whats-in-there-part-4What's in There? - Part 4

What's in There? - Part 4

steven-hodges-preaching-92318Steven Hodges preaching 9.23.18

Steven Hodges preaching 9.23.1...

the-gospel-part-6The Gospel (Part 6)

The Gospel (Part 6)

knowing-my-placeKnowing My Place

Knowing My Place

feast-of-tabernacles-9-23-18Feast of Tabernacles 9-23-18

Feast of Tabernacles 9-23-18

september-23-2018-first-baptist-church-smiths-fallsSeptember 23 2018 First Baptist Church Smiths Falls

September 23 2018 First Baptis...

the-ministry-of-the-holy-spirit-ivThe Ministry of The Holy Spirit IV

The Ministry of The Holy Spiri...

our-authorityOur Authority

Our Authority

why-do-we-quarrelWhy Do We Quarrel?

Why Do We Quarrel?

eighteenth-sunday-after-pentecost-proper-20-graspingEighteenth Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 20) -

Eighteenth Sunday after Pentec...

9-23-18-core-part-4-respect9-23-18 - Core - Part 4 - Respect

9-23-18 - Core - Part 4 - Resp...

youre-not-gr-r-reatYou're (Not) Gr-r-reat!

You're (Not) Gr-r-reat!

finishing-gods-workFinishing God’s Work

Finishing God’s Work

the-love-of-godThe Love of God

The Love of God

supernatural-pastor-ken-dutton-september-23-2018Supernatural, Pastor Ken Dutton, September 23, 2018

Supernatural, Pastor Ken Dutto...

supernatural-pastor-ken-dutton-september-23-2018Supernatural, Pastor Ken Dutton, September 23, 2018

Supernatural, Pastor Ken Dutto...

mark-7-1-23-from-the-inside-outMark 7:-1-23 - From the Inside Out

Mark 7:-1-23 - From the Inside...

the-covenant-of-promiseThe Covenant of Promise

The Covenant of Promise

who-am-iWho Am I?

Who Am I?



5-greek-words-every-christian-should-know-gnosis5 Greek Words Every Christian Should Know: Gnosis

5 Greek Words Every Christian...


"Good Teacher"

9-23-2018-pastor-gareth-stephenson9-23-2018 Pastor Gareth Stephenson

9-23-2018 Pastor Gareth Stephe...

walking-in-the-spiritWalking in the Spirit

Walking in the Spirit

show-me-the-coinShow me the Coin

Show me the Coin

sun-is-rising-sep-23-2018-renewed-glory-churchSun is Rising, Sep 23, 2018, Renewed Glory Church

Sun is Rising, Sep 23, 2018, R...

the-antichrist-and-the-false-prophet-revelation-131-18The Antichrist and the False Prophet - Revelation 13:1-18

The Antichrist and the False P...

62-matthew-191-12-abusing-scripture-part-162 Matthew 19:1-12 - Abusing Scripture... Part 1

62 Matthew 19:1-12 - Abusing S...

been-there-i-will-recoverBeen There - I Will Recover

Been There - I Will Recover

fishers-of-menFishers of Men

Fishers of Men

mark-21-12-rise-and-walkMark 2:1-12 -

Mark 2:1-12 - "Rise, and Walk"

identifying-your-purposeIdentifying your purpose

Identifying your purpose

hope-from-an-unlikely-placeHope From An Unlikely Place

Hope From An Unlikely Place

a-beautiful-life-part-2-a-sweet-smelling-aromaA Beautiful Life  Part 2 - A Sweet Smelling Aroma

A Beautiful Life Part 2 - A S...

how-to-avoid-a-hairy-situation-genesis-2519-34How to Avoid a Hairy Situation (Genesis 25:19-34)

How to Avoid a Hairy Situation...

caring-for-othersCaring for Others

Caring for Others

real-knowledge-chad-smithReal Knowledge | Chad Smith

Real Knowledge | Chad Smith

now-that-yourre-believe-2Now That Your're Believe #2

Now That Your're Believe #2

hearing-and-doingHearing and Doing

Hearing and Doing

raising-a-daniel-in-a-babylonian-culture-david-warrenRaising a Daniel in a Babylonian Culture - David Warren

Raising a Daniel in a Babyloni...

masih-berlakukah-aturan-perpuluhan Masih berlakukah aturan perpuluhan

Masih berlakukah aturan perpu...

old-testament-survey-week-11Old Testament Survey week 11

Old Testament Survey week 11

sing-week-11Sing! week 11

Sing! week 11

matthew-week-11Matthew week 11

Matthew week 11

ephesians-2Ephesians 2

Ephesians 2



will-god-judge-all-peopleWill God Judge all People?

