back-door-thankfullnessBack Door Thankfullness

Back Door Thankfullness

love-101LOVE 101

LOVE 101

heaven-class-worshipHeaven-class Worship

Heaven-class Worship

what-are-you-thankful-forWhat Are You Thankful For

What Are You Thankful For

forever-thankfulForever Thankful

Forever Thankful

thanksgiving-prepThanksgiving prep

Thanksgiving prep

holy-spirit-part-1Holy Spirit Part 1

Holy Spirit Part 1

understanding-my-emotionsUnderstanding My Emotions

Understanding My Emotions

hitting-the-mark-with-greatness-pt-2Hitting the Mark with Greatness Pt 2

Hitting the Mark with Greatnes...

children-and-the-kingdom-pastor-chad-braleyChildren and the Kingdom - Pastor Chad Braley

Children and the Kingdom - Pas...

thanksgiving-sermonThanksgiving Sermon

Thanksgiving Sermon


"Living Out Thanksgiving"

acts-41-22Acts 4:1-22

Acts 4:1-22

the-beautiful-experiment-of-the-church-part-one-chad-smithThe Beautiful Experiment of the Church (Part One) | Chad Smith

The Beautiful Experiment of th...

boast-only-in-the-lordBoast Only in the Lord

Boast Only in the Lord

the-promise-of-heavenThe Promise of Heaven

The Promise of Heaven

dead-end-to-deliveranceDead End to Deliverance

Dead End to Deliverance

darkness-light-and-the-ultimate-good-guyDarkness, Light, and the Ultimate Good Guy

Darkness, Light, and the Ultim...

12-wholehearted-surrender-4-36-6-712-Wholehearted Surrender - 4_36-6_7

12-Wholehearted Surrender - 4_...

why-we-should-stay-with-jesusWhy We Should Stay With Jesus

Why We Should Stay With Jesus

the-sanctity-of-lifeThe Sanctity of Life

The Sanctity of Life



11-19-17-abounding-in-victory11-19-17: Abounding in Victory

11-19-17: Abounding in Victory

sunday-11-19-2017Sunday 11-19-2017

Sunday 11-19-2017

sinners-and-saints-the-good-son-luke-1511-32Sinners and Saints - The

Sinners and Saints - The "Good...

the-book-of-job-part-10The Book of Job - Part 10

The Book of Job - Part 10

relatable-jesusRelatable Jesus

Relatable Jesus

111917-kingdom-builders-miracle-sunday-kyle-marcia-bethke11.19.17 | Kingdom Builders | Miracle Sunday | Kyle & Marcia Bethke

11.19.17 | Kingdom Builders |...


"The Slave And The Master."

a-god-of-another-wayA God of Another Way

A God of Another Way

all-the-fullnessAll The Fullness

All The Fullness

the-question-of-whyThe Question of

The Question of "Why"

culture-of-generosityCulture of Generosity

Culture of Generosity

it-takes-an-ecosystemIt Takes An Ecosystem

It Takes An Ecosystem

born-to-serve-the-lordBorn to Serve the Lord!

Born to Serve the Lord!



grace-aloneGrace Alone

Grace Alone


"A Study of the Holy Ghost" pt...

no-shame-a-healthy-bodyNo Shame - A Healthy Body

No Shame - A Healthy Body


"A Christian's Primary Objecti...





we-press-onWe Press On

We Press On

whats-your-storyWhat's Your Story?

What's Your Story?

12-habits-to-guarantee-your-divorce-pt-312 Habits to Guarantee Your Divorce Pt. 3

12 Habits to Guarantee Your Di...

go-awayGo Away

Go Away


"Taming the Tongue"

the-power-of-a-prayer-and-a-song-james-513-18-part-1The Power of a Prayer and a Song-James 5:13-18 Part 1

The Power of a Prayer and a So...

we-can-see-clearly-nowWe Can See Clearly Now'

We Can See Clearly Now'

participate-in-the-harvestParticipate in the Harvest

Participate in the Harvest

answer-the-callAnswer the Call

Answer the Call

a-church-to-be-thankful-for-and-proud-ofA Church to be thankful for and proud of

A Church to be thankful for an...

tis-the-season-to-be-thankfulTis The Season To Be Thankful

Tis The Season To Be Thankful

ello-govna'Ello Gov'na!

