t2c3-2018-07-15T2C3_2018 07 15

T2C3_2018 07 15

continue-to-keep-moving-forwardContinue To Keep Moving Forward

Continue To Keep Moving Forwar...

whats-up-with-water-baptismWhat's Up With Water Baptism?

What's Up With Water Baptism?


"Tongue & Wisdom" - James 3:7-...

july-15-2018-church-alive-church-on-the-propertyJuly 15, 2018 ~ Church: Alive  (Church on the Property)

July 15, 2018 ~ Church: Alive...

blessed-are-the-gentleBlessed Are The Gentle

Blessed Are The Gentle

alive-through-rejectionAlive Through Rejection

Alive Through Rejection

fulfilling-relationships-part-2Fulfilling Relationships - Part 2

Fulfilling Relationships - Par...

bishop-mike-sis-sun-15th-otBishop Mike Sis - Sun - 15th OT

Bishop Mike Sis - Sun - 15th O...

that-which-concerns-meThat Which Concerns Me

That Which Concerns Me

crucify-himCrucify Him

Crucify Him

hows-your-mugHows Your Mug

Hows Your Mug

moving-the-needleMoving The Needle

Moving The Needle

7-15-18-gifts-part-3-tongues7-15-18 - Gifts - Part 3 - Tongues

7-15-18 - Gifts - Part 3 - Ton...

eighth-sunday-after-pentecost-proper-10-year-b-hauntedEighth Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 10), Year B -

Eighth Sunday after Pentecost...

fight-or-fleeFight or Flee

Fight or Flee

1-thessalonians-1-7-15-181 Thessalonians 1 7-15-18

1 Thessalonians 1 7-15-18

dead-to-sinDead to Sin

Dead to Sin

nothing-to-proveNothing to Prove

Nothing to Prove

7-8-18-training-the-next-generation-pt17-8-18 Training the Next Generation pt1

7-8-18 Training the Next Gener...

7-1-18-building-an-ark-of-safety7-1-18 Building an Ark of Safety

7-1-18 Building an Ark of Safe...

going-with-godGoing With God

Going With God

gods-word-in-prayer-pt-1God's Word in Prayer. Pt. 1

God's Word in Prayer. Pt. 1

eating-well-english-meeting-july-15-2018-renewed-glory-churchEating Well, English Meeting, July 15, 2018, Renewed Glory Church

Eating Well, English Meeting,...

175-strengthened-in-christ#175 Strengthened In Christ

#175 Strengthened In Christ

bodylicious-lying-on-your-sideBodylicious: Lying On Your Side

Bodylicious: Lying On Your Sid...

how-to-beat-the-summer-slumpHow To Beat The Summer Slump

How To Beat The Summer Slump

god-works-we-sing3-071518God Works We Sing3 07.15.18

God Works We Sing3 07.15.18

genesis1-4-confused-when-i-dont-feel-god-in-my-lifeGenesis:1-4 - Confused: When I don't Feel God in My Life

Genesis:1-4 - Confused: When I...

commissioning-serviceCommissioning Service

Commissioning Service

empowering-the-poorEmpowering the Poor

Empowering the Poor

a-letter-from-christ-the-way-of-more-glory-part-3A Letter From Christ, The Way Of More Glory Part 3

A Letter From Christ, The Way...


"If I Only Had Kindness."

the-glorious-churchThe Glorious Church

The Glorious Church

your-songYour Song

Your Song

the-callThe Call

The Call

if-you-see-something-say-somethingIf You See Something, Say Something

If You See Something, Say Some...

pastor-ken-dutton-july-15-2018Pastor Ken Dutton, July 15, 2018

Pastor Ken Dutton, July 15, 20...

pastor-ken-dutton-july-15-2018Pastor Ken Dutton, July 15, 2018

Pastor Ken Dutton, July 15, 20...

when-the-familiar-transitionsWhen the Familiar Transitions

When the Familiar Transitions

jim-johnston-what-are-you-plantingJim Johnston - What Are You Planting?

Jim Johnston - What Are You Pl...

the-ten-commandments-3-july-15-2018The Ten Commandments - #3 - July 15, 2018

The Ten Commandments - #3 - Ju...

71518-noticing-god7.15.18 Noticing God

7.15.18 Noticing God

teaching-with-authorityTeaching with Authority

Teaching with Authority

summer-secrets-part-2-people-will-do-anything-for-a-pictureSummer Secrets (Part 2 - People will do Anything for a Picture)

Summer Secrets (Part 2 - Peopl...

the-covenantThe Covenant

The Covenant

our-hunger-our-heartOur Hunger - Our Heart

Our Hunger - Our Heart

meekness-humility-in-actionMeekness, humility in action

Meekness, humility in action

whats-for-dinnerWhat's For Dinner

What's For Dinner

jeremiah-the-weeping-prophetJeremiah: The Weeping Prophet

Jeremiah: The Weeping Prophet

presence-part-3-with-ps-mark-evansPresence Part 3 with Ps Mark Evans

Presence Part 3 with Ps Mark E...

