dab-may-27-2017-1DAB May 27 - 2017

DAB May 27 - 2017

why-how-whereshould-i-prayWhy, How, Where...Should I Pray?

Why, How, Where...Should I Pra...

the-year-of-the-bible-week-21-jobThe Year of the Bible- Week 21 (Job)

The Year of the Bible- Week 21...

phil-mcclain-5-26-17Phil McClain 5-26-17

Phil McClain 5-26-17

worship-5-26-17Worship 5-26-17

Worship 5-26-17

the-word-of-godTHE WORD OF GOD


radio-program-for-friday-may-26-2017Radio program for Friday May 26, 2017

Radio program for Friday May 2...

god-picked-a-bunch-of-outcasts-to-make-his-power-perfectGod picked a bunch of outcasts to make His power perfect

God picked a bunch of outcasts...

radio-program-for-thursday-may-25-2017Radio program for Thursday May 25, 2017

Radio program for Thursday May...

dab-may-26-2017-1DAB May 26 - 2017

DAB May 26 - 2017

the-blessing-pt-1The Blessing Pt 1

The Blessing Pt 1

biible-school-students-part-3BIible School Students. Part 3

BIible School Students. Part 3

memorial-dayMemorial Day

Memorial Day

you-will-have-obstacles-along-your-journey-of-faith-msg-2-part-2You will have Obstacles along your Journey of Faith Msg 2 Part 2

You will have Obstacles along...

you-will-have-obstacles-along-your-journey-of-faith-msg-2-part-1You will have Obstacles along your Journey of Faith Msg 2 Part 1

You will have Obstacles along...



hope-in-the-darknessHope in the Darkness

Hope in the Darkness

dan-prus-5-25-17Dan Prus 5-25-17

Dan Prus 5-25-17

ascension-exaltation Ascension-Exaltation


colossians-chapter-3Colossians Chapter 3

Colossians Chapter 3

dab-may-25-2017-1DAB May 25 - 2017

DAB May 25 - 2017

study-in-ezekielStudy in Ezekiel

Study in Ezekiel

follow-the-blindFollow the Blind

Follow the Blind

be-ye-holy-pastor-chad-braleyBe Ye Holy - Pastor Chad Braley

Be Ye Holy - Pastor Chad Brale...

may-24-pmMay 24 pm

May 24 pm

life-management-1-part-5Life Management 1 Part 5

Life Management 1 Part 5

revelation-bible-study-chapter-8-part-1Revelation Bible Study Chapter 8 Part 1

Revelation Bible Study Chapter...

holy-spirit-and-his-gifts-week-07-elder-sharon-kornegayHoly Spirit and His Gifts (Week 07) - Elder Sharon Kornegay

Holy Spirit and His Gifts (Wee...

john-14John 14

John 14

fruit-of-the-spirit-52417Fruit of the Spirit 5.24.17

Fruit of the Spirit 5.24.17

the-power-of-wordsThe Power of Words

The Power of Words

special-guest-bishop-kyle-searcy-the-god-of-all-grace-overcoming-the-accuserSpecial Guest :: Bishop Kyle Searcy -

Special Guest :: Bishop Kyle S...

to-flee-or-be-faithfulTo Flee or Be Faithful

To Flee or Be Faithful

god-restores-to-those-that-weepGod Restores to Those That Weep

God Restores to Those That Wee...

resurrect-the-promiseResurrect the Promise

Resurrect the Promise

when-words-are-no-longer-good-enoughWhen Words Are No Longer Good Enough

When Words Are No Longer Good...

the-bloodThe Blood

The Blood

gods-mercy-is-not-gods-approvalGod's Mercy is Not God's Approval

God's Mercy is Not God's Appro...

holy-ghost-fireHoly Ghost & Fire

Holy Ghost & Fire

stretch-forth-your-handStretch Forth Your Hand

Stretch Forth Your Hand

darkness-that-can-be-feltDarkness That Can Be Felt

Darkness That Can Be Felt

they-are-watchingThey Are Watching

They Are Watching



basic-doctrine-1-part-5Basic Doctrine 1 Part 5

Basic Doctrine 1 Part 5

how-god-speaks-to-us-part-2How God Speaks to Us Part 2

How God Speaks to Us Part 2

how-god-speaks-to-usHow God Speaks to Us

How God Speaks to Us

jesus-is-the-pointJesus Is - The Point

Jesus Is - The Point

darrin-longmire-52417Darrin Longmire 5/24/17

Darrin Longmire 5/24/17

untitled-recording-may-24-759am170521 A Debt You Cannot Pay

170521 A Debt You Cannot Pay

for-such-a-time-as-this-esther-413-14-may-21-2017For Such a Time as This, Esther 4:13-14, May 21 2017

For Such a Time as This, Esthe...

