the-word-part-1The Word part 1

The Word part 1

the-purpose-of-a-new-covenantThe Purpose of a new Covenant

The Purpose of a new Covenant

the-view-from-the-roofThe View from the Roof

The View from the Roof

on-jesus-mission-pastor-robert-lorien-foote-1030amOn Jesus' Mission - Pastor Robert & Lorien Foote (10:30am)

On Jesus' Mission - Pastor Rob...

david-bancroft-03-08-2015David Bancroft 03-08-2015

David Bancroft 03-08-2015

walk-in-the-spirit-as-oneWalk in the Spirit as One

Walk in the Spirit as One

the-necessity-of-prayer-part-2The Necessity of Prayer Part 2

The Necessity of Prayer Part 2

defeating-giants-on-the-road-to-breakthroughDefeating Giants On The Road To Breakthrough

Defeating Giants On The Road T...

lost-in-translation-2Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

an-empty-seat-is-a-serious-matterAn Empty Seat is a Serious Matter

An Empty Seat is a Serious Mat...

on-jesus-mission-pastor-robert-lorien-foote-9amOn Jesus' Mission - Pastor Robert & Lorien Foote (9am)

On Jesus' Mission - Pastor Rob...

serving-the-purposes-of-god-in-our-generationServing the Purposes of God in Our Generation

Serving the Purposes of God in...

the-challenge-of-godlinessThe Challenge Of Godliness

The Challenge Of Godliness

building-a-life-of-stewardship-2Building a Life of Stewardship

Building a Life of Stewardship

building-a-life-of-stewardship-3Building a Life of Stewardship

Building a Life of Stewardship


3-1-15 "The One Greater Than A...

2-22-15-eternal-life-costs-nothing-but-everything2-22-15 Eternal Life Costs Nothing But Everything

2-22-15 Eternal Life Costs Not...

2-18-15-ash-wednesday-service-pride-pardon-and-purity2-18-15 Ash Wednesday Service

2-18-15 Ash Wednesday Service...

apostles-creed-3-god-the-son-victorious-stranger-than-fiction-revelation-14-8-and-revelation-51-14Apostles Creed 3 - God the Son - Victorious - Stranger Than Fiction - Revelation 1:4-8 and Revelation 5:1-14

Apostles Creed 3 - God the Son...

apostles-creed-2-god-the-son-incarnate-hebrews-11-3Apostles Creed 2 - God the Son - Incarnate - Hebrews 1:1-3

Apostles Creed 2 - God the Son...

apostles-creed-1-god-the-father-the-story-of-the-cosmos-dehdrated-isaiah-455-22Apostles Creed 1 - God the Father - The Story of the Cosmos Dehdrated - Isaiah 45:5-22

Apostles Creed 1 - God the Fat...

dab-march-8-2015-1DAB March 8 - 2015

DAB March 8 - 2015

building-a-life-of-stewardship-1Building a Life of Stewardship

Building a Life of Stewardship

building-a-life-of-stewardship-4Building a Life of Stewardship

Building a Life of Stewardship

building-a-life-of-stewardshipBuilding a Life of Stewardship

Building a Life of Stewardship

Sermon-03072015Curious: Part 3

Curious: Part 3

dab-march-7-2015-1DAB March 7 - 2015

DAB March 7 - 2015

is-christ-at-home-in-your-heart-orange-county-thursday-night-1Is Christ at Home in Your Heart? (Orange County Thursday Night)

Is Christ at Home in Your Hear...

enfrentando-los-gigantes-en-la-vida-y-el-trabajo-parte-1Enfrentando los gigantes en la vida y el trabajo - Parte 1

Enfrentando los gigantes en la...

dab-march-6-2015-1DAB March 6 - 2015

DAB March 6 - 2015

a-new-outlookA New Outlook

A New Outlook

cross-my-mind-left-and-rightCross My Mind Left and RIght

Cross My Mind Left and RIght

Sermon-04052015Curious: Part 2

Curious: Part 2

dab-march-5-2015-1DAB March 5 - 2015

DAB March 5 - 2015

the-obedient-leaderThe Obedient Leader

The Obedient Leader

dab-march-4-2015-1DAB March 4 - 2015

DAB March 4 - 2015

150215-the-gift-of-glory150215 The Gift of Glory

150215 The Gift of Glory

dab-march-3-2015-1DAB March 3 - 2015

DAB March 3 - 2015

ethan-barkman-temporary-pain-march-1stEthan Barkman - Temporary Pain  - March 1st

Ethan Barkman - Temporary Pain...

150208-marks-that-identify-a-christian150208 Marks That Identify a Christian

150208 Marks That Identify a C...

curious-part-2Curious? part 2

Curious? part 2

sermon-on-the-amountSermon on The Amount

Sermon on The Amount

cause-and-effectCause and Effect

Cause and Effect

dab-march-2-2015-1DAB March 2 - 2015

DAB March 2 - 2015

the-famine-is-overThe Famine is over

The Famine is over

from-generation-to-generationFrom Generation to Generation

From Generation to Generation

discovering-gods-will-for-our-lives-part-2-romans-121-8-1Discovering God's Will For Our Lives- part 2  Romans 12:1-8

Discovering God's Will For Our...

committed-the-masters-sermon-no-matter-what-sermon-onlyCommitted - The Master's Sermon - No Matter What - (Sermon Only)

Committed - The Master's Sermo...

committed-the-masters-sermon-no-matter-what-entire-serviceCommitted - The Master's Sermon - No Matter What - (Entire Service)