keep-believingKeep Believing

Keep Believing

sunday-worship-july-15-2018Sunday Worship, July 15, 2018

Sunday Worship, July 15, 2018

matters-of-the-heartMatters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart

childlike-faithChildlike Faith

Childlike Faith

a-chapter-of-impactA Chapter of Impact

A Chapter of Impact

praise-and-worshipPraise and Worship

Praise and Worship

when-i-am-weak-2-corinthians-121-10When I am Weak - 2 Corinthians 12:1-10

When I am Weak - 2 Corinthians...

every-sin-conceived-is-a-lie-believedEvery Sin Conceived Is A Lie Believed

Every Sin Conceived Is A Lie B...

admire-dont-acquireAdmire Don't Acquire

Admire Don't Acquire

the-holy-spirit-is-in-you-city-am-david-macgregorThe Holy Spirit is in you! // City AM // David MacGregor

The Holy Spirit is in you! //...

empty-seatEmpty Seat

Empty Seat

a-happy-healthy-home-sermon-onlyA Happy Healthy Home (Sermon Only)

A Happy Healthy Home (Sermon O...

a-healthy-happy-home-worship-serviceA Healthy Happy Home (Worship Service)

A Healthy Happy Home (Worship...

a-healthy-happy-home-videoA Healthy, Happy Home (Video)

A Healthy, Happy Home (Video)

sunday-71518-luke-17-7-10Sunday 7.15.18__Luke 17_7-10

Sunday 7.15.18__Luke 17_7-10

are-there-leaks-in-your-foundationAre There Leaks in Your Foundation?

Are There Leaks in Your Founda...

a-lavish-mysteryA Lavish Mystery

A Lavish Mystery

dcn-armando-sun-15th-ot-spanishDcn. Armando - Sun - 15th OT - Spanish

Dcn. Armando - Sun - 15th OT -...

sermon-7-8-18Sermon 7-8-18

Sermon 7-8-18

sermon-15th-july-2018Sermon 15th July 2018

Sermon 15th July 2018

isaiah-41-pt-2-living-without-fearIsaiah 41 Pt 2 - Living without Fear

Isaiah 41 Pt 2 - Living withou...

174-the-whole-man-nehemiah-111#174 The Whole Man, Nehemiah 11.1

#174 The Whole Man, Nehemiah 1...

morning-sermonMorning Sermon

Morning Sermon

you-hurt-my-feelingsYou Hurt My Feelings

You Hurt My Feelings

dab-july-15-2018-1DAB July 15 - 2018

DAB July 15 - 2018

staying-the-courseStaying the Course

Staying the Course

lame-in-the-kings-houseLame in the King's House

Lame in the King's House

community-prayer-july14-2018-1Community Prayer July14-2018

Community Prayer July14-2018

the-blessings-of-a-lifetimeThe Blessings Of A Lifetime

The Blessings Of A Lifetime

the-kingdom-handbookThe Kingdom Handbook

The Kingdom Handbook

the-truth-about-amenThe Truth About Amen

The Truth About Amen

shake-it-off-into-the-fireShake It off Into the Fire

Shake It off Into the Fire

divine-heritageDivine Heritage

Divine Heritage



dcn-dave-vigil-15th-otDcn. Dave - Vigil - 15th OT

Dcn. Dave - Vigil - 15th OT

decades-the-70sDecades //

Decades // "The 70's"

15-july-201815 july 2018

15 july 2018

loc-radio-bgk4b-god-is-our-refuge-part-2LOC Radio BGK4b God is Our Refuge - Part 2

LOC Radio BGK4b God is Our Ref...

decades-the-60sDecades //

Decades // "The 60's"

on-the-handling-of-lemonsOn The Handling Of Lemons

On The Handling Of Lemons

interceding-for-your-family-14-july-2018Interceding for your family - 14 July 2018

Interceding for your family -...

meet-the-masterMeet the Master!

Meet the Master!

173-sealed-by-the-covenant-nehemiah-1028-29#173 Sealed by the covenant, Nehemiah 10.28-29

#173 Sealed by the covenant, N...

off-topic-the-power-of-youOff Topic // The Power of YOU

Off Topic // The Power of YOU

dab-july-14-2018-1DAB July 14 - 2018

DAB July 14 - 2018



david-goliath-part-1-waitingDavid & Goliath Part 1:  Waiting

David & Goliath Part 1: Waiti...

1-corinthians-1-71 Corinthians 1-7

1 Corinthians 1-7

443-05-friday443 05 Friday

443 05 Friday

prayerlife-week-1-where-to-beginPrayerLIFE - Week 1 - Where To Begin?

PrayerLIFE - Week 1 - Where To...

whats-in-a-name-week-2-jehovah-i-am-a-covenant-godWhat’s In a Name - Week  2 - Jehovah - I AM a Covenant God

What’s In a Name - Week 2 - J...