Will God Judge all People?

how-to-overcome-your-pastHow to Overcome Your Past

How to Overcome Your Past

sending-church-one88-commissioningSending Church - One88 Commissioning

Sending Church - One88 Commiss...

avoid-being-foolish-videoAvoid Being Foolish (Video)

Avoid Being Foolish (Video)

mark-930-37Mark 9:30-37

Mark 9:30-37

man-vs-woman-week-3Man Vs Woman - Week 3

Man Vs Woman - Week 3

tis-so-sweet'Tis So Sweet

'Tis So Sweet

dcn-armando-sun-ot-25th-spaDcn. Armando - Sun - OT 25th - SPA

Dcn. Armando - Sun - OT 25th -...

the-importance-of-patience-faithThe Importance of Patience & Faith

The Importance of Patience & F...

sermon-23rd-september-2018Sermon 23rd September 2018

Sermon 23rd September 2018

the-power-of-the-spoken-word-part-2the power of the spoken word  part 2

the power of the spoken word...

sermon-9-16-18sermon 9-16-18

sermon 9-16-18

260-the-ministry-of-reconciliation-ii-corinthians-517-20#260 The ministry of reconciliation, II Corinthians 5.17-20

#260 The ministry of reconcili...

morning-meeting-23-09-2018Morning Meeting 23-09-2018

Morning Meeting 23-09-2018

moving-toward-discipleshipMoving Toward Discipleship

Moving Toward Discipleship

watch-your-prayers-get-answered-tgmWatch Your Prayers Get Answered (TGM)

Watch Your Prayers Get Answere...

dab-september-23-2018-1DAB September 23 - 2018

DAB September 23 - 2018

community-prayer-september22-2018-1Community Prayer September22-2018

Community Prayer September22-2...

releasing-healingReleasing Healing

Releasing Healing

winning-at-life-part-1Winning At Life Part 1

Winning At Life Part 1

dcn-dave-vigil-25th-otDcn. Dave - Vigil - 25th OT

Dcn. Dave - Vigil - 25th OT

final-wordsFinal Words

Final Words

that-day-and-this-dayThat Day and This Day

That Day and This Day

259-transformed-ii-corinthians-316-18#259 Transformed, II Corinthians 3.16-18

#259 Transformed, II Corinthia...

where-is-your-victoryWhere Is Your Victory

Where Is Your Victory

dab-september-22-2018-1DAB September 22 - 2018

DAB September 22 - 2018

prayer-that-makes-a-differencePrayer That Makes a Difference

Prayer That Makes a Difference

1-thess-4-2-thess-31 Thess 4-2 Thess 3

1 Thess 4-2 Thess 3

centered-on-the-gospelCentered on the Gospel

Centered on the Gospel

the-supernatural-lifeThe Supernatural Life

The Supernatural Life

hebrews-414-510Hebrews 4:14-5:10

Hebrews 4:14-5:10

05-friday-448-figure-her-out05 Friday #448 Figure Her Out

05 Friday #448 Figure Her Out

the-freedom-we-find-mcmThe Freedom We Find (MCM)

The Freedom We Find (MCM)

the-kingdom-of-god-2The Kingdom Of God

The Kingdom Of God

freed-from-the-law-ep-23Freed From the Law (Ep. 23)

Freed From the Law (Ep. 23)

those-who-are-persecutedThose Who Are Persecuted

Those Who Are Persecuted

the-peacemakersThe Peacemakers

The Peacemakers

hunger-and-thirstHunger and Thirst

Hunger and Thirst

blessed-are-the-meekBlessed Are The Meek

Blessed Are The Meek

those-who-mournThose Who Mourn

Those Who Mourn

poor-in-spiritPoor In Spirit

Poor In Spirit

bible-study-parables-lesson-18-the-doctor-and-the-sickBIBLE STUDY: Parables, Lesson 18 - The Doctor and the Sick

BIBLE STUDY: Parables, Lesson...

live-christianlyLive Christianly!

Live Christianly!

fr-joseph-fri-st-matthewFr. Joseph - Fri - St. Matthew

Fr. Joseph - Fri - St. Matthew

258-the-fragrance-of-knowledge-of-christ-ii-corinthians-214-17#258 The Fragrance of knowledge of Christ, II Corinthians 2.14-17

#258 The Fragrance of knowledg...

dab-september-21-2018-1DAB September 21 - 2018

DAB September 21 - 2018

committed-to-serveCommitted to Serve

Committed to Serve

fr-john-thu-memorial-of-korean-martyrsFr. John - Thu - Memorial of Korean Martyrs

Fr. John - Thu - Memorial of K...

to-judge-rightly-bedeTo Judge Rightly (Bede)

To Judge Rightly (Bede)

the-power-of-our-denial-tgh2The Power of Our Denial (TGH2)

The Power of Our Denial (TGH2)

heart-of-the-city-radio-sep-20-2018-episode-189-56-min-newHeart of the City Radio – Sep 20, 2018 Episode 189 (56 min NEW)

Heart of the City Radio – Sep...

el-reino-de-diosEl reino de Dios

El reino de Dios

04-thursday-448-figure-her-out04 Thursday #448 Figure Her Out

04 Thursday #448 Figure Her Ou...

worship-service-9162018Worship Service 9.16.2018

Worship Service 9.16.2018


"The Church of Jonah" (Part 4)