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The Book Of 2 Corinthians

Title Speaker Date
Look at God during the period of Suffering Besweri Walujjo September 25, 2021
Look at the serving and preaching with gospel lenses to avoid being taken away. Besweri Walujjo September 17, 2021
Defend the gospel while advancing it. Besweri Walujjo September 11, 2021
What should motivate a Christian to give? Besweri Walujjo September 04, 2021
Generosity is a product of joy in your salvation Joshua Kiregu August 28, 2021
Money mobilization models for gospel workers. Eddie Ssemakula August 20, 2021
Giving is an act of worship Besweri Walujjo August 15, 2021
Your comfort, Joy, and Repentance dependences of the grace of God Besweri Walujjo August 08, 2021
The church is set apart for God’s glory Besweri Walujjo July 31, 2021
How to remain faithful in changing times. Eddie Ssemakula July 25, 2021
God has shown his love to you through his son Jesus. Besweri Walujjo July 18, 2021
Jesus causes the change you need Besweri Walujjo July 11, 2021

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