become-lower-than-a-slaveBecome lower than a slave

Become lower than a slave

the-desert-week-5The Desert - Week 5

The Desert - Week 5

least-likely-most-likelyLeast Likely - Most Likely

Least Likely - Most Likely

untitled-recording-sep-13-1154amTrack 1

Track 1

14th-sunday-after-pentecost14th Sunday After Pentecost

14th Sunday After Pentecost

i-made-itI Made It

I Made It

sending-the-right-invitationSending the Right Invitation

Sending the Right Invitation

finish-what-we-startedFinish What We Started

Finish What We Started

david-russell-91317David Russell 9/13/17

David Russell 9/13/17

in-whose-company-mcmIn Whose Company? (MCM)

In Whose Company? (MCM)

listen-day-23-interpreting-dreamsListen Day 23 - Interpreting Dreams

Listen Day 23 - Interpreting D...

why-church-pt-2Why Church Pt. 2

Why Church Pt. 2

basic-doctrine-2-session-1Basic Doctrine 2 Session 1

Basic Doctrine 2 Session 1

untitled-recording-sep-13-336amLetter to Thyatira

Letter to Thyatira

the-seven-churches-part-2-september-10The Seven Churches - Part 2- September 10

The Seven Churches - Part 2- S...

walk-in-the-light-september-3-2017Walk In The Light - September 3, 2017

Walk In The Light - September...

jesus-calms-the-storm-mark-435-41Jesus Calms The Storm, Mark 4:35-41

Jesus Calms The Storm, Mark 4:...

rediscovering-your-passionRediscovering Your Passion

Rediscovering Your Passion

dab-september-13-2017-1DAB September 13 - 2017

DAB September 13 - 2017

untitled-recording-sep-12-630pmThe Holy Spirit  Gifts 2

The Holy Spirit Gifts 2

how-to-design-the-culture-of-your-organizationHow to Design the Culture of Your Organization

How to Design the Culture of Y...

by-faith-revival-meeting-sep-10-2017By Faith, Revival Meeting, Sep 10, 2017

By Faith, Revival Meeting, Sep...

the-bible-is-gods-truthThe Bible is God's TRUTH????

The Bible is God's TRUTH????

preparados-reunion-de-avivamiento-sep-10-2017Preparados, Reunion de Avivamiento, Sep 10, 2017

Preparados, Reunion de Avivami...

forewarned-forearmed-tghForewarned & Forearmed (TGH)

Forewarned & Forearmed (TGH)

422-words422; Words

422; Words

sept-10-2017Sept 10, 2017

Sept 10, 2017

september-10-2017September 10: 2017

September 10: 2017

de-quien-somos-hijosDe quien somos hijos

De quien somos hijos

a-word-from-aboveA Word from Above

A Word from Above

in-training-prayer-pt-2IN TRAINING - PRAYER pt 2


the-prayer-that-speaks-to-sinnersThe Prayer that Speaks to Sinners

The Prayer that Speaks to Sinn...

one-dayOne Day

One Day

the-bible-a-firm-foundation-part-2The Bible: A Firm Foundation (Part 2)

The Bible: A Firm Foundation (...

religion-politics-and-government-part-3Religion, Politics And Government Part 3

Religion, Politics And Governm...

enjoyng-life-more-abundantly-john-1010Enjoyng Life more abundantly John 10:10

Enjoyng Life more abundantly J...

tightening-our-beltsTightening Our Belts

Tightening Our Belts

the-body-his-family-sep-10th-2017The Body... His Family -Sep 10th, 2017

The Body... His Family -Sep 10...

strongholds-3-surroundingStrongholds 3, Surrounding

Strongholds 3, Surrounding

growth-and-griefGrowth and Grief

Growth and Grief

sam-bombara-91217Sam Bombara 9/12/17

Sam Bombara 9/12/17

god-walking-me-0912GOD WALKING ME 09/12


dangerous-prayers-break-meDangerous Prayers. Break Me

Dangerous Prayers. Break Me

realizing-your-commitment-to-your-callingRealizing your commitment to your calling

Realizing your commitment to y...

untitled-recording-sep-11-819pm9-10 Music

9-10 Music

dab-september-12-2017-1DAB September 12 - 2017

DAB September 12 - 2017

september-10-2017-morning-serviceSeptember 10, 2017 Morning Service

September 10, 2017 Morning Ser...

fall-revival-sunday-eveningFall Revival - Sunday Evening

Fall Revival - Sunday Evening

gods-love-for-us-91017God's Love for Us (9/10/17)

God's Love for Us (9/10/17)

untitled-recording-sep-11-342pmUntitled Recording Sep 11 3:42pm

Untitled Recording Sep 11 3:42...

sesion-21-creerSesión 21 - CREER

Sesión 21 - CREER

seasons-of-lifeSeasons of Life

Seasons of Life

untitled-recording-sep-11-1130amBeing an Effective Witness

Being an Effective Witness

making-a-differenceMaking a Difference

Making a Difference

im-not-letting-goI'm Not Letting Go

I'm Not Letting Go

in-training-prayer-knowing-who-youre-talking-toIN TRAINING - PRAYER - Knowing who you're talking to


matthew-221-22Matthew 22:1-22

Matthew 22:1-22

untitled-recording-sep-11-1035amShare the Gospel

Share the Gospel


Shielded- "The Full Circle of...

sep-10-2017-sermon-the-melding-of-heaven-and-earthSep 10, 2017 Sermon:

Sep 10, 2017 Sermon: "The Meld...

lesson-learnedLesson Learned?

