Kingdom-Authority-2-1st-Service-090405Kingdom - Authority 2 - 1st Service - 090405

Kingdom - Authority 2 - 1st Se...

Mythological-Tales-or-Prophetic-Word-2-Peter-116-21-Jerel-OlsonMythological Tales or Prophetic Word, 2 Peter 1:16-21 (Jerel Olson)

Mythological Tales or Propheti...

Bridging-Fear-4Bridging Fear, 4

Bridging Fear, 4

Womens-Ministry-33109Womens Ministry - 3/31/09

Womens Ministry - 3/31/09



Worship-A-Response-that-Builds-up-the-ChurchWorship- A Response that Builds up the Church

Worship- A Response that Build...

Worship-A-Genuine-ResponseWorship- A Genuine Response

Worship- A Genuine Response

Crosswave-Week-of-Mar-30thCrosswave - Week of Mar 30th

Crosswave - Week of Mar 30th

BSJ-No-Parking-3-29-09BSJ-No Parking-3-29-09

BSJ-No Parking-3-29-09

For-Those-Who-FollowFor Those Who Follow

For Those Who Follow

The-Battle-Against-DisbeliefThe Battle Against Disbelief

The Battle Against Disbelief

Following-Jesus-Difficult-or-ImpossibleFollowing Jesus - Difficult or Impossible

Following Jesus - Difficult or...

The-Resurrected-Body-part-2The Resurrected Body - part 2

The Resurrected Body - part 2

The-Nature-of-othe-Resurrected-BodyThe Nature of othe Resurrected Body

The Nature of othe Resurrected...





La-Lucha-D-Cada-Hombre-PRT-2La Lucha D Cada Hombre PRT 2

La Lucha D Cada Hombre PRT 2

La-Lucha-D-Cada-Hombre-PRT-1La Lucha D Cada Hombre PRT 1

La Lucha D Cada Hombre PRT 1

What-it-take-for-Heart-to-be-BrokenPsalm3418Mar2909What it take for Heart to be Broken(Psalm34:18)(Mar29,09)

What it take for Heart to be B...

Kingdom-Authority-1-2nd-Service-090329Kingdom - Authority 1 - 2nd Service - 090329

Kingdom - Authority 1 - 2nd Se...

A-God-Story-Phil-34-11A God Story-Phil 3:4-11

A God Story-Phil 3:4-11

The-Outpouring-Opening-the-DoorThe Outpouring: Opening the Door

The Outpouring: Opening the Do...

Sermon-32909Sermon - 3/29/09

Sermon - 3/29/09

Kingdom-Authority-1-1st-Service-090329Kingdom - Authority 1 - 1st Service - 090329

Kingdom - Authority 1 - 1st Se...

Diligence-in-Your-Faith-2-Peter-15-11-Jerel-OlsonDiligence in Your Faith, 2 Peter 1:5-11 (Jerel Olson)

Diligence in Your Faith, 2 Pet...

The-Fast-of-JusticeThe Fast of Justice

The Fast of Justice

Womens-Ministry-32409Womens Ministry - 3/24/09

Womens Ministry - 3/24/09

Crosswave-Week-of-Mar-23rdCrosswave - Week of Mar 23rd

Crosswave - Week of Mar 23rd



Dark-Days-AheadRevelation-chapter6-11Dark Days Ahead(Revelation chapter6-11)

Dark Days Ahead(Revelation cha...

How-to-Recognize-a-Devil-Disguised-as-a-DiscipleActs141-7How to Recognize a Devil Disguised as a Disciple(Acts14:1-7)

How to Recognize a Devil Disgu...



Kingdom-Requirements-Part-11-2nd-ServiceKingdom - Requirements Part 11 - 2nd Service

Kingdom - Requirements Part 11...

