Episode-55-Dealing-with-friends-who-are-disillusioned-with-the-churchEpisode 55: Dealing with friends who are disillusioned with the church

Episode 55: Dealing with frien...

Breakthrough-InheritanceBreakthrough - Inheritance

Breakthrough - Inheritance

09-15-13-Whats-In-A-Name09-15-13 What's In A Name

09-15-13 What's In A Name

Skills-System-of-Money-ManagementSkills: System of Money Management

Skills: System of Money Manage...

A-Report-Card-for-the-Church-PassionA Report Card for the Church: Passion

A Report Card for the Church:...

Finding-HealingFinding Healing

Finding Healing

September-152013-ServiceSeptember 15,2013 Service

September 15,2013 Service

Diferenciando-la-FeDiferenciando la Fe

Diferenciando la Fe

Breakthrough-Our-SignificanceBreakthrough (Our Significance)

Breakthrough (Our Significance...

Kingdom-Manifesto-PowerfulKingdom Manifesto - Powerful

Kingdom Manifesto - Powerful


9-15-13 GO FORWARD: WHY?

Definition-2013-Following-the-Master-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 - Following the Master (Sermon Only)

Definition 2013 - Following th...

Definition-2013-Following-the-Master-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 - Following the Master (Entire Service)

Definition 2013 - Following th...

The-Work-is-Not-FinishedThe Work is Not Finished

The Work is Not Finished

Fight-the-Good-Fight-Knowing-our-WeaponsFight the Good Fight: Knowing our Weapons

Fight the Good Fight: Knowing...

Pondering-His-Lovingkindness-Part-5Pondering His Lovingkindness Part 5

Pondering His Lovingkindness P...

intimacy-humilityIntimacy:  Humility

Intimacy: Humility

stand-in-the-gap-part-3Stand in the Gap - Part 3

Stand in the Gap - Part 3

The-Book-of-John-33-of-40-Jesus-Prays-For-HimselfThe Book of John - 33 of 40

The Book of John - 33 of 40 "J...

love-is-closer-than-you-think-part-2Love Is Closer Than You Think Part 2

Love Is Closer Than You Think...

Moses-and-the-burning-bush-Exodus-3Moses and the burning bush - Exodus 3

Moses and the burning bush - E...

a-line-in-the-sand-1A Line in the Sand

A Line in the Sand

a-house-in-ruins-1A House in Ruins

A House in Ruins

grace-beautiful-word-life-changing-reality-1Grace - Beautiful Word, Life Changing Reality

Grace - Beautiful Word, Life C...

130908-Seeking-Jesus130908 Seeking Jesus

130908 Seeking Jesus

Breakthrough-BOLDNESSBreakthrough - BOLDNESS

Breakthrough - BOLDNESS

House-to-House-The-Case-for-CommunityHouse to House: The Case for Community

House to House: The Case for C...

09-08-13-Psalm-1909-08-13 Psalm 19

09-08-13 Psalm 19

Skills-How-to-Acquire-ThemSkills: How to Acquire Them

Skills: How to Acquire Them

Liberating-GraceLiberating Grace

Liberating Grace

Episode-54-Dissecting-the-Fall-13-IssueEpisode 54: Dissecting the Fall 13 Issue

Episode 54: Dissecting the Fal...

come-and-dineCome and Dine

Come and Dine

09-01-13-Wrestling-with-God09-01-13 Wrestling with God

09-01-13 Wrestling with God

Psalm-19Psalm 19

Psalm 19

September-82013-ServiceSeptember 8,2013 Service

September 8,2013 Service

September-12013-ServiceSeptember 1,2013 Service

September 1,2013 Service



Your-Only-HopeYour Only Hope

Your Only Hope

Una-Mejor-DietaUna Mejor Dieta

Una Mejor Dieta

Breakthrough-Part-1Breakthrough - Part 1

Breakthrough - Part 1

Breakthrough-Part-2Breakthrough - Part 2

Breakthrough - Part 2

Kingdom-Manifesto-CompassionKingdom Manifesto - Compassion

Kingdom Manifesto - Compassion

Fight-the-Good-Fight-Part-2Fight the Good Fight Part 2

Fight the Good Fight Part 2

Bookmarks-Children-Of-The-LightBookmarks - Children Of The Light

Bookmarks - Children Of The Li...



Definition-2013-Are-You-His-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 - Are You His? (Sermon Only)

Definition 2013 - Are You His?...

Definition-2013-Are-You-His-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 - Are You His? (Entire Service)

Definition 2013 - Are You His?...

