inspirited-part-1Inspirited Part 1

Inspirited Part 1

the-year-of-the-bible-part-46-galatians-ephesiansThe Year of the Bible part 46 (Galatians & Ephesians)

The Year of the Bible part 46...

listening-carefullyListening Carefully

Listening Carefully

the-sin-of-lazinessThe Sin of Laziness

The Sin of Laziness

phil-mcclain-11-17-17Phil McClain 11-17-17

Phil McClain 11-17-17

thinking-about-godThinking About God

Thinking About God

they-that-worship-must They That Worship , MUST

They That Worship , MUST

christ-aloneChrist Alone

Christ Alone

dab-november-17-2017-1DAB November 17- 2017

DAB November 17- 2017

spiritual-authority-pt-8Spiritual Authority Pt 8

Spiritual Authority Pt 8

untitled-recording-nov-16-1207pmLiving a Life of Faithfulness

Living a Life of Faithfulness

managing-emotionsManaging Emotions

Managing Emotions

spotlight-all-bands-111617-originally-aired-on-111716Spotlight: ALL BANDS!! (11/16/17) Originally aired on 11/17/16

Spotlight: ALL BANDS!! (11/16/...

the-blood-the-word-and-the-first-loveThe Blood, the Word, and the First Love!

The Blood, the Word, and the F...

worship-11-16-17Worship 11-16-17

Worship 11-16-17

untitled-recording-nov-16-703amUntitled Recording Nov 16 7:03am

Untitled Recording Nov 16 7:03...

living-with-the-end-in-sightLiving with the End in Sight

Living with the End in Sight

luke-1818-27Luke 18:18-27

Luke 18:18-27

lessons-from-the-lame-man-of-lodebar-pastor-kenny-smithLessons From The Lame Man Of Lodebar (Pastor Kenny Smith)

Lessons From The Lame Man Of L...

why-do-we-give-bro-keenWhy Do We Give - Bro Keen

Why Do We Give - Bro Keen

dab-november-16-2017-1DAB November 16- 2017

DAB November 16- 2017

the-gift-of-prophecy-pt3The Gift Of Prophecy Pt.3

The Gift Of Prophecy Pt.3

revival-5Revival #5

Revival #5

revelation-bible-study-chapter-15Revelation Bible Study Chapter 15

Revelation Bible Study Chapter...

christ-centered-evangelism-session-9Christ Centered Evangelism Session 9

Christ Centered Evangelism Ses...

knocked-over-111517Knocked Over 11.15.17

Knocked Over 11.15.17

the-new-has-come-mark-218-22The New Has Come (Mark 2:18-22)

The New Has Come (Mark 2:18-22...

the-church-the-gates-of-hell-shall-not-prevailThe Church: The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail

The Church: The Gates of Hell...

christ-centered-evangelism-session-8Christ Centered Evangelism Session 8

Christ Centered Evangelism Ses...

radio-program-for-tuesday-november-14-2017Radio program for Tuesday November 14, 2017

Radio program for Tuesday Nove...

radio-program-for-wednesday-november-15-2017Radio program for Wednesday November 15, 2017

Radio program for Wednesday No...

radio-program-for-thursday-november-16-2017Radio program for Thursday November 16, 2017

Radio program for Thursday Nov...

radio-program-for-friday-november-10-2017Radio program for Friday November 10, 2017

Radio program for Friday Novem...

radio-program-for-monday-november-13-2017Radio program for Monday November 13, 2017

Radio program for Monday Novem...

cain-and-abelCain and Abel

Cain and Abel

ep-48-prayerEp. 48: Prayer

Ep. 48: Prayer

faith-frustrationFaith > Frustration

Faith > Frustration



untitled-recording-nov-15-157pmA Heart Of Thanksgiving

A Heart Of Thanksgiving

untitled-recording-nov-15-115pm-2The Hardships of Following Christ

The Hardships of Following Chr...

untitled-recording-nov-15-115pm-2Reconditioning Our Focus

Reconditioning Our Focus

untitled-recording-nov-15-115pmThe Credible and Trustworthy Lamb

The Credible and Trustworthy L...

untitled-recording-nov-15-114pmOvercoming Discouragement

Overcoming Discouragement

untitled-recording-nov-15-113pm-2Sometimes Life Just Isn't Fair

Sometimes Life Just Isn't Fair

untitled-recording-nov-15-113pm-2Legacy What Kind Will You Leave

Legacy What Kind Will You Leav...

untitled-recording-nov-15-113pm-2Recover Your Lost Moral Values

Recover Your Lost Moral Values

untitled-recording-nov-15-113pm-2I Can Understand Your Pain

I Can Understand Your Pain

untitled-recording-nov-15-113pmWho's Behind That Mask

Who's Behind That Mask



untitled-recording-nov-15-111pmThe Opulent Deprived Church

The Opulent Deprived Church

untitled-recording-nov-15-110pm-2The Indescribable Gift

The Indescribable Gift

untitled-recording-nov-15-110pm-2Running On Empty

Running On Empty

untitled-recording-nov-15-110pm-2I'm Human Not a God

I'm Human Not a God

untitled-recording-nov-15-110pm-2Preparing The Way For The Anti-Christ Part 1

Preparing The Way For The Anti...

