july-5th-sunday-morning-serviceJuly 5th- Sunday Morning Service

July 5th- Sunday Morning Servi...


"Self Denial- Reflection"

breathe-of-godBreathe of God

Breathe of God

i-pledge-allegience-isaiah-4522-23I Pledge Allegience! (Isaiah 45:22-23)

I Pledge Allegience! (Isaiah 4...

a-wake-up-callA Wake-up Call

A Wake-up Call

2020-isnt-so-clear2020 Isn't so Clear

2020 Isn't so Clear

1029-woe-to-those-isaiah-520#1029, Woe to those..., Isaiah 5.20

#1029, Woe to those..., Isaiah...

20200708-wed-pm-david-zintgraff2020.07.08 WED PM - David Zintgraff

2020.07.08 WED PM - David Zint...



jesus-in-a-racist-cultureJesus In A Racist Culture

Jesus In A Racist Culture

ephesians-525-33Ephesians 5:25-33

Ephesians 5:25-33

romans-39-20Romans 3:9-20

Romans 3:9-20

the-power-of-the-holy-spiritThe Power Of The Holy Spirit

The Power Of The Holy Spirit

dab-july-09-2020DAB July 09 - 2020

DAB July 09 - 2020

dab-july-09-2020-2DAB July 09 - 2020

DAB July 09 - 2020

passion-in-prayerPassion in prayer

Passion in prayer

we-must-take-hold-of-our-trialsWe Must Take Hold Of Our Trials

We Must Take Hold Of Our Trial...

god-truly-delights-in-usGod Truly Delights In Us

God Truly Delights In Us

autoridad-del-nombre-de-jesusAutoridad del Nombre de Jesús

Autoridad del Nombre de Jesús

wednesday-evening-recharge-7820-acts-25-1-12Wednesday Evening Recharge- 7/8/20   Acts 25-1-12

Wednesday Evening Recharge- 7/...

do-you-abound-in-hopeDo You Abound In Hope?

Do You Abound In Hope?



were-all-in-this-togetherWe're All In This Together

We're All In This Together

this-is-our-brightest-hour-jul-8-1254pmThis Is Our Brightest Hour Jul 8 12:54pm

This Is Our Brightest Hour Jul...

el-estudio-de-la-palabra-de-dios-july-1El estudio de la palabra de Dios july 1

El estudio de la palabra de Di...

marrow-to-thy-bonesMarrow to thy bones

Marrow to thy bones

leap-of-faithLeap of Faith

Leap of Faith

las-cosas-que-nos-descalifican-para-de-dar-el-reino-de-dios-galatas-capitulo-5-continuarLas cosas que nos descalifican para de dar el reino de Dios - Galatas Capitulo 5 continuar

Las cosas que nos descalifican...

752020-the-centurion7.5.2020 The Centurion

7.5.2020 The Centurion

bible-study-722020Bible Study 7.2.2020

Bible Study 7.2.2020

712020-elijah-and-the-ravens7.1.2020 Elijah and the Ravens

7.1.2020 Elijah and the Ravens

the-life-barrierThe Life Barrier

The Life Barrier

lesson-70-acts-141-15-two-extreme-but-opposite-reactions-to-pauls-message-and-how-he-wisely-dealt-with-both-extremes Lesson 70 Acts 14:1-15 - Two extreme but opposite reactions to Paul’s message and how he wisely dealt with both extremes

Lesson 70 Acts 14:1-15 - Two...



a-shared-wordA shared word

A shared word

wheres-the-fireWhere's the Fire?

Where's the Fire?

higher-calling-1HIgher Calling 1

HIgher Calling 1

not-forgotten-isaiah-4421-22Not Forgotten! (Isaiah 44:21-22)

Not Forgotten! (Isaiah 44:21-2...

wisdom-and-jesusWisdom and Jesus

Wisdom and Jesus

fbc-tipp-city-podcast-changes-please-listenFBC Tipp City Podcast Changes - Please listen

FBC Tipp City Podcast Changes...

1028-let-us-reason-together-isaiah-118-20#1028, Let us reason together, Isaiah 1.18-20

#1028, Let us reason together,...

las-deudas-financierasLas deudas financieras

Las deudas financieras



5-keys-to-longevity5 Keys To Longevity

5 Keys To Longevity

wonderful-words-of-lifeWonderful Words of Life

Wonderful Words of Life

let-everything-praise-him-psalm-148Let Everything Praise Him (Psalm 148)

Let Everything Praise Him (Psa...

kingdom-mantraKINGDOM MANTRA


dab-july-08-2020DAB July 08 - 2020

DAB July 08 - 2020

dab-july-08-2020-2DAB July 08 - 2020

DAB July 08 - 2020

psalm-901-17-from-everlasting-to-everlastingPsalm 90:1-17 - From Everlasting to Everlasting

Psalm 90:1-17 - From Everlasti...

elisha-and-gods-invisible-angelic-armyElisha and God's Invisible Angelic Army

Elisha and God's Invisible Ang...

lessons-learnedLessons Learned

Lessons Learned

tuesday-july-7-2020-whats-in-your-heartTuesday July 7, 2020 - What's In Your Heart?

