april-5-2020April 5, 2020

April 5, 2020

march-29-2020March 29, 2020

March 29, 2020

march-22-2020March 22, 2020

March 22, 2020

the-god-factor-2-chronicles-112-4The God-Factor (2 Chronicles 11:2-4)

The God-Factor (2 Chronicles 1...

our-creator-john-1Our Creator (John 1)

Our Creator (John 1)

a-strategy-for-spiritual-growth-pt-3A Strategy For Spiritual Growth (Pt 3)

A Strategy For Spiritual Growt...

what-it-means-to-be-a-true-worshiperWhat it Means to be a True Worshiper

What it Means to be a True Wor...

3-amazing-compassion3. AMAZING COMPASSION


925-like-the-nations-i-samuel-819-22#925, Like the nations, I Samuel 8.19-22

#925, Like the nations, I Samu...

palabras-pastor-carlos-alvarado-04082020Palabras pastor Carlos Alvarado 04082020

Palabras pastor Carlos Alvarad...

a-strictly-ministry-moment-6A Strictly Ministry moment - 6

A Strictly Ministry moment - 6



dab-april-08-2020DAB April 08 - 2020

DAB April 08 - 2020

dab-april-08-2020-2DAB April 08 - 2020

DAB April 08 - 2020

jehoiakim-a-despising-king-pt1Jehoiakim, a despising king (Pt1)

Jehoiakim, a despising king (P...

pod-cast-5-of-till-the-shades-lengthen-entitled-be-thou-my-visionPod Cast 5 of Till The Shades Lengthen   entitled Be  Thou My Vision

Pod Cast 5 of Till The Shades...

matthew-26-in-the-garden-of-gethsemeneMatthew 26 - In the Garden of Gethsemene

Matthew 26 - In the Garden of...

tuesday-april-7-2020-holy-week-worshipTuesday April 7, 2020 Holy Week Worship

Tuesday April 7, 2020 Holy Wee...

john-ch-13-vs-01-17-you-also-ought-to-wash-one-anothers-feetJohn Ch. 13 vs 01-17 (You Also Ought To Wash One Another's Feet)

John Ch. 13 vs 01-17 (You Also...

john-ch-12-vs-37-50-belief-or-unbelief-choose-today-while-you-still-canJohn Ch. 12 vs 37-50 (Belief Or Unbelief - Choose Today While You Still Can)

John Ch. 12 vs 37-50 (Belief O...

psalm-25Psalm 25

Psalm 25

the-crucified-saviorThe Crucified Savior

The Crucified Savior

16-positively-preschool16. Positively Preschool

16. Positively Preschool

convergence-series-the-impossible-made-possible-matthew-543-48CONVERGENCE Series-

CONVERGENCE Series- "The Impos...

convergence-series-check-your-charity-at-the-door-matthew-61-4CONVERGENCE Series-

CONVERGENCE Series- "Check You...

entry-points-4-5-20Entry Points (4-5-20)

Entry Points (4-5-20)

getting-closer-to-godGetting Closer To God

Getting Closer To God

no-llenar-la-copaNo llenar la copa

No llenar la copa

in-the-courtyardIn the Courtyard

In the Courtyard

452020-knowing-god-in-troubled-times4.5.2020 Knowing God In Troubled Times

4.5.2020 Knowing God In Troubl...

412020-the-bronze-snake-and-us4.1.2020 The Bronze Snake and Us

4.1.2020 The Bronze Snake and...

palm-sunday-2020Palm Sunday 2020

Palm Sunday 2020

lesson-11-actsLesson 11 Acts

Lesson 11 Acts

revelation-chapter-20b-the-great-white-throneRevelation Chapter 20b- The Great White Throne

Revelation Chapter 20b- The Gr...

714-pm-april-11-2020-2-chronicles-712-147:14 PM, April 11, 2020 (2 Chronicles 7:12-14)

7:14 PM, April 11, 2020 (2 Chr...

prophetic-word-a-new-seasonProphetic Word:

Prophetic Word: "A New Season"

4520-the-valley-of-doubt4.5.20 The Valley of Doubt

4.5.20 The Valley of Doubt

a-strategy-for-spiritual-growth-pt-2A Strategy For Spiritual Growth (Pt 2)

A Strategy For Spiritual Growt...

why-do-you-go-after-jesusWhy Do You Go After Jesus?

Why Do You Go After Jesus?

what-do-you-wantWhat do you Want?

What do you Want?

happiness-and-lifeHappiness and Life

Happiness and Life

2-amazing-salvation2. AMAZING SALVATION


924-the-anointed-king-i-samuel-210#924, The Anointed King, I Samuel 2.10

#924, The Anointed King, I Sam...


