untitled-recording-nov-14-911pmLet Go and Let God Drive

Let Go and Let God Drive

untitled-recording-nov-14-909pm-2God Is Not Limited to a Boxed Viewpoint

God Is Not Limited to a Boxed...

untitled-recording-nov-14-909pmGod Is My Thirst Quencher

God Is My Thirst Quencher

untitled-recording-nov-14-907pmAn Irrational Question

An Irrational Question

untitled-recording-nov-14-906pm-2A Personal Relationship

A Personal Relationship

following-the-lord-bro-knickerbockerFollowing the Lord - Bro Knickerbocker

Following the Lord - Bro Knick...

revival-4Revival #4

Revival #4

dab-november-15-2017-1DAB November 15- 2017

DAB November 15- 2017

corazon-justificadoCorazón justificado

Corazón justificado

christ-centered-evangelism-session-7Christ Centered Evangelism Session 7

Christ Centered Evangelism Ses...

christ-centered-evangelism-session-6Christ Centered Evangelism Session 6

Christ Centered Evangelism Ses...

we-have-done-our-duty-bedeWe Have Done Our Duty (Bede)

We Have Done Our Duty (Bede)

ken-wilsonKen Wilson

Ken Wilson

breaking-freeBreaking Free

Breaking Free

november-12-2017-worship-theres-oil-in-the-trunkNovember 12 2017 Worship: Theres Oil in the Trunk

November 12 2017 Worship: Ther...

test-123Test 123

Test 123

how-to-read-the-bible-for-all-its-worth-part-2How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth (Part 2)

How to Read the Bible for All...

dont-get-it-twistedDon't Get It Twisted

Don't Get It Twisted

untitled-recording-nov-14-1132am#6 Daniel's Night Vision 2:14-23

#6 Daniel's Night Vision 2:14-...

got-issues-nov-12-2017Got Issues ? -Nov 12, 2017

Got Issues ? -Nov 12, 2017

spiritual-veteransSpiritual Veterans

Spiritual Veterans

friends-helping-friendsFriends Helping Friends

Friends Helping Friends


"Serving One Another By Faith"...

response-to-truthResponse to Truth

Response to Truth

the-end-of-the-storm-the-wise-and-the-foolishThe End of the Storm: The Wise and the Foolish

The End of the Storm: The Wise...

november-12-2017November 12, 2017

November 12, 2017

ep-43-nehemiah-part-2Ep. 43: Nehemiah (Part 2)

Ep. 43: Nehemiah (Part 2)

give-god-due-regardGive God Due Regard

Give God Due Regard

sam-bombara-111417Sam Bombara 11/14/17

Sam Bombara 11/14/17

on-the-spot-with-steve-harney-ots5On The Spot with Steve Harney OTS5

On The Spot with Steve Harney...

the-outside-focused-church-pt-3The Outside Focused Church Pt. 3

The Outside Focused Church Pt....

how-to-walk-on-waterHow to Walk on Water

How to Walk on Water

a-church-that-carries-the-gospelA church that carries the Gospel

A church that carries the Gosp...

untitled-recording-nov-13-732pm11-12 Music

11-12 Music

they-are-valuable-bro-keenThey Are Valuable - Bro Keen

They Are Valuable - Bro Keen

revival-3Revival #3

Revival #3

dab-november-14-2017-1DAB November 14- 2017

DAB November 14- 2017

christ-centered-evangelism-session-5Christ Centered Evangelism Session 5

Christ Centered Evangelism Ses...

christ-centered-evangelism-session-4Christ Centered Evangelism Session 4

Christ Centered Evangelism Ses...

worshipping-god-by-faith-vs-worhipping-him-by-feelings-and-emotionsWorshipping God by faith ( vs ) worhipping him by feelings and emotions !.

Worshipping God by faith ( vs...

two-signs-of-lost-or-weakening-faith-bedeTwo Signs of Lost or Weakening Faith (Bede)

Two Signs of Lost or Weakening...

having-an-attitude-of-gratitudeHaving An Attitude Of Gratitude

Having An Attitude Of Gratitud...

jesus-honors-the-faith-of-a-veteranJesus Honors The Faith Of A Veteran

Jesus Honors The Faith Of A Ve...

creer-sesion-30-humildadCREER - Sesión 30 Humildad

CREER - Sesión 30 Humildad

sunday-nov-12Sunday Nov 12

Sunday Nov 12

empowered-to-continueEmpowered to Continue

Empowered to Continue

acts-20Acts 20

Acts 20

gary-heiney-and-samuels-houseGary Heiney and Samuel's House

Gary Heiney and Samuel's House...

matthew-251-13-pentecost-23aMatthew 25:1-13 (Pentecost 23A)

Matthew 25:1-13 (Pentecost 23A...

exceeding-the-expiration-date-expired-relationships-111217Exceeding The Expiration Date-

Exceeding The Expiration Date-...

