put-the-word-into-practicePut The Word Into Practice

Put The Word Into Practice

cr-the-pursuit-the-grieving-sistersCR THE PURSUIT  The Grieving Sisters

CR THE PURSUIT The Grieving S...

a-new-willA New Will

A New Will



what-we-carryWhat We Carry

What We Carry

dab-august-9-2015-1DAB August 9 - 2015

DAB August 9 - 2015

a-marriage-that-worksA Marriage That Works

A Marriage That Works

taking-your-faith-where-its-never-been-beforeTaking Your Faith Where It's Never Been Before

Taking Your Faith Where It's N...

dab-august-8-2015-1DAB August 8 - 2015

DAB August 8 - 2015

answering-difficult-questions-nonbelievers-ask-orange-county-thursday-night-1Answering Difficult Questions Nonbelievers Ask (Orange County Thursday Night)

Answering Difficult Questions...

dab-august-7-2015-1DAB August 7 - 2015

DAB August 7 - 2015

grace-to-say-yes-pt1Grace To Say Yes Pt.1

Grace To Say Yes Pt.1

dab-august-6-2015-1DAB August 6 - 2015

DAB August 6 - 2015

turning-tears-into-cheersTurning Tears Into Cheers

Turning Tears Into Cheers


"Adoption of Sons"

8-2-15150802 A Cry for Help

150802 A Cry for Help

salt-and-lightSalt and Light

Salt and Light

primed-for-revivalPrimed For Revival

Primed For Revival

your-money-matters-pt-4Your Money Matters Pt 4

Your Money Matters Pt 4

dab-august-5-2015-1DAB August 5 - 2015

DAB August 5 - 2015

awake-august-2nd-2015Awake - August 2nd 2015

Awake - August 2nd 2015

fire-violence-jealousy-july-26th-2015Fire, Violence & Jealousy -July 26th 2015

Fire, Violence & Jealousy -Jul...

august-2-2015-real-loveAugust, 2 2015: Real Love

August, 2 2015: Real Love

the-song-of-zachariasThe Song of Zacharias

The Song of Zacharias

ed-litton-the-best-is-yet-to-comeEd Litton: The Best Is Yet To Come

Ed Litton: The Best Is Yet To...

carrying-the-fragrance-of-christCarrying the Fragrance of Christ

Carrying the Fragrance of Chri...

ed-litton-the-best-is-yet-to-comeEd litton: The Best Is Yet To Come

Ed litton: The Best Is Yet To...

dab-august-4-2015-1DAB August 4 - 2015

DAB August 4 - 2015

the-fight-foundation-pt5-the-speck-aug-2-2015The fight foundation, pt.5

The fight foundation, pt.5 "th...

dab-august-3-2015-1DAB August 3 - 2015

DAB August 3 - 2015

yet-shall-we-liveYet Shall We Live

Yet Shall We Live

boldness-in-proximity-pt-2Boldness In Proximity Pt. 2

Boldness In Proximity Pt. 2

the-god-that-restores-revival-2015-sundayThe God that Restores Revival 2015 Sunday

The God that Restores Revival...

01-impact-makers-relevant-christianity-by-pst-sam-danauta-2407201501 IMPACT MAKERS RELEVANT CHRISTIANITY BY PST. SAM DANAUTA 24072015


150802-committed-the-path-toward-passion-fasting-1st-service-sermon-podcastCommitted - The Path Toward Passion - Fasting - (Sermon Only)

Committed - The Path Toward Pa...

150802-committed-the-path-toward-passion-fasting-1st-service-podcastCommitted - The Path Toward Passion - Fasting - (Entire Service)

Committed - The Path Toward Pa...

20150802am-different20150802AM Different

20150802AM Different

superficial-faithSuperficial Faith

Superficial Faith

persistent-prayerPersistent Prayer

Persistent Prayer

worship-week-1Worship_week 1

Worship_week 1

an-internal-needAn Internal Need

An Internal Need

missions-arent-what-youthink-they-are-august-2-2015Missions Aren't What YouThink They Are, August 2 2015

Missions Aren't What YouThink...


"Prove All Things"

ditch-patrol-8-2-15Ditch Patrol 8-2-15

Ditch Patrol 8-2-15

150726-committed-the-path-toward-passion-study-2nd-service-podcastCommitted - The Path Toward Passion - Study - (Entire Service)

Committed - The Path Toward Pa...

persistent-faith-in-a-crisis-kay-balderosePersistent Faith in a Crisis - Kay Balderose

Persistent Faith in a Crisis -...

