The-Work-of-the-Holy-SpiritThe Work of the Holy Spirit

The Work of the Holy Spirit

Unfinished-Symphony-What-God-Has-Joined-Sermon-OnlyUnfinished Symphony - What God Has Joined... (Sermon Only)

Unfinished Symphony - What God...


"A Community of Faith"; Acts 1...

Do-You-Begrudge-Gods-GenerosityDo You Begrudge God's Generosity?

Do You Begrudge God's Generosi...



Poverty-StrickenPoverty Stricken

Poverty Stricken



Sermon-12912Sermon - 1/29/12

Sermon - 1/29/12

Humility-of-Spirit-Charles-HamptonHumility of Spirit (Charles Hampton)

Humility of Spirit (Charles Ha...

Relentless-LoveRelentless Love

Relentless Love

Vessels-of-BlessingsVessels of Blessings

Vessels of Blessings

Living-in-His-PresenceLiving in His Presence

Living in His Presence

Pure-Undefiled-Religon-Everywhere-1-Timothy-53-16-Jerel-OlsonPure Undefiled Religon Everywhere, 1 Timothy 5:3-16 (Jerel Olson)

Pure Undefiled Religon Everywh...

January-22-2012-Follow-Me-Mark-114-20January 22, 2012: Follow Me, Mark 1:14-20

January 22, 2012: Follow Me, M...

01-22-12-The-Spice-of-Life01-22-12 The Spice of Life

01-22-12 The Spice of Life

01-15-12-Sow-What01-15-12 Sow What

01-15-12 Sow What


01-08-12 "Nudge"

Discovering-Your-Destiny-Part-2Discovering Your Destiny Part 2

Discovering Your Destiny Part...

A-Tender-Heart-Charles-HamptonA Tender Heart (Charles Hampton)

A Tender Heart (Charles Hampto...

The-Adventure-of-FaithThe Adventure of Faith

The Adventure of Faith

Nudge-3-The-Gift-of-Taste-The-Spice-of-Life-Song-of-Solomon-49-16Nudge 3 - The Gift of Taste - The Spice of Life - Song of Solomon 4:9-16

Nudge 3 - The Gift of Taste -...

Consider-His-NameConsider His Name

Consider His Name

Receiving-a-WifeReceiving a Wife

Receiving a Wife


"Time to Make a Move"

Unfinished-Symphony-The-Whole-Family-is-Assembled-Entire-ServiceUnfinished Symphony - The Whole Family is Assembled (Entire Service)

Unfinished Symphony - The Whol...

Down-With-The-ShipDown With The Ship

Down With The Ship


1-22-12 IS THIS IT? PART 3:...

Together-For-Life-Psalm-139-13-16Together For Life Psalm 139: 13-16

Together For Life Psalm 139: 1...

Unfinished-Symphony-The-Whole-Family-is-Assembled-Sermon-OnlyUnfinished Symphony - The Whole Family is Assembled (Sermon Only)

Unfinished Symphony - The Whol...

Point-Your-Conversation-to-ChristPoint Your Conversation to Christ

Point Your Conversation to Chr...

A-Missing-IngredientA Missing Ingredient

A Missing Ingredient

Race-Essentials-3Race Essentials 3

Race Essentials 3

Sermon-12212Sermon - 1/22/12

Sermon - 1/22/12

Revised-Relentless-HopeRevised - Relentless Hope

Revised - Relentless Hope

the-wonder-of-his-love-part-4The Wonder of His Love Part 4

The Wonder of His Love Part 4



foundations-of-prayer-1Foundations of Prayer

Foundations of Prayer

when-worry-gets-you-down-1When Worry Gets You Down

When Worry Gets You Down

January-15-2012-According-to-Plan-John-143-51January 15, 2012: According to Plan, John 1:43-51

January 15, 2012: According to...

01-01-12-New-Year-New-Day-New-Life01-01-12 New Year, New Day, New Life

01-01-12 New Year, New Day, Ne...

Effective-Prayer-Part-4Effective Prayer Part 4

Effective Prayer Part 4

Gods-Household-1-Timothy-51-2-Jerel-OlsonGod's Household 1 Timothy 5:1-2 (Jerel Olson)

God's Household 1 Timothy 5:1-...

2nd-Fridays-Your-Ticket-for-the-Journey2nd Fridays: Your Ticket for the Journey

2nd Fridays: Your Ticket for t...

The-Samson-SyndromeThe Samson Syndrome

The Samson Syndrome

Discovering-Your-DestinyDiscovering Your Destiny

Discovering Your Destiny

Effective-Prayer-Part-3Effective Prayer Part 3

Effective Prayer Part 3

Marriage-Meddling-a-sermon-on-good-marriage-habitsMarriage Meddling (a sermon on good marriage habits)

Marriage Meddling (a sermon on...

The-Cross-Where-Joy-Sorrow-MeetThe Cross: Where Joy & Sorrow Meet

The Cross: Where Joy & Sorrow...

The-Birth-of-ChristThe Birth of Christ

The Birth of Christ

Satans-Give-Up-StrategySatan's Give Up Strategy

Satan's Give Up Strategy

Nudge-2-The-Gift-of-Listening-The-Sower-the-Soil-and-the-Seeds-Mark-41-23Nudge 2 - The Gift of Listening - The Sower, the Soil, and the Seeds - Mark 4:1-23

Nudge 2 - The Gift of Listenin...

