20-9-2015-eriomar20-9-2015 (Eriomar)

20-9-2015 (Eriomar)

kingdom-communities-part-2-pastor-robert-9amKingdom Communities Part 2 - Pastor Robert (9am)

Kingdom Communities Part 2 - P...



web-ets-03-redefining-ministry-and-how-the-church-influences-the-world-interview-with-eric-johnsonweb ETS 03: Redefining Ministry and How The Church Influences The World - Interview with Eric Johnson

web ETS 03: Redefining Ministr...



itunes-ets-03-redefining-ministry-and-how-the-church-influences-the-world-interview-with-eric-johnson-itunesitunes ETS 03: Redefining Ministry and How The Church Influences The World - Interview with Eric Johnson itunes

itunes ETS 03: Redefining Mini...

dab-september-20-2015-1DAB September 20 - 2015

DAB September 20 - 2015

1992015-roger-johansen19/9/2015 - Roger Johansen

19/9/2015 - Roger Johansen



an-eternal-investment-1An Eternal Investment

An Eternal Investment

local-mission-global-impact-2Local Mission, Global Impact

Local Mission, Global Impact

dab-september-19-2015-1DAB September 19 - 2015

DAB September 19 - 2015

two-aspirations-padmTwo Aspirations (PADM)

Two Aspirations (PADM)

transformation-storiesTransformation stories

Transformation stories

the-importance-of-gods-word-in-the-believers-life-orange-county-thursday-night-1The Importance of God's Word in the Believer's Life (Orange County Thursday Night)

The Importance of God's Word i...

dab-september-18-2015-1DAB September 18 - 2015

DAB September 18 - 2015

the-land-of-impossibilitiesThe Land of Impossibilities!

The Land of Impossibilities!

a-holiness-like-unto-our-heavenly-fathers-olafA Holiness Like Unto Our Heavenly Father's (Olaf)

A Holiness Like Unto Our Heave...

a-holiness-like-unto-our-heavenly-fathers-padmA Holiness Like Unto Our Heavenly Father's (PADM)

A Holiness Like Unto Our Heave...

dab-september-17-2015-1DAB September 17 - 2015

DAB September 17 - 2015

out-of-the-depthsOut of The Depths

Out of The Depths



some-people-never-satisfied-olafSome People Never Satisfied (Olaf)

Some People Never Satisfied (O...

apathy-what-is-your-decisionApathy: What is Your Decision?

Apathy: What is Your Decision?

dab-september-16-2015-1DAB September 16 - 2015

DAB September 16 - 2015

empowered-to-worshipEmpowered To Worship

Empowered To Worship

are-you-offended-or-un-offendable-sm-davisAre You Offended or Un-Offendable? SM Davis

Are You Offended or Un-Offenda...

luke-81-3Luke 8:1-3

Luke 8:1-3

sharra-wilson-womens-mentoring-week-1Sharra Wilson: Womens mentoring Week 1

Sharra Wilson: Womens mentorin...

7-most-common-financial-mistakes7 Most Common Financial Mistakes

7 Most Common Financial Mistak...

a-mothers-heart-padmA Mother's Heart (PADM)

A Mother's Heart (PADM)

dab-september-15-2015-1DAB September 15 - 2015

DAB September 15 - 2015

the-wood-of-the-cross-olafThe Wood Of The Cross (Olaf)

The Wood Of The Cross (Olaf)

how-to-study-the-bibleHow to Study The Bible

How to Study The Bible

rick-white-the-best-is-yet-to-comeRick White: The Best Is Yet To Come

Rick White: The Best Is Yet To...

what-would-you-do-sep-14-2015What would you do? Sep 14 , 2015

What would you do? Sep 14 , 20...

rick-white-the-best-is-yet-to-comeRick White: The Best Is Yet To Come

Rick White: The Best Is Yet To...

untitled-recording-sep-14-1256pm150913 We Are God's Building

150913 We Are God's Building

web-ets-02-how-to-practically-start-building-communityweb ETS 02: How To Practically Start Building Community

web ETS 02: How To Practically...

itunes-ets-02-how-to-practically-start-building-community-itunesitunes ETS 02: How To Practically Start Building Community itunes

itunes ETS 02: How To Practica...

genesis-2-in-the-beginning-adam-and-eve-1Genesis 2- In the Beginning Adam and Eve

Genesis 2- In the Beginning Ad...

dab-september-14-2015-1DAB September 14 - 2015

DAB September 14 - 2015

20150913pm-what-to-remember-when-god-calls-707pm20150913PM What to Remember When God Calls 7:07pm

20150913PM What to Remember Wh...

step-into-what-jesus-has-already-doneStep Into What jesus Has Already Done

Step Into What jesus Has Alrea...

living-by-a-do-and-dont-listLiving By A Do and Don't List

Living By A Do and Don't List

majoring-on-the-minorsMajoring on the Minors

Majoring on the Minors

parte-del-tejidoParte del Tejido

Parte del Tejido

hearing-rightHearing Right

Hearing Right

untitled-recording-sep-13-149pmCommitted - Irresistible Church - Spiritual Checkup - (Sermon Only)

Committed - Irresistible Churc...

untitled-recording-sep-13-139pmCommitted - Irresistible Church - Spiritual Checkup - (Entire Service)

Committed - Irresistible Churc...

september-13-2015-open-wide-your-heartsSeptember 13, 2015: Open Wide Your Hearts

September 13, 2015: Open Wide...

sg-nehemiah-project-the-right-heartSG NEHEMIAH PROJECT   The Right Heart


cr-nehemiah-project-the-right-heartCR NEHEMIAH PROJECT   The Right Heart




pray-without-ceasingPray Without Ceasing

Pray Without Ceasing

rejoicing-in-adversity-1-peter-13-12Rejoicing in Adversity (1 Peter 1:3-12)

Rejoicing in Adversity (1 Pete...

