self-control-vs-chaos-1Self Control vs. Chaos

Self Control vs. Chaos

self-control-vs-chaosSelf Control vs Chaos

Self Control vs Chaos

what-are-you-listening-to-june-28th-2015What are you listening to? - June 28th, 2015

What are you listening to? - J...



6-28-15150628 Telling the Good News

150628 Telling the Good News

rev-juanita-swift-ephesians-610-18Rev. Juanita Swift- Ephesians 6:10-18

Rev. Juanita Swift- Ephesians...

the-fight-foundation-june-28-2015-1The fight foundation, June 28, 2015

The fight foundation, June 28,...

voice-001m4avoice 001.m4a

voice 001.m4a

how-are-we-001m4aHow are we? 001.m4a

How are we? 001.m4a

dab-june-29-2015-1DAB June 29 - 2015

DAB June 29 - 2015

its-all-about-himIt's All About Him

It's All About Him

concluding-thoughts-on-gods-pure-grace-romans-1513-33-1Concluding Thoughts on God's Pure Grace Romans 15:13-33

Concluding Thoughts on God's P...



committed-path-toward-passion-meditation-sermon-onlyCommitted - Path Toward Passion - Meditation - (Sermon Only)

Committed - Path Toward Passio...

committed-path-toward-passion-meditation-entire-serviceCommitted - Path Toward Passion - Meditation - (Entire Service)

Committed - Path Toward Passio...

sg-whats-the-point-look-through-not-atSG WHATS THE POINT   Look Through Not At


cr-whats-the-point-look-through-not-atCR WHATS THE POINT   Look Through Not At


20150628am-new-growth-120150628am new growth

20150628am new growth

imitate-godImitate God

Imitate God

a-sign-to-his-glory-part-2A Sign to His Glory part 2

A Sign to His Glory part 2

the-gospel-2The Gospel

The Gospel

the-secret-of-the-open-doorThe Secret of the Open Door

The Secret of the Open Door

david-bancroft-06-28-2015David Bancroft 06-28-2015

David Bancroft 06-28-2015

seeing-the-heavens-opened-unto-youSeeing the Heavens Opened Unto You

Seeing the Heavens Opened Unto...

breakfast-on-the-beach-bob-schubert-1030amBreakfast on the Beach - Bob Schubert (10:30am)

Breakfast on the Beach - Bob S...

how-to-becomeHow To Become

How To Become

becoming-a-communityBecoming a Community

Becoming a Community

you-have-a-historyYou Have a History

You Have a History

how-to-live-in-unstable-timesHow to live in unstable times

How to live in unstable times

complete-obedience Complete Obedience

Complete Obedience

psalm-2-lets-get-political-or-how-should-a-christian-think-about-current-social-issues-1Psalm 2 - let's get political !  or... How should a Christian think about current social issues ?

Psalm 2 - let's get political...

stand-your-ground-1Stand Your Ground!

Stand Your Ground!



51715-jonah-into-the-great-recommissionJonah-Into the Great Recommission

Jonah-Into the Great Recommiss...

jonah-into-the-great-stormJonah-Into the Great Storm

Jonah-Into the Great Storm

worship-is-the-beginning-of-righteousness-judy-parks-9amWorship Is the Beginning of Righteousness - Judy Parks (9am)

Worship Is the Beginning of Ri...

jonah-the-story-begins-1Jonah-The Story Begins

Jonah-The Story Begins

some-trust-in-chariotsSome Trust In Chariots

Some Trust In Chariots

who-we-are-whose-we-are-and-what-we-doWho We Are, Whose We Are, And What We Do.

Who We Are, Whose We Are, And...

dab-june-28-2015-1DAB June 28 - 2015

DAB June 28 - 2015

the-dynamics-of-effective-evangelismThe Dynamics Of Effective Evangelism

The Dynamics Of Effective Evan...

the-embrace-of-godThe Embrace Of God

The Embrace Of God

dab-june-27-2015-1DAB June 27 - 2015

DAB June 27 - 2015

dab-june-26-2015-1DAB June 26 - 2015

DAB June 26 - 2015

6-21-15-unlikely-dinner-companions-16-21-15 Unlikely Dinner Companions

6-21-15 Unlikely Dinner Compan...

the-love-of-god-june-212015-1The love of God, June 21,2015

The love of God, June 21,2015

this-is-war-orange-county-thursday-night-1This Is War! (Orange County Thursday Night)

This Is War! (Orange County Th...

dab-june-25-2015-1DAB June 25 - 2015

DAB June 25 - 2015

community-in-relationships-pt-4-62415Community in Relationships, Pt 4 6/24/15

Community in Relationships, Pt...

faith-without-works-is-dead-june-21-2015-1Faith Without Works is Dead -June 21, 2015

Faith Without Works is Dead -J...

