romantic-insanityRomantic Insanity

Romantic Insanity

reese-hes-on-schedule-2017-06-11Reese - He's on Schedule 2017-06-11

Reese - He's on Schedule 2017-...

think-on-these-things-podcastThink on These Things podcast

Think on These Things podcast

releasing-controlReleasing Control

Releasing Control

dan-prus-72717Dan Prus 7/27/17

Dan Prus 7/27/17

radio-program-for-thursday-july-27-2017Radio program for Thursday July 27, 2017

Radio program for Thursday Jul...

kcbc-podcast-intro-episode-7272017KCBC Podcast intro episode 7/27/2017

KCBC Podcast intro episode 7/2...

jars-of-clayJars of Clay

Jars of Clay

the-so-what-factor-of-modern-christianityThe So What Factor-of Modern Christianity

The So What Factor-of Modern C...

dab-july-27-2017-1DAB July 27 - 2017

DAB July 27 - 2017

my-soul-refused-to-be-comforted-pastor-chad-braleyMy Soul Refused to be Comforted - Pastor Chad Braley

My Soul Refused to be Comforte...

missionaries-to-india-charles-becky-johnMissionaries to India Charles & Becky John

Missionaries to India Charles...

set-free-to-live-free-week-6Set Free to Live Free | Week 6

Set Free to Live Free | Week 6

god-was-not-in-the-storm-shaking-or-fire-whyGod was not in the storm, shaking, or fire, why?

God was not in the storm, shak...

ask-god-to-open-your-eyes-ears-and-heartAsk God to open your eyes, ears, and heart

Ask God to open your eyes, ear...

418-the-greatest-secret418; The Greatest Secret

418; The Greatest Secret

ethan-johnston-intern-weekend-2017Ethan Johnston: Intern Weekend 2017

Ethan Johnston: Intern Weekend...

price-cochran-intern-weekend-2017Price Cochran: Intern Weekend 2017

Price Cochran: Intern Weekend...

brittany-wong-intern-weekend-2017Brittany Wong: Intern Weekend 2017

Brittany Wong: Intern Weekend...

radio-program-for-wednesday-july-26-2017Radio program for Wednesday July 26, 2017

Radio program for Wednesday Ju...

david-russell-72617David Russell 7/26/17

David Russell 7/26/17

july-devotional-week-04-pastor-david-brinsonJuly Devotional (Week 04) - Pastor David Brinson

July Devotional (Week 04) - Pa...

going-forwardGoing forward

Going forward

when-divine-kingdom-purpose-is-workingWHEN DIVINE  KINGDOM PURPOSE IS WORKING


three-steps-to-changeThree Steps to Change

Three Steps to Change

untitled-recording-jul-25-855pmEach And Everyday Part 1

Each And Everyday Part 1

where-the-river-flows-fromWhere The River Flows From

Where The River Flows From

dab-july-26-2017-1DAB July 26 - 2017

DAB July 26 - 2017

july-23-2017-worship-evil-entwinedJuly 23 2017 Worship: Evil Entwined

July 23 2017 Worship: Evil Ent...

jena-goodman-intern-weekend-2017Jena Goodman- Intern Weekend 2017

Jena Goodman- Intern Weekend 2...

nuestra-propia-cruzNuestra propia cruz

Nuestra propia cruz

blessed-are-the-poorBlessed are the Poor

Blessed are the Poor

why-wont-you-listenWhy Won't You Listen

Why Won't You Listen

psalm-235-a-prepared-plateauPsalm 23:5 - A Prepared Plateau

Psalm 23:5 - A Prepared Platea...

radio-program-for-tuesday-july-25-2017Radio program for Tuesday July 25, 2017

Radio program for Tuesday July...

labor-painsLabor Pains

Labor Pains

the-give-and-take-of-criticismThe Give and Take of Criticism

The Give and Take of Criticism

dab-july-25-2017-1DAB July 25 - 2017

DAB July 25 - 2017

acts-81-8Acts 8:1-8.

Acts 8:1-8.

sermon-7-23-17Sermon 7-23-17

Sermon 7-23-17

the-great-returning-july-23rd-2017The Great Returning- July 23rd, 2017

The Great Returning- July 23rd...

crooked-and-shortCrooked and Short

Crooked and Short

work-it-outWork It Out

Work It Out

you-asked-for-it-hearing-gods-voiceYou Asked For It (Hearing God's Voice)

You Asked For It (Hearing God'...

revealation-12-6Revealation 12-6. (광야에서 양육받은 예수님 교회)

Revealation 12-6. (광야에서 양육받은 예...



the-calls-of-god-learn-it-love-it-live-itThe Call's of God (Learn it, Love it, Live it)

The Call's of God (Learn it, L...

becoming-disciplesBecoming Disciples

Becoming Disciples

1-thessalonians-41-81 Thessalonians 4.1-8

1 Thessalonians 4.1-8

a-womans-worth-part-1A Womans Worth (Part 1)

A Womans Worth (Part 1)

a-womans-worth-part-2A Womans Worth (Part 2)

A Womans Worth (Part 2)

radio-program-for-monday-july-24-2017Radio program for Monday July 24, 2017

Radio program for Monday July...

