Turning Home w/Rob Ernest

Turning Home w/Rob Ernest

A message of hope and inspiration from the Word of God

Rob Ernest

Last Episode Published August 03, 2020 4:03 PM

United Methodist Pastor Rob Ernest preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a unique and understandable fashion which is relatable to everyday life and situations.

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Title Speaker Date
Spittin' Image Rob Ernest August 03, 2020 4:03 PM
What Matters Most Rob Ernest July 27, 2020 4:55 PM
Invitational Love: Love On Its Way to Someone Else Rob Ernest July 27, 2020 3:28 PM
Transformational Love: Love That Changes Everything Rob Ernest July 21, 2020 3:25 PM
Unconditional Love: God's First Love Rob Ernest July 16, 2020 4:18 PM