The church is set apart for God’s glory

Series: The Book Of 2 Corinthians

July 31, 2021
Besweri Walujjo

The church is set apart for God’s glory. 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1. View Points 1. You are called to walk every day in this life to a make a difference that brings glory to God. 2 Corinth 6:14-16a 2. Christ has qualified you to enjoy the promises of God. 2 Corinth 6:16b-7:1 D. Response Questions Qns 1. Why does Paul makes compressions, from verse 14-16? 2. What are dangers a Christian is like to face if is yoked with unbeliever? 3. What are these promises according to Chapter 7? 4. How do you qualify to enjoy these promises? 5. What were you saved from? 6. Why were you saved?


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