Lesson Learned?

labor-painsLabor Pains

Labor Pains

dangerous-prayerssearch-meDangerous Prayers.Search Me

Dangerous Prayers.Search Me

the-crowning-work-of-the-holy-spiritThe Crowning Work of the Holy Spirit

The Crowning Work of the Holy...

dont-bow-stand-podcastDon't Bow, Stand podcast

Don't Bow, Stand podcast

jesus-the-lord-of-lifeJesus - The Lord of Life

Jesus - The Lord of Life

listen-day-21-the-voice-dreams-and-visionListen Day 21 - The Voice & Dreams And Vision

Listen Day 21 - The Voice & Dr...

mental-illness-depression-part-2-spiritual-depressionMental illness - Depression Part 2 Spiritual Depression

Mental illness - Depression Pa...

urban-hope-church-flagstaff-adam-and-natascha-klingUrban Hope Church Flagstaff Adam and Natascha Kling

Urban Hope Church Flagstaff Ad...

growing-in-grace-2-peter-314-18Growing in Grace (2 Peter 3:14-18)

Growing in Grace (2 Peter 3:14...

untitled-recording-sep-10-925pmUntitled Recording Sep 10 9:25pm

Untitled Recording Sep 10 9:25...

waves-of-life'Waves of Life'

'Waves of Life'

finding-hope-in-nothingFinding Hope in Nothing

Finding Hope in Nothing

the-law-of-the-spirit-of-life-2The Law of the Spirit of Life 2

The Law of the Spirit of Life...

the-patriarchs-12-the-man-in-the-mirror-part-2The Patriarchs 12- The Man in the Mirror Part 2

The Patriarchs 12- The Man in...

show-me-what-youre-working-withShow Me What You're Working With

Show Me What You're Working Wi...



matthew-181-20-pentecost-14aMatthew 18:1-20 (Pentecost 14A)

Matthew 18:1-20 (Pentecost 14A...

dab-september-11-2017-1DAB September 11 - 2017

DAB September 11 - 2017

we-cant-come-downWe Can't Come Down

We Can't Come Down

psalm-1Psalm 1

Psalm 1

how-to-get-in-on-a-miracleHow to get in on a miracle

How to get in on a miracle

a-coffin-or-a-hope-chestA Coffin or a Hope Chest?

A Coffin or a Hope Chest?

20170910pm-the-office-of-deacon20170910PM The Office of Deacon

20170910PM The Office of Deaco...

10-09-2017-culto-dominical-pr-roger-johansen-2-joao10-09-2017 - Culto Dominical - Pr. Roger Johansen - 2 João

10-09-2017 - Culto Dominical -...

the-church-that-jesus-madeThe Church that Jesus Made

The Church that Jesus Made

jesus-the-good-shepherdJesus The Good Shepherd

Jesus The Good Shepherd

highly-favouredHighly Favoured

Highly Favoured

snc-worship-and-prayer-nightSNC: Worship and Prayer Night!

SNC: Worship and Prayer Night!

genesis-311-21Genesis 31:1-21

Genesis 31:1-21

darrin-longmire-91017Darrin Longmire 9/10/17

Darrin Longmire 9/10/17

spirit-rest-hereSpirit Rest Here

Spirit Rest Here

following-the-way-of-loveFollowing the Way of Love

Following the Way of Love

its-a-bird-its-a-plane-no-its-jesusIts a Bird, its a plane no its Jesus

Its a Bird, its a plane no its...

the-warning-friend-bedeThe Warning Friend (Bede)

The Warning Friend (Bede)

sermon-foundation-stones-of-psalm-23-part-4SERMON: Foundation Stones of Psalm 23, Part 4

SERMON: Foundation Stones of P...

steve-alexander-2017-08-27Steve Alexander 2017-08-27

Steve Alexander 2017-08-27

blessed-peacemakers-matthew-59#blessed #peacemakers (Matthew 5.9)

#blessed #peacemakers (Matthew...

steve-alexander-2017-9-10Steve Alexander 2017-9-10

Steve Alexander 2017-9-10

the-priests-blessingThe Priests' Blessing

The Priests' Blessing

stretch-meStretch Me

Stretch Me