dab-june-24-2015-1DAB June 24 - 2015

DAB June 24 - 2015

clinton-treasures-in-darkness-june-21-2015Clinton, Treasures In Darkness June 21, 2015

Clinton, Treasures In Darkness...

your-money-matters-pt-3-1Your Money Matters Pt 3

Your Money Matters Pt 3

the-holy-spirit-4The Holy Spirit 4

The Holy Spirit 4

dab-june-23-2015-1DAB June 23 - 2015

DAB June 23 - 2015



faithfulness-vs-indifference-1Faithfulness vs Indifference

Faithfulness vs Indifference

a-few-good-friends-6-21-2015-1A Few Good Friends 6-21-2015

A Few Good Friends 6-21-2015

faithfulness-vs-indifferenceFaithfulness vs Indifference

Faithfulness vs Indifference

6-21-15150621 A Father's Broken Heart

150621 A Father's Broken Heart

sent-by-god-to-do-1Sent By God to Do

Sent By God to Do

disputable-matters-part-4-romans-1419-1513-love-above-liberty-1Disputable Matters part 4 Romans 14:19-15:13 Love Above Liberty

Disputable Matters part 4 Roma...

dab-june-22-2015-1DAB June 22 - 2015

DAB June 22 - 2015

revial-heart-of-the-king-pt-2-1Revial Heart of The King Pt 2

Revial Heart of The King Pt 2

how-to-pray-for-people-1How to Pray for People

How to Pray for People

the-building-of-our-faithThe Building of Our Faith

The Building of Our Faith

un-superheroe-cumple-lo-que-prometeUn Superhéroe Cumple lo que Promete

Un Superhéroe Cumple lo que Pr...

the-holy-spirit-3-1The Holy Spirit 3

The Holy Spirit 3

sg-whats-the-point-now-you-dontSG WHATS THE POINT   Now You Dont


cr-whats-the-point-now-you-dont-1CR WHATS THE POINT   Now You Dont


2015-vbs-overview-entire-service2015 VBS Overview - (Entire Service)

2015 VBS Overview - (Entire Se...

20150621am-new-accounting-120150621AM New Accounting

20150621AM New Accounting

the-church-for-the-next-pittsburghThe Church for the Next Pittsburgh

The Church for the Next Pittsb...

treasures-in-the-darknessTreasures in the Darkness

Treasures in the Darkness

david-bancroft-06-21-2015David Bancroft 06-21-2015

David Bancroft 06-21-2015

do-the-right-thing-dr-frank-honsDo the Right Thing - Dr Frank Hons

Do the Right Thing - Dr Frank...

trust-in-god-1Trust In God

Trust In God

the-fathers-perceptionThe Father's Perception

The Father's Perception

who-can-we-trustWho Can We Trust?

Who Can We Trust?

liberty-for-the-captives-1Liberty For the Captives

Liberty For the Captives

3-fountains-3-amigos-13 fountains 3 amigos

3 fountains 3 amigos

pastor-michael-thigpen-what-kind-of-man-are-youPastor Michael Thigpen- What Kind of Man Are You?

Pastor Michael Thigpen- What K...

what-kind-of-man-are-you-continuedWhat Kind of Man Are You? (Continued)

What Kind of Man Are You? (Con...

god-as-our-fatherGod as our father

God as our father

wanted-superheroes-1Wanted: Superheroes!

Wanted: Superheroes!



made-in-his-imageMade In His Image

Made In His Image

show-yourself-a-manShow Yourself A Man

Show Yourself A Man

dab-june-21-2015-1DAB June 21 - 2015

DAB June 21 - 2015

advancing-the-gospelAdvancing The Gospel

Advancing The Gospel

sharing-our-faithSharing Our Faith

Sharing Our Faith

dab-june-20-2015-1DAB June 20 - 2015

DAB June 20 - 2015

6-14-15-gods-way-of-knowing-16-14-15 God's Way of Knowing

6-14-15 God's Way of Knowing

june-14-2015-5-fold-advance-1June 14 2015 - 5 Fold Advance

June 14 2015 - 5 Fold Advance

dab-june-19-2015-1DAB June 19 - 2015

DAB June 19 - 2015

revival-heart-of-the-king-pt1-1Revival Heart of The King Pt.1

Revival Heart of The King Pt.1

transformed-week-2-1transformed_week 2

transformed_week 2

transformed-week-1-1transformed_week 1

transformed_week 1

dab-june-18-2015-1DAB June 18 - 2015

DAB June 18 - 2015

how-to-survive-in-a-hostile-environmentHow to Survive in a Hostile Environment

How to Survive in a Hostile En...

relationships-in-community-pt-3-61715Relationships in Community, Pt 3 6/17/15

Relationships in Community, Pt...

your-money-matters-pt-2-1Your Money Matters Pt-2

Your Money Matters Pt-2