whats-in-a-name-week-1-elohim-created-with-purposeWhat's In A Name - Week 1 - Elohim - Created With Purpose

What's In A Name - Week 1 - El...

unhinged-part-1Unhinged Part 1

Unhinged Part 1

gods-love-for-the-ungodly-ep-15God's Love For The Ungodly (Ep. 15)

God's Love For The Ungodly (Ep...

samson-his-failure-his-faithSamson: His Failure, His Faith

Samson: His Failure, His Faith

not-without-our-cooperation-transfigurationNot Without Our Cooperation (Transfiguration)

Not Without Our Cooperation (T...

the-small-thingsThe Small Things

The Small Things

respectable-sinsRespectable Sins

Respectable Sins

fr-john-fri-14th-otFr. John - Fri - 14th OT

Fr. John - Fri - 14th OT

romans-4Romans 4

Romans 4

172-set-apart-nehemiah-92#172 Set Apart, Nehemiah 9.2

#172 Set Apart, Nehemiah 9.2

sermon-in-the-mount-pt-2Sermon in the Mount pt 2

Sermon in the Mount pt 2

fr-john-thu-14th-otFr. John - Thu - 14th OT

Fr. John - Thu - 14th OT

the-process-of-promiseThe Process of Promise

The Process of Promise

dab-july-13-2018-1DAB July 13 - 2018

DAB July 13 - 2018

welcomed-into-life-eternal-bedeWelcomed Into Life Eternal (Bede)

Welcomed Into Life Eternal (Be...

heart-of-the-city-radio-july-12-2018-episode-179-70-min-new-summer-all-music-series-part-5-raphip-hopHeart of the City Radio – July 12, 2018 Episode 179 (70 min NEW) Summer All-Music Series, Part 5 “Rap/Hip-Hop”

Heart of the City Radio – July...

anointing-and-mantles-pt-12Anointing and Mantles Pt 12

Anointing and Mantles Pt 12

child-of-the-kingChild Of The King

Child Of The King

443-04-thursday443 04 Thursday

443 04 Thursday

bible-study-parables-lesson-9-the-persistent-widowBIBLE STUDY: Parables, Lesson 9 - The Persistent Widow

BIBLE STUDY: Parables, Lesson...

a-covenant-of-companionshipA Covenant of Companionship

A Covenant of Companionship

the-power-of-word-part-three-holyThe Power of Word Part Three - Holy

The Power of Word Part Three -...

171-attentive-to-the-book-of-the-law-nehemiah-83#171 – Attentive to the book of the Law, Nehemiah 8.3

#171 – Attentive to the book o...

ephesians-41-6Ephesians 4:1-6

Ephesians 4:1-6



pie-in-the-sky-bedePie in the Sky (Bede)

Pie in the Sky (Bede)

pftg-session-5-the-power-of-honorPFTG Session 5 - The Power of Honor

PFTG Session 5 - The Power of...

find-your-song-part-2Find Your Song Part 2

Find Your Song Part 2

unlikely-heroes-part-3-rahabUnlikely Heroes (Part 3) - Rahab

Unlikely Heroes (Part 3) - Rah...



dab-july-12-2018-1DAB July 12 - 2018

DAB July 12 - 2018

the-destroyer-of-hopelesnessThe Destroyer Of Hopelesness

The Destroyer Of Hopelesness

three-things-the-great-commission-revealsThree Things the Great Commission Reveals

Three Things the Great Commiss...

the-tabernacle-introduction-chapter-1The Tabernacle Introduction & Chapter 1

The Tabernacle Introduction &...

mind-renewalMind Renewal

Mind Renewal

minor-prophets-major-power-joelMinor Prophets Major Power Joel

Minor Prophets Major Power Joe...

first-the-fireFirst, The Fire

First, The Fire



full-circleFull Circle

Full Circle

443-03-wednesday443 03 Wednesday

443 03 Wednesday

christ-my-healerChrist My Healer

Christ My Healer

el-manto-de-diosEl manto de Dios

El manto de Dios

fr-john-wed-st-benedictFr. John - Wed - St. Benedict

Fr. John - Wed - St. Benedict

a-better-vitalityA Better Vitality

A Better Vitality

estate-planning-mistakesEstate Planning Mistakes

Estate Planning Mistakes

ep59-open-door-living-with-jen-schmidtEp59.  Open Door Living with Jen Schmidt

Ep59. Open Door Living with J...

170-remember-all-that-i-have-done-nehemiah-519#170 Remember all that I have done, Nehemiah 5.19

#170 Remember all that I have...

doctrine-really-mattersDoctrine Really Matters

Doctrine Really Matters

dab-july-11-2018-1DAB July 11 - 2018

DAB July 11 - 2018

time-to-mount-upTime to Mount Up.