learning-to-hear-gods-voiceLearning to Hear God's Voice

Learning to Hear God's Voice

cctfw-with-guest-athena-dean-holtzCCTFW with guest Athena Dean Holtz

CCTFW with guest Athena Dean H...

radio-program-for-wednesday-may-24-2017Radio program for Wednesday May 24, 2017

Radio program for Wednesday Ma...

john-5John 5. (우리를 정결케 하시는 예수님)

John 5. (우리를 정결케 하시는 예수님)

radio-program-for-tuesday-may-23-2017Radio program for Tuesday May 23, 2017

Radio program for Tuesday May...

radio-program-for-monday-may-22-2017Radio program for Monday May 22, 2017

Radio program for Monday May 2...

sunday-sermon-52117sunday sermon 5.21.17

sunday sermon 5.21.17

untitled-recording-may-23-845pmSome Christians Are NOT Christ Like

Some Christians Are NOT Christ...

dab-may-24-2017-1DAB May 24 - 2017

DAB May 24 - 2017

dones-y-ministeriosDones y ministerios

Dones y ministerios

the-gospel-allsThe Gospel

The Gospel "Alls"

five-temptations-of-a-ceoFive Temptations of a CEO

Five Temptations of a CEO

the-only-label-that-mattersThe Only

The Only "Label" That Matters

may-21-2017-worship-abandonment-issuesMay 21 2017 Worship: Abandonment Issues

May 21 2017 Worship: Abandonme...

the-starting-point-of-our-faith-may-21st-2017The Starting Point of our Faith -May 21st, 2017

The Starting Point of our Fait...

bloodlines-week-5Bloodlines: Week 5

Bloodlines: Week 5

bloodlines-week-5Bloodlines: Week 5

Bloodlines: Week 5

sam-bombara-52317Sam Bombara 5/23/17

Sam Bombara 5/23/17

top-candidateTop Candidate

Top Candidate

the-day-of-the-lordThe Day Of The Lord

The Day Of The Lord

a-fresh-strength-for-a-new-seasonA Fresh Strength For A New Season

A Fresh Strength For A New Sea...

a-look-at-aversity-2nd-corinthians-1123-28A Look At Aversity, 2nd Corinthians 11:23-28

A Look At Aversity, 2nd Corint...

dab-may-23-2017-1DAB May 23 - 2017

DAB May 23 - 2017

flash-floodFlash Flood

Flash Flood

some-things-that-are-in-hell-that-the-church-needs-luke-1619-31Some Things That Are In Hell, That The Church Needs! Luke 16:19-31

Some Things That Are In Hell,...



encounters-with-godEncounters with God

Encounters with God



sesion-16-comunidad-biblicaSesión 16 - COMUNIDAD BIBLICA



"Sovereign Grace and John 3:16...

the-opportunity-of-testingThe Opportunity of Testing

The Opportunity of Testing

time-and-the-assignmentTime And The Assignment

Time And The Assignment

fulfilled-marriage-as-god-intendedFulfilled Marriage ~ As God Intended

Fulfilled Marriage ~ As God In...

facing-goliathFacing Goliath

Facing Goliath

romans-week-11Romans week #11

Romans week #11

this-is-no-time-to-rest-52117This Is No Time To Rest (5/21/17)

This Is No Time To Rest (5/21/...

genesis-can-god-be-trustedGenesis - Can God Be Trusted?

Genesis - Can God Be Trusted?

putting-faith-to-our-feet-may-22-2017Putting Faith To Our Feet - May 22, 2017

Putting Faith To Our Feet - Ma...

untitled-recording-may-22-943am#3  2 Peter 1.5-9

#3 2 Peter 1.5-9

untitled-recording-may-22-942am#02  2 Peter1:1-4

#02 2 Peter1:1-4

romans-9Romans 9

Romans 9

answers-for-the-hopelessAnswers for the Hopeless

Answers for the Hopeless

resting-in-christResting in Christ

Resting in Christ

scott-pearceScott Pearce

Scott Pearce

the-touch-of-the-masters-handThe Touch of the Master's Hand

The Touch of the Master's Hand

the-gods-of-the-no-testamentThe gods of the

The gods of the "no" testament

a-voice-in-the-wildernessA Voice In The Wilderness

A Voice In The Wilderness

what-will-you-die-holding-onto-genesis-50What will you die Holding Onto? (Genesis 50)

What will you die Holding Onto...

god-calls-us-to-a-journey-of-faith-msg-1-part-2God calls us to a Journey of Faith Msg 1 Part 2

God calls us to a Journey of F...

dab-may-22-2017-1DAB May 22 - 2017

DAB May 22 - 2017

how-to-live-godly-pt-5How To Live Godly Pt 5

How To Live Godly Pt 5

god-calls-us-to-a-journey-of-faith-msg-1-part-1God calls us to a Journey of Faith Msg 1 Part 1

God calls us to a Journey of F...