2019-03-10-pastor-steve-parker-sunday-morning-revival2019-03-10 Pastor Steve Parker Sunday Morning  Revival

2019-03-10 Pastor Steve Parker...

praying-god-willPraying God Will...

Praying God Will...

dirty-on-the-inside-part-2-mark-series-mk-71-23Dirty On The Inside - Part 2 - Mark Series - Mk 7:1-23

Dirty On The Inside - Part 2 -...

love-like-jesus-part-2-of-2Love Like Jesus (Part 2 of 2)

Love Like Jesus (Part 2 of 2)

the-ten-commandments-part-10-march-10-2019The Ten Commandments - Part 10 - March 10, 2019

The Ten Commandments - Part 10...

staying-in-it-when-i-want-to-runStaying In It When I Want to Run

Staying In It When I Want to R...

wisdoms-edgeWisdoms Edge

Wisdoms Edge

march-10-2019March 10 2019

March 10 2019

john-519-29-how-close-are-you-to-godJohn 5:19-29 - How Close are you to God?

John 5:19-29 - How Close are y...

life-in-cruise-pt2-031019Life in Cruise Pt2 03.10.19

Life in Cruise Pt2 03.10.19

re-pair-itRe-Pair It

Re-Pair It

stewarding-the-words-of-god-bro-jason-ottosenStewarding the Words of God - Bro Jason Ottosen

Stewarding the Words of God -...

joshua-week-8Joshua week 8

Joshua week 8

1-corinthians-126-31-our-common-identity-john-tracy1 Corinthians 1:26-31 - Our Common Identity - John Tracy

1 Corinthians 1:26-31 - Our Co...

pengurapan-terakhir-pdt-effendi-susantoPengurapan Terakhir - Pdt Effendi Susanto

Pengurapan Terakhir - Pdt Effe...

the-truth-about-freedomThe Truth about Freedom

The Truth about Freedom

pick-a-box Pick a Box

Pick a Box

it-will-all-work-outIt Will All Work Out

It Will All Work Out

kingdom-priorityKingdom Priority

Kingdom Priority

the-battle-belongs-to-the-lord-2-chronicles-2015The Battle Belongs to the Lord! (2 Chronicles 20:15)

The Battle Belongs to the Lord...

the-sinner-safe-saviorThe Sinner-Safe Savior

The Sinner-Safe Savior

renovate-worry-or-worshipRenovate: Worry or Worship

Renovate: Worry or Worship

col28-15-captive-only-to-christ-part-1Col2:8-15 Captive only to Christ Part 1

Col2:8-15 Captive only to Chri...

beginning-the-walk-with-jesus-videoBeginning the Walk with Jesus (video)

Beginning the Walk with Jesus...

beginning-the-walk-with-jesus-worship-serviceBeginning the Walk with Jesus (Worship Service)

Beginning the Walk with Jesus...

beginning-the-walk-with-jesus-sermon-onlyBeginning the Walk with Jesus (Sermon Only)

Beginning the Walk with Jesus...

missions-suffering-servingMissions,  Suffering, & Serving

Missions, Suffering, & Servin...

psalm-91Psalm 91

Psalm 91

mind-games-week-1Mind Games - Week 1

Mind Games - Week 1

increase-the-seedIncrease the Seed

Increase the Seed

bridget-underhill-plains-am-life-in-the-spiritBridget Underhill // Plains AM // Life in the Spirit

Bridget Underhill // Plains AM...

two-women-two-voices-two-destiniesTwo Women, Two Voices, Two Destinies

Two Women, Two Voices, Two Des...

spirit-filled-life-beach-am-merekaraka-tawaSpirit Filled Life // Beach AM // Merekaraka Tawa

Spirit Filled Life // Beach AM...

sermon-10th-march-2019Sermon 10th March 2019

Sermon 10th March 2019

life-with-the-god-who-callsLife With the God Who Calls

Life With the God Who Calls

our-problem-with-sin-and-what-to-do-about-it-soul-renovation-part-5Our problem with sin (and what to do about it). Soul Renovation - Part 5

Our problem with sin (and what...

get-serious-about-god-3Get Serious About God - 3

Get Serious About God - 3

dcn-oscar-8am-sun-lent-1-spaDcn. Oscar - 8am - Sun - Lent 1 - SPA

Dcn. Oscar - 8am - Sun - Lent...



the-end-of-me-ps-daniel-ong-10-march-2019The End of Me - Ps. Daniel Ong - 10 March 2019

The End of Me - Ps. Daniel Ong...

ep-25-pray-for-clayton-jennings-walk-even-as-christ-walkedEp. 25 | Pray for Clayton Jennings | Walk Even As Christ Walked

Ep. 25 | Pray for Clayton Jenn...

458-when-all-the-people-saw-exodus-2018-19#458, When all the people saw, Exodus 20.18-19

#458, When all the people saw,...

defeating-the-giantDEFEATING THE GIANT


the-will-of-god-healing-pt-22The Will of God - Healing Pt 22

The Will of God - Healing Pt 2...

2019-03-09-pastor-steve-parker-revival-sat-nigh2019-03-09 Pastor Steve Parker Revival Sat Nigh

2019-03-09 Pastor Steve Parker...

are-u-available-to-the-holy-spiritAre u available to the Holy Spirit?

