palm-sunday-2020-the-worthy-kingPalm Sunday 2020: The Worthy King

Palm Sunday 2020: The Worthy K...

the-ultimate-sacrificeThe Ultimate Sacrifice

The Ultimate Sacrifice

living-right-before-our-godLiving Right Before our God

Living Right Before our God

no-ordinary-king-no-ordinary-manNo Ordinary King, No Ordinary Man

No Ordinary King, No Ordinary...

when-i-survey-the-wondrous-crossWhen I Survey the Wondrous Cross

When I Survey the Wondrous Cro...

ah-holy-jesusAh Holy Jesus

Ah Holy Jesus

hosanna-loud-hosannaHosanna, Loud Hosanna

Hosanna, Loud Hosanna

trust-building-blocks-1Trust: Building Blocks #1

Trust: Building Blocks #1

sermon-5th-april-2020Sermon 5th April 2020

Sermon 5th April 2020

a-big-crowd-meets-king-jesus-luke-19-28-44A Big Crowd Meets

A Big Crowd Meets " King Jesus...

sondag-5-april-2020Sondag 5 April 2020

Sondag 5 April 2020

the-first-testThe First Test

The First Test

rules-for-self-discovery-1-chronicles-2219Rules for Self-Discovery (1 Chronicles 22:19)

Rules for Self-Discovery (1 Ch...

adult-bible-study-04-05-2020Adult Bible Study 04-05-2020

Adult Bible Study 04-05-2020

life-it-matters-how-we-live-it-before-godLife - it matters how we live it before God!

Life - it matters how we live...

920-only-this-once-judges-1628#920, Only this once, Judges 16.28

#920, Only this once, Judges 1...

true-gender-equalityTrue Gender Equality

True Gender Equality

cbc-friday-service-4-3-2020CBC FRIDAY SERVICE 4 3 2020


episode-1-entrance-to-eternityEpisode 1 - Entrance to Eternity

Episode 1 - Entrance to Eterni...

lordy-wont-you-turn-me-aroundLORDY WON'T YOU TURN ME AROUND


allow-holy-week-to-speak-to-usAllow Holy Week to Speak to Us

Allow Holy Week to Speak to Us

revelation-0322d-the-portrait-of-a-spotted-churchRevelation 0322d (The Portrait of a Spotted Church)

Revelation 0322d (The Portrait...

dab-april-04-2020DAB April 04 - 2020

DAB April 04 - 2020

sneezing-jesus-sneezing-jesusSneezing Jesus - Sneezing Jesus

Sneezing Jesus - Sneezing Jesu...

dab-april-04-2020-2DAB April 04 - 2020

DAB April 04 - 2020

sneezing-jesus-sneezing-jesus-2Sneezing Jesus - Sneezing Jesus

Sneezing Jesus - Sneezing Jesu...

community-prayer-april04-2020Community Prayer April04-2020

Community Prayer April04-2020

community-prayer-april04-2020-2Community Prayer April04-2020

Community Prayer April04-2020

revelation-0301-letter-to-the-church-of-sardisRevelation 0301 (Letter to the Church of Sardis)

Revelation 0301 (Letter to the...

revelation-0218-letter-to-the-church-of-thyatiraRevelation 0218 (Letter to the Church of Thyatira)

Revelation 0218 (Letter to the...

april-5-2020-sermon-44100-03-04-20-15-44-05-684April 5 2020 Sermon__44100_03-04-20_15-44-05-684

April 5 2020 Sermon__44100_03-...

episode-42-local-missions-jordan-and-cass-hughesEpisode 42

Episode 42 "Local Missions: Jo...

14-encountering-everyday-encouragement14. Encountering Everyday Encouragement

14. Encountering Everyday Enco...

la-salvacionla Salvacion

la Salvacion

ride-your-donkeyRide your Donkey!!

Ride your Donkey!!

revelation-0322b-the-portrait-of-jesus-in-the-seven-lettersRevelation 0322b (The Portrait of Jesus in the Seven Letters)

Revelation 0322b (The Portrait...

revelation-0314-letter-to-the-church-of-laodiceaRevelation 0314 (Letter to the Church of Laodicea)

Revelation 0314 (Letter to the...

endure-hardnessEndure hardness

Endure hardness

blessed-are-weBlessed Are We...

Blessed Are We...

lesson-9-actsLesson 9 Acts

Lesson 9 Acts

an-angel-an-altar-and-an-answer-1-chronicles-2115-26-27An Angel, An Altar, and An Answer (1 Chronicles 21:15, 26-27)

An Angel, An Altar, and An Ans...

bca-chapel-untitled-91218BCA Chapel Untitled 9.12.18

BCA Chapel Untitled 9.12.18

3-blessed-are-the-devastated3. BLESSED ARE THE DEVASTATED


you-can-accomplish-muchYou Can Accomplish Much

You Can Accomplish Much

919-the-source-of-great-strength-judges-1419#919, The source of great strength, Judges 14.19

#919, The source of great stre...

john-ch-11-vs-28-46-the-resurrection-and-the-life-part-2John Ch. 11 vs 28-46 (The Resurrection And The Life - Part 2)

John Ch. 11 vs 28-46 (The Resu...

revelation-0307-letter-to-the-church-of-philadelphiaRevelation 0307 (Letter to the Church of Philadelphia)

Revelation 0307 (Letter to the...

