Definition-2013-Lord-Could-I-Please-Have-a-Heart-Like-a-David-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 -

Definition 2013 - "Lord, Could...

Definition-2013-Lord-Could-I-Please-Have-a-Heart-Like-a-David-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 -

Definition 2013 - "Lord, Could...

Uncommon-Boldness-in-Following-ChristUncommon Boldness in Following Christ

Uncommon Boldness in Following...

Divine-ExchangeDivine Exchange

Divine Exchange

running-cows-part-1-dont-run-em-too-hardRunning Cows Part 1 - Don't Run 'Em Too Hard

Running Cows Part 1 - Don't Ru...

The-Book-of-John-25-of-40-Feet-WashingThe Book of John - 25 of 40

The Book of John - 25 of 40 "F...

seek-first-2Seek First

Seek First


"If Only You Knew"


"By Any Means Necessary"

Thinking-from-the-ThroneThinking from the Throne

Thinking from the Throne

07-07-13-Marked-By-Grace07-07-13 Marked By Grace

07-07-13 Marked By Grace

06-30-13-Come-Thou-Fount-of-Every-Blessing06-30-13 Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

06-30-13 Come Thou Fount of Ev...

130630-The-Light-of-the-World130630 The Light of the World

130630 The Light of the World

Buoyancy-Part-6Buoyancy Part 6

Buoyancy Part 6


"Bring Holiness BacK"

Sons-of-GodSons of God

Sons of God

A-Different-OrientationA Different Orientation?

A Different Orientation?

Go-and-Make-DisciplesGo and Make Disciples

Go and Make Disciples

June-232013-ServiceJune 23,2013 Service

June 23,2013 Service

July-72013-ServiceJuly 7,2013 Service

July 7,2013 Service

June-302013-ServiceJune 30,2013 Service

June 30,2013 Service

Faith-in-the-FireFaith in the Fire

Faith in the Fire


"Keep Pressing Forward In The...

Prophet-Priest-and-KingProphet, Priest and King

Prophet, Priest and King

La-Gran-ConfusionLa Gran Confusion

La Gran Confusion

New-Levels-of-GloryNew Levels of Glory

New Levels of Glory

Redeeming-JephthahRedeeming Jephthah

Redeeming Jephthah

It-All-Starts-With-A-ThoughtIt All Starts With A Thought

It All Starts With A Thought



Definition-2013-Lord-Could-I-Please-Have-Conviction-Like-a-Daniel-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 -

Definition 2013 - "Lord Could...

Definition-2013-Lord-Could-I-Please-Have-Conviction-Like-a-Daniel-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 -

Definition 2013 - "Lord Could...

Restored-Part-1Restored Part 1

Restored Part 1

A-Praying-Believer-IsA Praying Believer Is...

A Praying Believer Is...

Repent-Return-Be-RefreshedRepent, Return & Be Refreshed

Repent, Return & Be Refreshed

Giving-to-GodGiving to God

Giving to God

Mighty-WarriorMighty Warrior

Mighty Warrior

stripping-the-place-of-intimacy-intimacy-with-god-part-4Stripping the Place of Intimacy; Intimacy with God Part 4

Stripping the Place of Intimac...

The-Book-of-John-24-of-40-Honor-Part-2The Book of John - 24 of 40

The Book of John - 24 of 40 "H...

how-the-kingdom-advances-1How the Kingdom Advances

How the Kingdom Advances

Sons-and-Daughters-of-God-Bilingual-ServiceSons and Daughters of God - Bilingual Service

Sons and Daughters of God - Bi...

Blood-of-RedemptionBlood of Redemption

Blood of Redemption

Buoyancy-Part-5Buoyancy Part 5

Buoyancy Part 5


"If It Had Not Been For GOD"

intimacy-with-god-onenessIntimacy with God - Oneness

Intimacy with God - Oneness

Faith-in-FreedomFaith in Freedom

Faith in Freedom

Regresar-el-TiempoRegresar el Tiempo

Regresar el Tiempo

Accessible-FaithAccessible Faith

Accessible Faith

Definition-2013-Lord-Could-I-Please-Have-Courage-Like-an-Esther-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 -

Definition 2013 - "Lord, Could...

Definition-2013-Lord-Could-I-Please-Have-Courage-Like-an-Esther-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 -

Definition 2013 - "Lord, Could...

The-Atmosphere-of-Increase-Pt-2The Atmosphere of Increase Pt 2

The Atmosphere of Increase Pt...



The-Miracle-of-the-Spirit-of-GodThe Miracle of the Spirit of God

The Miracle of the Spirit of G...