Are u available to the Holy Sp...

people-who-changed-the-world-the-campbells-be-united-in-diversityPeople Who Changed the World   The Campbells  Be United in Diversity

People Who Changed the World...

dab-march-10-2019DAB March 10 - 2019

DAB March 10 - 2019

dab-march-10-2019-2DAB March 10 - 2019

DAB March 10 - 2019

baptism-with-the-holy-spiritBaptism with the Holy Spirit

Baptism with the Holy Spirit

good-soil-part-3-friday-march-8-2019Good Soil_Part 3 Friday, March 8, 2019

Good Soil_Part 3 Friday, March...

the-peace-of-godThe Peace of God

The Peace of God

prayer-in-public-schoolsPrayer In Public Schools

Prayer In Public Schools

strong-hearts-2-chronicles-169Strong Hearts! (2 Chronicles 16:9)

Strong Hearts! (2 Chronicles 1...

457-this-is-my-body-luke-2219-20#457, This is My Body, Luke 22.19-20

#457, This is My Body, Luke 22...

discover-your-love-story-part-2Discover Your Love Story Part 2

Discover Your Love Story Part...

2019-03-08-revival-friday-night-service-pastor-steve-parker2019-03-08 Revival Friday Night Service - Pastor Steve Parker

2019-03-08 Revival Friday Nigh...

dab-march-09-2019DAB March 09 - 2019

DAB March 09 - 2019

dab-march-09-2019-2DAB March 09 - 2019

DAB March 09 - 2019

community-prayer-march09-2019Community Prayer March09-2019

Community Prayer March09-2019

community-prayer-march09-2019-2Community Prayer March09-2019

Community Prayer March09-2019

bro-donny-hutcheson-revival-1Bro. Donny Hutcheson- Revival 1

Bro. Donny Hutcheson- Revival...

bro-wells-revivalBro. Wells - Revival

Bro. Wells - Revival

bro-don-king-family-campBro. Don King (family camp)

Bro. Don King (family camp)

bro-bratcher-coppertinbrassBro. Bratcher- Copper+Tin+=brass

Bro. Bratcher- Copper+Tin+=bra...

bro-don-king-the-crossBro. Don King - the Cross

Bro. Don King - the Cross

bro-ralph-providenceBro. Ralph- Providence

Bro. Ralph- Providence

bro-bratcher-butterBro. Bratcher -butter

Bro. Bratcher -butter



true-greatness-is-serving-others-part-2True Greatness is Serving Others, Part 2

True Greatness is Serving Othe...

why-did-jesus-zap-the-fig-tree-anyway-part-twoWhy did Jesus Zap the Fig Tree, Anyway? part two

Why did Jesus Zap the Fig Tree...

foundations-of-pauls-first-missionary-journeyFoundations of Paul's First Missionary Journey

Foundations of Paul's First Mi...

460-got-a-minute-10-friday-week-2460 Got a Minute 10 Friday Week 2`

460 Got a Minute 10 Friday Wee...

372019-take-up-your-cross-daily3.7.2019 Take Up Your Cross Daily

3.7.2019 Take Up Your Cross Da...

battle-prayer-2-chronicles-1411-12Battle-Prayer! (2 Chronicles 14:11-12)

Battle-Prayer! (2 Chronicles 1...

learning-to-see-ourselves-in-christ-as-god-sees-usLearning to see ourselves in Christ as God sees us.

Learning to see ourselves in C...

456-such-men-exodus-1817-23#456, Such men, Exodus 18.17-23

#456, Such men, Exodus 18.17-2...

orando-con-poderOrando con poder

Orando con poder

remember-dustRemember Dust

Remember Dust

abounding-ability-pt-2Abounding Ability Pt 2

Abounding Ability Pt 2

heart-of-the-city-radio-mar-7-2019Heart of the City Radio – Mar 7, 2019

Heart of the City Radio – Mar...

dab-march-08-2019DAB March 08 - 2019

DAB March 08 - 2019

dab-march-08-2019-2DAB March 08 - 2019

DAB March 08 - 2019

bible-study-snapshots-of-mark-lesson-3BIBLE STUDY: Snapshots Of Mark, Lesson 3

BIBLE STUDY: Snapshots Of Mark...

redemption-3Redemption 3

Redemption 3

johns-spearituality-part-2John's Spearituality Part 2

John's Spearituality Part 2

460-got-a-minute-09-thursday-week-2460 Got a Minute 09 Thursday Week 2

460 Got a Minute 09 Thursday W...



we-have-now-pastor-joe-whiteWe Have Now - Pastor Joe White

We Have Now - Pastor Joe White

choose-your-master-2-chronicles-127-8Choose Your Master! (2 Chronicles 12:7, 8)

Choose Your Master! (2 Chronic...



455-on-the-road-to-emmaus-luke-2427#455, On the road to Emmaus, luke 24.27

#455, On the road to Emmaus, l...

2020-vision-pt-2-pastor-david-brinson20/20 Vision Pt. 2 (Pastor David Brinson)

20/20 Vision Pt. 2 (Pastor Dav...

20190306-wed-pm-david-zintgraff2019.03.06 WED PM - David Zintgraff

2019.03.06 WED PM - David Zint...

pine-grove-lenox-revival-overcoming-worry-fear-and-anxietyPine Grove Lenox Revival, Overcoming Worry, Fear, And Anxiety

Pine Grove Lenox Revival, Over...

when-the-enemy-gets-your-familyWhen the Enemy Gets Your Family

When the Enemy Gets Your Famil...

god-so-loved-highschoolGod So Loved (highschool)

God So Loved (highschool)


"Sackcloth & Ashes..."

destiny-defining-decisions-pastor-joe-kaiserDestiny Defining Decisions - Pastor Joe Kaiser

Destiny Defining Decisions - P...

ash-wednesday-year-c-we-dontAsh Wednesday, Year C -

Ash Wednesday, Year C - "We Do...

baptist-distinctives-individual-soul-libertyBaptist Distinctives: Individual Soul Liberty

Baptist Distinctives: Individu...

freed-from-sins-dominionFreed From Sin's Dominion

Freed From Sin's Dominion