Kingdom-Mission-part-4-Hope-1st-Service-090524Kingdom - Mission part 4 - Hope 1st Service - 090524

Kingdom - Mission part 4 - Hop...

Transforming-Inner-RealityTransforming Inner Reality

Transforming Inner Reality

The-Case-for-the-BibleThe Case for the Bible

The Case for the Bible

Psalm-61-Compelled-by-the-Promise-of-MercyPsalm 61 - Compelled by the Promise of Mercy

Psalm 61 - Compelled by the Pr...

Grace-Greater-Than-All-Our-SinGrace Greater Than All Our Sin

Grace Greater Than All Our Sin

The-Antidote-for-CynicismThe Antidote for Cynicism

The Antidote for Cynicism

The-Only-Thing-to-Fear-05-17-09The Only Thing to Fear ... 05-17-09

The Only Thing to Fear ... 05-...

How-is-Your-EpieikesHow is Your Epieikes?

How is Your Epieikes?

The-Ten-Commandments-3-No-other-Gods-but-me-Deuteronomy-64-5The Ten Commandments 3 -  No other Gods but me - Deuteronomy 6:4-5

The Ten Commandments 3 - No o...



Senales-del-fin-1-PRT-1Senales del fin 1 PRT 1

Senales del fin 1 PRT 1

Kingdom-Mission-3-2nd-Service-Commision-TrainingKingdom - Mission 3 - 2nd Service  Commision Training

Kingdom - Mission 3 - 2nd Serv...

Kingdom-Mission-3-Commission-TrainingKingdom - Mission 3 - Commission Training

Kingdom - Mission 3 - Commissi...

The-Source-of-Our-StrengthThe Source of Our Strength

The Source of Our Strength

Sermon-51709Sermon - 5/17/09

Sermon - 5/17/09

Five-Imperatives-for-the-ChurchFive Imperatives for the Church

Five Imperatives for the Churc...

Practical-Spirituality-2-HonestyPractical Spirituality #2- Honesty

Practical Spirituality #2- Hon...

Waste-NotWaste Not

Waste Not

Not-By-MightNot By Might

Not By Might

5-10-09-GODS-UNCHANGING-LOVE-Introduction-To-The-Book-Of-Malachi5-10-09 GOD'S UNCHANGING LOVE - Introduction To The Book Of Malachi


Mamas-Malas-PRT-2Mamas Malas PRT 2

Mamas Malas PRT 2

Mamas-Malas-PRT-1Mamas Malas PRT 1

Mamas Malas PRT 1

The-Ten-Commandments-2-Honor-Your-Father-and-MotherThe Ten Commandments 2 - Honor Your Father and Mother

The Ten Commandments 2 - Honor...

Kingdom-Mission-090510-More-Than-Just-Seeing-2nd-ServiceKingdom - Mission - 090510 - More Than Just Seeing... - 2nd Service

Kingdom - Mission - 090510 - M...

Fighting-WomenFighting Women

Fighting Women

The-Motherhood-of-GodThe Motherhood of God

The Motherhood of God

Tough-Love-05-10-09Tough Love 05-10-09

Tough Love 05-10-09

Sermon-51009Sermon - 5/10/09

Sermon - 5/10/09

Kingdom-Mission-Part-2-090510-More-Than-Just-Seeing-1st-ServiceKingdom - Mission Part 2 - 090510 - More Than Just Seeing - 1st Service

Kingdom - Mission Part 2 - 090...

The-Challenge-For-More-of-ChristThe Challenge For More of Christ

The Challenge For More of Chri...

Securing-Your-Perseverance-As-A-BelieverSecuring Your Perseverance As A Believer

Securing Your Perseverance As...

You-Dont-Have-What-It-Takes-4-You-Cant-Control-The-FutureYou Dont Have What It Takes: 4 - You Cant Control The Future

You Dont Have What It Takes: 4...

Open-Eyes-and-Burning-Hearts-05-03-09Open Eyes and Burning Hearts 05-03-09

Open Eyes and Burning Hearts 0...

