Resilient Truths Human Services is a federally recognized 501c3 nonprofit corporation. This platform was chosen because this business is not about the profits, it is about serving the people with their best interest at heart. Resilient Truths is a faith-based, nonprofit human services organization that funds the communities with the resources that is needed to enable the community. through provision and referrals, we are providing bus fare, vital credentials, job preparation, servicing the homeless, assisting the veterans, transitional housing, group home, affordable housing, funeral preparation, substance abuse treatment, behavioral health, respite care, intensive case management, senior resources, food pantry, workshops, financial literacy, investment workshops, education assistance, parenting skills, and Biblical based teaching to empower those in the communities to create a better lifestyle. Resilient Truths has offered affordable childcare assistance to single mothers and middle-income families with multiple children. This is being restructured to implement the regulations concerning COVID. We are also in the process of providing learning centers to hep families with the challenges of those who have special needs. Intervention/prevention programs are also offered for at-risk youth who are suicidal or thinking of going down a path of destruction. Resilient Truths has a staff that serves the community out of experience as well as education. All with a passion to help those in their community. Resilient Truths believes it is a community for communities. The fruit is never for the tree. The goal is to be a resource for families to help achieve their goals for generations in multiple states. Rebuilding America one heart at a time. Checkout the website at Resilient Truths is an IRS 501c3 recognized entity. Should you care to support this ministry you can do so by cashapp $cashmetruthful Blessings and thank you.

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