20150913am-the-power-of-the-invitation20150913AM The Power of the Invitation

20150913AM The Power of the In...

9-13-prioritize-what-you-worship9-13 Prioritize What You Worship

9-13 Prioritize What You Worsh...

end-times-the-second-coming-days-of-graceEnd Times - The Second Coming; Days of Grace

End Times - The Second Coming;...

are-you-smarter-than-a-5th-grader-week-3Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?_week 3

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Gra...

led-by-our-born-again-spirit-of-the-lordLed By Our Born Again Spirit Of The Lord

Led By Our Born Again Spirit O...


"Discover What's In Your Heart...

genesis-6-days-of-creationGenesis - 6 Days of Creation

Genesis - 6 Days of Creation

a-path-toward-progress-part-1A Path Toward Progress Part 1

A Path Toward Progress Part 1

the-choice-god-offersThe Choice God Offers

The Choice God Offers

called-to-judgeCalled to Judge

Called to Judge

boldness-beyond-explanationBoldness Beyond Explanation

Boldness Beyond Explanation

author-source-and-vision-of-victory-churches-internationalAuthor, Source and Vision of Victory Churches International.

Author, Source and Vision of V...

the-same-old-grindThe Same Old Grind

The Same Old Grind

david-bancroft-09-13-2015David Bancroft 09-13-2015

David Bancroft 09-13-2015

trading-marbles-sta10Trading Marbles (STA10)

Trading Marbles (STA10)

the-goal-of-sharingThe Goal of Sharing

The Goal of Sharing

making-sense-of-what-is-going-on-in-our-world-todayMaking Sense of What is Going on in our World Today

Making Sense of What is Going...

pastor-michael-thigpen-didnt-you-know-i-had-to-be-in-my-fathers-housePastor Michael Thigpen- Didn't You Know I Had To Be In My Father's House?

Pastor Michael Thigpen- Didn't...

so-close-yet-so-far-the-surprising-story-of-judas-iscariot-1So Close, yet so Far: The Surprising Story of Judas Iscariot

So Close, yet so Far: The Surp...

power-and-authorityPower and Authority

Power and Authority

metamorphosis-introMetamorphosis Intro

Metamorphosis Intro

launch-pt1Launch Pt.1

Launch Pt.1

kingdom-communities-part-1-josh-whiteKingdom Communities Part 1 - Josh White

Kingdom Communities Part 1 - J...

the-book-of-the-twelve-amos-a-mandate-for-righteousness-a-declaration-of-gods-patience-punishment-and-prophecy-amos-11-216-91415The Book of the Twelve: Amos, a Mandate for Righteousness A Declaration of God’s Patience, Punishment and Prophecy  Amos 1:1-2:16, 9/14/15

The Book of the Twelve: Amos,...



gods-a-team-1God's A Team

God's A Team

dab-september-13-2015-1DAB September 13 - 2015

DAB September 13 - 2015

the-open-word-audio-devotional-8The Open Word Audio Devotional #8

The Open Word Audio Devotional...

who-will-go-send-meWho Will Go? Send me.

Who Will Go? Send me.

celebrating-our-local-missionCelebrating Our Local Mission

Celebrating Our Local Mission

local-mission-global-impact-2Local Mission, Global Impact

Local Mission, Global Impact

dissuasion-from-an-illusion-olafDissuasion from an Illusion (Olaf)

Dissuasion from an Illusion (O...

dab-september-12-2015-1DAB September 12 - 2015

DAB September 12 - 2015

jesus-our-burden-bearerJESUS, Our Burden Bearer

JESUS, Our Burden Bearer

the-parable-of-spiritual-growth-orange-county-thursday-night-1The Parable of Spiritual Growth (Orange County Thursday Night)

The Parable of Spiritual Growt...

radical-yes-pt-9-equity-and-legacyRadical YES pt 9 Equity and Legacy

Radical YES pt 9 Equity and Le...

dab-september-11-2015-1DAB September 11 - 2015

DAB September 11 - 2015

collective-night-september-15Collective Night // September '15

Collective Night // September...

dab-september-10-2015-1DAB September 10 - 2015

DAB September 10 - 2015

20150909ed-forgiveness20150909ED Forgiveness

20150909ED Forgiveness


"The Uses of Tongues"

born-to-flyBorn to Fly

Born to Fly

where-we-choose-to-gaze-padmWhere We Choose To Gaze (PADM)

Where We Choose To Gaze (PADM)

dab-september-9-2015-1DAB September 9 - 2015

DAB September 9 - 2015

10-reasons-to-study-the-bible10 Reasons to Study The Bible

10 Reasons to Study The Bible

open-word-audio-devotional-7Open Word Audio Devotional #7

Open Word Audio Devotional #7