Want-Not-Waste-Not-Remember-05-03-09Want Not Waste Not-Remember-05-03-09

Want Not Waste Not-Remember-05...

No-Free-LunchJohn6Part1No Free Lunch(John6)Part1

No Free Lunch(John6)Part1


"Dark Eyes and Dim Minds"(Acts...


5-3-09 IT'S SUNDAY... BUT MOND...

The-Ten-Commandments-1-Introduction-Matthew-2235-40The Ten Commandments 1  - Introduction Matthew 22:35-40

The Ten Commandments 1 - Intr...

KingdomMission-Go-Now-090503-2nd-SvcKingdom:Mission - Go Now 090503 - 2nd Svc

Kingdom:Mission - Go Now 09050...

God-Science-1-Religion-Human-BrainGod & Science, #1

God & Science, #1 "Religion &...

What-Can-the-Righteous-DoWhat Can the Righteous Do

What Can the Righteous Do

The-Outpouring-VisionThe Outpouring: Vision

The Outpouring: Vision

Kingdom-Mission-GO-NOW-090503-1st-SvcKingdom: Mission - GO NOW - 090503 - 1st Svc

Kingdom: Mission - GO NOW - 09...

Sermon-5309Sermon - 5/3/09

Sermon - 5/3/09

The-Power-Of-Meditation-PrayerThe Power Of Meditation & Prayer

The Power Of Meditation & Pray...

Worship-An-Every-day-ResponseWorship- An Every day Response

Worship- An Every day Response

Worship-A-world-wide-responseWorship- A world-wide response

Worship- A world-wide response

Meditation-PrayerMeditation & Prayer

Meditation & Prayer

Diciplines-Of-Our-FaithDiciplines Of Our Faith

Diciplines Of Our Faith

You-Dont-Have-What-It-Takes-3-You-Cant-Please-EveryoneYou Dont Have What It Takes:  3 - You Cant Please Everyone

You Dont Have What It Takes:...

Journey-Trek-or-Pilgrimage-04-29-09Journey, Trek or Pilgrimage 04-29-09

Journey, Trek or Pilgrimage 04...

Womens-Ministry-42809Womens Ministry - 4/28/09

Womens Ministry - 4/28/09

Christianity-Is-A-Following-FaithChristianity Is A Following Faith

Christianity Is A Following Fa...

What-Does-Grace-Have-to-Do-With-SalvationWhat Does Grace Have to Do With Salvation?

What Does Grace Have to Do Wit...

About-RelationshipsAbout Relationships

About Relationships

Joy-to-the-World-4-26-09Joy to the World 4-26-09

Joy to the World 4-26-09

The-Risen-ChristJohn211-17Part2The Risen Christ(John21:1-17)(Part2)

The Risen Christ(John21:1-17)(...

The-Risen-ChristJohn211-17Part1The Risen Christ(John21:1-17)(Part1)

The Risen Christ(John21:1-17)(...

Suffering-Saints-Part21Peter419Suffering Saints Part2(1Peter4:19)

Suffering Saints Part2(1Peter4...



Kingdom-Authority-Part-4-Did-He-Really-Say-That-2nd-SvcKingdom - Authority - Part 4 - Did He Really Say That - 2nd Svc

Kingdom - Authority - Part 4 -...

Enemies-of-the-CrossEnemies of the Cross

Enemies of the Cross

Sermon-42609Sermon - 4/26/09

Sermon - 4/26/09

Kingdom-Authority-Did-He-Really-Say-That-1st-SvcKingdom - Authority - Did He Really Say That? - 1st Svc

Kingdom - Authority - Did He R...

Be-The-LightBe The Light

Be The Light

A-Spiritual-Conundrum-What-to-Do-With-Our-SinA Spiritual Conundrum: What to Do With Our Sin

A Spiritual Conundrum: What to...

AO-Sermon-Peters-guide-to-dealing-with-false-teachers-2-Peter-31-9-Charles-HamptonAO Sermon Peters guide to dealing with false teachers (2 Peter 3:1-9 Charles Hampton)

AO Sermon Peters guide to deal...