Following-the-Providence-of-GodFollowing the Providence of God

Following the Providence of Go...

January-15-2012-PMJanuary 15, 2012 PM

January 15, 2012 PM

The-Power-Is-Not-In-The-SerpentThe Power Is Not In The Serpent

The Power Is Not In The Serpen...


"A Miraculous Rescue"

Unfinished-Symphony-Face-to-Face-Entire-ServiceUnfinished Symphony - Face to Face (Entire Service)

Unfinished Symphony - Face to...

A-Community-Of-Missionaries-Matthew-28-16-20A Community Of Missionaries Matthew 28: 16-20

A Community Of Missionaries Ma...

Life-is-CallingLife is Calling

Life is Calling


1-15-12 IS THIS IT? PART 2:...

Unfinished-Symphony-Face-to-Face-Sermon-OnlyUnfinished Symphony - Face to Face (Sermon Only)

Unfinished Symphony - Face to...

Defending-the-GospelDefending the Gospel

Defending the Gospel

Race-Essentials-2Race Essentials 2

Race Essentials 2

Stand-Firm-contStand Firm (cont)

Stand Firm (cont)

The-Return-of-316The Return of 316

The Return of 316

Sermon-11512Sermon - 1/15/12

Sermon - 1/15/12

Flavor-Mark-949-50-Charles-HamptonFlavor Mark 9:49-50 (Charles Hampton)

Flavor Mark 9:49-50 (Charles H...

Understanding-the-TimesUnderstanding the Times

Understanding the Times

the-wonder-of-his-love-part-3The Wonder of His Love Part 3

The Wonder of His Love Part 3



what-is-the-condition-of-your-heart-2What is the Condition of Your Heart?

What is the Condition of Your...

Apostolic-ReformationApostolic Reformation

Apostolic Reformation

January-8-2012-Now-Everything-Is-Different-Romans-61-10January 8, 2012: Now Everything Is Different, Romans 6:1-10

January 8, 2012: Now Everythin...

a-new-book-by-pastors-ed-lisa-young-3A New Book by Pastors Ed & Lisa Young!

A New Book by Pastors Ed & Lis...

a-new-book-by-pastors-ed-lisa-young-2A New Book by Pastors Ed & Lisa Young!

A New Book by Pastors Ed & Lis...

a-new-book-by-pastors-ed-lisa-young-2A New Book by Pastors Ed & Lisa Young!

A New Book by Pastors Ed & Lis...

To-be-continued-Part-2To be continued Part 2

To be continued Part 2

Effective-Prayer-Part-2Effective Prayer Part 2

Effective Prayer Part 2

The-Power-of-GodThe Power of God

The Power of God

The-Deception-of-EvilThe Deception of Evil

The Deception of Evil

Illegitimate-AuthorityIllegitimate Authority

Illegitimate Authority


"Being Inside God's Hedge"

Ask-the-One-Who-KnowsAsk the One Who Knows

Ask the One Who Knows

A-Community-Of-CompassionA Community Of Compassion

A Community Of Compassion

Leadership-in-the-ChurchLeadership in the Church

Leadership in the Church

A-Community-Of-Transformation-Romans-12-1-11A Community Of Transformation Romans 12: 1-11

A Community Of Transformation...

1-8-12-IS-THIS-IT-PART-1-LIVING-FOR-_____1-8-12 IS THIS IT?  PART 1:  LIVING FOR _____

1-8-12 IS THIS IT? PART 1: L...



Unfinished-Symphony-The-As-You-Are-Going-Deacon-Sermon-OnlyUnfinished Symphony - The

Unfinished Symphony - The "As...

Unfinished-Symphony-The-As-You-Are-Going-Deacon-Entire-ServiceUnfinished Symphony - The

Unfinished Symphony - The "As...

Christ-Uses-Questions-to-Proclaim-His-Name-Part-1Christ Uses Questions to Proclaim His Name - Part 1

Christ Uses Questions to Procl...

Nudge-1-Awakening-each-other-to-the-God-who-is-already-there-Matthew-161-17Nudge 1 - Awakening each other to the God who is already there - Matthew 16:1-17

Nudge 1 - Awakening each other...

Sermon-1812Sermon - 1/8/12

Sermon - 1/8/12

Stumble-Charles-HamptonStumble (Charles Hampton)

Stumble (Charles Hampton)

Relentless-FaithRelentless Faith

Relentless Faith

The-Molting-Process-for-ChristiansThe Molting Process for Christians

The Molting Process for Christ...

Stand-FirmStand Firm

Stand Firm

the-wonder-of-his-love-part-2The Wonder of His Love Part 2

The Wonder of His Love Part 2



12-25-11-Shining-In-The-Darkenss12-25-11 Shining In The Darkenss

12-25-11 Shining In The Darken...

12-24-11-Christmas-Gets-To-Us-All12-24-11 Christmas Gets To Us All

12-24-11 Christmas Gets To Us...

Visitation-for-TransformationVisitation for Transformation

Visitation for Transformation