10-20-13-Something-To-Say10-20-13 Something To Say

10-20-13 Something To Say

The-Big-CatchThe Big Catch

The Big Catch

Beyond-Church-AttendanceBeyond Church Attendance

Beyond Church Attendance

Our-Vision-A-Joyful-Place-to-ServeOur Vision: A Joyful Place to Serve

Our Vision: A Joyful Place to...

10-13-13-The-Way-of-Wisdom10-13-13 The Way of Wisdom

10-13-13 The Way of Wisdom

TBF-Womens-Discipleship-Week-4TBF Women's Discipleship Week 4

TBF Women's Discipleship Week...

October-202013-ServiceOctober 20,2013 Service

October 20,2013 Service

October-132013-ServiceOctober 13,2013 Service

October 13,2013 Service



Kingdom-Manifesto-PeacemakersKingdom Manifesto - Peacemakers

Kingdom Manifesto - Peacemaker...

Wisdom-Has-No-EnemiesWisdom Has No Enemies

Wisdom Has No Enemies

Necesitas-una-patadaNecesitas una patada

Necesitas una patada

Heavenly-Minded-Part-1Heavenly Minded Part 1

Heavenly Minded Part 1

Yoon-Kwon-Chae-From-Korean-Christian-Gospel-Mission-Sermon-OnlyYoon Kwon Chae - From Korean Christian Gospel Mission (Sermon Only)

Yoon Kwon Chae - From Korean C...

Yoon-Kwon-Chae-From-Korean-Christian-Gospel-Mission-Entire-ServiceYoon Kwon Chae - From Korean Christian Gospel Mission (Entire Service)

Yoon Kwon Chae - From Korean C...



Complete-My-JoyComplete My Joy

Complete My Joy

Profaning-the-LORDs-NameProfaning the LORD's Name

Profaning the LORD's Name

Bookmarks-Odd-BeginningsBookmarks - Odd Beginnings

Bookmarks - Odd Beginnings

All-is-Yours-in-ChristAll is Yours in Christ

All is Yours in Christ

The-Beginning-of-PassionThe Beginning of Passion

The Beginning of Passion

come-to-jesus-part-3Come to Jesus Part 3

Come to Jesus Part 3

Strong-Man-ArmedStrong Man Armed

Strong Man Armed

faith-for-nations-1Faith for Nations

Faith for Nations

called-who-me-1Called? Who, me?

Called? Who, me?

Kingly-GenerosityKingly Generosity

Kingly Generosity

To-the-Ends-of-the-Earth-Part-2To the Ends of the Earth Part 2

To the Ends of the Earth Part...

What-Will-We-Do-With-All-This-MoneyWhat Will We Do With All This Money?

What Will We Do With All This...

Our-Vision-A-Solid-Place-to-GrowOur Vision: A Solid Place to Grow

Our Vision: A Solid Place to G...

10-year-Birthday-Celebration10 year Birthday Celebration

10 year Birthday Celebration

To-the-Ends-of-the-EarthTo the Ends of the Earth

To the Ends of the Earth


"Don't Cross That Line"

The-Joy-of-the-OneThe Joy of the One

The Joy of the One

El-Mosaico-del-ControlEl Mosaico del Control

El Mosaico del Control

Praise-the-Ways-of-GodPraise the Ways of God

Praise the Ways of God

The-Two-DebtorsThe Two Debtors

The Two Debtors

Kingdom-Manifesto-GenuineKingdom Manifesto - Genuine

Kingdom Manifesto - Genuine

Vessels-of-GloryVessels of Glory

Vessels of Glory

Definition-2013-Following-the-Master-Disciplines-for-the-Disciple-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 - Following the Master - Disciplines for the Disciple (Sermon Only)

Definition 2013 - Following th...

Definition-2013-Following-the-Master-Disciplines-for-the-Disciple-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 - Following the Master - Disciplines for the Disciple (Entire Service)

Definition 2013 - Following th...


10-13-13 COLOSSIANS: FAITH, L...

Whatever-It-TakesWhatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes

If-My-PeopleIf My People

If My People

The-Gospel-According-to-LukeThe Gospel According to Luke

The Gospel According to Luke

Thanksgiving-the-Works-of-GodThanksgiving, the Works of God

Thanksgiving, the Works of God

come-to-jesus-part-2Come to Jesus Part 2

Come to Jesus Part 2

uganda-247-team-1Uganda 24/7 Team

Uganda 24/7 Team

obeying-gods-voice-2Obeying God's Voice

Obeying God's Voice

gods-best-kept-secret-1God's Best Kept Secret

God's Best Kept Secret

Episode-57-20-Things-Every-Twentysomething-Should-Know-How-to-DoEpisode 57: 20 Things Every Twentysomething Should Know How to Do

Episode 57: 20 Things Every Tw...

Breakthrough-Part-8-Wisdom-Part-2Breakthrough Part 8 - Wisdom Part 2

Breakthrough Part 8 - Wisdom P...

