Series: A Moment of Truth

May 26, 2024
Dr. Theresa M Bell

2 COR4INTHIANS 11 ACTS 27 Apostle Paul endured a life of oppression, often imprisoned for his beliefs. He faced this treatment because his views on the gospel were contrary to those of the authorities. Paul's unwavering commitment to the truth meant that he was often rejected by those who preferred to live according to the flesh. In defending his apostleship, Paul encountered individuals who claimed authority and taught their own doctrines, misinterpreting the scriptures. These false teachers attempted to discredit Paul, behaving according to their fleshly desires. They believed they could live as they pleased and still inherit the kingdom, which Paul refuted. We must be vigilant and discerning of the spirit. False leaders do not announce themselves; they come as wolves in sheep's clothing, appearing to be aligned with God's will. Not everyone who comes into our lives is sent by God. True leadership is not determined by seminary degrees or academic qualifications. When seeking leaders, we should look for their scars—evidence of what they have overcome. Without enduring trials, they cannot possess the anointing that breaks yokes. Subscribe and stay updated on new messages as they are posted. If the content inspires you, please like it, and share it if you believe it will inspire others. Remember to stay encouraged.

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