john-530-47-the-invincible-witnessJohn 5:30-47 - The Invincible Witness

John 5:30-47 - The Invincible...

its-whats-inside-that-countsIt's What's Inside That Counts

It's What's Inside That Counts

any-kind-of-personAny Kind Of Person

Any Kind Of Person

84-matthew-2337-39-epilogue-woes-assured-yet-hope-endures84 Matthew 23:37-39 - Epilogue: Woes Assured, Yet Hope Endures

84 Matthew 23:37-39 - Epilogue...

heart-of-revivalHeart of Revival

Heart of Revival

steady-as-a-rockSteady As A Rock

Steady As A Rock

sharing-my-faithSharing My Faith

Sharing My Faith

jim-johnston-give-me-your-eyesJim Johnston: Give Me Your Eyes

Jim Johnston: Give Me Your Eye...

its-okay-to-be-happyIt's Okay to be Happy

It's Okay to be Happy

the-faithfulness-of-godThe Faithfulness of God

The Faithfulness of God

faith-on-the-inside-mark-series-mk-724-30Faith On The Inside - Mark Series - Mk 7:24-30

Faith On The Inside - Mark Ser...

the-sound-of-silence-a-divine-dialogueThe Sound of Silence: A Divine Dialogue

The Sound of Silence: A Divine...

his-greater-purpose-031719His Greater Purpose 03.17.19

His Greater Purpose 03.17.19

theres-always-room-for-youThere's Always Room For You

There's Always Room For You

god-is-lightGod Is Light

God Is Light

are-you-really-a-christian-tests-of-true-faithAre You Really a Christian? Tests of True Faith

Are You Really a Christian? Te...

isaiah-saldivar-march-17-2019Isaiah Saldivar, March 17, 2019

Isaiah Saldivar, March 17, 201...

isaiah-saldivar-march-17-2019Isaiah Saldivar, March 17, 2019

Isaiah Saldivar, March 17, 201...

the-kingdom-week-6The Kingdom: Week #6

The Kingdom: Week #6

becoming-a-prophetic-people-saying-what-god-is-doing-sayingBecoming A Prophetic People - Saying What God Is Doing & Saying

Becoming A Prophetic People -...

the-good-life-week-1The Good Life | Week 1

The Good Life | Week 1

close-to-him-march-10-2019-renewed-gloryClose to Him, March 10, 2019, Renewed Glory

Close to Him, March 10, 2019,...

en-todo-tiempo-marzo-10-2019-renewed-gloryEn Todo Tiempo, Marzo 10, 2019, Renewed Glory

En Todo Tiempo, Marzo 10, 2019...

the-spirit-of-fearThe Spirit of Fear

The Spirit of Fear

march-17-2019-armour-of-godMarch 17 2019 - Armour of God

March 17 2019 - Armour of God

penyangkalan-petrus-pdt-effendi-susantoPenyangkalan Petrus Pdt Effendi Susanto

Penyangkalan Petrus Pdt Effend...

mirrors-or-signpostMirrors or Signpost

Mirrors or Signpost

dont-worrybe-happyDon't Worry...Be Happy

Don't Worry...Be Happy

the-battle-withinThe Battle Within

The Battle Within



1-corinthians-21-5-preaching-that-unifies-john-tracy1 Corinthians 2:1-5 - Preaching That Unifies - John Tracy

1 Corinthians 2:1-5 - Preachin...

joshua-week-9Joshua week 9

Joshua week 9

are-we-there-yetAre We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

songs-of-sorrow-2-chronicles-3525Songs of Sorrow (2 Chronicles 35:25)

Songs of Sorrow (2 Chronicles...

sermon-17th-march-2019Sermon 17th March 2019

Sermon 17th March 2019

learning-to-walk-stephen-batesLearning to Walk | Stephen Bates

Learning to Walk | Stephen Bat...

living-above-the-snake-lineLiving Above The Snake Line

Living Above The Snake Line

mind-games-week-2Mind Games - Week 2

Mind Games - Week 2

renovate-choosing-adorationRenovate: Choosing Adoration

Renovate: Choosing Adoration

you-cant-walk-with-jesus-with-your-eyes-wide-shut-videoYou Can't Walk With Jesus With Your Eyes Wide Shut (Video)

You Can't Walk With Jesus With...

luke-1331-35-nevertheless-jesus-goes-onLuke 13:31-35 - Nevertheless, Jesus Goes On!

Luke 13:31-35 - Nevertheless,...

you-cant-walk-with-jesus-with-your-eyes-wide-shut-worship-serviceYou Can't Walk With Jesus With Your Eyes Wide Shut (Worship Service)

You Can't Walk With Jesus With...

you-cant-walk-with-jesus-with-your-eyes-wide-shut-sermon-onlyYou Can't Walk With Jesus With Your Eyes Wide Shut (Sermon Only)

You Can't Walk With Jesus With...

a-winged-saviorA Winged Savior

A Winged Savior

this-is-why-the-bible-use-the-he-gender-as-its-main-themeThis is why the Bible use the He ( gender)  as it's main theme  .