not-just-another-ordinary-dayNot Just Another Ordinary Day

Not Just Another Ordinary Day

strong-wheatStrong Wheat

Strong Wheat

your-story-isnt-ordinaryYour Story isn't Ordinary

Your Story isn't Ordinary

the-truth-of-the-matter-friends-and-family-its-complicated-72317The Truth of The Matter- Friends and Family... It's Complicated (7/23/17)

The Truth of The Matter- Frien...

matthew-1324-30-36-43Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

untitled-recording-jul-24-735am170723 Pay Attention

170723 Pay Attention

untitled-recording-jul-24-732am#10 2 Peter 3.1-9

#10 2 Peter 3.1-9

untitled-recording-jul-24-731amLiving A Focused Life

Living A Focused Life

jabez-a-man-more-honorable-1st-chronicles-49-10Jabez: A Man More Honorable, 1st Chronicles 4:9-10

Jabez: A Man More Honorable, 1...

how-do-we-get-there-from-here-pt-2How do we get there from here - Pt. 2

How do we get there from here...

fruit-of-the-spirt-part-1-july-23-2017Fruit of the Spirt, Part 1 - July 23, 2017

Fruit of the Spirt, Part 1 - J...

being-fruitful-july-16-2017Being Fruitful - July 16, 2017

Being Fruitful - July 16, 2017

proverbs-stuck-series-8-072317Proverbs Stuck Series 8 07.23.17

Proverbs Stuck Series 8 07.23....

its-july-in-georgia-and-its-hotIt's July In Georgia and It's Hot

It's July In Georgia and It's...

dab-july-24-2017-1DAB July 24 - 2017

DAB July 24 - 2017

steering-through-storms-part-2Steering through Storms Part 2

Steering through Storms Part 2

untitled-recording-jul-23-751pmThe Holy Spirit  Divinity

The Holy Spirit Divinity

sermon-in-the-name-of-jesusSERMON: In The Name Of Jesus

SERMON: In The Name Of Jesus

freedom-with-restraintFreedom with Restraint

Freedom with Restraint

spiritual-adulteryspiritual-lawsSpiritual Adultery/Spiritual Laws

Spiritual Adultery/Spiritual L...


20170723PM "A Confident Witnes...

desire-clinton-jul-23-633pm Desire, Clinton Jul 23 6:33pm

Desire, Clinton Jul 23 6:33pm

23-07-2017-culto-dominical-pr-joao-de-deus-efesios-617b23-07-2017 - Culto Dominical - Pr. João de Deus - Efésios 6:17b

23-07-2017 - Culto Dominical -...

the-long-road-into-canaanThe Long Road into Canaan

The Long Road into Canaan

our-home-children-obey-your-parents-pastor-chad-braleyOur Home - Children Obey Your Parents - Pastor Chad braley

Our Home - Children Obey Your...

born-again-continuedBorn Again - continued

Born Again - continued

parable-of-the-sowerParable of the Sower

Parable of the Sower

roles-of-the-trinityRoles of the Trinity

Roles of the Trinity

david-russell-7-23-17David Russell 7-23-17

David Russell 7-23-17

healthy-in-the-faithHealthy in the Faith

Healthy in the Faith

illumination-eyes-to-seeILLUMINATION: EYES TO SEE


sg-greatness-it-will-be-differentSG GREATNESS ...

SG GREATNESS ... " It Will Be...

cr-greatness-it-will-be-differentCR GREATNESS

CR GREATNESS " It Will Be Diff...

wonder-warning-bedeWonder & Warning (Bede)

Wonder & Warning (Bede)

who-has-the-truthWho Has The Truth

Who Has The Truth

discipleship-what-it-means-to-be-a-disciple-of-jesusDiscipleship: What it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Discipleship: What it means to...

whats-he-calling-you-to-do-723What's He calling you to do? 7/23

What's He calling you to do? 7...

untitled-recording-jul-23-344pm7-23 Music

7-23 Music

mark-1032-45-the-ultimate-servantMark 10:32-45 (The Ultimate Servant)

Mark 10:32-45 (The Ultimate Se...

killjoy-godKilljoy God

Killjoy God

moved-by-revelationMoved by Revelation

Moved by Revelation

wasting-our-lives-for-jesus-luke7-mark-14Wasting our Lives for Jesus (Luke7 & Mark 14)

Wasting our Lives for Jesus (L...

invest-in-the-best-7-23-17Invest In The Best (7-23-17

Invest In The Best (7-23-17

how-to-overcome-habitual-sinHow to Overcome Habitual Sin

How to Overcome Habitual Sin

july-23-2017 July 23, 2017

July 23, 2017

star-wars-overcome-evil-with-goodStar Wars: Overcome Evil with Good

Star Wars: Overcome Evil with...

psalm-11973-96-mercy-salvation-faithfulnessPsalm 119:73-96 - Mercy. Salvation. Faithfulness.

Psalm 119:73-96 - Mercy. Salva...

it-is-well-3-transformedIt Is Well #3 -

It Is Well #3 - "Transformed"

contending-for-the-dream-contendiendo-por-el-sueno-apostle-tom-hamonContending for the Dream | Contendiendo por el Sueño | Apostle Tom Hamon

Contending for the Dream | Con...

untitled-recording-jul-23-129pmLord, Could I Please Have - Courage Like Esther - (Sermon Only)

Lord, Could I Please Have - Co...