revelation-4Revelation 4

Revelation 4

how-to-study-your-bibleHow to Study Your Bible

How to Study Your Bible

increase-your-talentIncrease Your Talent

Increase Your Talent

fusion-x-announcementFusion X Announcement

Fusion X Announcement

john-622-58John 6.22-58

John 6.22-58

john-61-21John 6.1-21

John 6.1-21

morning-manna-feb-7-2016Morning Manna Feb 7, 2016

Morning Manna Feb 7, 2016

morning-manna-feb-6-2016Morning Manna Feb 6, 2016

Morning Manna Feb 6, 2016

morning-manna-feb-5-2016Morning Manna Feb 5, 2016

Morning Manna Feb 5, 2016

morning-manna-feb-4-2016Morning Manna Feb 4, 2016

Morning Manna Feb 4, 2016

morning-manna-feb-3-2016Morning Manna Feb 3, 2016

Morning Manna Feb 3, 2016

morning-manna-feb-2-2016Morning Manna Feb 2, 2016

Morning Manna Feb 2, 2016

discoverys-logo-and-what-it-meansDiscovery's Logo and what it means

Discovery's Logo and what it m...

dab-january-21-2016-1DAB January 21 - 2016

DAB January 21 - 2016

is-god-truly-the-lord-of-your-life-pastor-chad-braleyIs God Truly the Lord of Your Life? - Pastor Chad Braley

Is God Truly the Lord of Your...


"The Fruit Of The Spirit. Part...

both-andnot-either-orBoth and....not either or.

Both and....not either or.

radio-program-for-friday-january-22-2016Radio program for Friday January 22, 2016

Radio program for Friday Janua...

radio-program-for-thursday-january-21-2016Radio program for Thursday January 21, 2016

Radio program for Thursday Jan...

untitled-recording-jan-20-201pm160117 A Lost Church Member

160117 A Lost Church Member

perspective-on-volatility-corrections-and-challenging-marketsPerspective on Volatility, Corrections, and Challenging Markets

Perspective on Volatility, Cor...

radio-program-for-wednesday-january-20-2016Radio program for Wednesday January 20, 2016

Radio program for Wednesday Ja...

dab-january-20-2016-1DAB January 20 - 2016

DAB January 20 - 2016

your-rmd-questions-answeredYour RMD Questions Answered

Your RMD Questions Answered


2016-01-17-Sermon, "A Deep Dri...

radio-program-for-tuesday-january-19-2016Radio program for Tuesday January 19, 2016

Radio program for Tuesday Janu...

revelation-3Revelation 3

Revelation 3

whats-gods-design-for-the-familyWhat's God's Design For The Family?

What's God's Design For The Fa...

selfy-nationSelfy Nation

Selfy Nation

dab-january-19-2016-1DAB January 19 - 2016

DAB January 19 - 2016

god-with-binoculars-part-2God With Binoculars Part 2

God With Binoculars Part 2

ill-give-you-what-i-have-dudesI'll give you what I have (dudes)

I'll give you what I have (dud...

desperation-for-godDesperation for God

Desperation for God

the-power-of-restThe power of rest

The power of rest

radio-program-for-monday-january-18-2016Radio program for Monday January 18, 2016

Radio program for Monday Janua...

web-ets-12-the-art-of-evangelismweb ETS 12: The Art of Evangelism

web ETS 12: The Art of Evangel...

itunes-ets-12-the-art-of-evangelismitunes ETS 12: The Art of Evangelism

itunes ETS 12: The Art of Evan...

12160117pm-closing-the-generation-gap12160117PM Closing the Generation Gap

12160117PM Closing the Generat...

dab-january-18-2016-1DAB January 18 - 2016

DAB January 18 - 2016

whats-the-big-rushWhat's The Big Rush

What's The Big Rush

devotional-grace-pt2Devotional Grace PT2

Devotional Grace PT2

temores-de-un-pastorTemores de un Pastor

Temores de un Pastor

the-redeemer-gives-hope-pastor-chad-braleyThe Redeemer Gives Hope - Pastor Chad Braley

The Redeemer Gives Hope - Past...

keys-to-the-kingdomKeys To The Kingdom

Keys To The Kingdom

4-hearts4 Hearts

4 Hearts

majoring-on-the-minors-zechariahMajoring on the Minors: Zechariah

Majoring on the Minors: Zechar...

sg-till-the-day-i-die-captivated-by-his-missionSG  Till The Day I Die     Captivated by His Mission

SG Till The Day I Die Cap...

mission-impossibleMission Impossible

Mission Impossible

renovate-week-3Renovate: Week 3

Renovate: Week 3

renovate-week-3Renovate: Week 3

Renovate: Week 3

untitled-recording-jan-17-148pmA Portrait of Jesus - What's Your Story? - (Sermon Only)

A Portrait of Jesus - What's Y...

untitled-recording-jan-17-141pmA Portrait of Jesus - What's Your Story? - (Entire Service)

A Portrait of Jesus - What's Y...

cr-till-the-day-i-die-captivated-by-his-missionCR  Till The Day I Die     Captivated by His Mission

CR Till The Day I Die Cap...

whats-the-deal-5Whats The Deal 5

Whats The Deal 5

celebration-of-the-partialCelebration Of The Partial

Celebration Of The Partial

jesus-do-somethingJesus, Do Something

Jesus, Do Something

you-have-favorYou Have Favor

You Have Favor

sunday-january-17-2016-dont-let-the-wine-run-outSunday January 17, 2016

Sunday January 17, 2016 "Don't...

untitled-recording-jan-17-1248pmJust Want You

Just Want You

we-can-build-it-togetherWe Can Build It Together

We Can Build It Together

cling-to-hope-part-2Cling to Hope Part 2

Cling to Hope Part 2

20160117am-jesus-the-cure-for-deadness20160117AM Jesus-The Cure for Deadness

20160117AM Jesus-The Cure for...

