dab-july-24-2019-1DAB July 24 - 2019

DAB July 24 - 2019

dab-july-24-2019-1DAB July 24 - 2019

DAB July 24 - 2019

7-21-19-mumc-11am7-21-19 MUMC 11am

7-21-19 MUMC 11am

a-promised-day-a-promised-ruler-ezra-51-haggai-220-23A Promised Day, A Promised Ruler (Ezra 5:1; Haggai 2:20-23)

A Promised Day, A Promised Rul...

encountering-gods-graceEncountering God's Grace

Encountering God's Grace

10-shifting-trends-in-the-church-of-tomorrow-episode-710 Shifting Trends in the Church of Tomorrow - Episode 7

10 Shifting Trends in the Chur...

courting-god-true-praise-7-21-19Courting God- True Praise (7-21-19)

Courting God- True Praise (7-2...

christ-is-the-visible-imageChrist Is The Visible Image

Christ Is The Visible Image

forgiveness-steve-bakerForgiveness- Steve Baker

Forgiveness- Steve Baker

7-21-19-fellowship7-21-19 Fellowship

7-21-19 Fellowship

for-this-reasonFor This Reason

For This Reason

inspire-me-seriesInspire Me Series

Inspire Me Series

620-what-god-has-made-clean-acts-109-16#620, What God has made clean, Acts 10.9-16

#620, What God has made clean,...

free-from-a-ministry-mindsetFree From A Ministry Mindset

Free From A Ministry Mindset

perpetual-revivalPerpetual Revival

Perpetual Revival

our-salvationOur Salvation

Our Salvation

ii-kings-51II Kings 5:1

II Kings 5:1

digging-deeperDigging Deeper

Digging Deeper

why-do-we-need-godWhy Do We Need God?

Why Do We Need God?

ephesians-13-14-part-1Ephesians 1:3-14 (Part 1)

Ephesians 1:3-14 (Part 1)

dab-july-23-2019-1DAB July 23 - 2019

DAB July 23 - 2019

dab-july-23-2019-2DAB July 23 - 2019

DAB July 23 - 2019

psalm-3Psalm 3

Psalm 3

galatians-323-29Galatians 3.23-29

Galatians 3.23-29

be-free-from-the-lawBe Free from the Law

Be Free from the Law

the-friend-at-night-luke-115-13The Friend at Night (Luke 11:5-13)

The Friend at Night (Luke 11:5...

el-proposito-principal-de-pablo-ganando-a-cristoEl Proposito Principal de Pablo : Ganando A Cristo

El Proposito Principal de Pabl...

wilderness-experience-should-be-spirit-ledWilderness experience should be spirit led

Wilderness experience should b...

standing-in-relationship-husbandsStanding in Relationship - Husbands

Standing in Relationship - Hus...

living-naturally-supernatural-subdueing-part-2-sun-july-21-2019Living Naturally Supernatural Subdueing Part 2 Sun July 21, 2019

Living Naturally Supernatural...

the-wisdom-of-a-resting-tongueThe Wisdom of a Resting Tongue

The Wisdom of a Resting Tongue

when-god-marvelsWhen God Marvels

When God Marvels

ken-wilson-mark-11-12Ken Wilson - Mark 1:1-12

Ken Wilson - Mark 1:1-12

follow-the-leader-podcastFollow the Leader Podcast

Follow the Leader Podcast

july-21-2019July 21, 2019

July 21, 2019

1-40-days-of-prayer#1  40 Days of Prayer

#1 40 Days of Prayer

31-a-glimpse-of-the-end#31  A Glimpse of the End

#31 A Glimpse of the End

episode-27-church-growthEpisode 27

Episode 27 "Church Growth"

in-himIn Him

In Him

our-unchanging-god-malachi-36Our Unchanging God (Malachi 3:6)

Our Unchanging God (Malachi 3:...

milk-solid-food-and-melchizidek-growing-in-faithMilk, Solid Food, and Melchizidek: Growing in Faith

Milk, Solid Food, and Melchizi...

sermon-21st-july-2019Sermon 21st July 2019

Sermon 21st July 2019

619-scales-fell-from-his-eyes-acts-917-19#619, Scales fell from his eyes, Acts 9.17-19

#619, Scales fell from his eye...

what-is-a-bible-belt-where-did-it-come-from-and-does-it-still-exist-pastor-robert-j-morgan-part-1What is a “Bible Belt,” where did it come from, and does it still exist?! - Pastor Robert J. Morgan, Part 1

What is a “Bible Belt,” where...

paul-was-the-first-to-knowPaul Was The First To Know

Paul Was The First To Know

recognizing-and-overcoming-distractionsRecognizing and Overcoming Distractions

Recognizing and Overcoming Dis...



034ss-072119-fry-the-first-humanist-movement-genesis-series034SS-072119--Fry--The-First-Humanist-Movement--(Genesis  Series)


revival-begins-with-meRevival Begins With Me

Revival Begins With Me

lydia-prevail-on-purpose-2lydia_prevail_on_purpose (2)

lydia_prevail_on_purpose (2)

lydia-prevail-on-purpose-1lydia_prevail_on_purpose (1)

lydia_prevail_on_purpose (1)



giving-my-grave-for-gloryGiving my grave for glory!