11-12-2017-harvest-echo11-12-2017; Harvest: Echo

11-12-2017; Harvest: Echo

above-and-beyond-part-3Above and Beyond part 3

Above and Beyond part 3

above-and-beyond-part-2Above and Beyond part 2

Above and Beyond part 2

above-and-beyond-part-1Above and Beyond part 1

Above and Beyond part 1

be-patientand-other-stuffBe Patient...and other Stuff!

Be Patient...and other Stuff!

the-churchThe Church

The Church

balanced-part-2Balanced - Part 2

Balanced - Part 2

daring-faith-part-7Daring Faith Part 7

Daring Faith Part 7

all-in-part-3ALL IN part 3

ALL IN part 3

energizing-truthsEnergizing Truths!

Energizing Truths!

psalm-19Psalm 19

Psalm 19

religion-killsReligion Kills

Religion Kills

what-love-looks-like-part-2-1-corinthians-13What Love Looks Like- part 2 (1 Corinthians 13)

What Love Looks Like- part 2 (...

bolwc-liveBOLWC Live


god-has-a-purposeGod Has a Purpose

God Has a Purpose

revelations-22Revelations 22

Revelations 22

understanding-your-strongholdsUnderstanding Your Strongholds

Understanding Your Strongholds

rededication-to-lost-dedicationsRededication to lost Dedications

Rededication to lost Dedicatio...

be-strong-in-the-lordBe Strong In The Lord

Be Strong In The Lord

hell-is-a-real-place-when-people-go-they-stay-foreverHell is a real place, when people go, they stay forever.

Hell is a real place, when peo...

homeward-boundHomeward Bound

Homeward Bound

11-12-17-podcast11-12-17 Podcast

11-12-17 Podcast

the-spirit-of-freedom-iiThe Spirit of Freedom II

The Spirit of Freedom II

untitled-recording-nov-12-831pmHung By The Tongue!1

Hung By The Tongue!1

heart-for-the-houseHeart for the House

Heart for the House

we-have-been-adoptedWe Have Been Adopted!

We Have Been Adopted!

a-different-harvest-part-1A Different Harvest - Part 1

A Different Harvest - Part 1

20171112pm-rev-benjie-shaw20171112PM Rev. Benjie Shaw

20171112PM Rev. Benjie Shaw

the-value-of-secret-prayerThe Value of Secret Prayer

The Value of Secret Prayer

12-11-2017-culto-dominical-pr-roger-johansen-hebreus-13-v7-a-1712-11-2017 - Culto Dominical - Pr. Roger Johansen - Hebreus 13 v7 a 17

12-11-2017 - Culto Dominical -...

dab-november-13-2017-1DAB November 13- 2017

DAB November 13- 2017

sowing-n-reapingSowing -n- Reaping

Sowing -n- Reaping

christ-centered-evangelism-session-3Christ Centered Evangelism Session 3

Christ Centered Evangelism Ses...

living-in-a-state-of-readinessLiving In A State Of Readiness

Living In A State Of Readiness

untitled-recording-nov-12-617pm-2Choose to be chosen Pt2

Choose to be chosen Pt2

untitled-recording-nov-12-617pmChoose to be chosen Pt1

Choose to be chosen Pt1

the-preeminence-of-jesusThe Preeminence Of Jesus

The Preeminence Of Jesus

genesis-331-20Genesis 33:1-20

Genesis 33:1-20

we-cannot-help-but-speakWe Cannot Help But Speak

We Cannot Help But Speak

ta-6-the-helmet-of-salvation-pastor-kenny-smithTA 6: The Helmet of Salvation (Pastor Kenny Smith)

TA 6: The Helmet of Salvation...

revival-2Revival #2

Revival #2

gordy-aiken-111217Gordy Aiken 11/12/17

Gordy Aiken 11/12/17

what-meaneth-this-bro-keenWhat Meaneth This - Bro Keen

What Meaneth This - Bro Keen

christ-centered-evangelism-session-2Christ Centered Evangelism Session 2

Christ Centered Evangelism Ses...

the-church-jesus-built-the-ideal-churchThe Church Jesus Built The Ideal Church

The Church Jesus Built The Ide...

prosperity-financesProsperity & Finances

Prosperity & Finances

sermon-qualities-of-a-good-soldierSERMON: Qualities of a Good Soldier

SERMON: Qualities of a Good So...

luke-41-13Luke 4:1-13

Luke 4:1-13

romans-no-partiality-111217Romans: No Partiality (11/12/17)

Romans: No Partiality (11/12/1...

two-questions-to-get-us-ready-bedeTwo Questions To Get Us Ready (Bede)

Two Questions To Get Us Ready...



rightly-dividing-hebrews-pt3Rightly Dividing Hebrews Pt.3

Rightly Dividing Hebrews Pt.3