how-to-live-a-joyful-life-1-2How to Live a Joyful Life (1)

How to Live a Joyful Life (1)

dab-september-27-2015-1DAB September 27 - 2015

DAB September 27 - 2015

open-mike-gospel-singingOpen Mike Gospel Singing

Open Mike Gospel Singing

baptism-service-2Baptism Service

Baptism Service

2692015-ps-roger26/9/2015 - Ps. Roger

26/9/2015 - Ps. Roger

jesus-my-most-high-godJesus My Most High God

Jesus My Most High God

6성령의 사람들 6 (부흥과 개혁의 주인공)

성령의 사람들 6 (부흥과 개혁의 주인공)

5성령의 사람들 5 (사명을 회복하라)

성령의 사람들 5 (사명을 회복하라)

4성령의 사람들 4 (한은 풀리고 흥은 올리고)

성령의 사람들 4 (한은 풀리고 흥은 올리고)

3성령의 사람들 3 (오직 주의 이름으로)

성령의 사람들 3 (오직 주의 이름으로)

2성령의 사람들 2 (다른방언으로 말하라)

성령의 사람들 2 (다른방언으로 말하라)

jesus-my-lifeJesus My Life

Jesus My Life

dab-september-26-2015-1DAB September 26 - 2015

DAB September 26 - 2015

disapproval-fearing-rejection-9-what-are-you-afraid-ofDisapproval: Fearing Rejection- #9 What Are You Afraid Of?

Disapproval: Fearing Rejection...

disconnection-fear-of-being-alone-8-what-are-you-afraid-ofDisconnection: Fear Of Being Alone- #8 What Are You Afraid Of?

Disconnection: Fear Of Being A...

defeat-fearing-failure-7-what-are-you-afraid-ofDefeat: Fearing Failure- #7 What Are You Afraid Of?

Defeat: Fearing Failure- #7 Wh...

debt-fearing-the-loss-of-financial-security3-what-are-you-afraid-of-6Debt: Fearing The Loss of Financial Security3- What Are You Afraid Of #6

Debt: Fearing The Loss of Fina...

debt-fearing-the-loss-of-financial-security2-5-what-are-you-afraid-ofDebt: Fearing The Loss of Financial Security2- #5 What Are You Afraid Of?

Debt: Fearing The Loss of Fina...

debt-fearing-the-loss-of-financial-security1-what-are-you-afraid-of-4Debt: Fearing The Loss of Financial Security1- What Are You Afraid Of #4

Debt: Fearing The Loss of Fina...

disease-fear-of-failing-health-3-what-are-you-afraid-ofDisease: Fear of Failing Health- #3 What Are You Afraid Of?

Disease: Fear of Failing Healt...

disaster-fearing-calamity-2-what-are-you-afraid-ofDisaster: Fearing Calamity- #2 What Are You Afraid Of?

Disaster: Fearing Calamity- #2...

the-fight-against-might-1-what-are-you-afraid-ofThe Fight Against Might- #1 What Are You Afraid Of?

The Fight Against Might- #1 Wh...

speaking-truth-into-a-hostile-culture-6-in-the-series-how-to-engage-a-hostile-cultureSpeaking Truth Into A Hostile Culture- #6 in the series

Speaking Truth Into A Hostile...

the-greatest-king-on-earth-vs-the-king-of-heaven-5-in-the-series-how-to-engage-a-hostile-cultureThe Greatest King on Earth vs The King of Heaven- #5 in the series

The Greatest King on Earth vs...

dont-be-afraid-of-the-dark-4-in-the-series-how-to-engage-a-hostile-cultureDon't Be Afraid Of The Dark- #4 in the series

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark- #...

making-a-difference-in-our-world-3-in-the-series-how-to-engage-a-hostile-cultureMaking A Difference In Our World- #3 in the series

Making A Difference In Our Wor...

how-to-engage-a-hostile-culture2-2-in-the-series-how-to-engage-a-hostile-cultureHow To Engage A Hostile Culture2- #2 in the series

How To Engage A Hostile Cultur...

