Seek Ye First

Series: Truth Bible Study

July 26, 2023
Dr. Theresa M Bell

Dr. Bell teaches how to seek God and receive the benefits. She explains how walking in the will of God pulls on the grace of God to supply those things that we need. She explains that anyone who believes the word of God and studies for themselves is given the authority by God to receive the interpretation of God because it comes from him. She teaches that we are to go to God for everything because God is a jealous God. He will not support anything or anyone beside Him. When we ask others our lean to our own understanding to fulfill our needs, God allows us to receive what we need from the other resources. God supplies our need when we treat Him as our source. God leads and guides us into all truths. He knows our purpose and how we are supposed to walk in our purpose. For us to find our purpose, we must go to Him. He is the one who created us for the purpose that He has designed for our life. God provides according to your level of faith. God is waiting on you to make it through the process to receive what you need. God does not want anyone to live less than anyone else. God is no respect of person. God will not allow you to receive anything that may be detrimental to you, nor will He give His blessings to those who are not in His will for their life. Sin will keep the blessings of God away from people who are reveling in the flesh. Trusting God within the moment that you have and not worry about what the next day will bring. You may be clouding up the present with cares of the world and you are not even around on that day. Trust God for your provision today.

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