Living-by-FaithLiving by Faith

Living by Faith

Special-Guest-Ps-Craig-Buroker-Session-3Special Guest - Ps Craig Buroker - Session 3

Special Guest - Ps Craig Burok...

burning-for-his-returning-1Burning for His Returning

Burning for His Returning

ordinary-people-advancing-the-kingdom-1Ordinary People Advancing the Kingdom

Ordinary People Advancing the...

Special-Guest-Ps-Craig-Buroker-Session-2Special Guest - Ps Craig Buroker - Session 2

Special Guest - Ps Craig Burok...

the-kingdom-in-action-1The Kingdom in Action

The Kingdom in Action

130623-The-Steps-oa-a-Missionary130623 The Steps oa a Missionary

130623 The Steps oa a Missiona...

Renewed-MindRenewed Mind

Renewed Mind

06-23-13-Amazing-Grace06-23-13 Amazing Grace

06-23-13 Amazing Grace

06-16-13-In-Christ-Alone06-16-13 In Christ Alone

06-16-13 In Christ Alone

Buoyancy-Part-4Buoyancy Part 4

Buoyancy Part 4

130616-A-Noble-Father130616 A Noble Father

130616 A Noble Father

Telling-The-Best-StoryTelling The Best Story

Telling The Best Story

His-Love-in-Your-HeartHis Love in Your Heart

His Love in Your Heart

intimacy-with-god-part-2Intimacy with God part 2

Intimacy with God part 2

By-FaithBy Faith

By Faith

Heroes-ProtectoresHeroes Protectores

Heroes Protectores

Worshippers-WinWorshippers Win

Worshippers Win

Shift-Part-3Shift Part 3

Shift Part 3

Honeybee-LightningHoneybee & Lightning

Honeybee & Lightning

Definition-2013-Lord-Could-I-Please-Have-Perseverance-Like-a-Ruth-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 -

Definition 2013 - "Lord, Could...

Definition-2013-Lord-Could-I-Please-Have-Perseverance-Like-a-Ruth-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 -

Definition 2013 - "Lord, Could...

Dont-Try-To-Put-Lipstick-On-That-PigDon't Try To Put Lipstick On That Pig

Don't Try To Put Lipstick On T...



Emotional-Health-and-MaturityEmotional Health and Maturity

Emotional Health and Maturity

Sant-Emotionelle-et-SpirituelleSanté Emotionelle et Spirituelle

Santé Emotionelle et Spirituel...

Recevez-et-Relacher-la-FoiRecevez et Relacher la Foi

Recevez et Relacher la Foi

The-Word-of-God-Kept-on-AdvancingThe Word of God Kept on Advancing

The Word of God Kept on Advanc...

A-Personal-EncounterA Personal Encounter

A Personal Encounter

Overcoming-FaithOvercoming Faith

Overcoming Faith

The-Book-of-John-24-of-40-HonuorThe Book of John - 24 of 40

The Book of John - 24 of 40 "H...

From-Dryness-to-IncreaseFrom Dryness to Increase

From Dryness to Increase

Faith-Without-FearFaith Without Fear

Faith Without Fear

hearing-and-sharing-the-whispers-of-god-1Hearing and Sharing the Whispers of God

Hearing and Sharing the Whispe...

kingdom-carriers-2Kingdom Carriers

Kingdom Carriers

the-battle-of-the-kingdom-1The Battle of the Kingdom

The Battle of the Kingdom

agents-of-the-kingdom-1Agents of the Kingdom

Agents of the Kingdom

His-Power-in-Your-HandsHis Power in Your Hands

His Power in Your Hands

There-Is-Nothing-More-Powerful-Than-The-Holy-Spirit_062113There Is Nothing More Powerful Than The Holy Spirit_06.21.13

There Is Nothing More Powerful...

Supernatural-IntelligenceSupernatural Intelligence

Supernatural Intelligence

Im-not-ReligiousI'm not Religious...

I'm not Religious...

I-dont-believe-in-faith-I-believe-in-ScienceI dont believe in faith, I believe in Science

I dont believe in faith, I bel...

Buoyancy-Part-3Buoyancy Part 3

Buoyancy Part 3


"I'm not into Organized Religi...

intimacy-with-god-distractionsIntimacy with God - distractions

Intimacy with God - distractio...

I-dont-need-doctrineI dont need doctrine

I dont need doctrine

June-162013-ServiceJune 16,2013 Service

June 16,2013 Service

130609-The-Consequences-of-Sin130609 The Consequences of Sin

130609 The Consequences of Sin