150726-committed-the-path-toward-passion-study-2nd-service-sermon-podcastCommitted - The Path Toward Passion - Study - (Sermon Only)

Committed - The Path Toward Pa...

david-bancroft-08-02-2015David Bancroft 08-02-2015

David Bancroft 08-02-2015

revolution-and-plagues-clintonRevolution and Plagues (Clinton)

Revolution and Plagues (Clinto...

bibles-for-russiaBibles For Russia

Bibles For Russia

7-keys-to-overcometh7 Keys to Overcometh

7 Keys to Overcometh

base-path-pt-4-path-to-partnership-8215Base Path, pt 4: Path to Partnership 8/2/15

Base Path, pt 4: Path to Partn...

unmerited-favourUnmerited Favour

Unmerited Favour

how-do-we-engage-a-hostile-cultureHow Do We Engage A Hostile Culture

How Do We Engage A Hostile Cul...

walk-worthy-of-the-callingWalk Worthy of the Calling

Walk Worthy of the Calling

pastor-michael-thigpen-isaiah-4021-31Pastor Michael Thigpen- Isaiah 40:21-31

Pastor Michael Thigpen- Isaiah...

how-same-sex-marriage-is-not-marriageHow Same-Sex Marriage is Not Marriage

How Same-Sex Marriage is Not M...

bookends-of-a-great-life-pastor-robertBookends of a Great Life - Pastor Robert

Bookends of a Great Life - Pas...

three-tools-of-a-discipleThree Tools Of A Disciple

Three Tools Of A Disciple

are-you-a-saint-or-a-sinnerAre you a saint or a sinner

Are you a saint or a sinner

destined-for-moreDestined for More

Destined for More

the-god-that-restores-revival-2015-saturdayThe God that Restores Revival 2015 Saturday

The God that Restores Revival...

dab-august-2-2015-1DAB August 2 - 2015

DAB August 2 - 2015

clinton-see-as-god-sees-july-52015Clinton, See as God Sees July 5,2015

Clinton, See as God Sees July...

clinton-training-your-spiritual-taste-july-26-2015Clinton, Training Your Spiritual Taste July 26, 2015

Clinton, Training Your Spiritu...

servant-hearted-legendsServant Hearted Legends!

Servant Hearted Legends!

the-power-of-a-seedThe Power Of A Seed

The Power Of A Seed

audacious-faith-1Audacious Faith

Audacious Faith

the-god-that-restores-revival-2015-fridayThe God that Restores Revival 2015 Friday

The God that Restores Revival...

dab-august-1-2015-1DAB August 1 - 2015

DAB August 1 - 2015

dab-july-31-2015-1DAB July 31 - 2015

DAB July 31 - 2015

boldness-in-proxmitiyBoldness in Proxmitiy

Boldness in Proxmitiy

dab-july-30-2015-1DAB July 30 - 2015

DAB July 30 - 2015

we-shall-not-be-movedWe Shall Not Be Moved

We Shall Not Be Moved

sg-the-pursuit-a-true-believer-2SG THE PURSUIT  A True Believer

SG THE PURSUIT A True Believe...


"Four Wars to Share the Gospel...

dab-july-29-2015-1DAB July 29 - 2015

DAB July 29 - 2015

the-birth-of-john-the-baptistThe Birth of John the Baptist

The Birth of John the Baptist

7-26-15150726 Standing on the Promises

150726 Standing on the Promise...

dab-july-28-2015-1DAB July 28 - 2015

DAB July 28 - 2015

what-are-we-here-for-12What Are We Here For?

What Are We Here For?

what-are-we-here-for-12What Are We Here For?

What Are We Here For?

when-pigs-fly-week-4when pigs fly_week 4

when pigs fly_week 4

the-baby-is-deadThe Baby is Dead

The Baby is Dead

daniel-6Daniel 6

Daniel 6

a-morning-of-testimonies-1A Morning of Testimonies

A Morning of Testimonies

dab-july-27-2015-1DAB July 27 - 2015

DAB July 27 - 2015

body-buildingBody Building

Body Building

the-grace-proximity-pt2The Grace Proximity Pt2

The Grace Proximity Pt2

signs-are-never-enoughSigns are Never Enough!

Signs are Never Enough!

dual-citizenshipDual Citizenship

Dual Citizenship

you-are-a-chosen-peopleYou are a chosen people

You are a chosen people

a-passion-for-his-work-zeal-for-true-worshipA Passion for His Work - Zeal for True Worship

A Passion for His Work - Zeal...


"Mixing Faith With What You He...

treasure-in-secret-placesTreasure in Secret Places

Treasure in Secret Places

impossible-problemgods-provision-kay-balderoseImpossible Problem/God's Provision - Kay Balderose

Impossible Problem/God's Provi...

can-you-changeCan You Change?

Can You Change?

if-the-son-sets-you-free-you-are-free-indeed-j-j-ramirezIf the Son Sets You Free, You Are Free Indeed - J. J. Ramirez

If the Son Sets You Free, You...

base-path-pt-3-72615Base Path,  pt 3 7/26/15

Base Path, pt 3 7/26/15

the-kingdom-of-god-is-within-youThe Kingdom of God is Within You

The Kingdom of God is Within Y...

bishop-amisiBishop Amisi

Bishop Amisi

you-tried-your-hardestYou Tried Your Hardest

You Tried Your Hardest