alles-gebeur-met-n-redeAlles gebeur met 'n rede

Alles gebeur met 'n rede

333-set-apart-galatians-115-17#333 Set apart, Galatians 1.15-17

#333 Set apart, Galatians 1.15...

learning-to-engage-authentic-community-part-2Learning to Engage Authentic Community - Part 2

Learning to Engage Authentic C...

episode-10-friendsgivingEpisode 10: Friendsgiving

Episode 10: Friendsgiving

remembering-to-be-dependentRemembering to Be Dependent

Remembering to Be Dependent


"Thanksgiving to God"

dab-november-22-2018-1DAB November 22 - 2018

DAB November 22 - 2018

on-the-mountain-chirstian-3On The Mountain Chirstian #3

On The Mountain Chirstian #3

thanksgiving-the-secret-of-contentmentThanksgiving: The Secret of Contentment

Thanksgiving: The Secret of Co...

the-storehouse-episode-8-giving-thanksTHE STOREHOUSE: Episode 8 - Giving Thanks

THE STOREHOUSE: Episode 8 - Gi...

the-virgins-gifts-bedeThe Virgins'€™ Gifts (Bede)

The Virgins'€™ Gifts (Bede)

hebrews-911-28Hebrews 9:11-28

Hebrews 9:11-28

03-wednesday-45203 Wednesday 452

03 Wednesday 452

steve-bakerSteve Baker

Steve Baker

unending-praise-revelation-513Unending Praise! (Revelation 5:13)

Unending Praise! (Revelation 5...

a-grateful-heart-a-cornucopia-isA Grateful Heart a Cornucopia Is

A Grateful Heart a Cornucopia...

fr-john-wed-presentation-of-the-blessed-virgin-maryFr. John - Wed - Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Fr. John - Wed - Presentation...

ep70-breaking-barriers-with-gratitude-with-brandee-nielsenEp70. Breaking Barriers with Gratitude with Brandee Nielsen

Ep70. Breaking Barriers with G...

332-held-in-honor-hebrews-134#332 Held in Honor, Hebrews 13.4

#332 Held in Honor, Hebrews 13...

reform-calling-out-the-mixed-multitude-part-1Reform: Calling Out The Mixed Multitude Part 1

Reform: Calling Out The Mixed...

making-my-comebackMaking My Comeback

Making My Comeback

testimony-nightTestimony Night

Testimony Night

stop-the-worship-amos-518-24Stop the Worship! (Amos 5:18-24)

Stop the Worship! (Amos 5:18-2...

brandon-neal-thanks-givingBrandon Neal - Thanks-GIVING

Brandon Neal - Thanks-GIVING

the-songThe Song

The Song

dab-november-21-2018-1DAB November 21 - 2018

DAB November 21 - 2018

11182018-miracle-sunday-kyle-bethke-marcia-bethke11.18.2018 | Miracle Sunday | Kyle Bethke & Marcia Bethke

11.18.2018 | Miracle Sunday |...

fr-john-tue-33rd-otFr. John - Tue - 33rd OT

Fr. John - Tue - 33rd OT

come-quickly-down-bedeCome Quickly Down! (Bede)

Come Quickly Down! (Bede)

first-love-revelation-24First Love (Revelation 2:4)

First Love (Revelation 2:4)

make-room-part-3Make Room Part 3

Make Room Part 3

november-18-2018November 18, 2018

November 18, 2018

insecurities-inabilities-and-challengesInsecurities, Inabilities And Challenges

Insecurities, Inabilities And...

02-tuesday-45202 Tuesday 452

02 Tuesday 452


"How Can A Man Be Made Right W...

the-inescapable-godThe Inescapable God

The Inescapable God

november-18-2018-worship-spinning-wheelNovember 18 2018 Worship: Spinning Wheel

November 18 2018 Worship: Spin...

are-your-excuses-getting-the-best-of-youAre Your Excuses Getting the Best of You?

Are Your Excuses Getting the B...

be-boldBe Bold

Be Bold

in-we-trust-week-3In _____ We Trust | Week 3

In _____ We Trust | Week 3

331-let-us-run-the-race-hebrews-121-2#331 Let us run the race, Hebrews 12.1-2

#331 Let us run the race, Hebr...

gods-promises-by-rich-hodgeGod's Promises by Rich Hodge

God's Promises by Rich Hodge

the-power-of-our-testimoniesThe Power of our Testimonies

The Power of our Testimonies

dab-november-20-2018-1DAB November 20 - 2018

DAB November 20 - 2018

a-second-time-bedeA Second Time (Bede)

A Second Time (Bede)

x-factor-pt1X Factor Pt.1

X Factor Pt.1

divine-protectionDivine Protection

Divine Protection

reference-pointReference Point

Reference Point

01-monday-45201 Monday 452

01 Monday 452

johnathan-schultz-aimee-landstrom-november-18th-2018Johnathan Schultz, Aimee Landstrom -November 18th, 2018

Johnathan Schultz, Aimee Lands...

called-loved-kept-jude-11-2Called, Loved, Kept! (Jude 1:1)

