Title Speaker Date
Spiritual Decay Sis Sheeba September 05, 2021
Success comes from God Sis Sheeba September 04, 2021
God's delay is not his denial Sis Sheeba August 23, 2021
We are created for God Sis Sheeba August 15, 2021
Preparing ourselves for the coming of our Lord Sis Sheeba August 08, 2021
Why God allows Crisis in Life Sis Sheeba August 03, 2021
Allowing God to finish what he has started Sis Sheeba July 25, 2021
Waiting on Gods Timing Sis Sheeba July 23, 2021
Humbling ourselves before God brings Honor Sis Sheeba July 22, 2021
Bride Of Christ Get Ready! Sis Sheeba July 19, 2021
Pressing towards Perfection Sis Sheeba July 11, 2021
why we face Calamities in Life Sis Sheeba July 06, 2021
Experencing Freedom & independence in Christ Sis Sheeba July 04, 2021
Embrace God in times of Suffering Sis Sheeba June 29, 2021
Serving God in times of Suffering Sis Sheeba June 27, 2021
Serving God or Serving the world Sis Sheeba June 22, 2021
Serving God Wholeheartedly Sis Sheeba June 20, 2021
Leaning on God's wisdom Sis Sheeba June 15, 2021
The Sin of Unbelief Sis Sheeba June 13, 2021
Walking by the Holy Spirit Sis Sheeba June 10, 2021
Believers in the Likeness of Christ Pastor Reena June 06, 2021
Losing the presence of God Sis Sheeba May 30, 2021
Fighting God Sis Sheeba May 25, 2021
God's Divine Discipline Sis Sheeba May 23, 2021
Putting God First Sis Sheeba May 18, 2021
A Promise Keeping God!!.. Pastor Reena May 16, 2021
Are You a Good tree or a Bad tree Sis Sheeba May 09, 2021
Are you Living in the Light ? Sis Sheeba May 02, 2021
Losing your First Love Sis Sheeba April 25, 2021
Be Alert and Be watchfull Sis Sheeba April 20, 2021
Gaurd your heart Sis Sheeba April 18, 2021
Your walking in darkness if you have no love for your Brother's & Sister's Unknown April 16, 2021
Loosing the Joy of the Lord Sis Sheeba April 13, 2021
Resist the Enemy instead of Resisting God Sis Sheeba April 11, 2021
Spiritual attack on the Mind Sis Sheeba April 08, 2021
Separating yourself from them Sis Sheeba April 06, 2021
The Foolish Virgins Pastor Paul April 05, 2021
The Power of Christ Resurrection Sis Sheeba April 04, 2021
Lean not on your own understanding Sis Sheeba April 01, 2021
Come close to God and he will come close to you Sis Sheeba March 25, 2021
Crooked paths of life set straight by God alone Sis Sheeba March 23, 2021
A Consistent walk with God brings Victory Sis Sheeba March 21, 2021
Your Family's Salvation depends on your obedience Sis Sheeba March 18, 2021
Gods Holds our Tomorrow Sis Sheeba March 16, 2021
Suffering for Christ - sign of a Matured Believer Sis Sheeba March 14, 2021
True Joy comes from God Sis Sheeba March 11, 2021
Jesus is more than enough Sis Sheeba March 09, 2021
Making Excuses for not Serving God Sis Sheeba March 07, 2021
Faith unlocks your Blessings Sis Sheeba March 04, 2021
Humble yourself Before God before it's too Late Sis Sheeba March 02, 2021
Obedience brings Blessings Sis Sheeba February 28, 2021
Jesus warns satan wants to swift you like wheat Luke 22:31 Sis Sheeba February 25, 2021
Reasons for unanswered Prayer's Pastor Reena February 23, 2021
Are you prepared ?Are you ready? Are you available for God?
Series: Superficial Love for God
Sis Sheeba February 21, 2021
The Armor of God -3
Series: Superficial Love for God
Pastor Paul February 20, 2021
Handling Betrayal & Rejection
Series: Superficial Love for God
Sis Sheeba February 18, 2021
Are you a child of Adam or a Child of God
Series: Superficial Love for God
Pastor Reena February 17, 2021
Psalms 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord & he will give you the desires of your heart❤️
Series: Superficial Love for God
Sis Sheeba February 16, 2021
Watch what you speak
Series: Superficial Love for God
Pastor Sheeba February 15, 2021

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