build-and-destroy-2Build and Destroy -

Build and Destroy -

dab-june-3-2018-1DAB June 3 - 2018

DAB June 3 - 2018

community-prayer-june02-2018-1Community Prayer June02-2018

Community Prayer June02-2018

holiness-is-not-optional-week-1Holiness Is Not Optional - Week 1

Holiness Is Not Optional - Wee...

welcome-homeWelcome Home

Welcome Home

how-we-treat-a-thing-blessedsacramentHow We Treat A Thing (BlessedSacrament)

How We Treat A Thing (BlessedS...

be-confident-in-your-blessingBe confident in your blessing

Be confident in your blessing

the-fullness-of-godthe fullness of God

the fullness of God

125-revived-1-kings-1721-23#125 Revived!, 1 Kings 17.21-23

#125 Revived!, 1 Kings 17.21-2...

dab-june-2-2018-1DAB June 2 - 2018

DAB June 2 - 2018

acts-17-21Acts 17-21

Acts 17-21

the-context-of-crossingThe context of crossing

The context of crossing

spirit-of-fear-part-2Spirit of Fear Part 2

Spirit of Fear Part 2

not-only-with-our-lips-blessedsacramentNot Only With Our Lips (BlessedSacrament)

Not Only With Our Lips (Blesse...

john-31-17-holy-trinityJohn 3:1-17 (Holy Trinity)

John 3:1-17 (Holy Trinity)

whats-on-your-mindWhat's On Your Mind?

What's On Your Mind?

faith-what-is-it-going-to-takeFaith: What is it Going to Take

Faith: What is it Going to Tak...

124-turned-away-1-kings-114#124 – Turned Away, 1 Kings 11.4

#124 – Turned Away, 1 Kings 11...

dab-june-1-2018-1DAB June 1 - 2018

DAB June 1 - 2018

anointings-and-mantles-pt-6Anointings and Mantles Pt 6

Anointings and Mantles Pt 6

minor-prophets-major-power-jonahMinor Prophets, Major Power Jonah

Minor Prophets, Major Power Jo...

a-tough-loveA Tough Love

A Tough Love

the-obedience-test-love-because-of-christThe Obedience Test: Love Because of Christ

The Obedience Test: Love Becau...

counterfeit-salvation-three-false-claimsCounterfeit Salvation: Three False Claims

Counterfeit Salvation: Three F...

the-basis-of-true-fellowshipThe Basis of True Fellowship

The Basis of True Fellowship

the-visitation-of-the-blessed-virgin-mary-tgh2The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (TGH2)

The Visitation of the Blessed...

using-gods-word-to-defeat-negative-thoughtsusing God's word to defeat negative thoughts

using God's word to defeat neg...

job-1Job #1

Job #1

encounter-may-2018Encounter - May 2018

Encounter - May 2018

cup-of-god-and-oil-of-manCup Of God And Oil Of Man

Cup Of God And Oil Of Man

gareth-frow-2018-message-1Gareth_Frow_2018_message 1

Gareth_Frow_2018_message 1

123-appearances-are-vain-proverbs-3130#123 – Appearances are vain, Proverbs 31.30

#123 – Appearances are vain, P...

a-man-named-james-needed-gods-wisdom-sermon-onlyA Man Named James - Needed: God's Wisdom - (Sermon Only)

A Man Named James - Needed: Go...

a-man-named-james-needed-gods-wisdom-entire-serviceA Man Named James - Needed: God's Wisdom - (Entire Service)

A Man Named James - Needed: Go...

ephesians-21-3Ephesians 2:1-3

Ephesians 2:1-3

a-man-named-james-manual-for-the-finish-line-sermon-onlyA Man Named James - Manual for the Finish Line - (Sermon Only)

A Man Named James - Manual for...

a-man-named-james-manual-for-the-finish-line-entire-serviceA Man Named James - Manual for the Finish Line - (Entire Service)

A Man Named James - Manual for...

improper-partnershipsImproper Partnerships

Improper Partnerships

1-timoteo-18-111 Timoteo 1:8 - 11

1 Timoteo 1:8 - 11



the-heaven-series-part-3-heavens-oscarsThe Heaven Series (Part 3) - Heaven's Oscars

The Heaven Series (Part 3) - H...

dab-may-31-2018-1DAB May 31 - 2018

DAB May 31 - 2018

bible-study-parables-lesson-4-the-mustard-seed-and-the-leavenBIBLE STUDY: Parables, Lesson 4 - The Mustard Seed and the Leaven

BIBLE STUDY: Parables, Lesson...

rescue-4-bringing-them-home-pastor-kenny-smithRescue 4: Bringing Them Home* (Pastor Kenny Smith)

Rescue 4: Bringing Them Home*...

a-short-break-that-broke-livesA Short Break That Broke Lives

A Short Break That Broke Lives

a-life-of-praiseA Life of Praise

A Life of Praise

parenting-pastor-chad-braleyParenting - Pastor Chad Braley

Parenting - Pastor Chad Braley

the-more-they-stay-the-same-bedeThe More They Stay The Same (Bede)

The More They Stay The Same (B...

what-are-you-amabassador-ofWhat are you amabassador of?