Called, Loved, Kept! (Jude 1:1...

called-loved-kept-jude-11Called, Loved, Kept! (Jude 1:1)

Called, Loved, Kept! (Jude 1:1...

unstoppable-spiritUnstoppable Spirit

Unstoppable Spirit

romans-77-25Romans 7.7-25

Romans 7.7-25

systematic-theology-various-views-on-creation-angelsSystematic Theology: Various Views on Creation & Angels

Systematic Theology: Various V...

consider-jesusCONSIDER JESUS


through-the-watersThrough the Waters

Through the Waters

dcn-oscar-mon-33rd-ot-communion-serviceDcn. Oscar - Mon - 33rd OT - Communion Service

Dcn. Oscar - Mon - 33rd OT - C...

the-god-who-knows-us'The God Who Knows Us'

'The God Who Knows Us'

psalm-50Psalm 50

Psalm 50


"Surviving The Storms"

330-without-faith-hebrews-11-6#330 Without faith, Hebrews 11-6

#330 Without faith, Hebrews 11...

the-pressure-of-pythonThe Pressure Of Python

The Pressure Of Python

acts-6-the-kiss-model-of-ministryActs 6      The KISS Model of Ministry

Acts 6 The KISS Model of...

missing-the-relationship-with-the-father-part-2Missing The Relationship With The Father Part 2

Missing The Relationship With...

five-keys-to-being-thankfulFive Keys To Being Thankful

Five Keys To Being Thankful

return-to-your-first-loveReturn to your first Love

Return to your first Love

communion-getting-the-mind-of-christCommunion - Getting the Mind of Christ

Communion - Getting the Mind o...

used-by-godUsed By God

Used By God

give-thanks-with-a-grateful-heartGive Thanks with a Grateful Heart

Give Thanks with a Grateful He...

high-priest-garments-part-10High Priest Garments - Part 10

High Priest Garments - Part 10

he-turns-our-sorrow-into-joyHe Turns Our Sorrow into Joy

He Turns Our Sorrow into Joy

matters-of-the-heart-pt-2Matters of the Heart pt. 2

Matters of the Heart pt. 2

matters-of-the-heartMatters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart

dont-pass-me-byDont Pass Me By

Dont Pass Me By

pastor-talk-episode-3Pastor Talk Episode 3

Pastor Talk Episode 3

the-lord-isThe Lord Is...

The Lord Is...

dab-november-19-2018-1DAB November 19 - 2018

DAB November 19 - 2018

forever-reign-faithForever Reign - Faith

Forever Reign - Faith

alberta-christian-schools-fight-for-freedom-with-guest-john-carpayAlberta Christian Schools Fight for Freedom with Guest John Carpay

Alberta Christian Schools Figh...

18-11-2018-culto-dominical-pr-joao-de-deus-1-joao-4-vs-10-a-1218-11-2018 - Culto Dominical - Pr. João de Deus - 1 João 4, vs 10 a 12

18-11-2018 - Culto Dominical -...

20181118pm-volaitility-in-the-body20181118PM Volaitility in the Body

20181118PM Volaitility in the...

your-will-be-doneYour Will be done

Your Will be done

9-sardis#9  Sardis

#9 Sardis

draw-their-attention-to-godDraw Their Attention to God

Draw Their Attention to God

the-giving-of-thanksThe Giving of Thanks

The Giving of Thanks

what-brings-us-together-bro-will-duttryWhat Brings Us Together - Bro Will Duttry

What Brings Us Together - Bro...

praise-and-prayer-11-18-18Praise And Prayer - 11-18-18

Praise And Prayer - 11-18-18

anointed-with-gladnessAnointed With Gladness

Anointed With Gladness

spiritual-gifts-panel-city-pm-david-macgregor-james-renwick-ben-macgregorSpiritual Gifts Panel // City PM // David MacGregor James Renwick & Ben MacGregor

Spiritual Gifts Panel // City...

20181118am-paying-it-forward20181118AM Paying It Forward

20181118AM Paying It Forward

thank-you-changes-everything-psalms-11814-24'Thank You' Changes Everything (Psalms 118:14-24)

'Thank You' Changes Everything...

split-in-two-bedeSplit In Two (Bede)

Split In Two (Bede)

i-just-want-to-be-with-youI Just want to be with You!

I Just want to be with You!

the-body-of-believers-111818The Body of Believers (11/18/18)

The Body of Believers (11/18/1...

ministry-matters-1-peter-47-11Ministry Matters - 1 Peter 4:7-11

Ministry Matters - 1 Peter 4:7...

dcn-oscar-5pm-sun-33rd-otDcn. Oscar - 5pm - Sun - 33rd OT

Dcn. Oscar - 5pm - Sun - 33rd...

supernatural-sonar-praying-in-the-spiritSupernatural Sonar: Praying in the Spirit

Supernatural Sonar: Praying in...

to-live-is-christTo Live Is Christ

To Live Is Christ

the-personality-of-satanThe Personality of Satan

The Personality of Satan



luke-1254-59Luke 12:54-59

Luke 12:54-59