Womens-Ministry-42209Womens Ministry - 4/22/09

Womens Ministry - 4/22/09

This-Is-GraceThis Is Grace

This Is Grace

Proper-GivingProper Giving

Proper Giving

You-Dont-Have-What-It-Takes-2-You-Cant-Handle-It-AllYou Dont Have What It Takes:  2 - You Cant Handle It All

You Dont Have What It Takes:...

Want-Not-Waste-Not-4-19-09Want Not, Waste Not 4-19-09

Want Not, Waste Not 4-19-09

How-to-read-the-Bible-John-21How to read the Bible - John 21

How to read the Bible - John 2...



Get-Up-090419-2nd-SvcGet Up! 090419 2nd Svc

Get Up! 090419 2nd Svc

Jesus-Jersey-Self-Control-Eph-426-27Jesus Jersey-Self Control-Eph. 4:26-27

Jesus Jersey-Self Control-Eph....

Impermeabilizar-no-Aislar-parte-2Impermeabilizar no Aislar parte 2

Impermeabilizar no Aislar part...

Get-Up-090419-1st-SvcGet Up! 090419 1st Svc

Get Up! 090419 1st Svc

Impermeabilizar-no-AislarImpermeabilizar no Aislar

Impermeabilizar no Aislar

The-Outpouring-The-Cost-of-DiscipleshipThe Outpouring: The Cost of Discipleship

The Outpouring: The Cost of Di...

Sermon-41909Sermon - 4/19/09

Sermon - 4/19/09

Reality-on-the-Ground-04-12-09Reality on the Ground 04-12-09

Reality on the Ground 04-12-09

2-Peter-210-22-Jerel-Olson2 Peter 2:10-22 (Jerel Olson)

2 Peter 2:10-22 (Jerel Olson)

The-Donkey-Detail-04-05-09The Donkey Detail 04-05-09

The Donkey Detail 04-05-09

Lift-High-the-Cross-03-29-09Lift High the Cross 03-29-09

Lift High the Cross 03-29-09

Womens-Ministry-41409Womens Ministry - 4/14/09

Womens Ministry - 4/14/09

You-Dont-Have-What-It-Takes-1-You-Arent-Good-EnoughYou Dont Have What It Takes:  1 - You Arent Good Enough

You Dont Have What It Takes:...

The-Resurrected-Body-Part-3The Resurrected Body - Part 3

The Resurrected Body - Part 3

What-Kind-of-God-Are-You-Looking-ForWhat Kind of God Are You Looking For?

What Kind of God Are You Looki...

Crosswave-Week-of-Apr-13thCrosswave - Week of Apr 13th

Crosswave - Week of Apr 13th

Three-Life-Implications-of-the-Easter-EventThree Life Implications of the Easter Event

Three Life Implications of the...

Victory-Over-DeathVictory Over Death

Victory Over Death

We-have-the-Gospel-What-NowWe have the Gospel - What Now?

We have the Gospel - What Now?

TrulyDefined-4-13-09TrulyDefined 4-13-09

TrulyDefined 4-13-09

Jesus-At-Home-In-The-HeartEphesians314-21Jesus At Home In The Heart(Ephesians3:14-21)

Jesus At Home In The Heart(Eph...

Easter-Bridge-of-ResurrectionEaster, Bridge of Resurrection

Easter, Bridge of Resurrection

Suffering-Saints-Part-1Acts145-7Suffering Saints Part 1(Acts14:5-7)

Suffering Saints Part 1(Acts14...



090412-Evening-Service-with-Church-on-the-Hill090412 Evening Service with Church on the Hill

090412 Evening Service with Ch...

Entrevista-con-el-Diablo-2Entrevista con el Diablo - 2

Entrevista con el Diablo - 2

Entrevista-con-el-Diablo-1Entrevista con el Diablo - 1

Entrevista con el Diablo - 1

Its-Still-about-Life-2nd-ServiceIt's Still about Life - 2nd Service

It's Still about Life - 2nd Se...