Dr-Reginald-StoneParte-2Dr. Reginald Stone.Parte 2

Dr. Reginald Stone.Parte 2

One-Thing-Phil-312-14One Thing-Phil 3:12-14

One Thing-Phil 3:12-14

Dr-Reginald-Stone-Parte-1Dr. Reginald Stone. Parte 1

Dr. Reginald Stone. Parte 1

The-Outpouring-ProphecyThe Outpouring: Prophecy

The Outpouring: Prophecy

Bridging-Abundance-last-part-3Bridging Abundance, last part #3

Bridging Abundance, last part...

Sermon-32209Sermon - 3/22/09

Sermon - 3/22/09

Bridging-Abundance-Being-here-partial-3Bridging Abundance, Being here, partial, #3

Bridging Abundance, Being here...

Kingdom-Requirements-Part-11-1st-ServiceKingdom - Requirements Part 11 - 1st Service

Kingdom - Requirements Part 11...

Acts-31-11-Robert-LewisActs 3:1-11 (Robert Lewis)

Acts 3:1-11 (Robert Lewis)


"Dust your feet off" Acts13:49...

Motivation-1Chronicles13Motivation 1Chronicles13

Motivation 1Chronicles13

crosswave-Week-of-Mar-16thcrosswave - Week of Mar 16th

crosswave - Week of Mar 16th



Who-Is-God-and-Who-Are-WeWho Is God and Who Are We?

Who Is God and Who Are We?

How-Significant-Is-Your-Earthly-BodyHow Significant Is Your Earthly Body?

How Significant Is Your Earthl...

Gods-Portait-of-His-ChurchGod's Portait of His Church

God's Portait of His Church

What-Has-Faith-Got-to-Do-With-ItWhat Has Faith Got to Do With It?

What Has Faith Got to Do With...

How-Important-Is-the-ResurrectionHow Important Is the Resurrection?

How Important Is the Resurrect...

Kingdom-Requirements-10-1st-ServiceKingdom Requirements 10- 1st Service

Kingdom Requirements 10- 1st S...

Kingdom-Requirements-Pt-10-2nd-ServiceKingdom - Requirements Pt 10 - 2nd Service

Kingdom - Requirements Pt 10 -...



Where-Is-God-When-It-Hurts-2-WhyWhere Is God When It Hurts? #2 Why?

Where Is God When It Hurts? #2...

Where-Is-God-When-It-Hurts-1-Where-Are-YouWhere Is God When It Hurts? #1 Where Are You?

Where Is God When It Hurts? #1...


"Bridging Receptivity", #2

The-Outpouring-Paradigm-ShiftThe Outpouring: Paradigm Shift

The Outpouring: Paradigm Shift

Acts-242-47-Charles-HamptonActs 2:42-47 (Charles Hampton)

Acts 2:42-47 (Charles Hampton)

Sermon-31509Sermon - 3/15/09

Sermon - 3/15/09

Una-Mujer-De-Altura-2Una Mujer De Altura 2

Una Mujer De Altura 2

Una-Mujer-De-Altura-1Una Mujer De Altura 1

Una Mujer De Altura 1

PodPoint Default Album Art" alt="Firewall-The-Name-Of-JesusFirewall (The Name Of Jesus)">

Firewall (The Name Of Jesus)

PodPoint Default Album Art" alt="Firewall-The-Name-Of-JesusFirewall (The Name Of Jesus)">

Firewall (The Name Of Jesus)

PodPoint Default Album Art" alt="Firewall-The-Name-Of-JesusFirewall (The Name Of Jesus)">

Firewall (The Name Of Jesus)

Womens-Ministry-31009Womens Ministry - 3/10/09

Womens Ministry - 3/10/09

Worship-A-Response-That-Honors-GodWorship- A Response That Honors God

Worship- A Response That Honor...

Crosswave-Week-of-Mar-9thCrosswave - Week of Mar 9th

Crosswave - Week of Mar 9th

BSJ-Right-of-Way-03-08-09BSJ-Right of Way-03-08-09

BSJ-Right of Way-03-08-09

A-Generous-Orthodoxy-1st-Corinthians-151-14A Generous Orthodoxy - 1st Corinthians 15:1-14

A Generous Orthodoxy - 1st Cor...