Tuesday July 7, 2020 - What's...

how-can-we-know-the-wayHow can we know the way

How can we know the way

harming-othersHarming Others

Harming Others

podcast-el-poder-de-su-presenciaPodcast El poder de su presencia

Podcast El poder de su presenc...

how-majestic-is-your-nameHow Majestic Is Your Name

How Majestic Is Your Name

level-groundLevel ground

Level ground

when-your-brook-dries-upWhen your brook dries up

When your brook dries up



good-soilGood Soil

Good Soil

we-are-in-a-warWe are in a war.

We are in a war.

belt-of-truth-2020Belt of Truth 2020

Belt of Truth 2020

lesson-69-acts-1338-52-encouraging-thoughts-from-examining-the-positive-and-negative-responses-to-pauls-preaching Lesson 69 Acts 13:38-52 - Encouraging thoughts from examining the positive and negative responses to Paul’s preaching

Lesson 69 Acts 13:38-52 - Enc...

are-you-confusedARE YOU CONFUSED


doing-goodDoing good

Doing good

our-fight-with-fear-isaiah-4110-431-2Our Fight With Fear! (Isaiah 41:10; 43:1-2)

Our Fight With Fear! (Isaiah 4...

ephesians-4-review-ephesians-chapter-4Ephesians 4 Review - Ephesians Chapter 4

Ephesians 4 Review - Ephesians...

guarding-aginst-immorailtyGuarding Aginst Immorailty

Guarding Aginst Immorailty

1027-right-in-the-eyes-of-the-lord-2-chronicles-264-5#1027, Right in the eyes of the LORD, 2 Chronicles 26.4-5

#1027, Right in the eyes of th...

choose-to-rememberCHOOSE TO REMEMBER


revival-2-chronicles-7-11-22Revival 2 Chronicles 7 11-22

Revival 2 Chronicles 7 11-22

by-this-they-shall-know-part-1By this they shall know. Part 1

By this they shall know. Part...

dab-july-07-2020DAB July 07 - 2020

DAB July 07 - 2020

dab-july-07-2020-2DAB July 07 - 2020

DAB July 07 - 2020

summing-up-the-commandmentsSumming Up The Commandments

Summing Up The Commandments

no-eyes-in-the-back-of-his-head-isaiah-3717No Eyes in the Back of His Head! (Isaiah 37:17)

No Eyes in the Back of His Hea...

covenant-why-covenant-membership-matters-at-the-wellCovenant: Why Covenant Membership Matters at the WELL

Covenant: Why Covenant Members...

the-prayer-of-the-righteousThe Prayer of the Righteous

The Prayer of the Righteous

sunday-night-serviceSunday night service

Sunday night service

the-importance-of-family-deuteronomy-5-6The Importance of Family (Deuteronomy 5-6)

The Importance of Family (Deut...

does-the-bible-say-anything-about-riotingDoes the Bible Say Anything About Rioting?

Does the Bible Say Anything Ab...

armor-of-godArmor of God

Armor of God

pentecost-5a-matthew-1125-30-rest-for-your-soulPentecost 5A Matthew 11:25-30

Pentecost 5A Matthew 11:25-30...

living-in-the-language-of-joy-sunday-july-5-2020 Living in the Language of Joy Sunday July 5, 2020

Living in the Language of Joy...

focused-not-finished-clay-jars-7-5-20Focused Not Finished- Clay Jars (7-5-20)

Focused Not Finished- Clay Jar...

week-7Week 7

Week 7

7-5-2020-jesus-said-pt-77-5-2020 Jesus Said pt 7

7-5-2020 Jesus Said pt 7

bad-newsBad News

Bad News

lesson-68-acts-1313-37-pauls-message-in-the-synagogue-in-antioch-of-pisidia Lesson 68 Acts 13:13-37 - Paul’s message in the synagogue in Antioch of Pisidia

Lesson 68 Acts 13:13-37 - Pau...

give-me-the-strengthGive me the strength

Give me the strength

exodus-is-over-exodus-161-9Exodus Is Over (Exodus 16:1-9)

Exodus Is Over (Exodus 16:1-9)

speak-boldly-cs-mat-10-24-to-33Speak Boldly CS Mat 10_24 to 33

Speak Boldly CS Mat 10_24 to 3...

chasing-significanceChasing Significance

Chasing Significance

philippians-37-11Philippians 3.7-11

Philippians 3.7-11

dont-grieve-the-holy-spirit-ephesians-429-32Don't Grieve The Holy Spirit - Ephesians 4:29-32

Don't Grieve The Holy Spirit -...

reasons-to-praise-godREASONS TO PRAISE GOD


fbc-tipp-city-podcast-is-now-drawing-nearFBC Tipp City Podcast Is Now

FBC Tipp City Podcast Is Now "...

episode-5-season-2-american-heroes-part-1Episode #5 - Season 2 - American Heroes - Part #1

Episode #5 - Season 2 - Americ...

1026-salvation-belongs-to-the-lord-jonah-29#1026, Salvation belongs to the LORD, Jonah 2.9

#1026, Salvation belongs to th...

impossible-persepectiveImpossible Persepective

Impossible Persepective

be-still-and-experience-godBe still and experience God

Be still and experience God