Giving my grave for glory!

message-7-21-2019Message 7-21-2019

Message 7-21-2019

a-few-more-thoughts-on-prayerA Few More Thoughts on Prayer

A Few More Thoughts on Prayer

the-samsom-optionThe Samsom Option

The Samsom Option

mind-wars-pastor-ken-dutton-july-21-2019Mind Wars - Pastor Ken Dutton, July 21, 2019

Mind Wars - Pastor Ken Dutton,...

dresssed-for-sucessDresssed For Sucess

Dresssed For Sucess

dab-july-22-2019DAB July 22 - 2019

DAB July 22 - 2019

21-07-2019-culto-dominical-pr-joao-de-deus-1-timoteo-4-vs-6-a-1621-07-2019 - Culto Dominical - Pr. João de Deus - 1 Timóteo 4, vs 6 a 16

21-07-2019 - Culto Dominical -...

dab-july-22-2019-2DAB July 22 - 2019

DAB July 22 - 2019

gender-parents-abortion-ovation-federal-election-with-andre-schutten-arpa-canadaGender, Parents, Abortion Ovation & Federal Election with Andre Schutten / ARPA Canada

Gender, Parents, Abortion Ovat...

qualities-of-a-lovely-christianQualities of A Lovely Christian

Qualities of A Lovely Christia...

colossians-47-18-shout-outsColossians 4:7-18 (Shout Outs)

Colossians 4:7-18 (Shout Outs)

cbc-evening-service-7-21-19CBC evening Service 7-21-19

CBC evening Service 7-21-19

bought-with-the-bloodBought With The Blood

Bought With The Blood

predica-renueva-tu-pacto-exodos-34610Predica: Renueva Tu Pacto Exodos 34:6~10

Predica: Renueva Tu Pacto Exod...

the-ugly-churchThe Ugly Church

The Ugly Church

commissioned-with-joyCommissioned with Joy

Commissioned with Joy

jesus-begins-his-ministryJesus Begins His Ministry

Jesus Begins His Ministry

biblical-authority-pastor-chad-braleyBiblical Authority - Pastor Chad Braley

Biblical Authority - Pastor Ch...

water-holy-spirit-fireWater, Holy Spirit, & Fire

Water, Holy Spirit, & Fire

message-5-psalm-100Message 5 - Psalm 100

Message 5 - Psalm 100

will-you-remember-meWILL YOU REMEMBER ME


in-name-onlyIn Name Only

In Name Only

jesus-is-the-better-high-priestJesus is the Better High Priest

Jesus is the Better High Pries...

fresh-fruit-patience-7-21-19Fresh Fruit: Patience (7-21-19)

Fresh Fruit: Patience (7-21-19...

the-shoe-factoryThe Shoe Factory

The Shoe Factory

summer-at-woodland-03Summer At Woodland - 03

Summer At Woodland - 03

godly-relationships-pastor-david-lady-april-brinsonGodly Relationships (Pastor David & Lady April Brinson)

Godly Relationships (Pastor Da...

legacy-part-2Legacy- part 2

Legacy- part 2

genesis-21-4-part-1Genesis 2:1-4 Part 1

Genesis 2:1-4 Part 1

frank-demazio-favorFrank Demazio Favor

Frank Demazio Favor

pauls-letter-to-the-church-at-thessalonica-the-church-with-an-eye-heavenly-insomnia-sermon-onlyPaul's Letter To The Church At Thessalonica - The Church With An Eye - Heavenly Insomnia - (Sermon Only)

Paul's Letter To The Church At...

luke-2041-47Luke 20:41-47

Luke 20:41-47

big-ones-little-ones-fat-ones-skinny-onesBig Ones, Little Ones, Fat Ones, Skinny Ones

Big Ones, Little Ones, Fat One...

pauls-letter-to-the-church-at-thessalonica-the-church-with-an-eye-heavenly-insomnia-entire-servicePaul's Letter To The Church At Thessalonica - The Church With An Eye - Heavenly Insomnia - (Entire Service)

Paul's Letter To The Church At...

finish-the-task-zechariah-89Finish the Task! (Zechariah 8:9)

Finish the Task! (Zechariah 8:...

no-strings-attached-pt4No Strings Attached Pt.4

No Strings Attached Pt.4

wisdom-with-food-fitness-fashion-proverbs-2319-21Wisdom with Food, Fitness, & Fashion (Proverbs 23:19-21)

Wisdom with Food, Fitness, & F...

it-is-finishedIt Is Finished

It Is Finished

james-chapter-5-part-2-alan-batchelorJames chapter 5 (Part 2) Alan Batchelor

James chapter 5 (Part 2) Alan...

we-all-need-graceWe All Need Grace

We All Need Grace

even-ifEven If

Even If

stop-and-listenStop and Listen

Stop and Listen

dianne-illman-this-is-my-story-this-is-my-songDianne Illman - This is my Story; this is my Song!

Dianne Illman - This is my Sto...

the-lamb-of-godThe Lamb Of God

The Lamb Of God

a-blessing-money-cant-buyA Blessing Money Can't Buy

A Blessing Money Can't Buy

loving-god-with-all-my-heartLoving God With All My Heart

Loving God With All My Heart

dont-just-do-something-sit-there-luke-1038-42Don't Just Do Something - Sit There! Luke 10:38-42

Don't Just Do Something - Sit...

god-made-us-for-himselfGod Made Us for Himself

God Made Us for Himself

coming-to-the-throne-of-grace-2019-07-21Coming to the Throne of Grace 2019-07-21

Coming to the Throne of Grace...