Be-Strong-and-Show-Yourself-A-ManBe Strong and Show Yourself A Man

Be Strong and Show Yourself A...

conflict-within-the-church-part-1Conflict Within the Church part 1

Conflict Within the Church par...

The-Sound-Doctrine-LifeThe Sound Doctrine Life

The Sound Doctrine Life

Batlle-AwarenessBatlle Awareness

Batlle Awareness

Gods-Fire-Will-Thrust-You-OutGod's Fire Will Thrust You Out

God's Fire Will Thrust You Out

Evidence-of-an-EncounterEvidence of an Encounter

Evidence of an Encounter

The-Great-PretenderThe Great Pretender

The Great Pretender

knowing-god-as-bridegroomKnowing God As Bridegroom

Knowing God As Bridegroom

partnership-cambodia-1Partnership Cambodia

Partnership Cambodia

courageous-and-contagiousCourageous and Contagious

Courageous and Contagious

mission-the-best-investmentMission: The Best Investment

Mission: The Best Investment

the-sentence-that-changed-the-worldThe Sentence that Changed the World

The Sentence that Changed the...

Ps-Deon-MalloyPs. Deon Malloy

Ps. Deon Malloy

20140917WED-Mark-1220140917WED Mark 12

20140917WED Mark 12

a-manifestation-of-godA Manifestation of God

A Manifestation of God

The-Groans-Before-the-GloryThe Groans Before the Glory

The Groans Before the Glory

What-Happens-when-We-SinWhat Happens when We Sin

What Happens when We Sin

20140914PM-Unbelief20140914PM Unbelief

20140914PM Unbelief

Function-In-The-UnctionFunction In The Unction

Function In The Unction

Daily-Bread-BWDaily Bread BW

Daily Bread BW

20140914AM-The-Blessing-of-Comfort20140914AM The Blessing of Comfort

20140914AM The Blessing of Com...



War-and-Victory-Part-6War and Victory Part 6

War and Victory Part 6

A-Bad-Missionary-and-a-Very-Kind-God-Who-Really-Needs-Forgiveness-Sermon-OnlyA Bad Missionary and a Very Kind God - Who Really Needs Forgiveness? - (Sermon Only)

A Bad Missionary and a Very Ki...

A-Bad-Missionary-and-a-Very-Kind-God-Who-Really-Needs-Forgiveness-Entire-ServiceA Bad Missionary and a Very Kind God - Who Really Needs Forgiveness? - (Entire Service)

A Bad Missionary and a Very Ki...

Pastor-Daren-Werk-Sunday-Morning-Sept-14thPastor Daren Werk- Sunday Morning Sept 14th

Pastor Daren Werk- Sunday Morn...

heavenly-or-worldly-wisdomHeavenly or Worldly Wisdom?

Heavenly or Worldly Wisdom?

Daily-BreadDaily Bread

Daily Bread



The-Supernatural-Power-of-His-Body-and-His-BloodThe Supernatural Power of His Body and His Blood

The Supernatural Power of His...

How-to-Take-Your-MountainHow to Take Your Mountain

How to Take Your Mountain

radical-reconciliationRadical Reconciliation

Radical Reconciliation

give-holiness-a-hand-or-an-eye-matthew-527-30Give Holiness A Hand. Or An Eye Matthew 5:27-30

Give Holiness A Hand. Or An Ey...

My-AssignmentMy Assignment

My Assignment

god-is-king-genesis-50God Is King (Genesis 50)

God Is King (Genesis 50)

Starving-SonsStarving Sons

Starving Sons

knowing-god-as-fatherKnowing God As Father

Knowing God As Father

moon-shineMoon Shine

Moon Shine

the-expanding-kingdom-1The Expanding Kingdom

The Expanding Kingdom

passion-for-missionsPassion for Missions

Passion for Missions

09-07-14-What-in-a-list-of-names09-07-14 What in (a list of) names?

09-07-14 What in (a list of) n...

Shipwreck-Season-is-OverShipwreck Season is Over!

Shipwreck Season is Over!

the-bankruptcy-of-human-wisdomThe Bankruptcy of Human Wisdom

The Bankruptcy of Human Wisdom

20140910-Refocus20140910 Refocus

20140910 Refocus

Collosians-3Collosians 3

Collosians 3

The-Full-Armor-of-GodThe Full Armor of God

The Full Armor of God

Adoption-CompletedAdoption Completed

Adoption Completed

Kingdom-ComeKingdom Come

Kingdom Come

Purpose-Recap-weekPurpose: Recap week

Purpose: Recap week

Grandparents-DayGrandparents Day

Grandparents Day

20140907PM-Gods-Friend20140907PM  God's Friend

20140907PM God's Friend


"The Move of God"

La-Decision-CorrectaLa Decision Correcta

La Decision Correcta

Hold-Fast-To-The-DreamHold Fast To The Dream!

Hold Fast To The Dream!

