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Sorrow with the Expectancy of Joy

Elder Charles Barksdale

Today's contextual insights will be derived from John 16:16–24. We will also seek to explore sorrow and how we can have great expectancy of joy with Jesus Christ. Moreover, the sorrow we feel in our broken world today and we will be overcome with joy when Jesus returns. Subjectively we will face sorrow now, but we trust that Jesus has overcome the world and that our joy cannot be taken from us.

Godly Sorrow

Pastor Ted Nance

This week's message comes from 2Corinthians 7. Pastor Ted helps us learn that when sin enters our lives the appropriate response is Godly sorrow that leads to repentance.

The Cross: Where Joy & Sorrow Meet

Dan Chaney

The Cross: Where Joy & Sorrow Meet


Psator Cheryl Jackson

What thought has you trapped? There is a place of grace and there is a place of grief and sorrow. In the movie the Pilgrim's Progress, there was a scene where they crossed over from the path into a meadow. It looked as if the meadow was laid out parallel to the path, but they could not see where it veered off in the distance. So, they jumped the fence leaving the path that led to the celestial city, and ended up in the place called despair. This place of despair tormented them, they’re soul was in great turmoil over...

Times of Sorrow & Distress Part 2

Pastor Chris DeLong

Nehemiah Ch.5

Times of Sorrow & Distress Part 5

Pastor Chris DeLong

Nehemiah Chapter 9:1-10

In Times of Sorrow & Distress

Pastor Chris DeLong

Nehemiah 1:1-11 & 4:1-23

Turning Sorrow Into Joy & Victory

Tony Maples

In the sixth week of our series From the Upper Room to the Empty Tomb, Tony Maples goes through John 16 and teaches us how to turn our sorrow into joy and victory.

Newness, Sorrow, and Joy 2019-12-15

Rev. Sean Weston

A sermon on Ezra 1:1-4, 3:1-4, 10-13

Sorrow to ALL Joy

Dr. Matthew Harding

From Sorrow to Salvation

Pastor Rick Betts

Times of Sorrow and Distress Part 4

Pastor Chris DeLong

Nehemiah Chapter 7& 8

Times of Distress and Sorrow Part 3

Pastor Chris DeLong

Nehemiah Ch.6

Killed By Sorrow

Pastor Cheryl Jackson

Anything hidden in darkness is exposed by light, you are light. You are in the light of the world and the light of the world; the light that lights everyone is in you. Get the word in your face and expose what is lurking around in your soul and drive it out with the word of God. Scripture thoughts Isaiah 53:4-12 (4) Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows Psalm 23: The Lord is with me! Luke 10:19-20 You have been given power over all the works of the enemy… Romans 5:20 More grace Romans 8:28 And...