This is why the Bible use the...

dcn-oscar-8am-sun-lent-2-spaDcn. Oscar - 8am - Sun - Lent 2 - SPA

Dcn. Oscar - 8am - Sun - Lent...

god-work-in-youGod @ Work in You

God @ Work in You



oil-bread-and-robesOil, Bread and Robes

Oil, Bread and Robes

worship-lmi-guest-speaker-james-farmerWorship (LMI guest speaker) James Farmer

Worship (LMI guest speaker) Ja...

storsamling-17-mars-2019Storsamling 17. mars 2019

Storsamling 17. mars 2019

a-smarter-way-to-fightA smarter way to fight

A smarter way to fight

ep-26-real-live-hate-christ-the-true-lightEp. 26 | Real Live Hate | Christ the True Light

Ep. 26 | Real Live Hate | Chri...

sela-david-ciputra-17-mar-2019Sela - David Ciputra - 17 Mar 2019

Sela - David Ciputra - 17 Mar...

466-priestly-garments-exodus-282#466 Priestly garments, Exodus 28.2

#466 Priestly garments, Exodus...

march-17-2019-sermon-forgiving-seeing-others-as-god-sees-themMarch 17, 2019 Sermon:

March 17, 2019 Sermon: "Forgiv...

3142019-god-will-show-up3.14.2019 God Will Show Up

3.14.2019 God Will Show Up



03-10-19-being-the-difference03-10-19 - Being the Difference

03-10-19 - Being the Differenc...



01-27-19-god-is-not-surprised-he-has-a-plan01-27-19 - God is not Surprised - He has a plan

01-27-19 - God is not Surprise...

joshua-caleb-stay-positive-in-gods-promisesJoshua & Caleb - Stay Positive in God's Promises

Joshua & Caleb - Stay Positive...

dab-march-17-2019DAB March 17 - 2019

DAB March 17 - 2019

receiving-and-ministering-healingReceiving and Ministering Healing

Receiving and Ministering Heal...

dab-march-17-2019-2DAB March 17 - 2019

DAB March 17 - 2019

the-4-keys-to-unlock-a-move-of-godThe 4 keys to unlock a move of God

The 4 keys to unlock a move of...

addressing-the-habits-addictions-and-fleshly-impulses-associated-with-being-body-conscious-instead-of-spirit-consciousAddressing the habits, addictions and fleshly impulses associated with being body conscious instead of spirit conscious  .

Addressing the habits, addicti...

walking-in-faithWalking in Faith

Walking in Faith



this-is-what-it-means-to-be-lead-by-the-spirit-of-godThis is what it means to be lead by the Spirit of God

This is what it means to be le...

angry-jesusAngry Jesus

Angry Jesus

sowing-to-the-body-blood-of-jesus-part-2-march-15-2019Sowing to the Body & Blood of Jesus Part 2 March 15, 2019

Sowing to the Body & Blood of...

this-is-were-the-fruit-of-the-spirit-is-foundThis is were the fruit of the spirit is found .

This is were the fruit of the...





the-characteristics-of-true-believersThe Characteristics of True Believers

The Characteristics of True Be...

465-the-bread-of-life-john-635#465 The Bread of Life, John 6.35

#465 The Bread of Life, John 6...

revelation-knowledgeRevelation Knowledge

Revelation Knowledge

understanding-the-gospelUnderstanding the Gospel

Understanding the Gospel

galatians-513-26Galatians 5:13-26

Galatians 5:13-26

dab-march-16-2019DAB March 16 - 2019

DAB March 16 - 2019

dab-march-16-2019-2DAB March 16 - 2019

DAB March 16 - 2019

community-prayer-march16-2019Community Prayer March16-2019

Community Prayer March16-2019

community-prayer-march16-2019-2Community Prayer March16-2019

Community Prayer March16-2019

take-it-rev-jeff-morganTAKE IT!! (Rev. Jeff Morgan)

TAKE IT!! (Rev. Jeff Morgan)



the-jerusalem-churchThe Jerusalem Church

The Jerusalem Church

being-fruitful-in-the-kingdom-of-god-part-oneBeing Fruitful in the Kingdom of God, part One

Being Fruitful in the Kingdom...

05-friday-461-searching-for-wisdom05 Friday 461 Searching for Wisdom

05 Friday 461 Searching for Wi...

gods-intervention-changes-everything-part-oneGod's Intervention Changes Everything, part One

God's Intervention Changes Eve...

190210-what-is-the-main-thing190210 What is the Main Thing?

190210 What is the Main Thing?

190120-unity-in-the-church190120 Unity in the Church

190120 Unity in the Church

464-whatever-the-father-does-john-519-21#464, Whatever the Father does, John 5.19-21

#464, Whatever the Father does...

discover-your-love-story-part-4Discover Your Love Story Part 4

Discover Your Love Story Part...

out-of-my-mind-under-my-feet-rev-jeff-morganOut Of My Mind & Under My Feet (Rev. Jeff Morgan)

Out Of My Mind & Under My Feet...

dab-march-15-2019-1DAB March 15 - 2019

DAB March 15 - 2019

abounding-ability-pt-3Abounding Ability Pt 3

Abounding Ability Pt 3

dab-march-15-2019-2DAB March 15 - 2019

DAB March 15 - 2019

heart-of-the-city-radio-mar-14-2019Heart of the City Radio – Mar 14, 2019

Heart of the City Radio – Mar...

contentment-mar-132019-wed-serviceContentment, Mar 13,2019 Wed Service

Contentment, Mar 13,2019 Wed S...

moteveke-torsdag-14-mars-2019Møteveke torsdag 14. mars 2019

Møteveke torsdag 14. mars 2019

bible-study-snapshots-of-mark-lesson-4BIBLE STUDY: Snapshots Of Mark, Lesson 4

BIBLE STUDY: Snapshots Of Mark...