"I AM" the True Vine

dealing-with-covid-19Dealing with COVID-19

Dealing with COVID-19


"I AM" the True Vine

thinking-godly-thoughts-snippet-podcast-60-44Thinking Godly Thoughts  snippet podcast 60  44

Thinking Godly Thoughts snipp...

behold-the-son-of-god-in-tearsBehold the Son of God in Tears

Behold the Son of God in Tears

everyday-androvian-ep-2-kat-likes-whale-beachEveryday Androvian Ep 2: Kat likes Whale Beach

Everyday Androvian Ep 2: Kat l...

dab-april-07-2020-1DAB April 07 - 2020

DAB April 07 - 2020

go-deep-in-the-word-god-has-a-plan-for-your-lifeGo Deep in the Word, God has a Plan for Your Life

Go Deep in the Word, God has a...

if-he-hadnt-risenIf He Hadn't Risen

If He Hadn't Risen

passover-why-its-importantPassover - Why It's Important

Passover - Why It's Important

rev-314Rev 3:14

Rev 3:14

ephesians-0321-gods-eternal-purpose-in-the-church-2Ephesians 0321 (God's Eternal Purpose in the Church-2)

Ephesians 0321 (God's Eternal...

sunday-service-april-5th-2020Sunday Service April 5th 2020

Sunday Service April 5th 2020

acts-17-knowing-the-unknownActs 17 (Knowing the Unknown)

Acts 17 (Knowing the Unknown)

ephesians-0320-gods-eternal-purpose-in-the-churchEphesians 0320 (God's Eternal Purpose in the Church)

Ephesians 0320 (God's Eternal...

ephesians-0404Ephesians 0404

Ephesians 0404

repent-of-malice-because-he-is-sovereignRepent of Malice because He is Sovereign

Repent of Malice because He is...

hebrews-117Hebrews 11.7

Hebrews 11.7

stay-homeStay Home

Stay Home

she-had-no-lambShe Had No Lamb

She Had No Lamb

15-gunns-governmental-guidance15. Gunn’s Governmental Guidance

15. Gunn’s Governmental Guidan...

palm-sunday-psalm-118Palm Sunday, Psalm 118

Palm Sunday, Psalm 118

matthew-26-the-passover-mealMatthew 26: the Passover Meal

Matthew 26: the Passover Meal

just-finish-luke-951-56Just Finish (Luke 9:51-56)

Just Finish (Luke 9:51-56)



im-living-in-hell-five-years-and-i-tried-to-escape-from-the-communists-linda-eve-part-1“I’m living in hell five years, and I tried to escape from the Communists …”  Linda Eve, Part 1

“I’m living in hell five years...

1-amazing-grace1. AMAZING GRACE


our-response-sunday-4-5-2020Our Response - Sunday 4-5-2020

Our Response - Sunday 4-5-2020

lesson-10-actsLesson 10 Acts

Lesson 10 Acts

a-strategy-for-spiritual-growth-pt-1A Strategy For Spiritual Growth (Pt 1)

A Strategy For Spiritual Growt...

its-all-about-christ-april-5-2020-acts-222-39It's All About Christ, April 5, 2020, Acts 2:22-39

It's All About Christ, April 5...

rescue-me-oh-lordRescue me oh Lord!

Rescue me oh Lord!

certainties-in-the-darkness-2-chronicles-511-14Certainties in the Darkness (2 Chronicles 5:11-14)

Certainties in the Darkness (2...

the-power-of-being-presentThe Power of Being Present

The Power of Being Present

amie-shields-bring-your-brokennessAmie Shields: Bring Your Brokenness

Amie Shields: Bring Your Broke...

faith-anchors-usFaith Anchors Us

Faith Anchors Us

lesson-2-the-origin-and-nature-of-the-bible-3abn-sabbath-school-panel-q2-2020Lesson 2: The Origin and Nature of the Bible - 3ABN Sabbath School Panel - Q2 2020

Lesson 2: The Origin and Natur...

923-not-without-a-redeemer-ruth-414#923, Not without a Redeemer, Ruth 4.14

#923, Not without a Redeemer,...

victory-sunday-2020VICTORY SUNDAY 2020


our-position-in-christOur Position In Christ

Our Position In Christ

dont-despise-gods-word-podcast-96Don't Despise God's Word   -podcast 96

Don't Despise God's Word -po...

psalm-37Psalm 37

Psalm 37

20-exodus-91-12-ground-assault-220 Exodus 9:1-12,

20 Exodus 9:1-12, "Ground Assa...

he-is-the-king-2he_is_the_king (2)

he_is_the_king (2)

he-is-the-king-1he_is_the_king (1)

he_is_the_king (1)



living-in-the-power-of-his-mightLiving in the Power of His Might

Living in the Power of His Mig...

palm-sunday-a-choice-for-change-is-not-a-choice-for-jesusPalm Sunday - A Choice for Change is not a Choice for Jesus

Palm Sunday - A Choice for Cha...

palm-sunday-april-5-2020Palm Sunday April 5, 2020

Palm Sunday April 5, 2020

palm-sunday-4-5-20Palm Sunday  / 4-5-20

Palm Sunday / 4-5-20

im-so-worriedI'm so Worried!

I'm so Worried!

let-not-your-heart-be-troubledLet not your heart be troubled

Let not your heart be troubled

dab-april-06-2020DAB April 06 - 2020

DAB April 06 - 2020

dab-april-06-2020-2DAB April 06 - 2020

DAB April 06 - 2020

re-air-health-wellness-with-dr-matt-tonnosRe-Air:  Health & Wellness with Dr. Matt Tonnos

Re-Air: Health & Wellness wit...

assurance-in-the-midst-of-decision-part-2Assurance In The Midst of Decision - Part 2

Assurance In The Midst of Deci...

assurance-in-the-midst-of-damnationAssurance In The Midst Of Damnation

Assurance In The Midst Of Damn...

episode-05-leslie-eavesEpisode 05 Leslie Eaves

Episode 05 Leslie Eaves