how-to-engage-a-hostile-culture1-1-in-the-series-how-to-engage-a-hostile-cultureHow To Engage A Hostile Culture1- #1 in the series

How To Engage A Hostile Cultur...

you-are-the-christ-of-god-padmYou Are The Christ Of God! (PADM)

You Are The Christ Of God! (PA...

the-importance-of-prayer-in-the-life-of-the-believer-orange-county-thursday-night-1The Importance of Prayer in the Life of the Believer (Orange County Thursday Night)

The Importance of Prayer in th...

dab-september-25-2015-1DAB September 25 - 2015

DAB September 25 - 2015

obedience-to-faithObedience to Faith

Obedience to Faith

almost-to-good-to-be-true-news-gospelAlmost to Good to Be True News = GOSPEL

Almost to Good to Be True News...

getting-back-to-first-things-olafGetting Back To First Things (Olaf)

Getting Back To First Things (...

overcoming-guiltOvercoming Guilt

Overcoming Guilt

1성령의 사람들 1 (권능받아 증인되라)

성령의 사람들 1 (권능받아 증인되라)

his-house-or-ours-padmHis House or Ours? (PADM)

His House or Ours? (PADM)

dab-september-24-2015-1DAB September 24 - 2015

DAB September 24 - 2015

a-song-of-contentmentA Song of Contentment

A Song of Contentment



jesus-exposition-on-the-kingdom-life-blessed-blessed-are-those-who-enter-the-kingdom-matthew-51-5-92315Jesus' Exposition on the Kingdom Life, Blessed; Blessed are Those who Enter the Kingdom, Matthew 5:1-5, 9/23/15

Jesus' Exposition on the Kingd...

relationships-101-part-1Relationships 101 (Part 1)

Relationships 101 (Part 1)

he-started-out-just-like-us-olafHe started out just like us! (Olaf)

He started out just like us! (...

untitled-recording-sep-23-343pm150920 Not Ashamed of the Gospel

150920 Not Ashamed of the Gosp...

dab-september-23-2015-1DAB September 23 - 2015

DAB September 23 - 2015

the-ingredients-for-disasterThe Ingredients for Disaster

The Ingredients for Disaster


"New Beginnings: Wellsprings o...

a-prayer-from-the-caveA Prayer from the Cave

A Prayer from the Cave

awareness-sept-20-2015Awareness, Sept. 20, 2015

Awareness, Sept. 20, 2015

shameless-persistance-sept-13-2015Shameless persistance, Sept. 13, 2015

Shameless persistance, Sept. 1...

days-of-elijahDays of Elijah?

Days of Elijah?

the-accessible-saviorThe Accessible Savior

The Accessible Savior

how-to-protect-your-loved-ones-from-elder-abuseHow To Protect Your Loved Ones From Elder Abuse

How To Protect Your Loved Ones...

bapooh-the-intimacy-of-family-padmBaPooh & the Intimacy of Family (PADM)

BaPooh & the Intimacy of Famil...

dab-september-22-2015-1DAB September 22 - 2015

DAB September 22 - 2015

tejido-corporalTejido Corporal

Tejido Corporal

pura-vida-week-1Pura Vida Week 1

Pura Vida Week 1

sunday-september-20-2015-fear-factorSunday September 20, 2015: Fear Factor

Sunday September 20, 2015: Fea...

untitled-recording-sep-21-1202pmPlaying Church

Playing Church

closing-in-on-jesus-sep-20th-2015Closing in on Jesus - Sep 20th , 2015

Closing in on Jesus - Sep 20th...

episodio-01-by-juan-sdtEpisodio #01 by Juan SDT

Episodio #01 by Juan SDT

dab-september-21-2015-1DAB September 21 - 2015

DAB September 21 - 2015

seeking-things-aboveSeeking Things Above

Seeking Things Above

2092015-joao-de-deus20/9/2015 - João de Deus

20/9/2015 - João de Deus

majoring-on-the-minors-amosMajoring on the Minors: Amos

Majoring on the Minors: Amos

mans-problem-gods-solution-bro-will-duttryMan's Problem, God's Solution - Bro. Will Duttry

Man's Problem, God's Solution...

the-land-of-impossiblities-pt-2The Land Of Impossiblities Pt 2

The Land Of Impossiblities Pt...

a-purpose-and-a-prayer-tim-beadleA Purpose and a Prayer - Tim Beadle

A Purpose and a Prayer - Tim B...

the-lord-upholds-my-life-olafThe Lord Upholds My Life (Olaf)

The Lord Upholds My Life (Olaf...

