Money mobilization models for gospel workers.

Series: The Book Of 2 Corinthians

August 20, 2021
Eddie Ssemakula

Worldliness and disengagement are close when we engage money in ministry. (2 Cor 8:16-24) Which principles should gospel workers maintain in mobilizing gospel support. Paul's Jerusalem church fund is instructive. 1.Maintain a reputation for the gospel, (18) 2. Engage money with dependence on God, (16) 3. Cultivate and maintain intergrity, (22) 4. Emphasize and model the blessing of giving over receiving (19, 20,2, 2Cor 9:12) 5.Avoid extremes of hyper-sensitivity and lack of straight talk. (21) 6. Prioritize church gospel aims in financial mobilisation. (24)

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