extiende-el-sitio-de-tu-tiendaExtiende el sitio de tu tienda

Extiende el sitio de tu tienda

defeating-discouragement-videoDefeating Discouragement (Video)

Defeating Discouragement (Vide...

defeating-discouragement-worship-serviceDefeating Discouragement (Worship service)

Defeating Discouragement (Wors...

defeating-discouragement-sermon-onlyDefeating Discouragement (Sermon Only)

Defeating Discouragement (Serm...

abiding-in-love-chad-smithAbiding in Love | Chad Smith

Abiding in Love | Chad Smith

the-lord-is-my-shepherd-i-sometimes-wantThe Lord is My Shepherd I Sometimes Want

The Lord is My Shepherd I Some...

tfw-a-culture-of-generosity-martin-cooperTFW: A Culture of Generosity (Martin Cooper)

TFW: A Culture of Generosity (...

mothers-day Mothers Day

Mothers Day

sermon-12th-may-2019Sermon 12th May 2019

Sermon 12th May 2019

sermon-5-5-19Sermon 5-5-19

Sermon 5-5-19

ep-34-a-true-heart-rev-john-thackwayEp. 34 | A True Heart (Rev. John Thackway)

Ep. 34 | A True Heart (Rev. Jo...

537-look-and-live-numbers-219#537, Look and live, Numbers 21.9

#537, Look and live, Numbers 2...

ana-respondiendo-a-las-adversidades-correctamenteAna: Respondiendo a las adversidades correctamente

Ana: Respondiendo a las advers...

super-mothersSuper Mothers

Super Mothers

graduation-advice-2Graduation Advice

Graduation Advice

an-open-heaven-above-you-2An Open Heaven Above You

An Open Heaven Above You

592019-proverbs-4-our-mouth5.9.2019 Proverbs 4 Our Mouth

5.9.2019 Proverbs 4 Our Mouth

552019-the-work-of-the-cross-part-15.5.2019 The Work of the Cross Part 1

5.5.2019 The Work of the Cross...

dab-may-12-2019-1DAB May 12 - 2019

DAB May 12 - 2019

receiving-ministering-healing-pt-7Receiving & Ministering Healing Pt 7

Receiving & Ministering Healin...

dab-may-12-2019-2DAB May 12 - 2019

DAB May 12 - 2019

12052019-angus12052019 Angus

12052019 Angus

a-special-mothers-day-messageA special Mothers Day Message

A special Mothers Day Message

the-most-important-facts-in-history-pt-2The Most Important Facts in History pt 2

The Most Important Facts in Hi...

a-mothers-heartA Mothers Heart

A Mothers Heart

am-i-christian-enough-2Am I  Christian Enough

Am I Christian Enough

the-word-of-god-is-a-promise-11-may-2019The Word of God is a promise - 11 May 2019

The Word of God is a promise -...

la-verdad-en-lo-intimoLa verdad en lo intimo

La verdad en lo intimo


"It Ain't Fittin'!" (Proverbs...

536-text-title#536, Text, Title

#536, Text, Title

dab-may-11-2019-1DAB May 11 - 2019

DAB May 11 - 2019

dab-may-11-2019-2DAB May 11 - 2019

DAB May 11 - 2019

community-prayer-may11-2019-1Community Prayer May11-2019

Community Prayer May11-2019

community-prayer-may11-2019-2Community Prayer May11-2019

Community Prayer May11-2019

encounter-nights-mattie-montgomery-we-have-accessEncounter Nights :: Mattie Montgomery - We Have Access

Encounter Nights :: Mattie Mon...

abre-tu-casa-a-la-bendicionAbre tu casa a la  bendición

Abre tu casa a la bendición

464-10-friday-week-2464 10 Friday Week 2

464 10 Friday Week 2

thrown-awayThrown Away

Thrown Away

anger-action-and-self-deception-james-119-27Anger, Action, and Self Deception (James 1:19-27)

Anger, Action, and Self Decept...



535-in-god-i-trust-psalm-564#535, In God I trust, Psalm 56.4

#535, In God I trust, Psalm 56...

the-house-of-prayerthe house of prayer

the house of prayer

abounding-ability-pt-9Abounding Ability Pt 9

Abounding Ability Pt 9

dab-may-10-2019DAB May 10 - 2019

DAB May 10 - 2019

dab-may-10-2019-2DAB May 10 - 2019

DAB May 10 - 2019

a-god-who-hears-my-prayerA God Who Hears My Prayer

A God Who Hears My Prayer

what-do-you-seeWhat Do You See?

What Do You See?

464-09-thursday-week-2464 09 Thursday Week 2

464 09 Thursday Week 2

heart-of-the-city-radio-may-9-2018Heart of the City Radio – May 9, 2018

Heart of the City Radio – May...

the-weight-of-worry-proverbs-1225The Weight of Worry (Proverbs 12:25)

The Weight of Worry (Proverbs...

