may-i-serve-youMay I Serve You?

May I Serve You?

luke-1254-59Luke 12:54-59

Luke 12:54-59

christian-stand-firmChristian, Stand Firm

Christian, Stand Firm

psalm-116-rejoicing-in-gods-salvationPsalm 116: Rejoicing in God's Salvation

Psalm 116: Rejoicing in God's...

romans-13Romans 13

Romans 13

the-feast-is-ready-sermon-podcastThe Feast is Ready - (Sermon Podcast)

The Feast is Ready - (Sermon P...



the-feast-is-ready-entire-serviceThe Feast is Ready - (Entire Service)

The Feast is Ready - (Entire S...

nov-18-2018Nov 18 2018

Nov 18 2018





philippians-44-7Philippians 4:4-7

Philippians 4:4-7

genesis-34-man-upGenesis 34 ( Man Up )

Genesis 34 ( Man Up )

are-you-ready-2Are You Ready

Are You Ready

your-one-wordYour One Word

Your One Word

morning-worship-sermon-november-18-2018Morning Worship Sermon November 18 2018

Morning Worship Sermon Novembe...

endure-suffering-patientlyEndure Suffering Patiently

Endure Suffering Patiently

2018-11-18-byron-allan-thats-your-interpretation2018-11-18 Byron Allan Thats Your Interpretation

2018-11-18 Byron Allan Thats Y...

do-you-judge-others-whyDo You Judge Others Why?

Do You Judge Others Why?

the-gateway-of-thanksgivingThe Gateway of Thanksgiving

The Gateway of Thanksgiving

him-and-her-part-3-in-the-middleHim and Her Part 3 - In the Middle

Him and Her Part 3 - In the Mi...

soul-winning-intercession-pt2-pastor-david-brinsonSoul Winning - Intercession Pt.2 (Pastor David Brinson)

Soul Winning - Intercession Pt...

11-18-2018-am11-18-2018 am

11-18-2018 am

psalm-16Psalm 16

Psalm 16

love-to-give-message-2Love To Give (message #2)

Love To Give (message #2)

he-is-kind-to-the-unthankfulHe is kind to the unthankful.

He is kind to the unthankful.

cr-sg-firstworldproblem-getting-better-at-being-richCR & SG  #firstworldproblem

CR & SG #firstworldproblem "G...

tears-and-fearsTears and Fears

Tears and Fears

nov-18-2018-how-thankful-are-youNov 18, 2018 How Thankful Are You

Nov 18, 2018 How Thankful Are...

sunday-amSunday am

Sunday am

forever-with-the-lordForever With the Lord

Forever With the Lord

identity-theft-part-1-section-1Identity Theft - Part 1. Section 1

Identity Theft - Part 1. Secti...

how-do-i-know-that-i-love-jesusHow Do I Know That I Love Jesus?

How Do I Know That I Love Jesu...

identity-theft-part-1-section-2Identity Theft - Part 1. Section 2

Identity Theft - Part 1. Secti...

thanksgiving-messageThanksgiving Message

Thanksgiving Message

gods-plan-nov-18-1128amGod's Plan Nov 18 11:28am

God's Plan Nov 18 11:28am



2018-1118-our-focus-determines-our-future2018 1118 Our Focus Determines Our Future

2018 1118 Our Focus Determines...

faith-fundamentalsFaith Fundamentals

Faith Fundamentals

track-1Track 1

Track 1

god-cares-more-about-your-money-than-you-04God Cares More About Your Money Than You - 04

God Cares More About Your Mone...

thanksgiving-vs-gratitudeThanksgiving vs. Gratitude

Thanksgiving vs. Gratitude

prayerfully-giving-thanks-pastor-chad-braleyPrayerfully Giving Thanks - Pastor Chad Braley

Prayerfully Giving Thanks - Pa...

are-you-readyAre You Ready?

Are You Ready?


"The Power Of Forgiveness"

love-is-humbleLove is Humble

Love is Humble

thanksgiving-2018Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

thanking-god-for-who-he-isThanking God for who He is

Thanking God for who He is

sunday-morning-service-111818Sunday Morning Service 11/18/18

Sunday Morning Service 11/18/1...



grattitude-part-3GrAttitude (Part 3)

GrAttitude (Part 3)

expressing-thanks-to-godExpressing Thanks to God

Expressing Thanks to God

opposing-godOpposing God

Opposing God

its-dangerous-to-go-alone-take-thisIt's Dangerous to Go Alone! Take This.

