sunday-november-8-2015-stateless-but-not-homelessSunday November 8, 2015: Stateless but not Homeless

Sunday November 8, 2015: State...

going-deeper-part-1Going Deeper Part 1

Going Deeper Part 1

the-wrath-of-god-revealedThe Wrath of God Revealed

The Wrath of God Revealed

untitled-recording-nov-8-1206pmShe Lay's It All On The Line

She Lay's It All On The Line

press-inPress in!

Press in!

jonah-chapter-3Jonah Chapter 3

Jonah Chapter 3

20151108am-next-steps20151108AM Next Steps

20151108AM Next Steps

johns-witness-jesus-is-greater-part-2John's Witness - Jesus is Greater part 2

John's Witness - Jesus is Grea...

gold-rushGold Rush

Gold Rush

11-8-believing-the-truth-of-christs-death-burial-and-resurrection-to-fight-the-devil11-8 Believing the TRUTH of Christ's death, burial and resurrection to fight the Devil

11-8 Believing the TRUTH of Ch...

sg-give-to-the-mision-for-gods-glory-110815SG Give To The Mision   For God's Glory 11.08.15

SG Give To The Mision For Go...

encounter-connect-serve-11815Encounter. Connect. Serve. 11.8.15

Encounter. Connect. Serve. 11....

that-his-house-may-be-filledThat His House May Be Filled

That His House May Be Filled

come-to-worship-part-4-of-4Come to Worship Part 4 of 4

Come to Worship Part 4 of 4

let-jesus-be-your-caretakerLet Jesus Be Your Caretaker

Let Jesus Be Your Caretaker


"The Spirit Without Measure"

god-our-savior-dr-charles-keenGod, Our Savior - Dr. Charles Keen

God, Our Savior - Dr. Charles...

embracing-gods-jubileeEmbracing God's Jubilee!

Embracing God's Jubilee!

embracing-gods-jubileeEmbracing God's Jubilee!

Embracing God's Jubilee!

genesis-noah-sin-and-judgmentGenesis - Noah - Sin and Judgment

Genesis - Noah - Sin and Judgm...

be-availableBe Available

Be Available

hes-revealing-moreHe's Revealing More

He's Revealing More

one-thingOne Thing

One Thing

cr-give-to-the-mision-for-gods-glory-110815CR Give To The Mision   For Gods Glory 11.08.15

CR Give To The Mision For Go...

word-games-pt-3Word Games Pt. 3

Word Games Pt. 3

pastor-michael-thigpen-the-plan-still-standsPastor Michael Thigpen- The Plan Still Stands

Pastor Michael Thigpen- The Pl...

its-just-a-phase-birth-to-pre-schoolIt's Just a Phase (Birth to Pre-School)

It's Just a Phase (Birth to Pr...

i-am-the-gateI Am the Gate

I Am the Gate

see-how-they-are-doing-dr-charles-keenSee How They Are Doing - Dr. Charles Keen

See How They Are Doing - Dr. C...

birthright-not-for-saleBirthright Not For Sale

Birthright Not For Sale

it-is-finished-5It Is Finished!

It Is Finished!

you-better-learn-how-to-prayYou Better Learn How to Pray!

You Better Learn How to Pray!

wake-the-giant-pt2Wake the Giant Pt.2

Wake the Giant Pt.2

the-movement-to-generosity-spp9The Movement to Generosity (SPP9)

The Movement to Generosity (SP...

domingo-escola-11815Domingo Escola 11/8/15

Domingo Escola 11/8/15

breaking-through-the-gates-of-hell-part-2-pastor-robertBreaking Through the Gates of Hell Part 2 - Pastor Robert

Breaking Through the Gates of...

first-plymouth-november-8-2015First-Plymouth - November 8, 2015

First-Plymouth - November 8, 2...

facing-doubt-with-unshakable-faithFacing Doubt With Unshakable Faith

Facing Doubt With Unshakable F...

web-ets-07-what-is-the-kingdom-of-god-interview-with-brian-zahndweb ETS 07: What Is The Kingdom of God? Interview with Brian Zahnd

web ETS 07: What Is The Kingdo...

itunes-ets-07-what-is-the-kingdom-of-god-interview-with-brian-zahnd-itunesitunes ETS 07: What Is The Kingdom of God? Interview with Brian Zahnd itunes

itunes ETS 07: What Is The Kin...

guest-speaker-christy-wimber-1Guest Speaker-Christy Wimber

Guest Speaker-Christy Wimber



dab-november-8-2015-1DAB November 8- 2015

DAB November 8- 2015

christy-wimber-guest-speaker-1Christy Wimber-Guest Speaker

Christy Wimber-Guest Speaker

steve-graham-guest-speaker-3Steve Graham-Guest Speaker

Steve Graham-Guest Speaker

using-the-time-bound-to-secure-the-eternal-olafUsing the Time Bound to Secure the Eternal (Olaf)

Using the Time Bound to Secure...