130915-The-Ultimate-Test130915 The Ultimate Test

130915 The Ultimate Test

Getting-In-Gods-WayGetting In God's Way

Getting In God's Way

ReFresh-Your-Family-The-Family-ChampionReFresh Your Family - The Family Champion

ReFresh Your Family - The Fami...

Our-Vision-A-Caring-Place-to-HealOur Vision: A Caring Place to Heal

Our Vision: A Caring Place to...

Breakthrough-Part-7Breakthrough - Part 7

Breakthrough - Part 7

10-06-13-House-of-Cedar10-06-13 House of Cedar

10-06-13 House of Cedar

09-29-13-When-God-Is-Calling09-29-13 When God Is Calling

09-29-13 When God Is Calling

October-62013-ServiceOctober 6,2013 Service

October 6,2013 Service

Vision-Higher-Deeper-WiderVision: Higher-Deeper-Wider

Vision: Higher-Deeper-Wider



Happy-Happy-HappyHappy, Happy, Happy

Happy, Happy, Happy


"Give Me a Clean Heart"

And-the-Gospel-Goes-OnAnd the Gospel Goes On

And the Gospel Goes On

Coming-Home-to-ForgivenessComing Home to Forgiveness

Coming Home to Forgiveness



Definition-2013-Following-the-Master-No-Excuses-Please-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 - Following the Master - No Excuses, Please (Sermon Only)

Definition 2013 - Following th...

Who-I-AmWho I Am

Who I Am

Definition-2013-Following-the-Master-No-Excuses-Please-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 - Following the Master - No Excuses, Please (Entire Service)

Definition 2013 - Following th...

Bookmarks-If-God-Is-For-UsBookmarks - If God Is For Us...

Bookmarks - If God Is For Us.....

True-InstructionTrue Instruction

True Instruction

2-Samuel-7-When-God-said-no-to-David-Living-in-a-house-of-Cedar2 Samuel 7 - When God said no to David - Living in a house of Cedar

2 Samuel 7 - When God said no...

intimacy-all-things-are-possibleIntimacy:  All Things are Possible

Intimacy: All Things are Poss...

The-Book-of-John-35-of-40-Jesus-Prays-for-Believers-Santification-Unification-GlorificationThe Book of John - 35 of 40

The Book of John - 35 of 40 "J...

come-to-jesus-part-1Come to Jesus Part 1

Come to Jesus Part 1

small-solid-and-deep-1Small, Solid and Deep

Small, Solid and Deep

why-people-matter-1Why People Matter

Why People Matter

a-player-in-the-big-game-1A Player in the Big Game

A Player in the Big Game

Breakthrough-TestimonyBreakthrough (Testimony)

Breakthrough (Testimony)

Higher-Deeper-WiderHigher- Deeper- Wider

Higher- Deeper- Wider

Episode-56-How-Millennial-Are-YouEpisode 56: How Millennial Are You?

Episode 56: How Millennial Are...

September-292013-ServiceSeptember 29,2013 Service

September 29,2013 Service

Our-Vision-A-Dynamic-Place-to-WorshipOur Vision: A Dynamic Place to Worship

Our Vision: A Dynamic Place to...

TBF-Womens-Discipleship-week-3TBF Women's Discipleship  week 3

TBF Women's Discipleship week...

MUSIC-The-Coming-Of-OctoberMUSIC - The Coming Of October

MUSIC - The Coming Of October

Remember-Me-The-Lords-SupperRemember Me - The Lords Supper

Remember Me - The Lords Supper

Bookmarks-In-All-ThingsBookmarks - In All Things

Bookmarks - In All Things

Kingdom-Manifesto-MercyKingdom Manifesto - Mercy

Kingdom Manifesto - Mercy

Definition-2013-Following-the-Master-Cost-Matters-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 - Following the Master - Cost Matters (Sermon Only)

Definition 2013 - Following th...

Definition-2013-Following-the-Master-Cost-Matters-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 - Following the Master - Cost Matters (Entire Service)

Definition 2013 - Following th...


9-29-13 GO FORWARD: WHO? WHY...

Making-A-Difference-With-the-GospelMaking A Difference With the Gospel

Making A Difference With the G...

When-God-Comes-Knocking-1-Samuel-3-Part-1When God Comes Knocking 1 Samuel 3 - Part 1

When God Comes Knocking 1 Samu...

Reverence-and-HonorReverence and Honor

Reverence and Honor

Fight-the-Good-Fight-Part-4Fight the Good Fight Part 4

Fight the Good Fight Part 4

stand-in-the-gap-part-5Stand in the Gap - Part 5

Stand in the Gap - Part 5

intimacy-the-breath-of-god-part-2Intimacy:  The Breath of God Part 2

Intimacy: The Breath of God P...

Special-Guest-Pastor-Lorne-Davis-Sunday-September-29-2013-amSpecial Guest - Pastor Lorne Davis - Sunday September 29, 2013 a.m.

Special Guest - Pastor Lorne D...

love-is-closer-than-you-think-part-4Love Is Closer Than You Think Part 4

Love Is Closer Than You Think...

the-loving-life-1The Loving Life

The Loving Life

life-together-2Life Together

Life Together

the-power-of-a-team-1The Power of a Team

The Power of a Team