What is Ministry_

Series: Truth Bible Study

August 09, 2023
Dr. Theresa M Bell

Ministry is making an impact in your community. It is not simply changing the mindset of others with a good message. But it is practicing the message on a level where lives are changed to be able to change others. It is not simply standing on a soap box in front of others spewing attitude and arrogance to anyone who will listen. Ministry causes change in others. Ministry causes transitioning and leads to transformation in the lives of others. Ministry is noticing a need and doing whatever it takes to cover the needs of others. Ministry is not being codependent upon others. Enemies appear to help create the impact in your life. Without friction there can be no power. The adverse situations in your life cause the friction needed to propel one to their expected end. Enemies come to uncover your blessings. Behind your enemy is a door that may present your throne where you are to reign as king or queen. There may be a position where you will be in second command to help provide for your nation or your community. You may embark on a journey to a place where you will open your eyes and be given the land before you. The enemy is there to hide the blessing. He is there to cover the purpose. To keep it from you. The enemy uses trauma and causes adversities to try and destroy the purpose in the individual. The enemy fights for who you are destined to become, not for the individual that you are. He trembles at your purpose and tries to stop it by causing stumbling blocks in hope that you will give up. Who is facing adversity today? Guard your blessing.

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