untitled-recording-nov-15-110pm-2I'm About to Lose My Mind Up In Here

I'm About to Lose My Mind Up I...

untitled-recording-nov-15-110pm-2Hard-Headed And Spiritually Blind

Hard-Headed And Spiritually Bl...

untitled-recording-nov-15-110pmThere Is No Condemnation

There Is No Condemnation

untitled-recording-nov-15-109pm-2The Gift Our Creator

The Gift Our Creator

untitled-recording-nov-15-109pm-2The Disposition Of A Loving Father

The Disposition Of A Loving Fa...

untitled-recording-nov-15-109pm-2The Approach, The Fact And The Acceptable Way Of Life

The Approach, The Fact And The...

untitled-recording-nov-15-109pm-2Problem on the Inside

Problem on the Inside

untitled-recording-nov-15-109pm3 Men And 6 Women

3 Men And 6 Women

untitled-recording-nov-15-108pm-2Walking Into a Different Season

Walking Into a Different Seaso...

untitled-recording-nov-15-108pmThe Most Nauseating Church To God

The Most Nauseating Church To...

untitled-recording-nov-15-106pm-2Preparing The Way For The Anti-Christ Part 2

Preparing The Way For The Anti...

untitled-recording-nov-15-106pmHow Does It Appear To You Now

How Does It Appear To You Now

untitled-recording-nov-15-105pmThe Mighty Touch of Jesus

The Mighty Touch of Jesus

untitled-recording-nov-15-104pm-2Remembering God In 2015

Remembering God In 2015

untitled-recording-nov-15-104pmThe Face In The Mirror

The Face In The Mirror

untitled-recording-nov-15-103pmNo Comprehension

No Comprehension

untitled-recording-nov-15-102pmWaiting For God's Scheduled Programing

Waiting For God's Scheduled Pr...

untitled-recording-nov-15-100pm-2Sing That Song Mary

Sing That Song Mary

untitled-recording-nov-15-100pmPursing The Brilliant Star

Pursing The Brilliant Star



untitled-recording-nov-15-1254pmUnderstanding Your Strongholds

Understanding Your Strongholds

untitled-recording-nov-15-1251pmQuit Looking Back

Quit Looking Back

untitled-recording-nov-15-1250pm-2Leave Your Worries Behind

Leave Your Worries Behind


"If You Can't Provide Then Don...

better-together-teamworkBetter Together - Teamwork

Better Together - Teamwork

untitled-recording-nov-15-1246pmIn The Midst of Messy People

In The Midst of Messy People

untitled-recording-nov-15-1244pmThere Will Be a Transformation

There Will Be a Transformation

turn-the-pageTurn The Page

Turn The Page

untitled-recording-nov-15-1232pm-2Selections That Will Help Spirirual Transformation

Selections That Will Help Spir...

untitled-recording-nov-15-1232pmRuined Godly Foundations

Ruined Godly Foundations

untitled-recording-nov-15-1229pmWith God The Risk Is Worth It

With God The Risk Is Worth It

untitled-recording-nov-15-1228pmThe Signifcance of Prayer

The Signifcance of Prayer

untitled-recording-nov-15-1226pmSelections That Will Help Spiritual Transformation Part 3

Selections That Will Help Spir...

untitled-recording-nov-15-1225pm-2Prudent Individuals Contemplate Other People's Feelings

Prudent Individuals Contemplat...

untitled-recording-nov-15-1225pmLiving Intelligently or Irrationally

Living Intelligently or Irrati...

untitled-recording-nov-15-1221pmStronger and Firmer In 2017

Stronger and Firmer In 2017

untitled-recording-nov-15-1221pm-2The Best Plans Are God's Plans

The Best Plans Are God's Plans

untitled-recording-nov-15-1219pmLet Go and Let God Drive

Let Go and Let God Drive

untitled-recording-nov-15-1023am-2Developing The Peace That Surpasseth All Understanding

Developing The Peace That Surp...

untitled-recording-nov-15-1023amGet Precise With God or Get Left Behind

Get Precise With God or Get Le...

untitled-recording-nov-15-1022am-2Creating A Vow Ratification That Last

Creating A Vow Ratification Th...

untitled-recording-nov-15-1022am-2Exiled Then Blessed

Exiled Then Blessed

untitled-recording-nov-15-1022amGod Does Not Approve of an Unclean House

God Does Not Approve of an Unc...

untitled-recording-nov-15-1021amDon't Walk Away From God

Don't Walk Away From God

untitled-recording-nov-15-1019amGod's Brilliant Method For Living

God's Brilliant Method For Liv...

untitled-recording-nov-15-1019am-2God Displays His Conclusion

God Displays His Conclusion

untitled-recording-nov-15-1019am-2Calming The Storms In Our Transition

Calming The Storms In Our Tran...

untitled-recording-nov-15-1018amGod's Brilliant Method Fof Living Part 2

God's Brilliant Method Fof Liv...