Nathaniel Baskett Jr. is pastor of Victory Faith Church of Winston-Salem, NC. Prayer, Praise and Worship is lifestyle for Pastor Baskett. His vision is to see the lost come to know Jesus, the believer come to full stature in Christ Jesus, the sick healed and that they each come to know God in a greater and more personal way. With a combination of teaching and preaching, the Word meets the people at their need. This ministry stands on Matthew 19:26, "WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.'' Pastor Baskett has been instructed by God to train the believer to triumph, to overcome, to walk in total victory, and to conquer the forces of the enemy for the Kingdom’s sake. Pastor Baskett's Assignment is to Equip the Saints to do the Work of the Ministry. It especially benefits those who feel a deeper call to the ministry. If you are looking to be told the truth, this ministry is for you. Pastor Baskett has been unctioned by God to build up the Body of Christ. Shining the Healing Light via the Word of God, dispelling the darkness of sickness from the believer. By his stripes we are healed. Miracles take place.

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