'Ello Gov'na!

jesus-attends-funerals-tooJesus Attends Funerals Too

Jesus Attends Funerals Too

shine-brightShine Bright

Shine Bright

a-lesson-in-sovereigntyA Lesson In Sovereignty

A Lesson In Sovereignty

meet-the-god-you-may-not-knowMeet the God You May Not Know

Meet the God You May Not Know

making-peace-with-your-callMaking Peace with Your Call

Making Peace with Your Call

11-19-17-scars-part-5-scars-of-deception11-19-17 - Scars - Part 5 - Scars of Deception

11-19-17 - Scars - Part 5 - Sc...

will-heaven-be-the-same-for-everyone-pt-2Will Heaven be the Same for Everyone Pt 2

Will Heaven be the Same for Ev...

one-thing-you-lack-sermon-3One Thing You Lack, Sermon 3

One Thing You Lack, Sermon 3

on-or-off-english-meeting-nov-19-2017-renewed-glory-churchON or OFF, English Meeting, Nov 19, 2017 Renewed Glory Church

ON or OFF, English Meeting, No...

parenting-commitment-ceremonyParenting Commitment Ceremony

Parenting Commitment Ceremony

give-thanksGive Thanks

Give Thanks



taste-see-mannaTaste & See: Manna

Taste & See: Manna

sunday-november-19-2017-pastor-edward-boatengSunday November 19, 2017 (Pastor Edward Boateng)

Sunday November 19, 2017 (Past...

live-out-the-messageLive Out The Message

Live Out The Message

the-hidden-secret-of-thanksgivingThe Hidden Secret of Thanksgiving

The Hidden Secret of Thanksgiv...

being-filled-with-the-spiritBeing Filled With The Spirit

Being Filled With The Spirit

forgiveness-gratitudeForgiveness Gratitude

Forgiveness Gratitude

phil-wilson-senseless-week-4Phil Wilson: Senseless Week 4

Phil Wilson: Senseless Week 4

hearing-clearly-pt-3Hearing Clearly Pt 3

Hearing Clearly Pt 3


"Three Steps to Experiencing G...

thankfull-3-mindsetThankfull #3 -

Thankfull #3 - "Mindset"

how-much-is-givenHow Much is Given?

How Much is Given?

the-sin-of-partialityThe Sin of Partiality

The Sin of Partiality

knowing-the-wonders-of-jesus-1Knowing the Wonders of Jesus #1

Knowing the Wonders of Jesus #...

pastor-ken-dutton-november-19-2017Pastor Ken Dutton, November 19, 2017

Pastor Ken Dutton, November 19...

pasotr-ken-dutton-november-192017Pasotr Ken Dutton, November 19,2017

Pasotr Ken Dutton, November 19...

living-in-the-bounty-of-gratitudeLiving in the bounty of gratitude

Living in the bounty of gratit...

sunday-worship-november-19-2017Sunday Worship, November 19, 2017

Sunday Worship, November 19, 2...

the-book-of-ruth-part-4The Book of Ruth Part 4

The Book of Ruth Part 4

colossians-week-5Colossians week 5

Colossians week 5

live-by-faithLive By Faith

Live By Faith

111917-enter-with-thanksgiving11.19.17 Enter with Thanksgiving

11.19.17 Enter with Thanksgivi...

trust-in-god-through-prayer-and-serviceTrust in God through Prayer and Service

Trust in God through Prayer an...

you-asked-for-it-bountdaries-with-ps-jane-evansYou Asked For It: Bountdaries with Ps Jane Evans

You Asked For It: Bountdaries...

24th-sunday-after-pentecost-proper-28-year-a-brewsters-talents24th Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 28), Year A -

24th Sunday after Pentecost (P...

thanksgiving-is-thanksliving-worship-serviceThanksgiving is Thanksliving (Worship Service)

Thanksgiving is Thanksliving (...

thanksgiving-is-thanksliving-sermon-onlyThanksgiving is Thanksliving (Sermon Only)

Thanksgiving is Thanksliving (...

blindspots-3-impatienceBlindspots: 3 - Impatience

Blindspots: 3 - Impatience

pray-part-1Pray Part 1

Pray Part 1

by-the-spirit-of-god-zechariah-41-14-111917By the Spirit of God, Zechariah 4:1-14, 11/19/17

By the Spirit of God, Zecharia...

releasing-the-captivesReleasing The Captives

Releasing The Captives

leviticus-23Leviticus 23

Leviticus 23

sermon-19th-november-2017Sermon 19th November 2017

Sermon 19th November 2017

why-we-workWhy we work

Why we work

loc-radio-listening-to-the-lords-voice-changes-me-and-affects-those-around-meLOC Radio Listening to the Lord's Voice Changes Me and affects those around Me

LOC Radio Listening to the Lor...

jesus-made-us-higher-than-angelsJesus Made Us Higher Than Angels

Jesus Made Us Higher Than Ange...

god-will-make-a-way-pt1God Will Make A Way Pt.1

God Will Make A Way Pt.1