November 04, 2022
Psator Cheryl Jackson

What thought has you trapped? There is a place of grace and there is a place of grief and sorrow. In the movie the Pilgrim's Progress, there was a scene where they crossed over from the path into a meadow. It looked as if the meadow was laid out parallel to the path, but they could not see where it veered off in the distance. So, they jumped the fence leaving the path that led to the celestial city, and ended up in the place called despair. This place of despair tormented them, they’re soul was in great turmoil over their situation, but God revealed the key that would get them out of this castle, out of the stronghold of despair. The key was in the midst of their despair, they acknowledge God. Just like Paul and Silas in the jail after they had been stripped and beaten with rods; at the midnight hour when they could have been moaning in agony and talking about their defeat instead, they began to pray and sing to God. The situations and circumstances around us flood us with a brigade of words that quickly become strongholds that will lock us up. Knowing the Father and trusting what Jesus has done for us will bring down the stronghold. We have the Spirit of truth abiding in us who reminds us of what the Lord said, and that is for any situation that may arise. Each of us needs to remember, the Lord loves us the same today as he did yesterday. Scripture for thought Acts 16:22-25 (16-34) THE PLACE OF GRACE & MERCY OR THE PLACE OF MISERY, SORROW & PAIN

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