Series: Truth Bible Study

November 18, 2023
Dr. Theresa M Bell

After the wall was built you would think the adversary would cease. But that is not the case. Nehemiah built a wall where the enemy could not peer in ad see what was going on in there to make it hard to devise a plan of destruction. Regardless of your circumstances the enemy is always going to look for a way to tear you down. He installs the doors and delegates authority. These were people who heard God and chose to honor the leader which God had sent to restore them. Not everyone wants to follow the authority of God. Some choose to live the lifestyle that they wish to live. If they are happy in the sin that they are in, let them be. They have free will. That is an expression of unconditional love. Having the ability to love those who do not agree with the doctrine that you believe. Be careful who you give charge to. Nehemiah stated his brothers were faithful men and feared God above many. These were the best men for the job. Make sure that their vision is aligned with the vision that God has given you or there will be mass destruction. All involved must be on one accord. There must be more Indians than there are chiefs. Nehemiah understood that his assignment was over. But he did not run off and go back to his lavish lifestyle as governor. He led the people until there was another who was sent to lead the people. He governed for twelve years in Judea before going to Persia. This was after Ezra arrived on the scene. Do not leave your camp unprotected nor your walls undone. We need boundaries to be successful and accomplish the things of God. Do not become distracted to the point where your lot or your portion is unattended. Seal the breaches in your life. Every area that adversity can come in and cause reproach.

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