focus-on-the-family-matthew-1034-39Focus on the Family (Matthew 10:34-39)

Focus on the Family (Matthew 1...

the-story-chapter-three-redemptionThe Story - Chapter Three: Redemption

The Story - Chapter Three: Red...

the-success-of-shamgarThe Success of Shamgar

The Success of Shamgar

genesis-45-true-and-betterGenesis 45 (True and Better)

Genesis 45 (True and Better)

i-can-do-all-thingsI Can Do All Things

I Can Do All Things

spiritual-adjustmentSpiritual Adjustment

Spiritual Adjustment

renovation-celebration-2-17-2019Renovation Celebration 2-17-2019

Renovation Celebration 2-17-20...

fr-john-sun-5pm-6th-otFr. John - Sun - 5pm - 6th OT

Fr. John - Sun - 5pm - 6th OT

sharing-the-bond-of-peaceSharing the Bond of Peace

Sharing the Bond of Peace

love-pt-4-pastor-david-brinsonLove Pt. 4 (Pastor David Brinson)

Love Pt. 4 (Pastor David Brins...

the-path-to-financial-freedom-proverbs-308-9The Path to Financial Freedom (Proverbs 30:8-9)

The Path to Financial Freedom...



time-to-dustTime to dust!

Time to dust!

more-than-the-futureMore Than The Future

More Than The Future

philippians-chapter-2-part-1-mike-smithPhilippians chapter 2 (Part 1) Mike Smith

Philippians chapter 2 (Part 1)...

feb-17-2019Feb 17, 2019

Feb 17, 2019

saved-sinners-or-perfect-saintsSaved Sinners Or Perfect Saints?

Saved Sinners Or Perfect Saint...

20190217-sun-am-david-zintgraff2019.02.17 SUN AM David Zintgraff

2019.02.17 SUN AM David Zintgr...

sermon-the-christians-how-to-guide-chapter-4-remembering-the-gospelSERMON: The Christian's How-To Guide, Chapter 4 - Remembering the Gospel

SERMON: The Christian's How-To...

the-happiness-of-hopeThe Happiness Of Hope

The Happiness Of Hope

sunday-classSunday Class

Sunday Class

welcome-firesWelcome Fires

Welcome Fires

systematic-theology-the-state-of-christs-humiliationSystematic Theology: The State of Christ's Humiliation

Systematic Theology: The State...

luke-1610-13Luke 16:10-13

Luke 16:10-13

it-pays-to-be-preparedIt Pays to Be Prepared

It Pays to Be Prepared

are-all-your-needs-met-today-if-not-why-notAre all your needs met Today, If not, why not

Are all your needs met Today,...

will-you-risk-going-to-hellWill You Risk Going to Hell?

Will You Risk Going to Hell?

our-plans-and-gods-gloryOur Plans and God's Glory

Our Plans and God's Glory

if-christ-is-risen-nothing-else-mattersIf Christ Is Risen, Nothing Else Matters

If Christ Is Risen, Nothing El...



the-one-jesus-loves-part-5-do-whatever-he-tells-youThe One Jesus Loves (Part 5)

The One Jesus Loves (Part 5) "...

2019-02-17-byron-allan-uncommon-grace2019-02-17 Byron Allan Uncommon Grace

2019-02-17 Byron Allan Uncommo...

purity-and-fidelityPurity and Fidelity

Purity and Fidelity

yes-there-is-a-resurrection-1-cor-1512-20Yes, There is a Resurrection! (1 Cor. 15:12-20)

Yes, There is a Resurrection!...

the-storyteller-the-parables-of-jesus-visible-and-invisible-sermon-onlyThe Storyteller - The Parables of Jesus - Visible and Invisible - (Sermon Only)

The Storyteller - The Parables...

the-storyteller-the-parables-of-jesus-visible-and-invisible-entire-serviceThe Storyteller - The Parables of Jesus - Visible and Invisible - (Entire Service)

The Storyteller - The Parables...

disconnected-at-the-dinner-tableDisconnected At The Dinner Table

Disconnected At The Dinner Tab...

blessings-at-the-sermonBlessings at the Sermon

Blessings at the Sermon

mission-of-mercyMission of Mercy

Mission of Mercy

message-2-17-2019Message 2-17-2019

Message 2-17-2019

all-for-oneAll For One

All For One

dont-stop-looking-for-itDon't Stop Looking For It

Don't Stop Looking For It

the-lord-will-provideThe Lord Will Provide

The Lord Will Provide

in-the-hands-of-the-potterIn the Hands of the Potter

In the Hands of the Potter

compassion-axton-021719Compassion Axton 02:17:19

Compassion Axton 02:17:19

feb-17-2019-god-loves-all-peopleFeb 17, 2019 God loves all people

Feb 17, 2019 God loves all peo...

the-source-of-eternal-salvationThe SOurce of Eternal Salvation

The SOurce of Eternal Salvatio...