20150920am-salvation20150920AM  Salvation

20150920AM Salvation

the-demonic-like-nature-of-anger-sm-davisThe Demonic Like Nature of Anger - SM Davis

The Demonic Like Nature of Ang...

genesis-3a-the-fall-1Genesis 3a- The Fall

Genesis 3a- The Fall

all-inAll In

All In

continuity-2Continuity 2

Continuity 2

untitled-recording-sep-20-221pmCommitted - Irresistible Church - Celebration of Thanksgiving - (Sermon Only)

Committed - Irresistible Churc...

untitled-recording-sep-20-213pmCommitted - Irresistible Church - Celebration of Thanksgiving - (Entire Service)

Committed - Irresistible Churc...

sg-nehemiah-project-worship-while-you-workSG NEHEMIAH PROJECT   Worship While You Work


cr-nehemiah-project-worship-while-you-workCR NEHEMIAH PROJECT   Worship While You Work


full-of-the-holy-ghostFULL OF THE HOLY GHOST


the-privilege-of-prayerThe privilege of prayer

The privilege of prayer

end-times-second-comming-days-of-tribulationEnd Times - Second Comming, Days of Tribulation

End Times - Second Comming, Da...

920-how-are-we-showing-reverence-for-worship-the-sabbath-day-for-jesus9/20 How are we showing reverence for Worship,  the Sabbath Day, for Jesus?

9/20 How are we showing revere...



these-are-the-days-of-elijahThese are the

These are the "Days of Elijah"...

the-book-of-the-twelve-amos-a-mandate-for-righteousness-a-declaration-of-gods-desire-to-conserve-his-chosen-people-amos-31-15-92015The Book of the Twelve: Amos, a Mandate for Righteousness A Declaration of God’s Desire to Conserve His Chosen People, Amos 3:1-15, 9/20/15

The Book of the Twelve: Amos,...

am-i-a-church-member-part-ii-pastor-chad-braleyAm I A Church Member? - Part II - Pastor Chad Braley

Am I A Church Member? - Part I...

genesis-god-creates-manGenesis - God Creates Man

Genesis - God Creates Man

almost-to-good-to-be-true-news-gospleAlmost To Good To Be True News = GOSPLE

Almost To Good To Be True News...

the-people-scatterThe People Scatter

The People Scatter

the-greater-workThe Greater Work

The Greater Work

the-sovereignty-of-god-in-prayerThe Sovereignty of God in Prayer

The Sovereignty of God in Pray...

david-bancroft-09-20-2015David Bancroft 09-20-2015

David Bancroft 09-20-2015

the-war-of-wordsThe War of Words

The War of Words

sarah-woman-of-faithSarah, Woman of Faith

Sarah, Woman of Faith

kingdom-communities-part-2-pastor-robert-1030amKingdom Communities Part 2 - Pastor Robert (10:30am)

Kingdom Communities Part 2 - P...

a-path-toward-progress-part-2A Path Toward Progress Part 2

A Path Toward Progress Part 2

pastor-michael-thigpen-what-do-you-want-me-to-do-for-youPastor Michael Thigpen- What Do You Want Me to Do For You?

Pastor Michael Thigpen- What D...

the-foundation-for-sharingThe Foundation for Sharing

The Foundation for Sharing

the-pattern-of-conformityThe Pattern of Conformity

The Pattern of Conformity

breakthrough-is-hunting-me-downBreakthrough is hunting me down!

Breakthrough is hunting me dow...

fallen-but-forgiven-1Fallen, but Forgiven

Fallen, but Forgiven

the-mystery-of-the-new-birth-part-2The Mystery of the New Birth part 2

The Mystery of the New Birth p...