20140907AM-How-to-Inherit-Gods-Kingdom20140907AM How to Inherit God's Kingdom

20140907AM How to Inherit God'...

Living-In-the-Fear-of-the-LordLiving In the Fear of the Lord

Living In the Fear of the Lord

A-Bad-Missionary-and-a-Very-Kind-God-A-Revival-Waiting-to-Happen-Sermon-OnlyA Bad Missionary and a Very Kind God - A Revival Waiting to Happen - (Sermon Only)

A Bad Missionary and a Very Ki...

A-Bad-Missionary-and-a-Very-Kind-God-A-Revival-Waiting-to-Happen-Entire-ServiceA Bad Missionary and a Very Kind God - A Revival Waiting to Happen - (Entire Service)

A Bad Missionary and a Very Ki...



Your-Kingdom-ComeYour Kingdom Come

Your Kingdom Come



Live-BoldLive Bold

Live Bold

I-Have-Been-RedeemedI Have Been Redeemed

I Have Been Redeemed

the-power-of-the-tongue-part-3-the-power-to-blessThe Power of the Tongue part 3  The Power to Bless

The Power of the Tongue part 3...

New-Fire-Strange-Fire-No-Fire-New-Fire-Part-4New Fire - Strange Fire, No Fire, New Fire Part 4

New Fire - Strange Fire, No Fi...

What-ifWhat if?

What if?

resurrecting-the-torah-matthew-517-20Resurrecting the Torah  Matthew 5:17-20

Resurrecting the Torah Matthe...

Acts-20Acts 20

Acts 20

grace-changes-jacob-grace-changes-everything-genesis-48Grace Changes Jacob; Grace Changes Everything (Genesis 48)

Grace Changes Jacob; Grace Cha...

The-God-of-JacobThe God of Jacob

The God of Jacob

knowing-god-as-creatorKnowing God As Creator

Knowing God As Creator

change-the-worldChange the World!

Change the World!

the-sentence-that-changed-the-world-1The Sentence that Changed the World

The Sentence that Changed the...

working-with-angelsWorking with Angels

Working with Angels

Dip-For-The-DreamDip For The Dream

Dip For The Dream

nothing-new-under-the-sunNothing New Under the Sun

Nothing New Under the Sun



Pastor-Daren-Werk-Sunday-Morning-August-31stPastor Daren Werk-Sunday Morning August 31st

Pastor Daren Werk-Sunday Morni...

How-to-Get-Victory-Over-Besetting-SinsHow to Get Victory Over Besetting Sins

How to Get Victory Over Besett...

Shake-ItShake It

Shake It

Purpose-WorshipPurpose: Worship

Purpose: Worship

20140831PM-Outward-Sign-of-an-Inward-Covenant20140831PM Outward Sign of an Inward Covenant

20140831PM Outward Sign of an...

A-Kingdom-MomentA Kingdom Moment

A Kingdom Moment

20140831AM-How-to-Be-Blessed-Beatitudes20140831AM How to Be Blessed - Beatitudes

20140831AM How to Be Blessed -...

Labor-DayLabor Day

Labor Day

War-and-Victory-Part-5War and Victory Part 5

War and Victory Part 5

El-Desafio-CorrectoEl Desafio Correcto

El Desafio Correcto

Mountain-Living-LiftMountain Living - Lift

Mountain Living - Lift

Mountain-Living-Our-FatherMountain Living - Our Father

Mountain Living - Our Father

A-Bad-Missionary-and-a-Very-Kind-God-The-Psalm-of-Jonah-Sermon-OnlyA Bad Missionary and a Very Kind God - The Psalm of Jonah - (Sermon Only)

A Bad Missionary and a Very Ki...

A-Bad-Missionary-and-a-Very-Kind-God-The-Psalm-of-Jonah-Entire-ServiceA Bad Missionary and a Very Kind God - The Psalm of Jonah - (Entire Service)

A Bad Missionary and a Very Ki...


8-31-14 PSALM 119: REVIVE ME...

the-power-of-the-tongue-part-2-the-power-to-destroyThe Power of the Tongue part 2  The Power to Destroy

The Power of the Tongue part 2...

A-Trusted-ServantA Trusted Servant

A Trusted Servant

youth-sunday-2014-1-corinthians-919-27Youth Sunday 2014 (1 Corinthians 9:19-27)

Youth Sunday 2014 (1 Corinthia...

Be-an-Example-Strange-Fire-No-Fire-New-Fire-Part-3Be an Example. Strange Fire, No Fire, New Fire Part 3.

Be an Example. Strange Fire, N...

The-Fathers-Quest-Pt2The Father's Quest Pt2

The Father's Quest Pt2

gods-kindness-through-the-life-of-jacob-genesis-45God's Kindness Through the Life of Jacob (Genesis 45)

God's Kindness Through the Lif...

to-the-ends-of-the-earth-2To The Ends of The Earth

To The Ends of The Earth

dare-to-moveDare to Move

Dare to Move

lives-transformedLives Transformed

Lives Transformed