be-bold-part-2Be Bold Part 2

Be Bold Part 2

jesus-the-divider-feb-17-1135amJesus The Divider Feb 17 11:35am

Jesus The Divider Feb 17 11:35...



pickle-powerPickle Power

Pickle Power

galations-522Galations 5:22

Galations 5:22

just-the-cross-part-2-with-pastor-ashley-evansJust The Cross Part 2 with Pastor Ashley Evans

Just The Cross Part 2 with Pas...

expand-in-evangelismExpand in Evangelism

Expand in Evangelism

soul-winning-2-17-2019Soul Winning 2_17_2019

Soul Winning 2_17_2019

father-son-a-divine-bondFather & Son: A Divine Bond

Father & Son: A Divine Bond

20190217am-a-wrathful-god20190217AM A Wrathful God

20190217AM A Wrathful God

one-world-religionOne World Religion

One World Religion

wilderness-attitude-adjustment-part-iWilderness attitude adjustment; part I

Wilderness attitude adjustment...

the-remarkable-journey-of-jesus-part-12The Remarkable Journey of Jesus-Part 12

The Remarkable Journey of Jesu...

increasing-subtraction-part-2increasing subtraction part 2

increasing subtraction part 2

cross-the-lineCross The Line

Cross The Line

black-history-month-serviceblack history month service

black history month service

different-humble-yourselfDifferent-Humble Yourself

Different-Humble Yourself

how-to-beat-the-odds-03How To Beat the Odds - 03

How To Beat the Odds - 03

a-spirtitual-habit-of-giving-pastor-chad-braleyA Spirtitual Habit of Giving - Pastor Chad Braley

A Spirtitual Habit of Giving -...

you-have-a-reason-for-hopeYou Have a Reason for Hope

You Have a Reason for Hope

youve-been-warnedYou've Been Warned

You've Been Warned



who-is-god-part-2Who is God Part 2

Who is God Part 2

how-faith-works-in-the-pressure-points-of-life-james-51-6How Faith Works.... In The Pressure Points Of Life James 5:1-6

How Faith Works.... In The Pre...

the-authority-of-the-wordThe Authority of The Word

The Authority of The Word

what-does-it-mean-to-be-blessedWhat Does It Mean To Be Blessed

What Does It Mean To Be Blesse...


"Justified By Faith"

authority-of-the-wordAuthority of the Word

Authority of the Word

youre-not-davidYou're Not David

You're Not David

ephesians-31-13-sermon-podcast-for-this-reasonEphesians 3:1-13   Sermon Podcast - For This Reason...

Ephesians 3:1-13 Sermon Podc...

together-we-love-part-iiiTogether We Love - Part III

Together We Love - Part III

comfort-for-those-who-mournComfort For Those Who Mourn

Comfort For Those Who Mourn

the-most-valuable-men-in-townThe most valuable men in town

The most valuable men in town

understanding-our-identity-in-himUnderstanding Our Identity In Him

Understanding Our Identity In...

zechariah-11-shepherds-sheep-and-the-sovereignty-of-godZechariah 11 | Shepherds, Sheep, and the Sovereignty of God

Zechariah 11 | Shepherds, Shee...

a-prayer-in-time-of-troubleA Prayer in Time of Trouble

A Prayer in Time of Trouble

how-should-we-perservere-in-our-faithHow Should We Perservere in Our Faith?

How Should We Perservere in Ou...

malachi-313-18Malachi 3:13-18

Malachi 3:13-18

genesis-126-31-made-male-and-femaleGenesis 1.26-31 Made Male and Female

Genesis 1.26-31 Made Male and...

the-real-lords-prayerThe Real Lord's Prayer

The Real Lord's Prayer

all-about-the-heart-empowermentAll About The Heart - Empowerment

All About The Heart - Empowerm...

gospel-workGospel Work

Gospel Work

real-christianityReal Christianity

Real Christianity


"It Doesn't Make Sense..."

who-do-you-think-you-are-talking-toWho Do You Think You Are Talking To?

Who Do You Think You Are Talki...

the-power-of-fellowshipThe Power of Fellowship

The Power of Fellowship

malachi-half-hearted-devotion-ch313-18Malachi - Half-Hearted Devotion Ch.3:13-18

Malachi - Half-Hearted Devotio...

the-beginning-is-at-the-endThe Beginning is at the End

The Beginning is at the End

gods-end-game-part-14God's End Game - Part 14

God's End Game - Part 14

lessons-for-a-nationLessons for a Nation

Lessons for a Nation

ex-20-15-the-struggle-for-integrityEx 20: 15 The Struggle for Integrity

Ex 20: 15 The Struggle for Int...

emotional-iqEmotional IQ

Emotional IQ

the-invitation-to-shalomThe Invitation to Shalom

The Invitation to Shalom

preserve-the-unity-of-the-spiritPreserve the Unity of the Spirit

Preserve the Unity of the Spir...