The perfect blood of Jesus-Jan...

3-things-god-requires3 Things God Requires

3 Things God Requires

committment-in-your-walkCommittment in Your Walk

Committment in Your Walk

things-are-not-as-they-seem-pt-2Things are Not as They Seem Pt 2

Things are Not as They Seem Pt...

psalm-138Psalm 138

Psalm 138

alignment-for-the-assignment-2018Alignment for the Assignment 2018

Alignment for the Assignment 2...

the-power-of-prayerThe Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

pray-before-the-battlePray Before the Battle

Pray Before the Battle

be-apostolicBe Apostolic

Be Apostolic

salt-and-lightSalt and Light

Salt and Light

are-you-zealousAre You Zealous?

Are You Zealous?

its-in-the-seedIT'S IN THE SEED


i-am-the-accessI AM THE ACCESS


god-enables-usGod Enables Us

God Enables Us

source-of-revivalSource of Revival

Source of Revival

gods-book-of-remembranceGod's Book of Remembrance

God's Book of Remembrance

buds-helperBud's Helper

Bud's Helper

seen-known-lovedSeen, Known, Loved

Seen, Known, Loved

soul-solutions-not-resolutions-part-2Soul Solutions Not Resolutions Part 2

Soul Solutions Not Resolutions...

untitled-recording-jan-14-725pmHow to be Miserable and Useless

How to be Miserable and Useles...

righteous-choices-righteous-lifeRighteous Choices, Righteous Life

Righteous Choices, Righteous L...

dab-january-15-2018-1DAB January 15 - 2018

DAB January 15 - 2018

miracle-serviceMiracle Service

Miracle Service

new-wine-john-21-25'New Wine' John 2:1-25

'New Wine' John 2:1-25

the-seed-and-the-soilThe Seed And The Soil

The Seed And The Soil

jesus-seen-in-you-pastor-pennachettiJesus Seen in You - Pastor Pennachetti

Jesus Seen in You - Pastor Pen...

how-to-have-a-great-2018How To Have A Great 2018

How To Have A Great 2018

1-corinthians-1-17-311 Corinthians 1 :17-31

1 Corinthians 1 :17-31

freeze-breakFreeze Break

Freeze Break

deep-calls-to-deepDeep Calls to Deep

Deep Calls to Deep

crossingintothefuture-steppingintogodsplan-goingbeyond-sr-pastor-ken-smith#CrossingIntoTheFuture #SteppingIntoGodsPlan #GoingBeyond (Sr. Pastor Ken Smith)

#CrossingIntoTheFuture #Steppi...

untitled-recording-jan-14-554pm#12 Vision of the Tree

#12 Vision of the Tree

john-41-15John 4:1-15

John 4:1-15

romans-children-of-abraham-11418Romans: Children of Abraham (1/14/18)

Romans: Children of Abraham (1...

evoked-by-a-phrase-bedeEvoked by a Phrase (Bede)

Evoked by a Phrase (Bede)

1-14-18-travis-gray-sermon1-14-18 Travis Gray Sermon

1-14-18 Travis Gray Sermon

predestined-according-to-the-plan-ephesians-13-14Predestined According to the Plan (Ephesians 1:3-14)

Predestined According to the P...

strange-thingsStrange Things

Strange Things

what-kind-of-churchWhat Kind of Church?

What Kind of Church?

great-thingsGreat Things

Great Things

jan-14-2018-sermon-finding-jesusJan 14, 2018 Sermon:

Jan 14, 2018 Sermon: "Finding...

barnabas-the-encouragerBarnabas the Encourager

Barnabas the Encourager

break-meBreak Me

Break Me