1-17-how-god-uses-people-who-are-willing-to-be-obedient1-17 How God uses people who are willing to be Obedient

1-17 How God uses people who a...

the-beginning-of-persecutionThe Beginning of Persecution

The Beginning of Persecution

stand-for-truthStand for Truth

Stand for Truth

huge-part-2-with-ps-ashley-evansHuge Part 2 with Ps Ashley Evans

Huge Part 2 with Ps Ashley Eva...

plans-purposes-pursuits-part-2Plans Purposes & Pursuits Part 2

Plans Purposes & Pursuits Part...

prayer-11716Prayer 1.17.16

Prayer 1.17.16

introduction-to-9marks-of-a-healthy-churchIntroduction to 9Marks of a Healthy Church

Introduction to 9Marks of a He...

a-unique-relationship-with-godA Unique Relationship With God

A Unique Relationship With God

the-law-of-god-the-second-commandmentThe Law of God, The Second Commandment

The Law of God, The Second Com...

the-church-in-actsThe Church in Acts

The Church in Acts

true-worship-john-4True Worship - John 4

True Worship - John 4

jesus-loves-the-samaritan-womanJesus Loves the Samaritan Woman

Jesus Loves the Samaritan Woma...

the-good-shepherd-pastor-chad-braleyThe Good Shepherd - Pastor Chad Braley

The Good Shepherd - Pastor Cha...


"Coming Together Face To Face"

encouragement-and-instructionEncouragement and Instruction

Encouragement and Instruction

peace-longevity-and-prosperity-proverbs-chapter-3-verses-1-35-pastor-greg-kittredgePeace, Longevity, And Prosperity, Proverbs chapter 3 verses 1-35, Pastor Greg Kittredge

Peace, Longevity, And Prosperi...

local-visionLocal Vision

Local Vision

untitled-recording-jan-17-1053amA People of Vision

A People of Vision

pleasing-him-by-salvation-pastor-rossiPleasing Him by Salvation- Pastor Rossi

Pleasing Him by Salvation- Pas...

life-is-sacred-meditations-on-being-image-bearers-of-the-invisible-godLife is Sacred: Meditations on Being Image Bearers of the Invisible God

Life is Sacred: Meditations on...

vain-glory-when-image-is-everything-and-its-all-about-you-the-seven-deadly-sins-2VAIN GLORY - When image is everything, and it's all about you - The Seven Deadly Sins #2

VAIN GLORY - When image is eve...

the-true-and-better-adamThe True and Better Adam

The True and Better Adam

god-blesses-us-with-lifeGod Blesses Us With Life

God Blesses Us With Life

lets-talk-about-baptismLet's Talk About Baptism

Let's Talk About Baptism

ecclesiastes-21-11-the-experimentEcclesiastes 2:1-11 (The Experiment)

Ecclesiastes 2:1-11 (The Exper...

faith-to-leaveFaith To Leave

Faith To Leave

taking-a-risk-and-trusting-jesus-mcguckinsTaking a Risk and Trusting Jesus - McGuckins

Taking a Risk and Trusting Jes...

return-to-senderReturn To Sender

Return To Sender

genesis-14-the-victorious-believerGenesis 14 - The Victorious Believer

Genesis 14 - The Victorious Be...

jesus-loves-meJesus Loves Me

Jesus Loves Me

i-will-be-a-unifying-church-member-kyle-bethkeI Will Be a Unifying Church Member - Kyle Bethke

I Will Be a Unifying Church Me...

visual-transformation-what-i-see-changes-meVisual Transformation-What I See Changes Me

Visual Transformation-What I S...

my-decisions-impact-others-recordingMy Decisions Impact Others Recording

My Decisions Impact Others Rec...

worth-the-gambleWorth The Gamble?

Worth The Gamble?

refreshing-the-dry-bonesRefreshing The Dry Bones

Refreshing The Dry Bones

the-secret-place-part-3The Secret Place Part 3

The Secret Place Part 3

rev-deborah-dixon-how-is-your-spiritual-dietRev. Deborah Dixon - How is Your Spiritual Diet?

Rev. Deborah Dixon - How is Yo...

john-119-39John 1:19-39

John 1:19-39

reach-fearful-to-fearlessReach - Fearful To Fearless

Reach - Fearful To Fearless

sunday-january-10-2016-its-all-about-the-bodySunday January 10, 2016;

Sunday January 10, 2016; "Its...