dab-november-7-2015-1DAB November 7- 2015

DAB November 7- 2015



the-heart-of-revivalThe Heart Of Revival

The Heart Of Revival

dab-november-6-2015-1DAB November 6- 2015

DAB November 6- 2015

ignite-2015-keynoteIgnite 2015 Keynote

Ignite 2015 Keynote

music-to-listen-toMusic to Listen To

Music to Listen To

the-counter-intuitive-character-of-gods-holiness-olafThe Counter-Intuitive Character of God's Holiness (Olaf)

The Counter-Intuitive Characte...

now-what-week-6Now What: week 6

Now What: week 6

one-step-away-rick-dawsonOne Step Away - Rick Dawson

One Step Away - Rick Dawson

untitled-recording-nov-5-903am151101 One Sacrifice Forever

151101 One Sacrifice Forever

how-to-know-the-will-of-god-orange-county-thursday-night-1How to Know the Will of God (Orange County Thursday Night)

How to Know the Will of God (O...

a-call-to-worshipA Call to Worship

A Call to Worship

dab-november-5-2015-1DAB November 5- 2015

DAB November 5- 2015


"What Mountain Are You Camping...

spiritual-maturity-pastor-chad-braleySpiritual Maturity - Pastor Chad Braley

Spiritual Maturity - Pastor Ch...

you-got-served-week-3You Got Served Week 3

You Got Served Week 3

press-onPress On

Press On

immaculate-conception-faith-files-episode-3Immaculate Conception Faith Files- Episode 3

Immaculate Conception Faith Fi...

the-greatest-evil-done-to-our-neighbors-padmThe Greatest Evil Done To Our Neighbors (PADM)

The Greatest Evil Done To Our...

a-time-to-speakA Time to Speak

A Time to Speak

good-smartian-3Good Smartian 3 (여호와를 기뻐하고 예수그리스도를 기뻐하자)

Good Smartian 3 (여호와를 기뻐하고 예수그...

get-in-the-gameGet in the Game

Get in the Game

dab-november-4-2015-1DAB November 4- 2015

DAB November 4- 2015

radio-program-for-friday-november-6-2015Radio program for Friday November 6, 2015

Radio program for Friday Novem...

radio-program-for-thursday-november-5-2015Radio program for Thursday November 5, 2015

Radio program for Thursday Nov...

radio-program-for-wednesday-november-4-2015Radio program for Wednesday November 4, 2015

Radio program for Wednesday No...

social-security-claiming-strategiesSocial Security Claiming Strategies

Social Security Claiming Strat...

if-my-peopleprayIf My People...Pray

If My People...Pray

you-may-be-excused-but-permanently-padmYou may be excused, but permanently! (PADM)

You may be excused, but perman...

dab-november-3-2015-1DAB November 3- 2015

DAB November 3- 2015

radio-program-for-tuesday-november-3-2015Radio program for Tuesday November 3, 2015

Radio program for Tuesday Nove...

black-white-gospel-november-1st-2015Black & White Gospel - November 1st, 2015

Black & White Gospel - Novembe...

now-what-week-6Now What?: week 6

Now What?: week 6

the-trinity-of-godThe Trinity of God

The Trinity of God

seize-the-daySeize The Day

Seize The Day

dare-to-live-againDare to Live Again

Dare to Live Again

i-am-the-light-of-the-worldI Am the Light of the World

I Am the Light of the World


"Thrive Giving" - Ex. 36...

seasonal-changesSeasonal Changes

Seasonal Changes

genesis-6a-the-days-of-noah-1Genesis 6a- The Days of Noah

Genesis 6a- The Days of Noah

abrahams-obedience-pastor-chad-braleyAbraham's Obedience - Pastor Chad Braley

Abraham's Obedience - Pastor C...

fighting-the-enemyFighting The Enemy

Fighting The Enemy

dab-november-2-2015-1DAB November 2- 2015

DAB November 2- 2015

the-power-of-spoken-wordsThe Power of Spoken Words

The Power of Spoken Words

majoring-on-the-minors-micahMajoring on the Minors: Micah

Majoring on the Minors: Micah

culto-dominical-11115Culto Dominical 1/11/15

Culto Dominical 1/11/15

matthew-271-10Matthew 27:1-10

Matthew 27:1-10

untitled-recording-nov-1-255pmCommitted - Irresistible Church - Spontaneous Doxology - (Sermon Only)

Committed - Irresistible Churc...

untitled-recording-nov-1-244pmCommitted - Irresistible Church - Spontaneous Doxology - (Entire Service)

Committed - Irresistible Churc...

sermon-nov-1-2015Sermon Nov 1, 2015

Sermon Nov 1, 2015

sg-give-to-the-mision-its-gods-mission-110115SG Give To The Mision   Its Gods Mission 11.01.15

SG Give To The Mision Its Go...

sainthood-and-a-good-nights-sleepSainthood and a Good Night's Sleep!

Sainthood and a Good Night's S...

cr-give-to-the-mision-its-gods-mission-110115CR Give To The Mision   Its Gods Mission 11.01.15

CR Give To The Mision Its Go...

all-in-6All In 6

All In 6

washed-by-the-water-1-peter-38-22-byron-allanWashed by the Water - 1 Peter 3:8-22 - Byron Allan

Washed by the Water - 1 Peter...

sunday-november-1-2015-the-power-of-blessingSunday November 1, 2015: The Power of Blessing

Sunday November 1, 2015: The P...