Committed - The Master's Sermo...

the-who-and-what-of-the-gospel-of-johnThe Who and What of the Gospel of John

The Who and What of the Gospel...

living-in-holinessLiving in Holiness

Living in Holiness

the-uncontainable-god-laura-bentleyThe Uncontainable God - Laura Bentley

The Uncontainable God - Laura...

follow-jesus-pastor-robert-1030amFollow Jesus - Pastor Robert (10:30am)

Follow Jesus - Pastor Robert (...

walk-in-the-operation-or-action-of-christWalk in the Operation or Action of Christ

Walk in the Operation or Actio...

the-power-of-persistent-faith-2The Power of Persistent Faith

The Power of Persistent Faith

grace-its-notGrace.. It's not

Grace.. It's not

is-your-spiritual-freedom-a-stumbling-block-to-othersIs Your Spiritual Freedom A Stumbling Block to Others

Is Your Spiritual Freedom A St...

anointed-for-breakthrough-in-worshipAnointed For Breakthrough In Worship

Anointed For Breakthrough In W...



the-myth-of-multiple-mastersThe Myth of Multiple Masters

The Myth of Multiple Masters

let-the-dead-bury-the-dead-bob-schubert-9amLet the Dead Bury the Dead - Bob Schubert (9am)

Let the Dead Bury the Dead - B...

the-challenge-of-forgivenessThe Challenge Of Forgiveness

The Challenge Of Forgiveness

building-a-life-of-service-1Building a Life of Service

Building a Life of Service

dab-march-1-2015-1DAB March 1 - 2015

DAB March 1 - 2015

surviving-and-prospering-through-change-session-2Surviving and Prospering Through Change Session 2

Surviving and Prospering Throu...

surviving-and-prospering-through-change-session-1Surviving and Prospering Through Change Session 1

Surviving and Prospering Throu...

building-a-life-of-serviceBuilding a Life of Service

Building a Life of Service

Sermon-02282015Feb 28, 2015

Feb 28, 2015

abstain-from-sexual-immoralityAbstain from Sexual Immorality

Abstain from Sexual Immorality

dab-february-28-2015-1DAB February 28 - 2015

DAB February 28 - 2015

catch-the-vision-part-4Catch The Vision Part 4

Catch The Vision Part 4

tear-down-this-wall-orange-county-thursday-night-1Tear down This Wall! (Orange County Thursday Night)

Tear down This Wall! (Orange C...

transformando-la-manera-en-que-veo-y-uso-el-dinero-parte-1Transformando la manera en que veo y uso el dinero - Parte 1

Transformando la manera en que...

dab-february-27-2015-1DAB February 27 - 2015

DAB February 27 - 2015

the-pillow-is-my-pillarThe Pillow is my Pillar

The Pillow is my Pillar

god-moves-in-mysterious-waysGod Moves in Mysterious Ways

God Moves in Mysterious Ways

dab-february-26-2015-1DAB February 26 - 2015

DAB February 26 - 2015

dab-february-25-2015-1DAB February 25 - 2015

DAB February 25 - 2015

dab-february-24-2015-1DAB February 24 - 2015

DAB February 24 - 2015

aiming-at-the-next-dimensionAiming at the Next Dimension

Aiming at the Next Dimension


"Life Changing Events"

speak-life-feb-22ndSpeak Life - Feb 22nd

Speak Life - Feb 22nd

Moses-Pt-1-Serving-God-despite-Our-WeaknessMoses Pt 1 - Serving God despite Our Weakness

Moses Pt 1 - Serving God despi...

The-Necessity-of-PrayerThe Necessity of Prayer

The Necessity of Prayer

SENT-How-Did-That-HappenSENT  How Did That Happen

SENT How Did That Happen

committed-the-masters-sermon-blessed-are-the-peacemakers-sermon-onlyCommitted - The Master's Sermon - Blessed Are The Peacemakers - (Sermon Only)

Committed - The Master's Sermo...

dab-february-23-2015-1DAB February 23 - 2015

DAB February 23 - 2015

caught-in-the-middleCaught in the Middle

Caught in the Middle

Como-enfrentar-los-miedos-que-arruinan-las-relaciones-Parte-2Como enfrentar los miedos que arruinan las relaciones - Parte 2

Como enfrentar los miedos que...

discovering-gods-will-for-our-lives-part-1-romans-121-8-1Discovering God's Will For Our Lives- part 1  Romans 12:1-8

Discovering God's Will For Our...

20150222AM-Going-Our-Way20150222AM Going Our Way

20150222AM Going Our Way

When-Jesus-Enters-6When Jesus Enters 6

When Jesus Enters 6

Wise-Living-Road-TripWise Living: Road Trip

Wise Living: Road Trip

The-Strongman-BoundThe Strongman Bound

The Strongman Bound

the-what-of-the-book-of-jamesThe What of the Book of James

The What of the Book of James

bad-things-happenBad Things Happen

Bad Things Happen

east-of-edenEast of Eden

East of Eden

Healing-Outside-the-ChurchHealing Outside the Church

Healing Outside the Church

responding-to-the-call-to-follow-jesus-pastor-robertResponding to the Call to Follow Jesus - Pastor Robert

Responding to the Call to Foll...

4-keys-to-kingdom-living-power#4 Keys to Kingdom Living - Power

#4 Keys to Kingdom Living - Po...



the-image-of-the-invisible-godThe Image of the Invisible God

The Image of the Invisible God