487-03-wednesday487 03 Wednesday

487 03 Wednesday

covaid-19-discovery-updateCOVAID - 19 DISCOVERY UPDATE


this-is-but-the-first-waveThis is but the first wave....

This is but the first wave....

prayer-dr-ernest-cynthia-jonesPrayer -Dr. Ernest & Cynthia Jones

Prayer -Dr. Ernest & Cynthia J...

youve-been-lied-toYOU'VE BEEN LIED TO!


finding-faith-in-a-fearful-timeFinding Faith in a Fearful Time

Finding Faith in a Fearful Tim...

being-a-joyful-giverBeing A Joyful Giver

Being A Joyful Giver

vivid-19-virus-and-receiving-gods-divine-protection-from-it-which-is-part-of-your-inheritance-in-this-life ( Vivid 19 ) - Virus and receiving God's divine protection from it which is part of your inheritance in this life .

( Vivid 19 ) - Virus and rece...

we-have-the-ultimate-cureWe Have The Ultimate Cure

We Have The Ultimate Cure

baby-d-lesson-25-single-parentingBABY D LESSON 2.5

BABY D LESSON 2.5 "Single Pa...

halt-1-kings-193HALT! (1 Kings 19:3)

HALT! (1 Kings 19:3)

matthew-ch13-part-3-parables-3-8Matthew ch.13 Part 3: Parables 3-8

Matthew ch.13 Part 3: Parables...

heritage-chapel-51618Heritage Chapel 5/16/18

Heritage Chapel 5/16/18

john-ch-1-vs-35-51-point-them-to-jesusJohn Ch. 1 vs 35-51 (Point Them To Jesus)

John Ch. 1 vs 35-51 (Point The...

patience-pleasePatience Please!

Patience Please!

2020-03-18-e01-dominicus-podcast-1-eva-martens-en-juut-meijer2020-03-18 E01 Dominicus Podcast 1 Eva Martens en Juut Meijer

2020-03-18 E01 Dominicus Podca...

24-jeremiah-chapter-1-king-james-version-kjv-alexander-scourby-free-audio-video-bible24. Jeremiah Chapter 1 - King James Version KJV Alexander Scourby Free Audio Video Bible

24. Jeremiah Chapter 1 - King...

901-care-for-the-underprivileged-deuteronomy-2419-22#901, Care for the Underprivileged, Deuteronomy 24.19-22

#901, Care for the Underprivil...

john-ch-1-vs-19-34-being-an-effective-witnessJohn Ch. 1 vs 19-34 (Being An Effective Witness)

John Ch. 1 vs 19-34 (Being An...

ep83-healthy-boundaries-with-dr-sasha-shilcuttEp83. Healthy Boundaries with Dr. Sasha Shilcutt

Ep83. Healthy Boundaries with...

dont-forget-pt-2Don't Forget (Pt 2)

Don't Forget (Pt 2)



accelerate-part-2-from-sinneAccelerate Part #2 (From Sinne

Accelerate Part #2 (From Sinne

dab-march-18-2020DAB March 18 - 2020

DAB March 18 - 2020

dab-march-18-2020-2DAB March 18 - 2020

DAB March 18 - 2020

march-15-2020-living-victoriously-overcoming-pastor-jim-reimerMarch 15 2020 - Living Victoriously - Overcoming - Pastor Jim Reimer

March 15 2020 - Living Victori...

summation-of-lifeSummation of Life

Summation of Life

fear-notFear not

Fear not

prayer-shift-climatePrayer Shift Climate

Prayer Shift Climate

juicio-a-nacionesJuicio a naciones

Juicio a naciones

brought-back-to-life-to-liveBrought Back To Life To Live

Brought Back To Life To Live

487-02-tuesday487 02 Tuesday

487 02 Tuesday

miracles-from-messes-3-15-20Miracles From Messes (3-15-20)

Miracles From Messes (3-15-20)

are-you-an-earth-dwellerAre You an Earth Dweller?

Are You an Earth Dweller?

01-coping-and-caring01. Coping and Caring

01. Coping and Caring

the-sum-totalThe Sum Total

The Sum Total

john-660-71-you-have-the-words-of-eternal-lifeJohn 6.60-71 . . . You Have the Words of Eternal Life

John 6.60-71 . . . You Have th...

la-paja-en-el-ojo-ajeno-devocionales-para-tu-vidaLa Paja En El Ojo Ajeno - Devocionales Para Tu Vida

La Paja En El Ojo Ajeno - Devo...

god-has-done-it-again-psalm-11824God Has Done It Again (Psalm 118:24)

God Has Done It Again (Psalm 1...

repair-the-altar-1-kings-1830Repair the Altar! (1 Kings 18:30)

Repair the Altar! (1 Kings 18:...

stacy-kent-discuss-the-markets-coronavirus-and-more Stacy & Kent Discuss the Markets, Coronavirus and more

Stacy & Kent Discuss the Mark...

ep-14-1-timothy-31-13-qualifications-of-pastors-and-deaconsEp 14 - 1 Timothy 3:1-13 - Qualifications of Pastors and Deacons

Ep 14 - 1 Timothy 3:1-13 - Qua...

empathy-its-worth-gainingEmpathy - It's Worth Gaining

Empathy - It's Worth Gaining

life-matters-deuteronomy-218-9Life Matters, Deuteronomy 21.8-9

Life Matters, Deuteronomy 21.8...

lesson-12-from-north-and-south-to-the-beautiful-land-3abn-sabbath-school-panel-q1Lesson 12: From North and South to the Beautiful Land - 3ABN Sabbath School Panel - Q1

Lesson 12: From North and Sout...

sondag-15-maartSondag 15 maart

Sondag 15 maart

live-on-the-air-wpastor-rik-rLive on The Air W/Pastor Rik R.