It's Dangerous to Go Alone! Ta...

thankful-serviceThankful Service

Thankful Service

willing-and-obedient-pt-4Willing And Obedient Pt 4

Willing And Obedient Pt 4

three-ways-to-thank-god-for-his-blessingsThree Ways to Thank God for His Blessings

Three Ways to Thank God for Hi...

god-has-a-planGod Has a Plan

God Has a Plan

you-are-enoughYou Are Enough

You Are Enough

philippians-3Philippians 3

Philippians 3

give-thanksGive Thanks

Give Thanks

i-samuel-21I Samuel 21

I Samuel 21

a-journey-through-ruth-from-grace-to-graceA Journey Through Ruth (From Grace to Grace)

A Journey Through Ruth (From G...

for-the-lordFor the Lord

For the Lord

sermon-18th-november-2018Sermon 18th November 2018

Sermon 18th November 2018

generosity-selfless-part-3-steve-parsonsGenerosity [Selfless - Part 3] (Steve Parsons)

Generosity [Selfless - Part 3]...

helping-others-who-have-hurt-you-ps-daniel-ong-18-nov-2018Helping others who have hurt you - Ps. Daniel Ong - 18 Nov 2018

Helping others who have hurt y...

327-by-a-single-offering-hebrews-1014#327 By a single offering, Hebrews 10.14

#327 By a single offering, Heb...

community-prayer-november17-2018-1Community Prayer November17-2018

Community Prayer November17-20...

dab-november-18-2018-1DAB November 18- 2018

DAB November 18- 2018

the-will-ofgod-healing-8The Will OfGod ; Healing #8

The Will OfGod ; Healing #8

jonah-chapter-4JONAH Chapter 4

JONAH Chapter 4

02-part-2-the-kingdom-and-prayer-by-kevin-mcclure02 Part 2 The Kingdom and Prayer by Kevin McClure

02 Part 2 The Kingdom and Pray...

how-to-play-the-gameHow To Play The Game

How To Play The Game

november-week-2November | Week 2

November | Week 2

prophetic-conference-session-4Prophetic Conference Session 4

Prophetic Conference Session 4

prophetic-conference-sesson-3Prophetic Conference Sesson 3

Prophetic Conference Sesson 3

hope-heals-1-john-31-3Hope Heals! (1 John 3:1-3)

Hope Heals! (1 John 3:1-3)

326-an-eternal-redemption-hebrews-911-12#326 An eternal redemption, Hebrews 9.11-12

#326 An eternal redemption, He...

dab-november-17-2018-1DAB November 17- 2018

DAB November 17- 2018

bible-study-conversations-part-6-a-syrophoenician-motherBIBLE STUDY: Conversations, Part 6: A Syrophoenician Mother

BIBLE STUDY: Conversations, Pa...

my-afflictions-increased-meMY AFFLICTIONS INCREASED ME


just-move-the-stone-promoJUST MOVE THE STONE PROMO


what-is-the-kingdom-of-godWhat is the Kingdom of God?

What is the Kingdom of God?

10-friday-week-2-451-heart-full-of-treasure10 Friday Week 2 451 Heart full of Treasure

10 Friday Week 2 451 Heart ful...

10152018-psalm-2210.15.2018 Psalm 22

10.15.2018 Psalm 22

unashamed-before-him-1-john-228-29Unashamed Before Him (1 John 2:28-29)

Unashamed Before Him (1 John 2...

325-we-have-such-a-high-priest-hebrew-81-2#325 We have such a high priest, Hebrew 8.1-2

#325 We have such a high pries...

the-element-of-recollection-part-2The Element Of Recollection- Part 2

The Element Of Recollection- P...

half-bakedHalf Baked

Half Baked

what-it-takes-to-be-a-veteran-of-the-faithWhat It Takes To be A Veteran Of The Faith

What It Takes To be A Veteran...

dab-november-16-2018-1DAB November 16- 2018

DAB November 16- 2018

believing-for-the-miraculous-pt-14Believing for the Miraculous Pt 14

Believing for the Miraculous P...

when-god-doesnt-make-senseWhen God Doesn't Make Sense

When God Doesn't Make Sense

hebrews-91-10Hebrews 9:1-10

Hebrews 9:1-10

god-is-godGod is God.

God is God.

when-god-blesses-othersWhen God Blesses Others

When God Blesses Others

09-thursday-week-2-451-heart-full-of-treasure09 Thursday Week 2 451 Heart full of Treasure

09 Thursday Week 2 451 Heart f...

she-gave-everything-she-had-all-that-she-had-to-live-onShe Gave Everything She Had, All That She Had To Live On

She Gave Everything She Had, A...



heart-of-the-city-radio-nov-15-2018-episode-197-52-min-a-special-themed-throwback-show-from-3217Heart of the City Radio - Nov 15, 2018 Episode 197 (52 min) A special themed throwback show from 3/2/17!

Heart of the City Radio - Nov...

lust-makes-us-unfruitfulLust Makes Us Unfruitful

Lust Makes Us Unfruitful