luke-12-16Luke 12-16

Luke 12-16

do-not-seek-revengeDo Not Seek Revenge

Do Not Seek Revenge

42-they-had-light-exodus-1023#42 They had light, Exodus 10:23

#42 They had light, Exodus 10:...







the-son-of-lifeThe Son of Life

The Son of Life

dab-march-23-2018-1DAB March 23 - 2018

DAB March 23 - 2018



ministering-together-pastor-chad-braleyMinistering Together - Pastor Chad Braley

Ministering Together - Pastor...

a-mandate-to-goA Mandate to Go

A Mandate to Go

gifts-of-the-spirit-pt-12Gifts of the Spirit Pt 12

Gifts of the Spirit Pt 12

offending-the-seven-billion-bedeOffending the Seven Billion (Bede)

Offending the Seven Billion (B...



overcoming-offenseOvercoming Offense

Overcoming Offense

heart-of-the-city-radio-mar-22-2018-episode-163-originally-aired-jan-12-2017Heart of the City Radio - Mar 22, 2018 (Episode 163) Originally aired Jan 12, 2017

Heart of the City Radio - Mar...

strengthen-your-heartStrengthen Your Heart

Strengthen Your Heart

when-god-hidesWhen God Hides

When God Hides

doug-hill-3222018Doug Hill 3/22/2018

Doug Hill 3/22/2018

41-that-christ-may-be-proclaimed-exodus-916-17#41 That Christ may be proclaimed, Exodus 9:16-17

#41 That Christ may be proclai...

exodus-14-15Exodus 14 & 15

Exodus 14 & 15

fear-confines-usFear Confines Us

Fear Confines Us

own-your-schoolOwn your school.

Own your school.

sins-of-omissionSins of Omission

Sins of Omission

dab-march-22-2018-1DAB March 22 - 2018

DAB March 22 - 2018

wrath-to-righteousness-4Wrath To Righteousness #4

Wrath To Righteousness #4

why-i-should-participate-in-faith-promise-givingWhy. I Should Participate in Faith Promise Giving

Why. I Should Participate in F...

bericht-zur-premiere-des-konfi-filmprojektes-feste-in-oberrodBericht zur Premiere des Konfi-Filmprojektes

Bericht zur Premiere des Konfi...

covenant-4-32118Covenant #4 3.21.18

Covenant #4 3.21.18

hope-of-easterHope of Easter

Hope of Easter

friendly-fireFriendly Fire

Friendly Fire

bible-study-david-lesson-20-friends-in-needBIBLE STUDY: David Lesson 20 - Friends In Need

BIBLE STUDY: David Lesson 20 -...

obedience-the-gateway-to-freedom-bedeObedience, the Gateway to Freedom (Bede)

Obedience, the Gateway to Free...

pfc-message-2-7-16pfc message 2-7-16

pfc message 2-7-16

save-yourselfSave Yourself

Save Yourself

whats-missing-in-church-rousing-worshipWhat's Missing In Church? Rousing Worship

What's Missing In Church? Rous...

where-do-we-go-from-here-3WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? 3




david-russell-3212018David Russell 3/21/2018

David Russell 3/21/2018

ep44-identity-christ-is-with-alexis-sliferEp44. Identity Christ-Is with Alexis Slifer

Ep44. Identity Christ-Is with...

40-the-promise-of-redemption-exodus-66-7#40 The Promise of Redemption, Exodus 6.6-7

#40 The Promise of Redemption,...

week-10WEEK 10


anointed-obedienceAnointed Obedience

Anointed Obedience

dab-march-21-2018-1DAB March 21 - 2018

DAB March 21 - 2018

1-peter-1-10-191 Peter 1 10-19

1 Peter 1 10-19

the-single-most-important-question-bedeThe Single Most Important Question! (Bede)

The Single Most Important Ques...

all-or-nothin-at-allAll or Nothin' At All

All or Nothin' At All

the-grand-reversal-part-2The Grand Reversal, Part 2

The Grand Reversal, Part 2

the-grand-reversal-part-1The Grand Reversal, Part 1

The Grand Reversal, Part 1

nuestra-justificacionNuestra justificación

Nuestra justificación

the-best-is-yet-to-comeThe Best Is Yet  To Come

The Best Is Yet To Come

i-made-it-on-graceI Made It On Grace

I Made It On Grace

true-glory-true-crossTrue Glory, True Cross

True Glory, True Cross

march-18-2018-worship-no-going-backMarch 18 2018 Worship: No Going Back

March 18 2018 Worship: No Goin...

discovering-jesus-jesus-the-friendDiscovering Jesus - Jesus the Friend

Discovering Jesus - Jesus the...

