Series: Truth Bible Study

October 05, 2023
Dr. Theresa M Bell

Dr. Bell explains that living a hypocritical life is not being true to who we are. It is claiming one thing and doing another. It is claiming the doctrine or a religious culture while operating bias to certain aspects of that culture. Claiming certain behaviors but not others. It is professing to live one way while being or doing something else. It promoting the propaganda of something for others but not upholding the dame for themselves. It is playing it safe by not advocating for the whole principles of a thing, but advocating for enough principles to be considered affiliation. It is compromising, living in a lukewarm mentality that is geared towards being pleasure-specific for the individual. It is a pathological liar who promotes living a lifestyle that is not truly their current reality. It is an adulterer of adulteress who gleans from a fantasy of engaging in a romantic world with an individual while being betrothed to a spouse. Infidelity is hypocrisy. It is an actor/actress who takes on the spirit of a character to the point they are no longer functioning in the personality which they believe, but in the personality of the character which they have created. It is living with a mindset in a reality created by an the individual for manipulative purposes. Hypocrisy is not who one becomes, it is not something that is done, but it is what people are when they are not true to themselves and are not living in their current reality.

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