not-afraid-part-3Not Afraid Part 3

Not Afraid Part 3

covid-19-and-gods-positionCOVID-19 and God's Position

COVID-19 and God's Position

revelation-0218b-thyatira-continuedRevelation 0218(b) (Thyatira Continued)

Revelation 0218(b) (Thyatira C...

revelation-0212-letter-to-the-church-of-pergamosRevelation 0212 (Letter to the Church of Pergamos)

Revelation 0212 (Letter to the...

revelation-0208-letter-to-the-church-of-smyrnaRevelation 0208 (Letter to the Church of Smyrna)

Revelation 0208 (Letter to the...

revelation-0201-letter-to-the-church-of-ephesusRevelation 0201 (Letter to the Church of Ephesus)

Revelation 0201 (Letter to the...

revelation-0322c-the-portrait-of-a-glorious-churchRevelation 0322c (The Portrait of a Glorious Church)

Revelation 0322c (The Portrait...

revelation-0322e-the-portrait-of-the-overcomerRevelation 0322e (The Portrait of the Overcomer)

Revelation 0322e (The Portrait...

god-still-savesGod Still Saves

God Still Saves

facing-the-crisis-known-as-coronavirusFacing the Crisis known as Coronavirus

Facing the Crisis known as Cor...



a-strictly-ministry-moment-5A Strictly Ministry moment - 5

A Strictly Ministry moment - 5

did-god-warn-us-about-thisDid God Warn Us About This?

Did God Warn Us About This?

matthew-26-the-tide-turnsMatthew 26 - the Tide Turns

Matthew 26 - the Tide Turns

seeing-jesus-pt9Seeing Jesus Pt9

Seeing Jesus Pt9

dab-april-03-2020DAB April 03 - 2020

DAB April 03 - 2020

sneezing-jesus-eucharistSneezing Jesus - Eucharist

Sneezing Jesus - Eucharist

dab-april-03-2020-2DAB April 03 - 2020

DAB April 03 - 2020

sneezing-jesus-eucharist-2Sneezing Jesus - Eucharist

Sneezing Jesus - Eucharist



revelation-0116-the-lord-of-the-lights-of-glory-2Revelation 0116 (The Lord of the Lights of Glory-2)

Revelation 0116 (The Lord of t...

revelation-0112-the-lord-of-the-lights-of-gloryRevelation 0112 (The Lord of the Lights of Glory)

Revelation 0112 (The Lord of t...

revelation-0111the-sevensRevelation 0111(The Sevens)

Revelation 0111(The Sevens)

episode-002-the-hope-for-a-christianEpisode 002 The Hope For A Christian

Episode 002 The Hope For A Chr...

signs-of-the-timesSigns of the Times

Signs of the Times

revelation-0104-seven-lights-of-gloryRevelation 0104 (Seven Lights of Glory)

Revelation 0104 (Seven Lights...

13-dispersed-discipleship13. Dispersed Discipleship

13. Dispersed Discipleship

fruit-is-the-proofFruit is the Proof

Fruit is the Proof



the-purpose-of-the-law-pt-5The Purpose Of The Law (Pt 5)

The Purpose Of The Law (Pt 5)

lesson-8-actsLesson 8 Acts

Lesson 8 Acts

the-carpenter-is-building-his-church-1-chronicles-1711-14The Carpenter is Building His Church! (1 Chronicles 17:11-14)

The Carpenter is Building His...

foundation-series-john-1426Foundation Series John 14:26

Foundation Series John 14:26

revelations-video-about-johnRevelations Video about John

Revelations Video about John

youth-serviceYouth Service

Youth Service

podcast-4-till-the-shades-lengthen-is-there-hopePodcast 4 TILL THE SHADES LENGTHEN  Is There Hope


the-inner-voice-is-crucialThe Inner Voice is crucial

The Inner Voice is crucial

918-the-lull-judges-101-5#918, The Lull, Judges 10.1-5

#918, The Lull, Judges 10.1-5

john-ch-11-vs-01-27-the-resurrection-and-the-life-part-1John Ch. 11 vs 01-27 (The Resurrection And The Life - Part 1)

John Ch. 11 vs 01-27 (The Resu...

colossians-124-25-part-iColossians 1:24-2:5 (Part I)

Colossians 1:24-2:5 (Part I)

revelation-0107-behold-he-comethRevelation 0107 (Behold, He Cometh)

Revelation 0107 (Behold, He Co...

revelation-0110-the-lords-dayRevelation 0110 (The Lord's Day)

Revelation 0110 (The Lord's Da...

revelation-0109-i-johnRevelation 0109 (I, John)

Revelation 0109 (I, John)

psalm-90Psalm 90

Psalm 90

fear-faint-failFear Faint  Fail

Fear Faint Fail

daniel-91-3Daniel 9.1-3

Daniel 9.1-3

cooper-april-1-2020Cooper April 1, 2020

Cooper April 1, 2020



the-mystery-of-mannathe mystery of manna

the mystery of manna

three-questions-about-your-faiththree questions about your faith

three questions about your fai...

the-value-of-encouragementThe Value of Encouragement

The Value of Encouragement

dab-april-02-2020DAB April 02 - 2020

DAB April 02 - 2020

sneezing-jesus-rinseSneezing Jesus - Rinse

Sneezing Jesus - Rinse

dab-april-02-2020-2DAB April 02 - 2020

DAB April 02 - 2020

sneezing-jesus-rinse-2Sneezing Jesus - Rinse

Sneezing Jesus - Rinse