Time to Mount Up.

june-8th-at-the-parkJune 8th at the park

June 8th at the park

the-old-ballgameThe Old Ballgame

The Old Ballgame

july-8-2018-worship-called-to-be-disciplesJuly 8 2018 Worship: Called to be Disciples

July 8 2018 Worship: Called to...

who-are-todays-new-nativesWho Are Today’s New Natives?

Who Are Today’s New Natives?

prayer-xll-against-satanPrayer Xll ...against Satan

Prayer Xll ...against Satan

you-are-not-bound-by-your-pastYou Are Not Bound By Your Past

You Are Not Bound By Your Past

generation-to-generationGeneration to Generation

Generation to Generation

443-02-tuesday443 02 Tuesday

443 02 Tuesday

the-blind-man-part-2The Blind Man, part 2

The Blind Man, part 2



im-blessedI'm Blessed

I'm Blessed

episode-22EPISODE 22


hacer-con-amorHacer con amor

Hacer con amor

simple-prayerSimple Prayer

Simple Prayer

god-works-we-sing2-070818-do-it-againGod Works We Sing2 070818 Do It Again

God Works We Sing2 070818 Do I...

be-weak-my-grace-is-sufficient-for-youBe Weak,

Be Weak, "My grace is sufficie...

06-24-18-dont-lose-your-clothes06-24-18-Don't Lose Your Clothes

06-24-18-Don't Lose Your Cloth...

04-23-17-the-blockheads04-23-17 -the blockheads

04-23-17 -the blockheads

starving-for-the-truth-sppStarving for the Truth (SPP)

Starving for the Truth (SPP)

01-28-18-good-old-days01-28-18- Good Old Days

01-28-18- Good Old Days

169-our-god-will-fight-for-us-nehemiah-420#169 Our God will fight for us, Nehemiah 4.20

#169 Our God will fight for us...

endless-love-of-jesusEndless Love of Jesus

Endless Love of Jesus

dab-july-10-2018-1DAB July 10 - 2018

DAB July 10 - 2018

our-lady-of-the-atonement-bedeOur Lady of the Atonement (Bede)

Our Lady of the Atonement (Bed...



preparing-for-the-journeyPreparing for the Journey

Preparing for the Journey

july-8-2018July 8, 2018

July 8, 2018

dangerous-prayers-send-meDangerous Prayers- Send Me

Dangerous Prayers- Send Me

summer-road-trip-jesusSummer Road Trip- Jesus

Summer Road Trip- Jesus

hedonism-as-american-as-apple-pie-1-peter-3-8-22-7918-139-pmHedonism, As American as Apple Pie! (1 Peter 3-8-22) - 7:9:18, 1.39 PM

Hedonism, As American as Apple...

792018-praying-your-blessings7.9.2018 Praying Your Blessings

7.9.2018 Praying Your Blessing...

712018-crumbs-of-bread7.1.2018 Crumbs of Bread

7.1.2018 Crumbs of Bread

443-01-monday443 01 Monday

443 01 Monday

end-of-an-era-pt3End of an Era Pt.3

End of an Era Pt.3

set-free-by-truthSet Free by Truth

Set Free by Truth

gog-magog-part-2Gog & Magog Part 2

Gog & Magog Part 2

the-10-tenents-prt-4-july-8th-2018The 10 Tenents prt 4 - July 8th 2018

The 10 Tenents prt 4 - July 8t...

lessons-from-a-loaf-of-bread-mark-81-21Lessons From A Loaf Of Bread, Mark 8:1-21

Lessons From A Loaf Of Bread,...

who-are-youWho Are You

Who Are You

three-things-that-belong-to-godThree Things That Belong To God

Three Things That Belong To Go...

freedom-in-forgiveness-let-go-my-ego-7-8-18Freedom in Forgiveness- Let Go My Ego (7-8-18)

Freedom in Forgiveness- Let Go...

genesis-4-the-matrix-of-sinGenesis 4, The Matrix of Sin

Genesis 4, The Matrix of Sin

call-me-my-husband-blessedsacramentCall Me, My Husband (BlessedSacrament)

Call Me, My Husband (BlessedSa...

05-david#05 David

#05 David

cr-sg-the-minor-prophets-zephaniahCR & SG  the minor prophets

CR & SG the minor prophets "Z...

twisted-scripture-part-3Twisted Scripture part 3

Twisted Scripture part 3


"True Christianity"

look-for-the-littleLOOK FOR THE LITTLE!


12-stones-pt6-worship12 Stones Pt.6- Worship

12 Stones Pt.6- Worship

isaiah-41-pt-1-living-without-fearIsaiah 41 Pt 1 - Living without Fear

Isaiah 41 Pt 1 - Living withou...

fr-joseph-mon-14th-otFr. Joseph - Mon - 14th OT

Fr. Joseph - Mon - 14th OT

168-the-god-of-heaven-will-make-us-prosper-nehemiah-220#168 The God of Heaven will make us prosper, Nehemiah 2.20

#168 The God of Heaven will ma...