What-Do-You-ExpectWhat Do You Expect

What Do You Expect

Seeing-the-Hand-of-God-MoveSeeing the Hand of God Move

Seeing the Hand of God Move

stand-in-the-gap-part-2Stand in the Gap - Part 2

Stand in the Gap - Part 2

The-Book-of-John-32-of-40-Our-AdvantageThe Book of John - 32 of 40

The Book of John - 32 of 40 "O...

love-is-closer-than-you-think-part-1Love Is Closer Than You Think Part 1

Love Is Closer Than You Think...

empowered-evangelism-1Empowered Evangelism

Empowered Evangelism

beauty-for-ashes-1Beauty for Ashes

Beauty for Ashes

losing-control-1Losing Control

Losing Control

the-journey-of-grace-1The Journey of Grace

The Journey of Grace

130901-A-Miracle-of-Faith130901 A Miracle of Faith

130901 A Miracle of Faith

Breakthrough-RISKBreakthrough - RISK

Breakthrough - RISK

When-God-Messes-Up-Your-LifeWhen God Messes Up Your Life

When God Messes Up Your Life

Episode-53-Were-Back-David-Jessica-and-Derek-discuss-if-the-church-should-cater-to-MillennialsEpisode 53: We're Back! David, Jessica, and Derek discuss if the church should cater to Millennials

Episode 53: We're Back! David,...

The-Grace-to-ContinueThe Grace to Continue

The Grace to Continue

Skills-Scheduling-for-SuccessSkills: Scheduling for Success

Skills: Scheduling for Success

Where-Is-God-At-Work-In-Your-LifeWhere Is God At Work In Your Life

Where Is God At Work In Your L...

Definition-2013-Gods-Labor-Challenge-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 - God's Labor Challenge (Sermon Only)

Definition 2013 - God's Labor...

Definition-2013-Gods-Labor-Challenge-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 - God's Labor Challenge (Entire Service)

Definition 2013 - God's Labor...

No-Fear-No-temasNo Fear - No temas

No Fear - No temas

4-Things-that-Make-Us-Victory4 Things that Make Us Victory

4 Things that Make Us Victory

Bookmarks-I-Have-A-DreamBookmarks - I Have A Dream

Bookmarks - I Have A Dream

Kingdom-Manifesto-Blessed-Are-The-HumbleKingdom Manifesto - Blessed Are The Humble

Kingdom Manifesto - Blessed Ar...

The-Word-of-God-ContinuesThe Word of God Continues

The Word of God Continues

Pondering-His-Lovingkindness-Part-4Pondering His Lovingkindness Part 4

Pondering His Lovingkindness P...

Fight-the-Good-FightFight the Good Fight

Fight the Good Fight

stand-in-the-gap-part-1Stand in the Gap - Part 1

Stand in the Gap - Part 1

intimacy-walk-in-his-stepsIntimacy:  Walk in His Steps

Intimacy: Walk in His Steps

The-Book-of-John-31-of-40The Book of John 31 of 40

The Book of John 31 of 40

Faith-vs-FearFaith vs Fear

Faith vs Fear

learning-to-breathe-again-1Learning to Breathe Again

Learning to Breathe Again

building-a-legacy-1Building a Legacy

Building a Legacy

a-new-beginning-3A New Beginning

A New Beginning

130825-A-Faithful-Friend130825 A Faithful Friend

130825 A Faithful Friend

Freedom-FriendshipFreedom = Friendship

Freedom = Friendship

08-25-13-Erasing-the-Future08-25-13 Erasing the Future

08-25-13 Erasing the Future

My-Grace-StoryMy Grace Story

My Grace Story

Talent-Force-it-Part-4Talent: Force it! Part 4

Talent: Force it! Part 4

A-Report-Card-for-the-Church-FaithfulnessA Report Card for the Church: Faithfulness

A Report Card for the Church:...

130818-Sheep-Need-a-Shepherd130818 Sheep Need a Shepherd

130818 Sheep Need a Shepherd

August-252013-ServiceAugust 25,2013 Service

August 25,2013 Service

This-Close-to-PerfectThis Close to Perfect

This Close to Perfect

Become-As-I-AmBecome As I Am

Become As I Am

Aprendiendo-a-CaminarAprendiendo a Caminar

Aprendiendo a Caminar

Breakthrough-PeopleBreakthrough People

Breakthrough People

Courage-Part-4Courage Part 4

Courage Part 4

Tennessee-Trip-Presentation-Sermon-OnlyTennessee Trip Presentation (Sermon Only)

Tennessee Trip Presentation (S...


8-25-13 GENESIS: AM I IN GOD'...

Tennessee-Trip-Presentation-Entire-ServiceTennessee Trip Presentation (Entire Service)

Tennessee Trip Presentation (E...

kingdomTide-woohoookingdomTide - woohooo!

kingdomTide - woohooo!

Know-the-BibleKnow the Bible

Know the Bible

Ponder-His-Lovingkindness-Part-3Ponder His Lovingkindness, Part 3

Ponder His Lovingkindness, Par...

Change-MakersChange Makers

Change Makers

intimacy-understanding-headship-part-2Intimacy:  Understanding Headship Part 2

Intimacy: Understanding Heads...

The-Book-of-John-30-of-40-My-AdvantageThe Book of John - 30 of 40

The Book of John - 30 of 40 "M...

giving-away-the-favour-of-god-1Giving away the Favour of God

Giving away the Favour of God