Live on The Air W/Pastor Rik R...

john-ch-1-vs-14-18-the-word-became-fleshJohn Ch. 1 vs 14-18 (The Word Became Flesh)

John Ch. 1 vs 14-18 (The Word...

walk-in-the-light-snippetWalk In The Light -snippet

Walk In The Light -snippet

beware-of-false-teachersBeware of False Teachers

Beware of False Teachers

tiempo-de-humillarnosTiempo de humillarnos

Tiempo de humillarnos

to-a-thousand-genrationsTo A THOUSAND GENRATIONS


dab-march-17-2020DAB March 17 - 2020

DAB March 17 - 2020

dab-march-17-2020-2DAB March 17 - 2020

DAB March 17 - 2020

contrasts-light-and-darknessContrasts: Light and Darkness

Contrasts: Light and Darkness

the-place-of-peaceThe Place of Peace

The Place of Peace

march-15-2020-fast-40-days-to-breakthrough-part-3March 15, 2020 - Fast: 40 Days to Breakthrough - Part 3

March 15, 2020 - Fast: 40 Days...

strange-confidenceStrange Confidence

Strange Confidence

dont-forget-pt-1Don't Forget (Pt 1)

Don't Forget (Pt 1)

the-promise-of-powerThe Promise of Power

The Promise of Power

trust-the-processTrust the Process

Trust the Process

487-01-monday487 01 Monday

487 01 Monday

three-passagesThree passages

Three passages

john-ch-1-vs-01-18-jesus-the-divine-oneJohn Ch. 1 vs 01-18 (Jesus The Divine One)

John Ch. 1 vs 01-18 (Jesus The...

hebrews-101-25Hebrews 10.1-25

Hebrews 10.1-25

chip-fox-guest-sermonChip Fox Guest Sermon

Chip Fox Guest Sermon


"Mexico Mission Trip Testimoni...

called-to-a-working-faithCalled to a Working Faith

Called to a Working Faith

march-15-2020March 15, 2020

March 15, 2020



john-45-30-39-42-jesus-calls-the-wearyJohn 4:5-30, 39-42 (Jesus Calls the Weary)

John 4:5-30, 39-42 (Jesus Call...

in-times-like-theseIn TImes Like These

In TImes Like These

our-great-godOur Great God

Our Great God

20200714-holding-onto-the-rope20200714 Holding Onto the Rope

20200714 Holding Onto the Rope

three-types-of-faithThree Types Of Faith

Three Types Of Faith

my-redeemer-is-strongMy Redeemer Is Strong

My Redeemer Is Strong

pastor-shad-goltz-on-the-struggle-of-servicePastor Shad Goltz on the Struggle of Service

Pastor Shad Goltz on the Strug...

899-a-king-for-gods-people-deuteronomy-1714-20#899, A King for God’s people, Deuteronomy 17.14-20

#899, A King for God’s people,...

the-hand-of-the-lordThe Hand Of The Lord

The Hand Of The Lord

2020-03-15-gert-my-posisie-in-christus2020-03-15 Gert My posisie in Christus

2020-03-15 Gert My posisie in...

1st-peter-ch-5-vs-01-14-healthy-shepherd-healthy-sheep1st Peter  Ch. 5 vs 01-14 (Healthy Shepherd, Healthy Sheep)

1st Peter Ch. 5 vs 01-14 (Hea...

wisdom-from-the-roaring-faith-of-olympianmissionarypow-eric-liddell-eric-eichinger-part-4Wisdom from the

Wisdom from the "roaring faith...

lie-1-appetite-needs-vs-satisfactionLie #1 - Appetite (Needs Vs Satisfaction)

Lie #1 - Appetite (Needs Vs Sa...

the-choice-for-holinessThe Choice for Holiness

The Choice for Holiness



step-out-of-the-crowd-luke-2318-31-dr-jack-parrottStep Out of the Crowd - Luke 23:18-31  - Dr. Jack Parrott

Step Out of the Crowd - Luke 2...

do-not-fear-and-hide-live-abideDo Not Fear and Hide Live & Abide

Do Not Fear and Hide Live & Ab...

how-to-stand-firmHow to Stand Firm

How to Stand Firm



faith-over-fearFaith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

joyful-noiseJoyful Noise

Joyful Noise

transformed-by-the-lordTransformed By The Lord

Transformed By The Lord

i-do-believeI Do Believe

I Do Believe

indigenous-youth-suicide-with-guest-barry-chalifouxIndigenous Youth Suicide with Guest Barry Chalifoux

Indigenous Youth Suicide with...

dab-march-16-2020DAB March 16 - 2020

DAB March 16 - 2020

dab-march-16-2020-2DAB March 16 - 2020

DAB March 16 - 2020

15-03-2020-culto-dominical-pr-joao-de-deus-mateus-1-vs-1015-03-2020 - Culto Dominical - Pr. João de Deus - Mateus 1, vs 10

15-03-2020 - Culto Dominical -...

dealing-with-failureDealing With Failure

Dealing With Failure


"I AM" the Good Shepherd


"I AM" the Good Shepherd

the-best-time-to-be-aliveThe Best Time To Be Alive

The Best Time To Be Alive

organization-is-brought-to-the-church-pastor-chad-braleyOrganization is Brought to the Church - Pastor Chad Braley

Organization is Brought to the...