3-8-09 OUR GOOD ... HIS GLORY!

Mujer-de-8-vacas-2Mujer de 8 vacas   2

Mujer de 8 vacas 2

Mujer-de-8-vacas-1Mujer de 8 vacas   1

Mujer de 8 vacas 1

Counting-the-CostCounting the Cost

Counting the Cost

Watch-Out-Phil-32-3Watch Out-Phil. 3:2-3

Watch Out-Phil. 3:2-3

Kingdom-Requirements-Part-9-1st-ServiceKingdom - Requirements Part 9 - 1st Service

Kingdom - Requirements Part 9...

The-Outpouring-Everyone-Gets-to-PlayThe Outpouring: Everyone Gets to Play

The Outpouring: Everyone Gets...

Sermon-3809Sermon - 3/8/09

Sermon - 3/8/09

Bridges-of-Change-1Bridges of Change, #1

Bridges of Change, #1

Squirming-In-Your-Blood-II-PETER-11-4-Jerel-OlsonSquirming In Your Blood, II PETER 1:1-4 (Jerel Olson)

Squirming In Your Blood, II PE...

Worship-A-Response-of-SubmissionWorship- A Response of Submission

Worship- A Response of Submiss...

Satan-Wild-Beasts-AngelsSatan, Wild Beasts & Angels

Satan, Wild Beasts & Angels

Womens-Ministry-3309Womens Ministry - 3/3/09

Womens Ministry - 3/3/09

Where-Is-God-in-All-of-ThisWhere Is God in All of This?

Where Is God in All of This?

Crosswave-Week-of-Mar-2ndCrosswave - Week of Mar 2nd

Crosswave - Week of Mar 2nd

BSJ-Drivers-Ed-03-01-09BSJ-Driver's Ed-03-01-09

BSJ-Driver's Ed-03-01-09

Lessons-from-the-SHACK-2Lessons from the SHACK #2

Lessons from the SHACK #2

3-1-09-HE-IS-HOLY-Part-33-1-09 HE IS HOLY - Part 3

3-1-09 HE IS HOLY - Part 3

Kingdom-Requirements-Part-8-2nd-ServiceKingdom: Requirements Part 8 2nd Service

Kingdom: Requirements Part 8 2...

The-Keynote-Phil-31The Keynote-Phil. 3:1

The Keynote-Phil. 3:1

The-Outpouring-The-Pharisee-Within-and-The-Word-of-KnowledgeThe Outpouring: The Pharisee Within and The Word of Knowledge

The Outpouring: The Pharisee W...

Lessons-from-THE-SHACK-1Lessons from THE SHACK #1

Lessons from THE SHACK #1

Sermon-3109Sermon - 3/1/09

Sermon - 3/1/09

Kingdom-Requirements-Part-8-1st-ServiceKingdom - Requirements Part 8 - 1st Service

Kingdom - Requirements Part 8...

Como-Tener-Exito-En-El-Matrimonio-2Como Tener Exito En El Matrimonio  2

Como Tener Exito En El Matrimo...

Como-Tener-Exito-En-El-Matrimonio-1Como Tener Exito En El Matrimonio  1

Como Tener Exito En El Matrimo...

A-Glorious-PresenceA Glorious Presence

A Glorious Presence

A-Cleansing-PresenceA Cleansing Presence

A Cleansing Presence

The-God-of-Abraham-God-who-Hears-meThe God of Abraham- God who Hears me

The God of Abraham- God who He...

1-Peter-51-14-Jerel-Olson1 Peter 5:1-14 (Jerel Olson)

1 Peter 5:1-14 (Jerel Olson)

Womens-Ministry-22409Womens Ministry - 2/24/09

Womens Ministry - 2/24/09

Crosswave-Week-of-Feb-23rdCrosswave - Week of Feb 23rd

Crosswave - Week of Feb 23rd