jacob-to-jesus-the-prophetsJacob to Jesus - The Prophets

Jacob to Jesus - The Prophets

let-us-repent-of-our-complaining-tgh2Let Us Repent of Our Complaining! (TGH2)

Let Us Repent of Our Complaini...

the-secret-of-contentmentThe Secret of Contentment

The Secret of Contentment

bill-payette-3202018Bill Payette 3/20/2018

Bill Payette 3/20/2018

39-i-will-harden-his-heart-exodus-421#39 I will harden his heart, Exodus 4.21

#39 I will harden his heart, E...

closer-part-3Closer (Part 3)

Closer (Part 3)

who-has-believed-our-reportWho Has Believed Our Report?

Who Has Believed Our Report?

the-potters-houseThe Potter's House

The Potter's House

dab-march-20-2018-1DAB March 20 - 2018

DAB March 20 - 2018

righteous-man-like-saint-joseph-bedeRighteous Man, Like Saint Joseph (Bede)

Righteous Man, Like Saint Jose...


"The Lord's Sign" - Isaiah 7:1...

how-to-be-holyHow to be Holy

How to be Holy

build-a-fenceBuild a Fence

Build a Fence

the-journey-towards-easterThe Journey Towards Easter

The Journey Towards Easter

psalm-9210Psalm 92.10

Psalm 92.10

the-laws-of-the-harvestThe Laws of the Harvest

The Laws of the Harvest

are-you-willing-to-be-a-peculiar-peopleAre You Willing to be a Peculiar People?

Are You Willing to be a Peculi...

life-when-we-are-hisLife When We are His

Life When We are His

scenes-around-calvary-annas-palaceScenes Around Calvary: Annas' Palace

Scenes Around Calvary: Annas'...

dont-destroy-itDon’t Destroy It

Don’t Destroy It

i-wanna-be-like-jesusI Wanna Be Like Jesus

I Wanna Be Like Jesus

misa-domical-03102018Misa Domical 03.10.2018

Misa Domical 03.10.2018

misa-dominical-03032018Misa Dominical 03.03.2018

Misa Dominical 03.03.2018

mad-sad-glad-part-2Mad Sad Glad - Part 2

Mad Sad Glad - Part 2

misa-dominical-03172018Misa Dominical 03.17.2018

Misa Dominical 03.17.2018

20-the-ram-and-the-goat#20 The Ram and the Goat

#20 The Ram and the Goat



daniel-924-27Daniel 9:24-27

Daniel 9:24-27

the-price-and-pain-of-salvation-i-am-barabbas-3-18-18The Price and Pain of Salvation- I Am Barabbas (3-18-18)

The Price and Pain of Salvatio...

put-in-check-insecurity-check-3-11-18Put In Check- Insecurity Check (3-11-18)

Put In Check- Insecurity Check...

sunday-mar-18Sunday Mar 18

Sunday Mar 18

the-revealing-of-jesus-kingship The Revealing of Jesus’ Kingship

The Revealing of Jesus’ Kings...

march-18-2018March 18, 2018

March 18, 2018

supernaturaldebt-cancellation-state-of-your-harvestSupernaturalDebt Cancellation /State of Your Harvest

SupernaturalDebt Cancellation...

power-of-a-testimonyPower of a Testimony

Power of a Testimony

time-out-part-2Time Out Part 2

Time Out Part 2

whom-the-son-sets-free-is-free-indeed-march-18th-2018Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!-March 18th 2018

Whom the Son sets free is free...

serve-like-jesusServe Like Jesus

Serve Like Jesus

spoken-series-part-iiiSpoken Series Part III

Spoken Series Part III

sweeter-than-honeySweeter Than Honey!

Sweeter Than Honey!

nailed-itNAILED IT


day-6-2018-annual-spiritual-conference-101-refreshDay 6 - 2018 Annual Spiritual Conference (101 Refresh)

Day 6 - 2018 Annual Spiritual...

38-god-will-deliver-exodus-37-8#38 God will deliver, Exodus 3.7-8

#38 God will deliver, Exodus 3...

peace-creates-stabilityPeace Creates Stability

Peace Creates Stability

why-do-we-prayWhy Do We Pray?

Why Do We Pray?

overwhelmed-part-2-a-new-perspective-on-painOverwhelmed Part 2: A New Perspective on Pain

Overwhelmed Part 2: A New Pers...

march-18-2018-church-service-from-first-baptist-church-smiths-fallsMarch 18, 2018 Church Service from First Baptist Church Smiths Falls

March 18, 2018 Church Service...