What are you amabassador of?

my-circumstance-does-not-reflect-my-identityMy Circumstance Does not Reflect my Identity

My Circumstance Does not Refle...

consuming-fireConsuming Fire

Consuming Fire





the-most-dangerous-words-in-the-world-im-sorryThe Most Dangerous Words in the World (I'm Sorry)

The Most Dangerous Words in th...

real-people-real-problemsReal people real problems

Real people real problems

12-stones-memories12 Stones- memories

12 Stones- memories


Worthless "Worship"

122-pride-goes-before-destruction-proverbs-1618#122 Pride goes before destruction, Proverbs 16.18

#122 Pride goes before destruc...

dab-may-30-2018-1DAB May 30 - 2018

DAB May 30 - 2018

cr-sg-encounter-with-god-sermon-in-a-boxCR & SG  Encounter With God

CR & SG Encounter With God "S...

how-to-know-you-are-savedHow To Know You Are Saved

How To Know You Are Saved

die-lichtkirche-auf-der-landesgartenschauDie Lichtkirche auf der Landesgartenschau

Die Lichtkirche auf der Landes...

only-sometimes-accommodating-tghOnly Sometimes Accommodating (TGH)

Only Sometimes Accommodating (...

there-is-more-influenceThere Is More Influence

There Is More Influence

mysterious-appearanceMysterious Appearance

Mysterious Appearance

the-proper-food-ep-11The Proper Food (Ep 11)

The Proper Food (Ep 11)

god-as-judge-2God As Judge

God As Judge

personal-relationship-with-the-hsPersonal Relationship With the HS

Personal Relationship With the...

may-27-2018-worship-the-trinity-giftMay 27 2018 Worship: The Trinity Gift

May 27 2018 Worship: The Trini...

dad-cardDad Card

Dad Card

nothing-has-changedNothing Has Changed

Nothing Has Changed


"The Lord Has Comforted His Pe...

you-are-holy-holy-holyYou are,

You are, "Holy, Holy, Holy."

26-the-wicked-and-the-wise#26 The Wicked and the Wise

#26 The Wicked and the Wise



love-a-duty-to-neighbour-part-2Love A Duty To Neighbour - Part 2

Love A Duty To Neighbour - Par...

the-high-priestly-prayer-of-jesus-jesus-prays-for-his-disciples-part-3The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus - Jesus Prays for His Disciples part 3

The High Priestly Prayer of Je...

a-man-to-stand-in-the-gapA Man to Stand in the Gap

A Man to Stand in the Gap



practicalpart-2PracticalPart 2

PracticalPart 2

the-struggle-is-real-week-2The Struggle is Real Week 2

The Struggle is Real Week 2

sin-is-no-yokeSin Is No Yoke!

Sin Is No Yoke!

121-lean-not-on-your-own-understanding-proverbs-35-6#121 Lean not on your own understanding, Proverbs 3.5-6

#121 Lean not on your own unde...

genesis-2-our-parents-story-part-2Genesis 2 'Our Parents Story' - Part 2

Genesis 2 'Our Parents Story'...

dab-may-29-2018-1DAB May 29 - 2018

DAB May 29 - 2018

there-is-a-lion-on-the-loose-1st-peter-58There Is A Lion On The Loose, 1st Peter 5:8

There Is A Lion On The Loose,...

every-day-is-memorial-day-1st-timothy-316Every Day Is Memorial Day, 1st Timothy 3:16

Every Day Is Memorial Day, 1st...

jeff-albright-bcm-internationalJeff Albright, BCM International

Jeff Albright, BCM Internation...

destroying-the-spirit-of-rejection-session-2Destroying the Spirit of Rejection. Session 2

Destroying the Spirit of Rejec...

romans-2-part-1Romans 2 - Part 1

Romans 2 - Part 1

power-to-live-part-2Power to Live - Part 2

Power to Live - Part 2

god-seesGod Sees

God Sees

3-john-1-133 John 1-13

3 John 1-13

3-choices-that-can-change-the-world3 Choices that Can Change the World

3 Choices that Can Change the...

zechariah-1416-21Zechariah 14:16-21

Zechariah 14:16-21

the-love-of-godThe Love of God

The Love of God

making-a-memorialMaking A Memorial

Making A Memorial

love-the-lord-your-godLove the Lord Your God

Love the Lord Your God

fear-not-lift-up-your-eyes-may-27Fear not- lift up your eyes: May 27

Fear not- lift up your eyes: M...

that-i-may-know-him-part-1That I May Know Him Part 1

That I May Know Him Part 1

he-was-a-good-man-blessedsacramentHe Was A Good Man (BlessedSacrament)

He Was A Good Man (BlessedSacr...

broken-cisternsBroken Cisterns

Broken Cisterns