534-the-man-whom-i-choose-171-6#534, The man whom I choose, 17.1-6

#534, The man whom I choose, 1...

a-cleansing-is-requiredA Cleansing is Required

A Cleansing is Required

zion-my-hearts-desireZion My Hearts Desire

Zion My Hearts Desire

victory-in-the-gloryVictory in the Glory

Victory in the Glory

not-letting-circumstances-hinder-our-joyNot Letting Circumstances Hinder Our Joy

Not Letting Circumstances Hind...

the-holy-spirit-pt-3-margaret-kirklandThe Holy Spirit Pt. 3 (Margaret Kirkland)

The Holy Spirit Pt. 3 (Margare...

relationship-series-part-12-whos-pushing-your-buttonsRelationship Series (Part 1/2) - Who's Pushing Your Buttons?

Relationship Series (Part 1/2)...

why-god-blessed-obed-edomWhy God Blessed Obed-Edom

Why God Blessed Obed-Edom

why-do-bad-things-happen-highschoolWhy Do Bad Things Happen? (highschool)

Why Do Bad Things Happen? (hig...

when-god-does-more-with-less-pastor-chad-braleyWhen God Does More With Less - Pastor Chad Braley

When God Does More With Less -...

the-unveiling-of-revelationThe Unveiling of Revelation

The Unveiling of Revelation

may-8thMay, 8th

May, 8th

dab-may-09-2019DAB May 09 - 2019

DAB May 09 - 2019

dab-may-09-2019-2DAB May 09 - 2019

DAB May 09 - 2019

the-sermon-on-the-mount-chapter-5-part-1The Sermon On The Mount - Chapter 5 Part 1

The Sermon On The Mount - Chap...

is-calvinism-trueIs Calvinism True?

Is Calvinism True?

the-heartbeat-of-a-pastor-rev-marvin-stovallThe Heartbeat of a Pastor (Rev. Marvin Stovall)

The Heartbeat of a Pastor (Rev...

philippians-34-16Philippians 3:4-16

Philippians 3:4-16

sufficiency-of-the-crucifixion-5719-1034-amSufficiency of the Crucifixion - 5:7:19, 10.34 AM

Sufficiency of the Crucifixion...

the-compassion-of-the-churchThe Compassion of the Church

The Compassion of the Church

464-08-wednesday-week-2464 08 Wednesday Week 2

464 08 Wednesday Week 2

fire-in-the-windFire In The Wind

Fire In The Wind

breathing-room-part-2-timeBreathing Room | Part 2 | Time

Breathing Room | Part 2 | Time

amar-irnos-con-cristoAmar irnos con Cristo

Amar irnos con Cristo

displaying-faithDisplaying Faith

Displaying Faith

too-much-talk-proverbs-1019Too Much Talk! (Proverbs 10:19)

Too Much Talk! (Proverbs 10:19...

zechariah-ch14-the-war-consummationZechariah ch.14: The War: Consummation

Zechariah ch.14: The War: Cons...

psalm-68-the-victory-of-the-lordPsalm 68 The Victory of the LORD

Psalm 68 The Victory of the LO...

533-all-are-holy-numbers-161-3#533, All are holy, Numbers 16.1-3

#533, All are holy, Numbers 16...

may-7-5pm-serviceMay 7 | 5pm Service

May 7 | 5pm Service



tue-nightTue Night

Tue Night

dab-may-08-2019-1DAB May 08 - 2019

DAB May 08 - 2019

apostolic-strategy-part-5Apostolic Strategy Part 5

Apostolic Strategy Part 5

cross-road-of-destinyCross Road of Destiny

Cross Road of Destiny

a-culture-of-honourA Culture of Honour

A Culture of Honour

the-secert-of-obededomThe Secert Of Obededom

The Secert Of Obededom

20190504-god-in-3-words20190504 God In 3 Words

20190504 God In 3 Words

worthy-is-the-lambWorthy Is The Lamb

Worthy Is The Lamb

moses-preparedMoses Prepared

Moses Prepared

464-07-tuesday-week-2464 07 Tuesday Week 2

464 07 Tuesday Week 2

the-unknown-godThe Unknown God

The Unknown God

god-knows-what-he-is-doingGod Knows What He Is Doing

God Knows What He Is Doing

it-is-finishedIt is Finished

It is Finished

answer-jesus-part-2Answer Jesus Part 2

Answer Jesus Part 2

the-waiting-game-the-breaking-in-breakthrough-5-5-19The Waiting Game- The Breaking in Breakthrough (5-5-19)

The Waiting Game- The Breaking...



the-motivation-for-restorationThe Motivation for Restoration

The Motivation for Restoration

turn-away-keep-moving-proverbs-415Turn Away - Keep Moving! (Proverbs 4:15)

Turn Away - Keep Moving! (Prov...

worship-service-5052019Worship Service 5.05.2019

Worship Service 5.05.2019

532-against-god-psalm-513-4#532, Against God, Psalm 51.3-4

#532, Against God, Psalm 51.3-...

we-must-be-a-holy-peopleWe Must Be a Holy People

We Must Be a Holy People